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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Nunu & Willump Build Guide by Skurry

Support Nunu Support Guide Pre-S4

Support Nunu Support Guide Pre-S4

Updated on December 14, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Skurry Build Guide By Skurry 315 25 3,631,559 Views 74 Comments
315 25 3,631,559 Views 74 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Skurry Nunu & Willump Build Guide By Skurry Updated on December 14, 2013
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Hey guys and fellow supporters!

Today, I'll show you how to play Nunu as a support. First off, who am I?

My summoner name is Dullis and I play on the EUW-server. I have played this game for about 3 years, but I'm more of a casual LoL player. I'm currently in Gold III, at 1660 LK points, with a 60% win-ratio on Nunu in ranked and about 30 games with Nunu support in normals.

One thing I know for sure, is how to play Nunu support. Support has been my main the last 2 years, because I have usually been better at supporting than other roles in games. Nunu has been my go-to support because of his both aggressive and passive style of play. So that's why I decided to make a guide. After several nerfs, he is not as strong as he was... But he's still very fun to play and a good pick with/against most ADC.

In this guide I will give you tips on how to play Nunu and maybe how to play support. I will also mention some of the reasons why Nunu support is strong and why you should pick him as a support. Nunu is a solid pick and I encourage all support players to know how to play him!
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Pros / Cons


+ Movement Speed buff and debuff
+ Attack Speed buff and debuff
+ Self-healing spell
+ One free spell every 5th attack
+ AOE-spell and massive damage if pulled off
+ Naturally mobile and tanky

- No shield or heal for allies
- No escape
- Hard to pull off ultimate
- Low-medium range on spells
- Melee
- Not originally a support
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Press the Attack
Lethal Tempo
Phase Rush

Greater Mark of Armor (8,2 armor at lvl 1) - armor = less damage taken + don't build armor early. You need to take some chances to win your lane.
Greater Seal of Armor (~12,7 armor at lvl 1) - you need this to take less damage when harrassing and protecting your carry.
Greater Glyph of Magic Resist (12 magic resist at lvl 1) - vs early magic damage in lane and teamfights.
Greater Quintessence of Gold (2g/10 at lvl 1) - you won't be farming and you need gold, 'nuff said. You can get about 1 ward every 4 minutes with this passive gold gain.
Greater Quintessence of Health (26 health in lvl 1 - for the extra bit of HP and tankyness early.

These runes fit my playstyle and Nunu support the best. You need to be tanky in the early game and you're going to get poked (by a Sona). So getting the resistances and extra health, helps a lot. Updated for Season 4!
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UPDATED 05.12.2013 for Season 4!

Block : The reason I went 13 into defense season 3 is now a tier 1 mastery. So good against AD-carries and supports that poke with auto-attacks.
Recovery : Another good mastery in season 4, giving you free health-regeneration which you will need in 2v2s botlane.
Unyielding : Could be the difference between winning and losing a trade botlane and a fight lategame. Must have!

Juggernaut : Increases your health and tankyness throughout the game. 15 Health level 1 and 509 health mid-game!
Resistance : +2 Magic resist which adds up to 14 MR with runes. Really good against most supports and botlanes. Swap out with Reinforced Armor if against Ashe, Caitlyn or Tryndamere.
Fleet of Foot: Used to be tier 6, now tier 1. Doesn't need any explanation, GET IT!

Alchemist : Makes your potions/biscuits stronger and is needed for the Culinary Master mastery.
Inspiration: As a support, you often fall behind in levels when placing wards and watching over your team. This mastery solves that problem and I would get it anyday.
Intelligence : The only mastery I don't know about yet, but it looks good. Nunu needs cooldown reduction and is also going to buy Locket of the Iron Solari and Talisman of Ascension
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Summoner Spells

- Great spell to win 2v2s in botlane and defend your carry against anticarries in teamfight. Use it when their ADC starts attacking your ADC, and when you're using your ultimate on someone. Can be swapped out for Ignite for kill lane.

- Should always be the other choice. Great spell to escape, initiate and position yourself with.

Other choices:

- Perfect for a kill lane!
Your team is not thinking that much and and the enemy team has 2 or more champions that rely on getting health back!

