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Ashe Build Guide by jhoijhoi

Support Of Ice & Ashe

Support Of Ice & Ashe

Updated on April 5, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author jhoijhoi Build Guide By jhoijhoi 6 2 76,165 Views 71 Comments
6 2 76,165 Views 71 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author jhoijhoi Ashe Build Guide By jhoijhoi Updated on April 5, 2017
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↠ Who am I? ↞
Heya MOBAFire! I'm jhoijhoi, a casual League player since Season One, 2011. I was Platinum V (OCE) in S6, but am currently Gold V this season. Ashe was the first champion I unlocked and I have played hundreds of games as her through every Season, multiple Elos, Game Modes and Champion Roles. I'm currently at Level 7 Mastery of Ashe. You may recognise me from my ADC Ashe Guide: Ashes to Ashes. Or from my Making a Guide Guide.

↠ Why Support Ashe? ↞
+ Can initiate fights at range
+ CC heavy = 1x mapwide stun, 1x AoE slow, 1x slow on AA
+ Frost Shot allows you to easily kite and chase
+ Volley provides easy poke and applies Stoneborn Pact
+ Strong level 1 with Frost Shot and Volley
+ Long autoattack range

Ashe can abuse an autoattack range advantage over most marksmen and supports to poke safely with Volley. Ashe's initiations with Enchanted Crystal Arrow start fights and allow easy picks. Ashe's fairly straightforward set of abilities and a responsive autoattack, make her a fun choice for players new to playing a traditional ADC as a support.

↠ Shortcomings of Support Ashe ↞
- No escape mechanism and low mobility
- No pre-6 hard CC
- Not building attack speed, so Q Ranger's Focus will rarely be stacked
- Volley can be blocked by minions
- Enchanted Crystal Arrow can be dodged or blocked
- No shields or heals in-built to support ADC (only Stoneborn Pact )

Supports "control the battlefield by augmenting allies and locking down enemies". In this sense, Ashe can definitely be classed as a support - but she doesn't have the innate support-like abilities other champions do. She doesn't have a natural heal or shield like Janna or Soraka. She doesn't have low cooldown engages like Leona or Blitzcrank. She isn't tanky, so can't survive constant skirmishes like Thresh or Braum. And lastly, her itemisation is a little weird, sort of hybrid support/ADC.

↠ Guide Contents ↞
This is a Support Ashe guide for duo-bot lane, Summoner's Rift . This guide will cover runes, masteries, summoner spells, ability sequencing and support tactics and gameplay. Items will be discussed in-depth, as will the potential competition bot lane. In short, this guide aims to cover as much as possible about playing Ashe as a support bot lane. Please note: Guide is currently a work in progress - I will add more to it the more games I play as support Ashe! :)

Good luck of the Fields of Justice, Summoners!

02nd April '17

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↠ Synergies ↞
What I love about Ashe support is who she can pair with bot lane. Due to her kit, she is a deadly companion to many ADCs and even APCs if you're both in the loop. I enjoy playing support Ashe with APCs such as Veigar and Vel'Koz, both of whom can capitalise on Ashe's slows and CC. However, Ashe support really shines with ADCs who can heal from Stoneborn Pact -marked enemies. So that's any ADC that has a naturally fast attack speed and long range, such as Miss Fortune and Tristana. Other ADCs, like Vayne also benefit from Ashe's slows. Basically, any ranged champion who can capitalise on a long range stun + slow on the surrounding enemies is a good pick with Ashe. Don't forget that Ashe's eventual Ardent Censer + Runaan's Hurricane + Stoneborn Pact will affect ALL allies in a teamfight, so naturally any auto-attacking junglers, mid laners or top laners will find themselves with boosted attackspeed and heals on autos - think: Yasuo, Darius, Lee Sin, Fiora.

↠ Counters ↞
Support Ashe can be countered in many different ways, unfortunately. Long-ranged ADCs can poke Ashe down to nothing just through AAs ( Caitlyn, Miss Fortune). Any sort of CC or multiple CC that disrupts Ashe OR her ADC is a good counter: think Blitzcrank, Leona. Junglers and top laners who can bypass Ashe's CC spell trouble for bot lane. Supports who can negate the effect of ECA (like Tahm Kench's Devour) are a frustrating match-up. Non-traditional supports who can engage hard, like Lee Sin are difficult to deal with. Enemy supports with damage over time chip away at Ashe's already fragile health ( Teemo, Brand). And of course any pair bot lane that have huge level 2 burst (like Lulu + Lucian), you're going to have a bad time.
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↠ Flash ↞
Flash is vital on Ashe in order to stay alive in early engages and late game team fights as it is an incredible positioning tool. It has a myriad of uses: create a gap between you and a bruiser or assassin; dodge dangerous CC spells; retreat over walls; secure kills. Frankly, without Flash, Ashe is vulnerable, so play cautiously when the spell is on cooldown. Replace this with Ghost if you are not yet summoner level 12.

