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Olaf Build Guide by Ir.Defender

Jungle 🔸 Olafend / Urge To Kill, Rising! [13.16] 🔸

Jungle 🔸 Olafend / Urge To Kill, Rising! [13.16] 🔸

Updated on August 17, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ir.Defender Build Guide By Ir.Defender 267 21 819,216 Views 8 Comments
267 21 819,216 Views 8 Comments
League of Legends Build Guide Author Ir.Defender Olaf Build Guide By Ir.Defender Updated on August 17, 2023
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Runes: Conqueror - Inspiraton

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Legend: Bloodline
Last Stand

Magical Footwear
Approach Velocity

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


Hello and welcome to my Olaf guide. I am MehdiDefender and this is my second guide on Mobafire. In this guide we get deep into every single thing about Olaf, about his Abilities, Builds, Gameplay and Jungling. I wanted to make this guide a huge and complete guide that includes everything about Olaf and that took me a huge time and effort. For that being done i used a lot of sources to make sure that i offer you readers the best possible information. There is a header before beginning of some chapters that describe about the part and stuff you are about to read. Once again, thank you for your time.
❗️ Everything is connected, for the best experience make sure you read the whole guide.
❗️ If you want more information about me, or if you have a question about guide please read the Conclusion chapter.
Olaf - the Berserker is a meele Top Laner/Jungler champion. He is a strong Fighter with physical damage. I personally love the diver Champions such as Jarvan IV, Xin Zhao and Vi. I Think they fit my playstyle and yeah, when it comes to playstyle you can also see that Olaf is burned for it. He is fun to play and i consider him as a champion that helps you to get better at League of Legends. With the releasing of Season 10 everyone noticed that its time for Olaf to shine, That's right and at the moment we can say that Olaf is one of the best junglers. He got the fastest clear for sure, great passive and sustain that if you manage them well you can even get better at farming your jungle. When you master Undertow you will also understand the power of his Ganks! despite that he has lack of hard cc, he is yet another complete champion that got everything we need in his kit. With all the season 10 changes, Olaf is now a great jungler that allows you to Snowball your games and taking advantage of his Power, not only by Farming & Ganking, but by controling the Objectieves. With that all being said, Olaf is a perfect Champion to impact your games, winning more games and like i said, getting better at League of Legends.

+ Great jungle clear
+ Great sustain and lifesteal
+ Great control over his jungle
+ Great at dueling
+ Acceptable damage
+ Immune to CC with his ult
As i already said before Olaf has a very fast jungle clear thanks to his passive and Undertow. It makes you a threat for enemy jungler and literally everyone want to avoid from Olaf specially in early levels, so you can have a Uncontested jungle most of the times. True damage coming from Reckless Swing is a also noticeable as it deal great damage at every stage of game. And finally his ult that makes him immune to CC its most impactful ability for him, allows you to get deep into fights without being worry about getting CC.

- Lack of mobility
- Lack of hard CC
- Less impactful without ultimate
- Can be kited
- Becomes harder to play lategame
- Can't secure ganks
Like i said before, Olaf has a lack of hard CC and despite his great Slow on Undertow that works as long as you keep hitting your Q, he still can't make secure ganks as much as other junglers. He is easy target without his ultimate since his HP and Protection per level is less than other fighters, also champions with such a high mobility or invisibility like Vayne can kite him and make a hard time for Olaf. He become harder to play as time pass and less impactful by lategame.

FLASH: Most used Summoner Spell, used for both chasing and escaping and even making some plays. It is recommended for any Olaf player to have Flash. Its your only way to escape, simply only mobility you can have in a game. Also helpful for getting deeper and closer in team fights or moving through walls for contesting the Objectives.
SMITE: The benefits of Junglers, Smite is the jungling Summoner Spell, it helps you to clear jungle camps and getting important objectives, Blue Smite brings you even more slow and pressure while Red Smite is good for dueling. Overall Smite is a very important spell that any jungler need to learn manything toward using it, such as timing and targeting.
GHOST: Its only optimal, But there is some players that may like to play with Ghost instead of Flash. It also depends on enemy team and your skill, you can activate both your ult and ghost for fights.