- If your team doesn't have any sustain and other heals, and you're playing against a poke team... This should be your second choice, instead of Flash (because of no heal to your carry)
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Item Build

Item Sequence

Health Potion 50
Health Potion 50
Mana Potion 0
Mana Potion 0
Stealth Ward 0
Stealth Ward 0
Stealth Ward 0
Vision Ward 75
Sweeping Lens 0
Warding Totem Removed 0
You get good sustain, both in terms of health and mana. The pink ward is to help your jungler if he wants to gank and to put pressure on the opposing lane. The wards are to stop an aggressive jungler, and turn the control of the lane in your favor.
I also start Sweeping Lens because I want to apply pressure to the enemy and also get control of the lane. Because most supports start SUP-item, 1 ward and warding totem - you will have ward advantage. Go Stealth Ward if you do have one champ with Sweeping Lens already.
TIP: Use Biscuits in fights, to get the advantage.

After some laning ("bloodboiling"), you go back to get Ancient Coin for cheap mana regen and hp regen + gold per 10. If you have 475 gold, also get the components for Sightstone. You should always have ward at dragon after 5 minutes and in your lane. Your AD Carry will thank you for refreshing them and letting them farm.

After upgrading to Nomad's Medallion, I usually get Boots. The mobility is much needed when playing Nunu and will allow you and your lane to be more aggressive and effective, both in teamfights and skirmishes bot lane.

The next big item for you is Locket of the Iron Solari! It provides HP, MR, Armor and shield, which can really win a teamfight.NOTE: Make sure nobody else on your team has it, because you can then go for Locket, information some paragraphs down!
Ruby Sightstone should also be prioritized, to make it most useful.

While working towards Aegis/Locket, you should buy Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads. Ninja Tabi is the best pair of boots you can buy, since it blocks physical damage (unofficially 50-80% of damage in matches are AD). This is also a cheap buy and it helps you lane vs the other AD carry. However, if the other team runs double AP or a team with lots of CC, Merc Threads is the boots to buy! MR and CC-reduction really helps a lot...

Talisman of Ascension should be the last main item in this build. Giving regeneration, CDR and MS buff to your team is always useful to get your team an initiate / disengage) and position yourself with.

Always leave one spot to buy WARDS when you go back, and get Oracle's Elixir when you have your main items and you want map control.

(Most games will be done by now!)

The last item/items can be a lot, so just pick an item you want from the list below:

Other items that fits well on Nunu & Willump:

Zeke's Herald - Used to be the ultimate item on Nunu, but now it's only situational and mediocre. It's good if your team is AD and they need Lifesteal. Buying Vampiric Scepter is not ideal on support Nunu, tbh.

- HP and HP-regen, fast way to get really tanky and synergizes well with runes and masteries.

- I think this is really good if the opponents AD carry is fed (like Vayne). Builds into two very useful items!

- I used to think this was the ultimate item on Nunu & Willump, but I don't think it's worth that much. You will get interrupted when you meet a well organized team. Anyway, focus on getting this if the enemy team needs to land some abilities to start their combos.

- AP, MR and and active that slows and reveal them. Great for teams with many escapes or good engages.

- This item was one of my favorite before, but as it stands right now it's not good. It's a early or lategame item, you should not buy it in midgame (because of cost and space). The Armor and MR helps alot, but 2,6k is not something supports get every game.

Great Vision Totem - Get this if you need pink wards (against stealth) and your jungler already has the Sweeping lens

- makes your skills do even more damage.

- gives your team some AP and Spell Vamp, should be used if your team is 2 or more AP's and they don't want to buy it. Could be built instead of Zeke's Harbinger

- gives armor and CDR, but it's not something worth buying unless you skip the other CDR items.

- provides AP and MR, in addition to lowering nearby enemies MR.

There are more choices that I don't know about, so just try out whatever your want...
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Blood Boil:




Ice Blast:


Start with W when:
    - You don't know what the ADC thinks/wants level 1 (almost always).
    - They have sustain to counter spamming E.
    - You just want to play safe.