↠ Exhaust ↞
Exhaust is Ashe's go-to support spell as it reduces an enemy's damage by almost half (40%). It can completely shut down a threat in lane or in a teamfight. Learning who to Exhaust and when can be tricky, but you're mainly looking for the main damage dealer who is an immediate threat to your ADC. Exhaust can also be used to catch someone out of position, protect yourself from an engage and to disable a hard-hitter from a fight. If your ADC is taking Exhaust (like Draven), take Heal for the clutch plays - ensure you communicate your Heal or Exhaust cooldowns with your ADC.
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↠ Quintessences ↞
Ashe's movement speed is the slowest in the game (not counting Kled unmounted) at 325. You notice this deficiency especially when walking to and from lane as Support Ashe. Unlike other supports or ADCs with abilities that grant them extra movement speed in certain conditions, Ashe simply has none. This is due to her ability to permanently slow someone to a crawl. Giving Ashe the mobility she lacks with Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed, greatly increases her potential to kite. Like other stats that you simply cannot purchase more of in game, movement speed becomes more valuable because of how sparse it is for support Ashe to purchase it. Alternatively, you could auto attack more with Quintessence of Attack Speed, do more damage with autos with Quintessence of Attack Damage or bolster your health with Quintessence of Health.

↠ Marks ↞
Here we give Ashe some damage on her autos: 9x Greater Mark of Attack Damage grants potent attack damage stats for early game potential. AD runes aid lane pushes, allows more sustain from Lifesteal, increases harass damage with Volley, and provides extra damage to enemy units and structures. Alternatively, Greater Mark of Attack Speed allows you to auto-attack more in lane with a faster projectile animation, which can be an advantage early game. With the advent of Lethality's strength, you can't go wrong grabbing more armour penetration to ruin the enemy ADC's day. Greater Mark of Lethality will counter their own armour runes, and Ninja Tabi if they purchase that.

↠ Seals ↞
Early primary damage will be from the enemy marksman, autoattacks from the enemy support, minion damage and often physical damage from the jungler early game. 5x Greater Seal of Armor allow you to trade damage more effectively and the small amount of damage resistance can save your life at any stage of the game. The 4x Greater Seal of Health will make you a little more tankier at the beginning of the game.

↠ Glyphs ↞
5x Greater Glyph of Magic Resist protect Ashe from early magic damage harass; most champions deal some sort of magic damage, even if they don’t build AP. As you won't be buying ANY magic resist (unless you buy Mercury's Treads, you will be very vulnerable to magic damage. For late game survivability, run 4x Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist as well.
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↠ Ferocity (12) ↞
12 points in the Ferocity tree isn't worth your time as Support Ashe. Early game you will not deal enough damage anyway to justify passing up mastery points from Cunning. However, if you do choose to spec in this tree, Fury will help you AA more, Expose Weakness will grant your allies more damage to an enemy you tag, Vampirism will give you some minute sustain in lane, and Battle Trance will boost your damage in an extended fight.

↠ Cunning (12) ↞
Spec 12 points in the Cunning tree to complement your playstyle and to strengthen Ashe's weaknesses. Wanderer grants Ashe more movement speed out of combat (so getting to lane is quicker). Secret Stash gives you slightly better Health Potions that restore some health and mana instantly. Merciless allows you to help kill low health enemies, so you're useful damage-wise in a fight in your favour. Lastly, Bandit to help you afford your items - gain 1G per minion killed by allies and gain 3G from attacking an enemy with an auto or a spell. Bandit is easy to proc on Ashe due to the range of Volley.

