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Rammus Build Guide by okayy

Jungle OK Rammus s10

By okayy | Updated on April 4, 2020

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Runes: Normal Rammus - With Flash

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Legend: Alacrity

+10% Attack Speed
+6 Armor
+6 Armor


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Normal Rammus
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Jungle Role
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Jungle Role
Win 52%
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Champion Build Guide

OK Rammus s10

By okayy
Hello. Okay here - peaked #6 world and #1 EUW Rammus according to Leagueofgraphs. I am now bouncing between mid/high diamond and currently taking a step back from league as I played too much during start of quarantine.

There are two distinct builds here, the Low Elo build and the Normal build. I don't recommend mixing them although they are kinda similar/interchangeable in some ways.
Spell Choice Back to Top
Spell Choice is pretty simple, up until D4/D3, you have the option to run Ghost. Afterwards you need to run Flash.

I only run ghost when planning on following the low elo meme machine build. It has lower cooldown than flash and allows you to punish stupid enemies more.
Flash is needed vs better enemies.
Rune Choice Back to Top
Quite simple, Aftershock as the primary. Don't be that guy running phase rush rammus in d3 ranked ruining games for your teammates. Demolish/Font of life is optional, I prefer the early tower damage so I can greed for plate gold.

Conditioning is a must have, even with it now being 12 minutes.

Unflinching gives Tenacity so i like it. The max health one is viable also

Secondary tree depends on elo - if you are running the low elo meme machine build with ghost, take cheap shot and ravenous hunter. Cheap shot is not amazing but ravenous hunter gives you insane healing. Otherwise triumph and alacrity if you are running normal tanky flashgank rammus.

There is potential for nimbus/celerity/walterwalking, but I don't find them so optimal personally.
Item Choice Back to Top

Normal Rammus:

I run red smite when I feel like I will have issues 1v1ing, otherwise usually blue smite for extra speed.

My ideal first back is Bamis with boots, but obviously you cant always have 1200. Boots is useful if you need the extra speed early, but this is completely situational.

Cloth armour is only for if you have 300 spare and cant finish another item.

Once Cinderhulk is finished, I usually look to finish boots. Tabis, Swiftness or Mercs depending on enemy teamcomp.

Sometimes I finish bramble vest before boots, it provides a huge amount of damage and tankiness early for its cost. If not, bramble vest is 99% of the time my immediate build after boots, regardless of enemy teamcomp.

Glory is super important for those engages/picks. Once you have glory/bramble, you can look to turn your negatron cloak into either abyssal or wits end - wits end if you are super ahead and having to solo carry, but otherwise abyssal is smarter.
Adaptime helm vs cass/karthus etc, occasionally I take warmogs, but usually finish thornmail last item

If you have an adc that is popping off hard and you are gold starved so get rekt by enemy backline, sometimes it is better to coordinate with your support and build support items that they don't have to help peel your adc.
Vow is super good, shurelyas is just a cheaper glory for your whole team.

Low Elo Meme Machine Rammus:

Start building the recurve bow and some basic boots.
Finish bloodrazor, get that bamis, and then finish your boots. Bramble vest immediately after.

After this, depending on the situation, you normally want to either finish your sunfire, get a negatron cloak and build it into wits end, or build a righteous glory. Eventually finish thornmail last

When you are playing the meme attack speed rammus, either you are ahead or you are definitely not. I don't massively recommend these items as once you've committed to meme rammus, you have to follow through
Early game Back to Top
Get to level 3. Red start. If playing for ganks, depending on your teamcomp, you can red golem(smite) wraith gank. if not, I tend to go red wraith wolf blue, halfway through blue you smite gromp when your W is back up, finish blue, smite gromp again, and you are waiting at the crab by 3.10 to take it when it spans 3.15 - gets you level 4. You can gank here or base.

Do not try to fight before level 3, even then you are still kinda weak.

If playing low elo attack speed rammus, I am super selfish and just roll between all the gold sources on the map, only ganking when i see free kills. 180 farm by 20 minutes with at least 4/5 kills and assists is the goal.

At higher elo/team games with cinderhulk/flash rammus, you need to focus on helping your team more. Remember, you are reliant on them for a decent amount of damage and follow. Still remember to farm and don't afk fap so much. Get those early objectives, you don't have to contest drake if your team is behind or you don't have prio, just make sure you get a tower/herald instead.

The higher elo you are, the more chance of enemy jungler ruining your day early. If your teammates are awake you can taunt them and get an easy kill, otherwise you are often dead. Best to avoid most enemy junglers early if at all possible, get vision, and clear in an opposite pattern to them.
Rest of game Back to Top
Your job as rammus is usually to get picks, make enemy adc ragequit. However, if playing tank rammus, and you have a good adc, sometimes it is best to peel for them also. It can be useful to yeet into the enemy team and make them burn their spells, but this isn't optimal if it can be avoided.
League of Legends Build Guide Author okayy
okayy Rammus Guide

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OK Rammus s10