Start with E when:
    - You know the ADC or he wants you to go aggressive from the start.
    - They don't have sustain and you can successfully poke them from level 1.
    - If you can get an early gank bot and want to snowball (literally) the lane.


Nunu can cast a spell for free after 5 attacks.
Nunu's passive is okay to have when you can afford to hit their carry or support every time you harass.

Nunu commands his yeti to take a bite out of target enemy minion or neutral monster, dealing true damage to it and restoring Nunu's health. Nunu gains a bonus depending on what Willump consumed. Consume does not need to score the killing blow to trigger the bonuses and the individual bonuses stack.
It isn't that important when supporting, but can help you to hold the lane and sustain yourself or it can even be used as a second Smite. Always use this spell on a Siege Minion (the big one) when sustaining yourself, to not steal farm from your carry...

Invigorates an allied unit by heating their blood, increasing their attack speed and movement speed for 12 seconds. If cast on an ally, Nunu also gains the effect of Blood Boil.
Blood boil is awesome! It gives attack speed to the carry and himself, in addition to movement speed. This is the skill that your carry should always have, because it lasts for 15 seconds! With some CDR it's not hard at all! Important to level it, to get the advantage in AS.

Nunu throws a ball of ice at an enemy unit, dealing magic damage and slowing their movement speed by a percentage and attack speed by 25% for 3 seconds.
Also very good (even though it got nerfed). It doesn't only slow the opponent, but it also reduces the attack speed. Use of this spell can be vital against carries that rely on attack speed and movement speed ( Vayne). You can also harrass pretty hard versus other support that doesn't heal (or wastes mana on it), but be careful to not use all of your mana. Always hit their carry with this in lvl 1, to use some mana and make them somewhat scared.

Nunu starts channeling and begins to sap a large area around him of heat, slowing all nearby enemies movement speed by 50% and attack speed by 25%.
His ultimate is sometimes really good and other times not that good. It does a lot of damage, if Nunu manages to channel for 3 seconds. That's hard, because it's so easy to cancel ( Soraka's silence or Taric's stun)
This ult is not only good when fully channeled, but also interrupts the other teams movement and attack speed. Use it when you can, but save for teamfights, even if it's not possible to finish it...

Tips for pulling it of:
Stand in a bush and bait your enemies into it by throwing Ice Blast at them. Start channeling as soon as they are coming for you. When they enter the bush, they use approximately 1 second to understand and about 1 second to react. So you will hit it most of the times. This could easily turn a gank to your favor, so play quite aggressively when your ult is up!

To end his ult early:
RIGHT CLICK where you want to go and Nunu ends his ulti early. As easy as that! It's no need to channel it if no one is inside, but it can be used to protect your carry!
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Epic combo from Empire, back in the good ol' days.
This is how you turn a gank into your favor.

Lvl 1:

With Ice Blast, try to keep the opponents at bay and harass the weakest. Keep your mana over 50% and start being aggressive once both are level 2.

Lvl 2-5:

Then, after getting Blood Boil, simply buff your carry with it whenever you can and take every opportunity to be extra aggressive with Ice Blast and auto-attacks. Look to fight when you have leveled your Ice Blast (E), like level 2, 4 and especially 6.

Lvl 6 to Midgame:

When you have your ult ready and some HP, you should try to stand in the brushes and lure them into your "trap". Buff your carry, slow the enemy carry and protect yours. If the opponent jungler/mid comes bot to gank, don't be afraid to use your ult (as in the video above). It's much more important that your carry stays alive, than you!
Also, in this phase you should ward around dragon and maybe kill some wards with Oracle's or pink.

Midgame (teamfights:

-Always stay with your team
-Have map control and use it to help your team do the right things
-Stay with your carry!
In teamfights, always be defensive! You're not jungle-Nunu or AP-Nunu, you're support-Nunu! Buff your carry and let someone else do the initiating. Find the enemy carry and if you can, slow and debuff him. Use your ult when you can hit the most important players and make sure your team follows your every step. -> Support, mid and carry.