Berserker Rage
Olaf's Attack Speed is increased by 1% for each 1% of his Health he is missing.
This passive is one of the best passives in the League of Legends. It makes Olaf one of the best 1v1 champs. It also helps alot when it comes to farming in jungle, if you use it correctly you clear one side of jungle very fast thanks to great amount of attack speed on low health. No matter what elo you are playing on there is many people that still get bait with Olaf low health and they don't notice his attack speed coming from this passive. Its also very helpful for doing Drakes solo specially when you combine it with your W.
Olaf throws an axe into the ground at a target location, dealing damage to enemies it passes through and slowing their Movement Speed. If Olaf picks up the axe, the ability's cooldown is reduced by 4.5 seconds.
We can say that Olaf's Q is his signature ability. This ability deals great amount of damage in every stage of game, up to 260 damage on max level, its also our only Crowd Control as Olaf, it Slows up too 45% for 2.5 seconds in max level aswell. Olaf throws his axe and if you walk toward it you can pick it up again that reduce a huge amount of its cooldown. This ability helps alot for farming aswell. its important to picking it up rapidly for reducing cd and using it again specially when you are in jungle or even during a fight. We can say that this ability is our Main Damage spell, and the only Ability that we can gank with, its a skill shot and takes time to master btw. Undertow also has a acceptable Range that make it even more useful. We will discuss it more in Gameplay part as using Q is a important part of your gameplay with Olaf.
Vicious Strikes
Olaf's Attack Speed is increased, he gains Life Steal and has increased healing from all sources based on how much Health he is missing.
Olaf get increased attack speed and lifesteal for 6 seconds. both for a huge amount, up to 95% Attack speed and 22% Lifesteal on max level. During that time you also get a bonus of Enhanced Healling up to 50% (based on your missing health) that works well with your runes and item. not only for farming and doing objectieves, but for fighting and dueling this ability is amazing. it can heal you from 0 to 100 specially on low healths. its your sustain ability in jungle aswell. you may want to use it while you are low to combine it with your passive attack speed and getting a huge bonus of attack speed at all.
Reckless Swing
Olaf attacks with such force that it deals true damage to his target and himself, refunding the Health cost if he destroys the target.
This ability is also deals a great damage in term of true damage. with that 50% bonus ad damage this ability is great for any stage of game, mostly used for finishing targets, it has no mana cost and it will cost a little of your health instead, though if you kill target with it you gain back that health cost. beside that, every single Basic Attack redue its cooldown for 1 second.
Olaf temporarily becomes immune to disables.
Olaf Ultimate is actully so unique and impactful. Comparing to other abilities and items like Quicksilver Sash that only remove applied CC, Olaf actully become immune to any CC in next 6 Seconds, so you are all free during this time. Its makes him a great DIVER Champion. This is your key ability for entering into the fights.





































You want to get Q at level 1 that you can start using it rapidly for a faster clear, there is many good players that start with W, but if you follow my guide into the gameplay part you will see that we want to use our passive for getting more attack speed for faster clear speed and W's lifesteal dosn't allow that. so we go Q>W>Q for first 3 levels, but don't forget everything is dependable, by the time you reach lvl 3 (clearing one side of jungle) you may notice a quick fight at lanes and you may want to join, so you can grab E! i mean, Ability order is flexible, there is also many people that Max Q>W>E but since we focus on more damage, i recommend you to Q>E>W.