↠ Resolve (18) ↞
Ah, the Resolve tree, the reason why Support Ashe is a thing. The most important mastery here is the Keystone Stoneborn Pact . When Ashe slows or stuns an enemy (so Frost Shot auto-attacks, Volley or Enchanted Crystal Arrow - all movement impairing abilities), the enemy becomes marked. Allies can then auto-attack marked enemies to regain up to 1.25% of Ashe's max health. That doesn't sound like much, but early game that's 8HP per auto they regain, which is a solid regen for an ADC. Grab Recovery to help with health regen, Tough Skin to negate minion aggro, Veteran's Scars for extra health, Insight for increased cooldown for your summoner spells (more Exhaust opportunities) and Swiftness for the tenacity and slow resist.
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↠ Frost Shot ↞
Frost Shot is Ashe's passive. It grants Ashe an on-hit slow that is more powerful as she levels up, and changes how she critically strikes. Instead of a % chance to crit, she deals 10% + her crit chance additional damage to targets affected by Frost Shot. As all of Ashe's auto-attacks are Frost Shot imbued, it means that she slows anything she attacks. This synergises really well with Stoneborn Pact .

↠ Ranger's Focus ↞
Ranger's Focus grants Ashe stacks of Focus with each basic attack. When she has 4 stacks of Focus, she can activate this skill. Consuming all stacks of Focus grants a boost of attack speed and additional damage for 4 seconds. Her attacks become a flurry of arrows, applying on-hit attacks only once, but on-attack effects multiple times. As support you won't stack Focus very easily until you get Runaan's Hurricane.

↠ Volley ↞
Volley is a cone AoE ability that deals physical damage and applies Frost Shot. The cooldown lowers significantly with level along with a minor damage increase. The arrows of this ability can only deal damage once to a target, but can hit a target multiple times, so a large target such as Cho’Gath can block Volley for his teammates. You can poke the enemy bot lane safely with this ability, and proc Stoneborn's easily for your allies.

↠ Hawkshot ↞
Hawkshot is an ability to reveals parts of the map despite fog of war. It should be maxed last since the cooldown reduction is not significant. It has a travel time unlike Scrying Orb, but reveals everything along the way temporarily, and has global range. When using Hawkshot, aim to cover the whole map unless you need lingering vision of a certain area, such as when identifying key locations in the jungle to grant vision and thus knowledge of the enemy jungler’s route - this information can prevent lanes from being ganked and save lives. Learn to juggle your wards with uses of Hawkshot.

↠ Enchanted Crystal Arrow ↞
Enchanted Crystal Arrow is a skill-shot stun that can travel map-wide. The further you are from the target, the longer the duration of the stun - this mechanic essentially rewards Ashe players who can time and aim ECA across great distances. Please do note that landing map-wide stuns requires practice. In lane it is a matter of aiming and shooting as there is little that can block a close instance of ECA. Don't forget that it also slows surrounding enemies if they're close to the stunned enemy, so multiple champions can be soft CC'd by ECA.
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↠ On Spawn ↞
500 Gold
Now, technically you can grab any of the support items on Ashe; Ancient Coin is the passive choice for gold gen and mana regen into eye of the oasis, Relic Shield into eye of the equinox for extra health and health regen or Spellthief's Edge into Eye of the Watchers. I like Spellthief's because it's easy to proc the gold gen with Ashe's harass - this coupled with Bandit will help fund your items throughout the game. Stealth Ward grants you vision bot lane; learn to juggle warding brush with your ADC. With Secret Stash your Health Potions will be Total Biscuit of Rejuvenations. I'd recommend having a health potion and Control Ward in your inventory at all times during the laning phase.

↠ 1st Back ↞
1175 Gold
Upgrade Spellthief's Edge into a Frostfang as soon as possible to take advantage of the increased gold gen on harass - don't forget that killing minions disables gold gen effects, so avoid doing that. Another early crucial purchase for support Ashe is Sightstone; the vision granted by its wards will keep your lane relatively safe. Additionally, the extra health will make you tankier and increase the healing of your ally via Stoneborn Pact . Swap out your Stealth Ward for a Sweeping Lens to help you control vision in brush. Control Wards, when placed, can disable enemy wards and reveal camouflaged units.

↠ Mid Game ↞
900 Gold
Upgrade Sightstone + Frostfang into Eye of the Watchers. The amount of vision via wards from Eye is incredibly useful for your entire team. Although this seems like a long time to wait for Boots, any earlier and it would adversely affect the safety of your lane without vision. After level 9 swap Sweeping Lens out for a Oracle Lens, which can reveal traps as well as give you a longer time to find enemy wards.