Play safe, don't go around the map without vision. Place wards in important places and make sure you can help your team from your position. When your team decides to group, you go with the carry. At this phase of the game, your ult does insane damage if you're able to pull it off. Make sure you do that!
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Nunu + AD carry

Nunu & Willump can be used in 3 different lanes: Poke lane, Kill lane and "Protect the Carry"-lane. Nunu & Willump is my favorite "Protect the Carry"-support. He does not have any sustain, so he have to either play very aggressive, passive or something in between. The lanes I have mentioned below are those I feel are the strongest, but there are so many possibilities.

Synergy: 10/10
"Protect the Carry" and Kill lane
Vayne has good damage with Tumble and Condemn, Silver Bolts that does % of health damage when hitting the same target 3 times and Final Hour for chasing and escaping and killing. With Nunu her Silver Bolts stack faster and she gets even more mobility and AS with Blood Boil. Also, Nunu can protect her early with his nuke Ice Blast and Absolute Zero, which can also turn fights in your favor.

Synergy: 9/10
Poke lane and "Protect the Carry"
Caitlyn has strong early game damage and long range, making her a good pusher. With Nunu & Willump's attack speed buff she will push towers and lanes even faster, while getting more Headshots off. Hitting an enemy with Ice Blast will make it easy for cait to land her Piltover Peacemaker and a few auto-attacks to poke the opponent.

Synergy: 9/10
Poke lane and "Protect the Carry"
Nunu & Willump is good at protecting the carry with Ice Blast and Absolute Zero. Kog'Maw can debuff the enemy carry with resistance debuff, he deals % of targets maximum health which makes him a very good late-game carry, he can slow and his ultimate are badass missiles. With Nunu, his Bio-Arcane Barrage procs even faster with Blood Boil. This combo also has a double slow, that makes even more Living Artillery and Bio-Arcane Barrage land.

Synergy: 8/10
"Protect the Carry" and Poke lane
Ashe get critical strikes from her passive, she can slow with Frost Shots, her W can clear waves and her global ultimate stuns. This is not the best lane possible, for Nunu & Willump, even though he provides a lot to Ashe. She can slow people more due to more AS and MS from Blood Boil. They have 3(4) possible slows in this lane, which works against weaker lanes. Their ultimates work great together and Nunu & Willump is also able to protect Ashe to some extent

Synergy: 7/10
Kill lane
Draven is a very early aggressive AD-carry, which benefits from snowballing the lane (a kill lane). With Nunu & Willump he gets more attack speed to catch his Spinning Axes, and do insane amount of damage, and to be even more aggressive. It synergizes well with his W, to make him very fast and quite unstoppable. At level 6, this combo has a wild burst and Nunu & Willump will make Draven chase down his opponents more easily after a fight.

Synergy: 7/10
Kill lane and "Protect the Carry"
Twitch is an incredibly strong AD-Carry right now, due to his recent buffs early game. He deals stacking true damage on each hit, and he can become invisible and kill someone fast like an assassin. His Venom Cask slows, he has a nuke that uses the stacks from the passive and he gets range, AD and piercing bolts to targets near. With Nunu & Willump he can kill people even faster and easier. MS and AS both is very good on Twitch, as he can get more stacks and damage onto them. The double slow and enormous burst on Absolute Zero can surprise anyone.

Miss Fortune
Synergy: 6/10
Kill lane and Poke lane
She has a movement speed passive, a spell that improves the attack speed, a ring of bullets that slows and an AOE-ultimate. With Nunu, she gets even more MS and AS ( Blood Boil, + a slow and an ulti that can synergize with her ulti ( Ice Blast and Absolute Zero. The harrass this lane gives early game is ridiculous!

Synergy: 5/10
Kill lane
He is more tanky than other carries and has strong early game damage with Q and R. His E, Quickdraw is a gap-closer with AS build in, so with Nunu & Willump he will be more mobile. His W, Smoke Screen creates an area of effect that reduces the vision of the opponent. All in all, this could be a good burst/kill lane against squishy marksmen like Vayne or Ashe. But Graves synergizes better with other more aggressive supports.
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As I mentioned before, counterpicking is very important. Below, I will explain some of the bot-lane support match-ups:

Before I go into detail, I would like to recommend two sites:
Smart-pick for general counterpicking
Spellsy's support pick guide for support picks. Credit goes to amazing Spellsy. This is not updated for Season 4 tho'. However, it should be quite accurate still!