At top you can see 4 possible rune pages. Conqueror is your Keystone always. its the best 1v1 Keystone, offering most of Fighters a great sustain and self-healing when fully stacked. Now i just wanted to say that runes are so flexible and you can always try all that 4 pages with any changes you want, though don't forget they are in Order, which means inspiration as second rune page is recommended for you. We will discuss every single possible rune for Olaf so you can build your own page aswell.
For the Primary page which is the Precision, First we have Triumph which is one of the most used runes at the moment, beside that 20 Extra gold which is cool, this rune also restore 12% of your missing health with each take downs, only after a short delay tough. For second rune both Legend: Alacrity Legend: Bloodline Are good options since Attack Speed and Lifesteal both are Olaf Core stats. Legend: Alacrity gave you 18% Attack Speed when you fully stack it which is a usefull amount, Though if you can use that Extra lifesteal in fights and you actully think that helps, you can grab Legend: Bloodline instead. For the third rune we have Coup de Grace and Last Stand, I suggest you to play Last Stand because Olaf is all about survinig as much as possible, while doing so the Extra Damage coming from Last Stand which is 11% on 30% HP and below is usefull, though Coup de Grace also works specially vs squishy targets and the moment that you wanna burst down your target.
Sorcery Domination Resolve Inspiration
If you going Sorcery for your secondary rune page, you have 3 runes there to choose from. Nimbus Cloak is actully a good choice for the moments that you use your spells, since most of games we go blue smite for extra slow we can have the extra speed from this rune to kit better around or target/going for picking up the Undertow.
Waterwalking is good for having extra speed in river that you can reach your destination faster, though have that extra AD while fighting in River and its actully a good amount since your main damage abilities has great extra %AD bonus.
You can go Celerity with both of Nimbus Cloak and Waterwalking for that little extra movement speed. its also increase your ultimate movement speed bonus for a good amount.
Domination is very good to play it many games. As we like more sustain and lifesteal with Olaf to heal ourself and stay alive as long as we can Taste of Blood and Ravenous Hunter is good. Ravenous Hunter is actully a Must to go rune if you play domination, its very helpful since alot of our damage is ability based so that heal us for every single Undertow we land.
Though if you are about to having more Vision control Zombie Ward is always reliable and you can swap it with Taste of Blood.
Resolve is my favorite page ever, i personally enjoy to grab Resolve and its runes for my secondary page as they are so impactful during a game. anyways, For Olaf i pref to grab Revitalize and Second Wind for more healing/sustain.
Bone Plating is also very good specially for DIVER Champions like Olaf that want to get deep into a fight, it reduce a good amount of damage that you recive by entering into the battlefield.
Inspiration is your Primary build, and i only prefer you to grab Magical Footwear and Approach Velocity both for movement speed stuffs. i personally like Approach Velocity alot on Olaf since we can keep that 15% movement speed bonus as long as we land Undertow on enemies, its also a benefit while ganking and running toward your target, even in fights you can use that extra ms! Magical Footwear is also a free boot which apppears at the right time of a game and that 300 Gold actully helps with building your Jungle item faster!
Adaptive Force is very good since Olaf is mostly ability based and with that 100% AD Bonus on Undertow we deal extra damage that can impact our early farm, that 10% attack speed is not really nesseccary since we have our Passive and Tough It Out but you can always grab Attack Speed if you want. also if enemy team is full AP you go for Magic Resist.
While playing Olaf, you can choose and start the game between all the Red, Green and Blue Smite depending on match up and your playstyle.
This item is just a Basic Jungling item atm. its good for a little extra sustain and heal and it's the only item you can purchase with the rest of your Gold while starting the game.[
Ironspike Whip gives you +30 AD and an Active that can helps you with farming your jungle. It a part of your Mythic item and with only 15 second cooldown is a better item than Phage to rush first.
While you are trying to finish your Mythic item asap, i recommend you to get an early boot as soon as you can. It helps you to move faster, in summary increase your clear speed a bit and it's helpful for ganking since you have more movement speed!
You will learn to use ward trick later, so this item is actully on Starting Items, though if you kept your Stealth Ward, you may want to swap it into Oracle Lens as its very helpful about Vision stuffs.
Plated Steelcaps is your main boot in most of the games, its still a valuable item that reduce incoming damage from basic attacks.
Later, you will understand that we want to fight most of times when our ultimate is ready, with that being said Mercury's Treads passive become useless, though its only valuable if you are playing against Full/Huge AP Comps.
Starting from season 11 Your core item is your mythic item. New item changes allow players to choose a single mythic item for each game which determinates their gameplan. Goredrinker is a new Mythic item that PreSeason introuced to us. It's a very good items for many AD Fighter champions like Olaf. Comparing to your jungle item in last season, Goredrinker gives your better stats that makes you even more tankier than ever and with a passive that can heals you alot, it can be a game changer, giving you more utility.
Stridebreaker is other Mythic item that you can consider going for. Comparing to Goredrinker, i recommend building Stridebreaker if you start a game with a huge early lead, Since Stridebreaker is better for snowballing game.
Last changes on Death's Dance, made this item into a useful item for many fighters, specially Olaf, He was always in need of a item with both healing, Attack damage and protection. Both of Death's Dance Passives are amazing, you heal for 15% all damages you dealt, with your Conqueror, Passive and W you have a lot of sustain, specially in 1v1 or even 1v2 situations. The unique passive's usage is best realized when looking at a simplified situation where an enemy inflicts instant burst damage onto you. By transforming 30% of the incoming damage into a damage over time effect, it is equal to a health multiplicator of e.g. 23.6% or 11.8%. As a result, your opponent has to overkill you to actually finish you off within this time span, which slightly increases your time to react and deploy counter measures like shields or healing.
Black Cleaver is your main damage item. its has two amazing unique passive that is very helpful aswell as some basic stats that we need. Both passives trigger with any Physical Damage that you deal, which means throwing your axe is counted aswell. Black Cleaver is a Core item and with and its armor reduction is a key to killing targets.
Dead Man's Plate Has some good stats too, its popular on Olaf due to Extra movement speed. This item Generates a maximum of 100 Momentum stacks by moving, which grant up to 60 bonus movement speed. Each stack grants you 1 bonus magic damage on hit, up to 100. Basic attacks at 100 stacks also slow target by 50% for 1 second.