↠ Core Items ↞
And Now the Fun Begins
As you know, Stoneborn Pact grants allies a heal if they attack marked enemies. Now, not only do allies heal off enemies, but you also increase their attack speed, give them magic damage on hit AND heal them again for a flat amount. Ardent ALSO increases the healing of Stoneborn by 10%. So, in other words, you tag multiple enemies with Stoneborn through Volley or autos, and allies who attack those marked targets are healed, have increased attack speed and deal extra magic damage on hit. So much fun! Runaan's Hurricane gives you additional projectiles when you auto-attack, which means more targets are marked with Stoneborn. Not to mention that all on-hits are applied, so that the targets are slowed by Frost Shot and damaged by Ranger's Focus. More fun!!! :D The extra movement speed is nice too.

↠ Boots? ↞
Pick depending on the game
Upgraded boots can be purchased before Ardent Censer or directly after. Ninja Tabi will always be relevant (assuming there is even just one enemy champion that deals physical damage), as the armour negates a lot of incoming damage via auto-attacks and physical damage-based abilities. Mercury's Treads are useful against a CC-heavy team; good players will chain CC anyway, so Mercs can often be a wasted purchase if not for the magic resist. Boots of Swiftness are a fun buy if the enemy team has little CC or slows. Mobility Boots will help you get to lane and to teamfights faster - keep in mind that any long distance stuns with Enchanted Crystal Arrow will mean you lose the extra movement speed as technically you're "in combat". Don't get Ionian Boots of Lucidity because with the recommended build you're at cooldown cap.

↠ Shred ↞
Time to melt some faces :D
If the game has gone on long enough for you to be able to afford a fifth and sixth item, you want to be buying these. Black Cleaver synergises with Runaan's Hurricane and Ranger's Focus, so you can reduce enemy armour by 30%. Not to mention that the Phage passive grants you some extra movement speed on attack. Lastly, the health helps with Stoneborn Pact and the CDR caps you at 40%. Blade of the Ruined King will keep you relevant in dealing damage to tankier opponents and the active can help you kite an opponent. At this point of the game the life steal from BotRK will keep you topped up with health too. Very end game purchase Elixir of Iron to give you a little more survivability, boost the movement speed of allies and creates a bigger target of yourself so that you're more likely to be CC'd than your more valuable allies.
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↠ Game Information ↞
Before I cover aspects of support gameplay I'd like to discuss a little further with this chapter about tacit knowledge; the stuff you inherently pick up as you play the game, but when pointed out seem so obvious, despite how much they impact on your gameplay.

::Bounty Count:: This indicator will give you an at-a-glance understanding of how fed the enemy champion is. Please note that this only gives you an idea of the kills a champion has, not the CS, assists or items of the enemy.

::Champion Level & Experience:: As per the level 2 rush, watching the experience gain of your enemies is an absolute necessity bot lane. Knowing your opponent and when they unlock their power spikes is key to a steadier laning experience.

::Health Bar:: Look very closely at the bar. You'll notice that there are little blocks inside. Each block represents 100 HP. While all health bars are the same size, the little blocks are different and tell you how much health the champion is actually on.

::Mana (or Resource) Bar:: Watch yours, your ally's and the enemy's. Ally has no mana? Don't rely on them for cc/damage/healing/shielding in a fight. Enemy ADC has no mana? Now they can't utilise any escape or cc abilities. You have no mana? The enemy will see this and may try to engage on you.

::Cooldowns:: Take note of when summoner spells or abilities are on cool down. If enemy Janna's shield has just disappeared, attack, as it won't be up for another 10 seconds. Exhaust just been used? It's down for 210 seconds. Inform your jungler when the enemy bot lane uses summoner spells.

↠ Getting to Lane ↞
As soon as the game starts, purchase your Spellthief's Edge, Health Potions and Stealth Ward from the shop. Allocate your first skill point into Volley. Head to the strongest jungle buff closest to bot lane; if you're on Blue Side you'll be walking to Red Buff - if you're on Purple Side, you'll be walking to Blue Buff. Blue Side typically hangs around the brush surrounding Red, or in the tri-brush joining river to jungle bot lane. Purple Side hangs just on the edge of the river/entrance to allied jungle in front of Dragon. What you're doing is providing vision for your team - when you are standing in these areas, you are guarding your jungler and giving him advanced warning of an invade.