- DON'T pick Nunu against: -

Difficulty: Hard
He's got 3 spells to cancel your ult with (Q, E and R). Blitz has insane earlygame damage and since you lack shield/heal, it's hard to sustain your carry through laning phase. If you're getting hooked, there's not much you can do to counter their damage. A good Blitz will pull you in and let his AD-Carry kill you, without chance of escaping.

Tips: Play very defensive and always ward the brush Blitz is standing in. Buy a Vision Ward to apply pressure and ask for jungler ganks. Nunu & Willump + Vayne could work vs most Blitzcrank-lanes.

Difficulty: Medium - Hard
She's got 2 spells to cancel your ult with (Q and R). Leona has early-game damage and since you lack shield/heal, it's hard to sustain your carry through laning phase. Don't get engaged on, because you'll be killed, but try to poke her down with your ADC. This lane is all about not getting killed and trying to get to midgame.

Tips: Play very defensive and always ward the brush Leona is standing in. Buy a Vision Ward to apply pressure and ask for jungler ganks. Nunu & Willump + Ezreal / Tristana works vs Leona-lanes.

Difficulty: Hard!
The worst possible lane. Lulu can poke Nunu & Willump and his AD-carry down, while not being able to sustain or heal it up again. Nunu has to go towards them, to throw an Ice Blast, and he will take a lot of poke doing that. There's no safe, free farming and hard to win as any lane type against her.

Tips: Ward the brush and try to bait her shield. ALWAYS, ALWAYS buff your ADC with Blood Boil to make it easier to dodge her Q. Get lots of Health Potions and don't ever think you've got the advantage.

Difficulty: Medium - Hard
Also a good pick vs Nunu, even though this lane is more even. She can protect her carry from Nunu's E with her shield. Janna can cancel Nunu's ultimate with Q and R. She can also negate the movement speed buff from his W.

Tips: All sort of lanes work vs her, it just depends on the skill of the AD-carry. Try baiting her shield by walking towards her and hit her if she shields her AD. Don't engage to hard, because she can turn the fight.

Difficulty: Medium - Hard
Good early harass and poke, which you can't sustain well against. Can keep you at range with snare and cancel your ulti with her ulti. Hard to play against, because she can use her plants to ward brush and poke.

Tips: She is weak and fragile, and something you can use to your advantage. Dodge her Snare and initiate on her. Care for her plants and passive, and don't engage on her after level 6 without clear advantage. Eat her plants with Q!

Difficulty: Medium - Hard
Sona is way too weak to take on an aggressive Nunu, but she can poke both ADC and Nunu down, while sustaining most of Nunu's harass. Her ultimate can cancel Nunu's ultimate, and she is stronger in teamfights.

Tips: Kill lane!!! Don't eat too much poke and engage with care after level 6. Tristana!

+ DO pick Nunu against: +

Difficulty: Easy - Medium
Soraka also lacks the survivability to keep Nunu at bay. She has good heals and silence for your ultimate, but apart from that she can't do much to you. Should be the focus if you get the chance, and if the AD is too hard to catch..

Tips: Kill lane!!! Don't get harassed by her E too often and tell your carry to go for her. Miss Fortune!

Difficulty: Easy
Not much of a problem, the AD-carry should counter this by picking someone with escape. He stuns and reduces armor, so you just have to go aggressive on the other AD when he goes in. Your AD carry will win trades in the long run with W on, except against Cait and Urgot. Make sure to focus Taric if his AD is too defensive (standing too far away).

Tips: "Protect the Carry" and "counter-Kill lanes could work. He has sustain, so just play careful. He does have a strong presence early-mid, but not so much late. You deal more damage than him...

Difficulty: Easy - Medium
Nunu is actually really good against Thresh. He is naturally tanky and can ice blast the opponent to disengage if pulled. Thresh can cancel Nunu's ultimate with 2 spells, but it won't be that much of a difference.