Spirit Visage is also a amazing item for Olaf as it increase all the healings you recive by 30%, effective with Runes and another items and abilities. Spirit Visage passive stacks multiplicatively with other sources of increased healing and it works well with any champion that has self-healing, spell vamp or life steal built into their kit.
A valuabe item for Olaf. Sterak's Gage grants bonus attack damage based on the base attack damage, and the second passive is very good for more ultility, specially vs assassins and ad comps, the most of damage that you recive during a fight is physical and Sterak's Gage don't let them to burst you down.
Not only bring us good amount of Armor and AD, also it's passive is great for more survivability and let us impact more specially if we are fed. Though always consider your part in fights then build this items, if you are not the main Damage or you would be useless without ult you would want to grab another item.
It gives you great amount of attack speed and magic resist, while its an amazing item if you can play on hit, it means vs comp with less cc or ap champ like Kassadin that you can duel them. Wit's End passive is also valuable for more sustain.
Its a Valuable item, this item got buffed a while ago and you can always try it if you want, both of passives is good and work well with Olaf. Also its best items VS Huge critical champions like Jhin and it also has Attack Speed reduction.
Turbo Chemtank is a very good choice for Olaf, beside the stats, the Active is so good, if you want to step in a fight with glory, you can always build this item. using it with your ultimate to break the enemy team and start a fight work sometimes.
Its The best choice vs on hit adc's like Vayne Master Yi and over all a good tanky item, Specially for Olaf that recive tons of damage in term of Basic attack in fights, it helps you to reflect a little of recived damage though.
Its The best choice vs ap champs with low cooldowns or ofcurse Cassiopeia or Teemo it really makes you more tanky, taking much more time for an ap champ to kill you and over all so usefull for any stage of game.
Titanic Hydra brings more on hit damage which is based on your maximum health. its still a valuable item for Olaf, though you can rush Black Cleaver along side of Titanic Hydra.
If you see you can actully stay alive for a long time in fights and you can get deep enough fighting your target for a long time, you can buy Sunfire Aegis for a little more dps.
At first you can rush for Executioner's Calling if you need Grievous Wounds (Anti-healing). Then you can build it into Mortal Reminder if they are Squishy and you can use that Extra damage and armor reduction.
If enemy team has a burst AP Damage, like Veigar or Syndra ultimates, you can grab a Hexdrinker and build it into Maw of Malmortius later.
Olaf naturally receives armor and magic resistance from the passive effect of Ragnarok. Because of this, it takes more effort to kill him, therefore stacking health on him is a very common build path.
Turbo Chemtank is especially useful for Olaf giving him health, mana and an active that grants him and his allies movement speed for a few seconds and heavily slows all enemies near him for one second at the end of the duration.
Phage is one of the first items to ensure that Olaf can actually deal enough burst damage once he gets to his target.
Spirit Visage is one of the best items Olaf can purchase. It synergizes with Tough It Out, increasing the sustain that is already increased by the ability itself even more, not to mention any lifesteal item that Olaf is likely to purchase. The cooldown reduction is also a great asset to Olaf. Due to these reasons, this item is nearly essential for Olaf, except when there are no AP champions on the enemy team.
Sterak's Gage synerges incredibly with Ragnarok as it increases the survivality against enemy burst damage when they try to kill Olaf from prevent him to kill the mage or the adc during the effect and also it gives a lot of base AD that scales with Reckless Swing and more when Ragnarok is active.
Hello and welcome to the big Gameplay Part! well, not that big though. first, let me explain the different about Gameplay chapter and How To Play, here we are about to introduce Olaf once again. Also there is a little information about stuffs like his team fighting, positioning, ability usage, playstyles and etc. in How To Play part we discuss different situations, like the way you can slain dragons, or how you can win a 1v2 and etc. i will also give you a overview for every stage of game so you know what you have to do in, Late-Game for example, Don't forget that a huge part of gameplay which is about jungling, is avalibe on Jungling chatper and this part is only a review of Olaf Gameplay. Alright! without any further delay lets get into Olaf Gameplay.
When to Pick Olaf? I would say that in League of Legends playing with different comps and facing different champions is also a point for improving, though Picking Olaf depends on both Enemy Comp and your Team comp aswell. Overall, you should have enough CC in your team aswell as a Reliable Fighter aside yourself if possible. Facing on Hit Champions like Master Yi and Vayne aswell as Kiting champs like Lilia Kalista and junglers like Graves and Kindred, All requires your team to have CC. Anyway, Olaf is not a hard champ at all, despite his Undertow which is a skill shot and may takes times that you master it. His style, I can say is dealing damage with his Basic attack Through ability usage, which means without a good timing and in summary without his abilities, he can't rely on Basic attacks. So your first goal should be getting good with Undertow. alot of stuffs is about Undertow, i mean, a Huge part of Olaf Gameplay is about using it and kiting toward it for picking up your Axe and using it again. Specially in early game that no one can burst you down, means you have enough time for picking up your Axe rapidly.
But i also have to say, that you don't need to pick up your axe all the time, not when you can't, or not when you don't need it for killing your target anymore. in mid game you may get kited if you always greed for picking up your axe. anyway, things become easier when you get your ult since it helps you to walk freely toward your axe if its needed. Next we have Tough It Out, there is nothing special about it, but try to don't waste it duration, also if you use it while you are low it offers you the best impact and sustain possible since you got huge amount of attack speed with your passive. also don't forget about
Reckless Swing, you may be able to use it a few times during a fight since every basic attack reduce its cooldown for 1 second.
Olaf is a team-player champion. When it comes to team fights you should start using your brain and make some decisions. At First, despite the Diver word that i use alot, you should know that Olaf is not that perfect for engage and start fights by itself. If there is another tank/fighter in your team, always let them to face enemy first. You must do something in fights and believe me, thats not using ult and runing into enemy team! Anyway, as soon as the fight starts you join in, if they have hard CC you use ultimate, though if they have some Targeting spells like Nautilus in their team, make sure they use their abilities, or they can turn the fight when your ult duration finishes.