Minions will spawn at 1 minute and 15 seconds. At 1:40, jungle camps will spawn. You and your ADC should help the jungler get the camp's health (Blue or Red) down low. The jungler will typically Smite the camp to last hit unless you stay to give a hard leash. Help with about 5 autoattacks (depending on the jungler and whether your ADC is with you) and a Volley before heading to lane.

↠ Level 1: Volley ↞
Regardless if you're on Purple side, don't walk through brush or river to get to lane; if on Blue side, you may have to walk through tri-brush, but use caution and don’t walk through river to lane. In general, try and take the safe route there, taking into account the information on the screen (can you see enemy bot lane?). Once you get to the lane, harass the enemy with a Frost Shot-infused auto which apply a slow and/or Volley. Each time you successfully land an auto or Volley to an enemy, you are rewarded by Bandit and Spellthief's Edge.

The first few minutes in lane are essential. Both sides will be competing to get to level 2 first, as this is a considerable power spike for many duo lanes - the ADC traditionally gains access to two damage abilities and the support will now have two CCs or a sustain. To get to level 2, you need to help the ADC auto-attack the minions as much as possible to speed up the experience gain (do not aim for last hits - CS is for your ADC) AND harass the enemy ADC so they are slow to kill your minions. Ashe's all-in at level 2 isn't the best compared to other supports, so if the enemy ADC pushes the lane to get to level 2 first, back up as this is a crucial time where the enemy will attempt to push their level advantage.

Ashe's level 1 ability does a lot of AoE damage. Volley is Ashe’s primary poke ability and harass tool. Volley’s range exceeds Ashe’s autoattack range, so it can be used to poke more safely from a distance. However, remember that Ashe has a relatively low mana pool and poor mana regeneration, so don't spam Volley too often and keep your mana bar at a minimum of 60 mana (though preferably 100). Keep in mind that Volley can be blocked by minions, monsters and champions. Lastly, multiple Volley arrows cannot hit the same target.

↠ Level 2: Ranger's Focus ↞
Ranger's Focus is Ashe's Q ability. Put simply, it's a steroid that you can access after you gain 4 stacks through auto-attacking. When activated at four stacks, Ashe gains an attack speed boost and increased damage for her autos. Stacks are gained by auto-attacks only. As the support you may not gain stacks of Q as easily as if you were an ADC.

↠ Level 3: Hawkshot ↞
Once you hit level 3: allocate a point into Hawkshot. Hawkshot functions primarily as a tool for gaining vision in lane bushes and checking the river or tribush for the enemy jungler. Some junglers have the capacity to gank at level 2/3, but most will have cleared the jungle once and recalled to buy an upgraded jungle item.

Hawkshot's long cooldown make it less than ideal for general map vision, so use it only if you need vision of the target area immediately. You can use Hawkshot to reveal an area of the map ahead of your support (or another teammate) that wants to place a ward there. Checking the area with Hawkshot first reduces the likelihood of your teammate getting caught and killed trying to ward. You can also use Hawkshot to check enemy jungle camps to check their progress. Below is an image of some of the common Hawkshot paths I aim for, with the revealed camps listed. In general, I try to provide as much information to my team as possible. If they know that Blue and Wolves are gone on enemy side, that narrows down the places where the jungler can be.

↠ Kiting & Frost Shot ↞
Let’s take a second here to talk about the difference between auto-attacks and targeted attacks and how orb walking and kiting go hand-in-hand. Orb walking refers to attacking something, moving, attacking and then moving - rinse and repeat. Specifically, attacking and then immediately moving; this cancels the full attack animation. Ashe's attack animation consists of drawing back the bow, firing and winding down. By moving straight away after the arrow hits the target, Ashe does not complete her full animation, meaning she does not have the wind-down animation that prevents her from another attack. Animation cancelling/orb-walking is different to auto-attacking, as auto’ing refers to right clicking a target and letting the command continue indefinitely, that is Ashe will continue to attack automatically (hence auto-attack) and complete a full cycle of her attack animation each time.

What's all this got to do with Frost Shot? Ashe's passive, Frost Shot, applies a slow to her auto-attacks, making Ashe the Queen of Kiting. In general, kiting refers to attacking an enemy with ranged attacks or abilities while maintaining a safe distance via orb walking when pursuing/chasing (offensive) or fleeing (defensive). Kiting originated from the analogy of flying a kite, where the attacking champion (the person) holds the target (the kite) at a safe distance (the string). This feat is often performed by ranged champions against enemy melee champions. While kiting, the ranged champion makes use of their superior range, mobility and/or CC to damage the enemy champion without taking damage themselves.