Tips: Have the brush warded and try to poke him, without getting engaged on. AD-Carries with escape ( Ezreal) and burst ( Corki and Graves) are preferred. Go Poke-lane to win, or counter Kill-lane

Difficulty: Medium
As I mentioned with Blitzcrank, Alistar also has skills to cancel ulti (Q and W). He's got potential to kill in a lane and also provides heal for his carry, this will make it hard to win the lane. His ultimate can avoid a lot of damage from your lane, so going Kill lanes is not very good.

Tips: Have the brush warded and try to poke him, without getting engaged on. AD-Carries with longrange or mobility, poke and cc could work. ( Tristana and Vayne)

Can shut him down early and punish him for catching axes.

Makes her more vulnerable and less effective, because of his attack speed debuff.
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Supporting Tips

As you should have done, before reading this guide, is to learn all the support basics ( I like Xpecial's way of presenting this). Below, I will talk about some stuff that can improve your "supporting" and general gameplay when playing supports:

Tip 1 - Counterpicking:

First of all, try to counterpick their carry/support! I rarely play games where this is needed, but I always think about this anyways. Nunu is a good choice if the other carry depends on attack speed, mobility or is more squishy that other. (Vayne and Kog for example). But if you're playing vs Corki or Ezreal, where this is the case, are other supports better (Soraka, Janna and Sona). He is more of a safe pick than a counterpick right now.

Tip 2 - Buff/drake timers:

A good way to have a good map control, is to control the buffs. The buffs are worth a lot (in numbers: Blue/Red = over 2000 gold), which a lot of people don't know. So if you can get these buffs (Red/Blue) repeatedly, you will have a huge advantage.

The respawn times in Summoners Rift are:
Blue buff: 5 minutes (after 1:55)
Red buff: 5 minutes (after 1:55)
Dragon: 6 minutes (after 2:30)
Baron: 7 minutes (after 15:00)

Tip 3 - Wards

People who haven't played much support tend to buy no wards and too many wards. Don't do this! A support should have items and shouldn't use all their money on wards... 1-2 wards each time you back (+ pink if you're going to take dragon). Lategame, you can buy 2-3 wards each time you back.
If you play against Blitz, Ali or Taric: ALWAYS ward the brush in the lane and play safer than usual. If you play on purple side, you should ward in between the bushes in river. If you play on blue side, ward tri-bush if not pushing and in between tribush and riverbush if pushing (Will add pictures soon). Only ward inside the bush in river if they have someone who can camp a lane well or champions with no CC.

These are some good places to put wards in early game:
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Thanks for reading my guide! :)

I will be adding new features and updates as the game developes. When I find out about new and better ways of playing support Nunu, I will tell you guys about it first. If you have anything to add, write a comment below or send me a msg in game (Dullis at EU)

Update log:

    1.1 Made the guide, with simple text and some information
    1.2 Small changes to item build, to make it better.
    1.3 Made some points more clear, easier to read
    2.1 Added pictures of skills, runes, items and champions
    2.2 Fixed some of the pictures and added more space in the text
    3.1 Changed some items, but still some more work to do
    4.1 Redeveloped the guide, made more consistent changes
    4.2 Added bigge pictures and two videos of support Nunu
    4.2 Added playstyle chapter and adjusted masteries
    5.1 Remade masteries to not waste mastery points and made some changes the build in general
    5.2 Fixed errors from 5.1, added pics
    5.3 Rewrote some sentences in item build and changed the name of the guide to a more proper one
    5.4 Updated masteries once again and added a link to another support guide
    6.1 Changed best AD+Nunu carries and wrote more about his ultimate (requested)
    6.2 Updates all over the guide :) Now close to perfection, in my eyes
    6.3 Small adjustments to item build
    6.4 New summoner spell + new pics
    6.5 Added more help to Abilities
    7.1 Spelling mistakes and added a new chapter; "Improve your supporting"
    7.2 Added a link to a good guide in the newest chapter
    7.3 Small changes in masteries and item build
    7.4 Fixed some wrong numbers
    8.1 Huge update after some weeks
    8.2 Fixed the build order and AD+Carry part. More accurate now
    9.1 Added a new section (Nunu vs other supports) and fixed grammar in the first parts of the guide. Also changed the skill sequence to match my recent playstyle.
    9.2 Skills chapter is now more detailed and rename some other chapters
    10.1 Little update after some months
    10.2 Updated item sequence
    10.3 Doing some small updates
    10.4 Continued doing that
    10.5 Added one more counter
    11.1 Changed masteries and runes for S3!!!
    11.2 Runes updated!
    11.3 Added ward placement and changed itembuild
    11.4 Fixed something in the first paragraphs
    12.1 Huge item rework!
    12.2 Added Pros/Cons
    12.3 Fixed errors
    12.4 More fixing
    12.5 Last update today! phew
    13.1 Huge update in terms of guide appearance
    13.2 Added Headers to almost all sections of this guide
    14.1 Remade some chapters and adjusted to current playstyle and meta-game
    14.2 Added a few new pics and information
    14.3 Rewrote some sentences and fixed links
    14.4 Readded video
    14.5 Updated counterpick chapter and added a few more
    14.6 Added better visual text
    14.7 Updated ranked information and added more patch updates
    15.1 The HUGE season 4 update. Items, masteries and all information is being updated.
    15.2 Not ready for "release", but a lot of the Season 3 --> Season 4 fixes has been done.
    15.3 New pictures and information on some chapters
    16.1 Abilities rework, finally!
    16.2 Still updating text, builds and information to Season 4