Well! thats it. i just wanted to make you ready for the real chapters below, where we get start from 0 to 100 about Olaf Jungling and real gameplay step by step, though there is alot of General knowledge above... Anyway, we will discuss more Play styles as Olaf in How To Play Chapter, For now, even though that Olaf Mechanics and ability usage is quite simple, there is some pictures below for your if you're really new into him. Otherwise you can jump into the sweet Jungling Part!
Well, we can't call these pictures ''combos'', they are just some ability orders for some of you new players, though since we are here lets discuss and reveal some tips,
First of all, you should know that managing Undertow and using it multiple times is the most important thing as i said before, so in every single fight using your Axe is a thing. second is about Reckless Swing which as you see i put it at last ability to use, which is wrong, if you remember this ability passive, you can notice that you may actully be able to use it multiple times during long fights, so its only last ability if you're about to finish your target.
Next we have our Chilling Smite which is usefull for ganking, don't forget to use it's extra Slow and bonus ms. Overall i have to say that Olaf is a champion that you should involve with his abilities in every single fight.
Now, Welcome to the real BIG Chapter. I tried a lot to complete this chapter at best way, for sharing everything i know about jungling, though Olaf is a Farming Jungler, so i focused on that mostly, but i tried to cover everything that make you a great jungler, I mean even if you are the best Olaf player out there, you can do nothing if you can't jungle well. Sit tight and Lets Go!
Familiarize yourself with these spawn times and respawn timers for camps & plants so you know what to expect in-game.
Wolves, Raptors
Spawn At: 1:30
Respawn Time: 2:00
Gromp, Krugs
Spawn At: 1:42
Respawn Time: 2:00
(Blue Sentinel, Red Brambleback)
Spawn At: 1:30
Respawn Time: 5:00
Rift Scuttlers (in river)
Spawn At: 3:15
Respawn Time: 2:30
Rift Herald (in Baron pit)
Spawns At: 8:00
Respawn Time: 6:00
Despawns At: 19:30 (19:50 if in combat)
Dragon (Elementals & Elder)
Spawns At: 5:00
Respawn Time: 5:00 until one team
has slain four drakes
Elder Dragon Spawns: 6:00 after one team kills
their fourth Elemental Drake
Elder Dragon Respawn: 6:00
Baron Nashor
Spawns At: 20:00
Respawn Time: 6:00