↠ Poke & Scratch Damage ↞
Generally, it is easier for Ashe to poke opponents of shorter ranges. So how to poke? An ADC will always move towards a low health minion to get the last hit. You can abuse this mechanic by waiting for the enemy ADC to go in to last hit, and hit them with an auto-attack. When the enemy ADC fires a projectile, they will not be able to fire another one until the last hit is complete, meaning this is the safest time for you to get in some scratch damage. A natural response to being attacked is to back away from the source of the damage, hence missing CS. If you keep this scratch damage up, the enemy ADC will get lower and lower in health, and you'll establish lane dominance.

Keep in mind that you will be at risk of receiving scratch damage too. When one of the enemy minions is low and you're going in for the last hit, he will auto you. To avoid this from happening, try and position yourself behind allied minions and some distance from the enemies. This will not always be possible, but try and minimise the risk of being hurt. Use Volley to prevent the enemies from being able to retaliate. If the support goes in on you, tag them with a Frost Shot imbued auto-attack and walk backwards, out of their range.

So the theory of scratch damage is not a technique that exists in isolation from the rest of the game. In the lane with you are enemy minions who will switch their focus to you when you attack their allies. Early game 12-25 damage doesn't sound like much, but turn that into a whole wave of minions autoing you and you've lost half your health by not paying attention. To quantify minion aggro: 6 melee minions = 3 caster minions (the ranged ones) = 1 cannon minion = the equivalent of a Pickaxe of damage. With this knowledge, you can attempt to position yourself in locations that cause as little minion aggro to yourself as possible, but maximum minion aggro to the enemy, so when they retaliate, 4-6 minions will rain fire on them.

As the support, gaining minion aggro can sometimes be beneficial. Minions who aggro at you will follow you a short distance. In this manner you can drag enemy minions more into your own minions, so the enemy have less of their own minions to hide behind.

↠ Warding Tactics ↞
Map awareness is something that takes a long time to grasp; knowing where each enemy player is located on the map, IN ADDITION to the locations of your allies can make or break games. Vision is very important, and not just keeping an eye bot lane. Just knowing that the jungler was just mid and was heading towards top can mean two things: 1) he's jungling, getting a buff or 2) he's looking to gank top. Looking mid and noticing that the enemy is missing can warn you of an incoming gank. All 5 players missing? Perhaps they're doing Dragon or Baron.

Where should you ward? Primary places to ward are over walls and in brush. Bot lane you want to have vision of the enemy's brush, of the river and of the tribrush to warn of ganks. Later in the game you'll start warding over the map. Wards placed near strategic resources like buffs, dragon and Baron will give you much needed information about whether the enemy is attempting to take them. Wards over the enemy's walls into their base tell you where they are to get a pick. Wards in your own jungle when you're being pressured into your base.

Where should you clear wards? Check the map above, but wherever you have thought to ward, the enemy probably has warded too.

> Walking into enemy territory without vision.
> Chasing an enemy into any areas with no vision.
> Getting split from your group in an area with no vision.

> Watching the mini-map and counting 5 enemy champions.
> Noticing when your allies' ults are up (little green circle on their portrait).
> Warding with your Stealth Ward early game.
> Warding with Sightstone.
> Clearing wards with Control Wards or trinkets.

↠ Level 6: Enchanted Crystal Arrow ↞
If you do not hit level 6 first, be very cautious of the enemy bot lane. Like the level 2 power spike, level 6 is when ultimates are unlocked, ranging from AoE stuns to damage amplification to global heals. As you are in a duo lane, top and mid lane have most likely already hit 6, so you have to have a lot of respect for potential interference from other lanes. So keep an eye out and if bot lane gets level 6 before you do, back right off to a safe distance from your opponents. You want to be a proactive player and reactive player - by this I mean you want to be able to predict plays and then react if they do happen. Anticipating trouble means you can force a fight to go the way you want - don't let yourself ever fight under their terms if you can help it.