Patch updates on Nunu & Willump:

Health per level reduced to 96 from 108
Damage reduced to 500 / 625 / 750 / 875 / 1000 from 600 / 700 / 800 / 900 / 1000

Damage increased to 600 / 700 / 800 / 900 / 1,000 from 500 / 600 / 700 / 800 / 900
Healing reduced to 90 / 130 / 170 / 210 / 250 from 125 / 180 / 235 / 290 / 345
Healing ratio reduced to 0.75 from 1.0
Consume now grants bonuses for 120 / 150 / 180 / 210 / 240 seconds based on the type of monster consume was used on:
Golem-type monsters grant 10% increased size and maximum Health
Lizard-type monsters grant Nunu's attacks and spells additional magic damage equal to 1% of Nunu's maximum Health
Wraith or Wolf-type monsters grant 15% movement speed for 3 seconds after Nunu kills a unit

Consume no longer expends Visionary if the target dies before Consume resolves

v3.05 Balance Update
Absolute Zero
Cooldown reduced to 110 / 100 / 90 seconds from 150 / 120 / 90
Mana cost reduced to 100 from 150

Base movement speed increased to 350 from 340
Blood Boil
Duration reduced to 12 seconds from 15
Attack speed bonus reduced to 25 / 30 / 35 / 40 / 45% from 25 / 35 / 45 / 55 / 65%
Movement speed bonus reduced to 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12% from 11 / 12 / 13 / 14 / 15%

Base Movement Speed increased by 25.

v1.0.0.146 - 2012-08-29
Ice Blast: Slow duration reduced to 3 seconds from 4

Visionary: now grants free cost spells even if spells were ranked up while the buff was already active.

Visionary: attacks required to activate reduced to 5 from 7.
Damage increased to 500/600/700/800/900 from 400/525/650/775/900.
Damage dealt to Dragon and Baron increased to 100% from 50%.
Cooldown reduced to 16/14/12/10/8 seconds from 18/16/14/12/10.
Absolute Zero:
Minimum damage if interrupted increased to 12.5% from 0%.
Maximum damage if interrupted increased to 87% from 70%.

Fixed a bug where Absolute Zero was revealing Nunu when cast from brush.

Added a range indicator to Absolute Zero.
Now gains 1.25 magic resist per level.

Fixed a bug where Absolute Zero's slow did not grant assists.

Fixed a bug where Absolute Zero's slow did not grant assists.

Sejuani Patch (v1.0.0.132):
Base attack speed increased to .625 from .613
Attack speed per level increased to 2.25 from 1.08
This is a nice buff, even if it doesn't affect Nunu that much. You can auto-attack more ofc!

I want to say thank you to all you guys that tried my build and read my guide, I appreciate it!

Will update more soon. 17.07.2013
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