Plants are stationary, neutral units with 1 health. They can be destroyed with a basic attack to trigger an effect. Three different types of plants will spawn in the jungle and river. Their spawn timers and locations vary slightly but for the most part they are fairly predictable. The first spawn locations for all plants are predetermined.
Red = Blast Cone | Blue = Scryer's Bloom | Green = Honeyfruit
First inner cone spawn: 1:15 - 1:25
First outer cone spawn: 5:00 - 5:30

Inner cone respawn time: 5 - 7 minutes
Outer cone respawn time: 5.5 - 6.5 minutes
Knocks away nearby units (including the attacker) when destroyed — even over walls.
Blast Cones spawn in two spots per jungle quadrant, an inner point toward the center of the quadrant, and an outer point near Baron/Dragon.
In an Infernal Rift game (3rd Dragon is Infernal), additional Blast Cones will spawn near each tri-bush by Gromp, by the Wolf Camp, in front of each base's gates and in the alcoves.
First spawn: 3:00 - 3:30, always at each quadrant’s spawn point nearest to the side lanes

Next spawn time: 5 - 6.5 minutes at either spawn point, starting once a given quadrant's Scryer's Bloom is destroyed
When destroyed, releases vision-granting pollen in a large cone that flies in the direction the attacker was facing, revealing units and wards for 12 seconds (3 seconds on champions).
Scryer's Bloom can spawn in two spots per jungle quadrant, close to river ramps.
Only one Scryer's Bloom can be present per quadrant.
In a Cloud Rift game (3rd Dragon is Cloud), additional Scryer's Blooms will spawn in front of each base's gates and in front of each tri-brush in the river.
First spawn: 6:00 - 6:30 minutes