If you hit 6 first (or if you've backed up into a favourable position that is on your terms), be ready to engage. Skill a point into Enchanted Crystal Arrow and aim your cursor at the target who you’ve determined is the most valuable to disable. For instance, against a Soraka lane, killing Soraka is more beneficial as it allows you then to zone the enemy ADC. However, consider Janna - ulting Janna will not result in a kill, as once out of the stun, Janna will shield the ADC, not herself. You need to be prepared to capitalise on your stun landing - this means knowing your ADC can follow up with more damage. Don't forget to follow up your engage with Volley and auto attacks.

How do you aim ECA? It is a skillshot, so it relies a lot on your prediction skills and whether the enemy team has vision of you/whether you're telegraphing your your intent to ECA. In fact, ECA is often more successful if fired in the opponent's Fog of War. I want to talk a little about landing ECA. You're playing Ashe and you will feel a lot of pressure to land your ults. In fact, the chat will be alive with "Ashe has ult, let's go" or "Ashe, ult!". Firstly, don't just shoot blindly into the fog of war. Analyse the field, and as airy-fairy as this sounds, follow your instincts. Hesitating on firing an Ashe arrow can cost you the teamfight. In a worst case scenario, you score a field goal with your arrow, best case scenario you hit the target. Once you get a feel for how long it takes ECA to travel across certain distances, the ability to time and successfully hit targets will feel natural to you, it just takes practice. Please be aware that champions have multiple methods of evading ECA, so if an ally lands CC, you need to follow up immediately. As support Ashe the pressure to land ECA is less and with 40% CDR by end game, you've got more arrows to fire anyway.

↠ Teamfighting & Positioning ↞
When a teamfight starts, spam Volley at enemy champions - this will proc Stoneborn Pact and Ardent Censer. You may also need to Enchanted Crystal Arrow the nearest target. When the fight gets heated, consider your positioning. Where you stand and who you attack during a teamfight can make or break a game. While you will have a bunch more health than your ADC, you are still relatively squishy and susceptible to being targeted as a support. Enemies that are going to be closest to you are those that are tanky enough to get close. These champions include junglers such as Maokai, top laners like Irelia, tanky mids like Swain, hard engagers like Malphite or Morgana and assassins like LeBlanc and Zed. Realistically, you ain't getting anywhere close to what you may consider a “priority target”, so just fire away at whatever is feasible. Try to remain behind your team (your team will naturally be your first line of defense), but shoot anything that's close to you. There's no such thing as a "wrong target" (besides Rammus, who is always the wrong target); unless you have the opportunity to target someone squishy, you're going to need to take down their front line first. To clarify, take down the biggest immediate threat to you. What does that mean?

1. Are they on your face and dealing damage? If yes, this is who you should be targeting.
2. Are they primarily CC with no damage? If yes, you should be ignoring them.
3. Are they the closest target and it’s not safe to go after anyone else? If yes, target them.

This melds with the above. In addition to sticking behind your team so they can peel easier for you, you need to keep in mind, at all times, the enemy team composition in terms of champions and items.

CHAMPIONS: Champion picks will dictate who to target, who to avoid and how to position yourself in a teamfight. For instance, if they have an Amumu, Malphite, Morgana - anyone with multi-target AoE CC - do not clump up with your team. If they have a Lee Sin, Tristana, Miss Fortune - just standing behind allies is a chance for these champions to hurt you. Lastly, Zilean - ensure that if you're targeting a low health enemy, that they have not been Zilean ulted.

Items: Press TAB to view an overall summary of ally and enemy purchases, summoner spells, CS and KDA. Having a working knowledge of the items the enemy has will improve your teamfighting. Enemy Lissandra has a Zhonya's Hourglass? Now you know she'll be untargetable twice in the upcoming teamfight. Janna has a Mikael's Blessing? Okay, so now that she's used it to Cleanse your Enchanted Crystal Arrow from her ADC, it's on cooldown for 3 minutes - ideally wait for your ECA to be back up and engage again. Someone has a Thornmail and they are constantly on your face? Looks like you need to ramp up your life steal, or buy some MR.
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↠ The end! ↞
That's it! The rest is up to you. I hope that you enjoyed reading my Support Ashe guide. After playing so much ADC Ashe, support Ashe is such a carefree and fun champion to play.

Please feel free to leave a comment or question in the discussion section of this guide, or personal message me. I'll respond as soon as possible. I am continuously updating the content and graphics on the guide. Stay turned! Thanks for reading Ardent Ashe!

↠ Special Thanks ↞
Thanks to Warlemming and Patch who have suffered me playing support Ashe and helping me with ideation of masteries, runes and items :) <3

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