Respawn time: 5.5 - 7 minutes
Drops 5 fruits on the ground when killed.
Each fruit heals for 3.5% of max health or 8 (+6 per level) flat health, whichever is higher.
Eating a fruit slows you for 35% for 0.25 seconds.
Honeyfruit spawn along river walls, starting near Dragon or Baron pits and slowly extending closer toward lanes over the course of the game.
If a Honeyfruit isn't taken before its respawn timer completes, a second Honeyfruit may spawn. No more than two Honeyfruits can exist per half of the river.

Champions like Olaf Master Yi and even Shyvana they are all Farming Junglers. By taking a look at their kit and play style, you can see their success and power in farming, thanks to great clear speed and sustain. although there is something different for Olaf that he can't scale as much as champion like Master Yi does just by Farming forever, but he needs to use his farming power to start closing game as soon as he can, thats why he is a head upper than another farming junglers in early. Now, you should focus on becoming a good farming jungler, There is a 5 Important rule for that!
If you aren't familiar with Ward trick, its simple, when you use a ward on enemy jungler at the beginning of the game and then you recall at base for getting Oracle Lens, this process i called Ward Trick. around 40 second mark is a good timing for placing ward and then recalling back. When you use ward trick, not only you have a great vision and information of enemy jungler, but you can grab your Oracle Lens that helps you for your first gank. If you are on blue team, you can ward at enemy raptors, if you were on blue side you can ward your raptors, or again enemy ONLY when its safe to do so.
You are playing a farming jungler, which means you got a fast clear. Its so helpful to always start the game by Full Clearing your jungle. with Olaf or even other Farming junglers, you can clear your whole jungle very quick. You want to take advantage of your fast clear speed to get ahead from enemy jungler, who can't keep up with you, with full clearing your jungle you also hit Level 4 which is a huge advantage.
Right after your full clear, its time to Apply some strategies: Secure a Scuttle, Taking Drake or Doing a Successful Gank! For deciding which one you are going for, you start with identifying where the enemy jungler is starting, for that you have to look at sidelanes, if top laners or bot laners arrive late into lane, or with less mana, or simple if you know your match-up and enemy champ, you can simply understand the full early path of your enemy. When you realize which side of map your enemy is starting, you know which side he is going to be at when scuttler respawns. For example if you are playing Olaf on red team and you start from Blue Buff, and the enemy jungler is Playing Lee Sin and he starts Red Buff, you know you both path toward the Top Lane. Don't forget that our goal is to securing the Scuttler and that means we don't want to face enemy jungler at top river Scuttler, so simply we Recall back after clearing Krugs and we go for Bottom Scuttler, don't forget to watch map regulary during this time since its possible that enemy jungler take a different path from what you think and appear at bottom side instead. Considering your Top & Mid lane priority some times you can go for a fight in river though.
Yet another step can be killing Dragon. after your first recall you probably has your item jungle, so you should be fine with Drake, though it requires you to know the exact spot of enemy jungler, if you know he is top side, we can grab both Rift Scuttler and Drake at bottom River. Don't forget that you also need botlane priority for doing drake.
Last but not least strategy is doing a successful gank. to be honest, all of these three strategiest is based on Tracking enemy jungler, for Example, if we are pathing toward Top lane and we know that enemy jungler is pathing toward Bottom lane, we know we have 2 options in top lane, taking the scuttler or ganking top lane, OR Both, why not! for ganking we also need a good spot, if lane is pushed or if enemy is too mobile (don't forget, our goal is a successful gank) we go for scuttler. and again on Bottom side, when enemy jungler is top side we can take Dragon if our bottom lane has priority, if not that means bot lane is gankable.
Next Step, and one of your main strategies is balancing between farm and gank for the whole game. Don't forget that this step is after your full clear and Last three strategies. well, once again the point of farming is that we are playing a farming jungler, who got a fast clear, we can't deny that, so we mostly gank when we have cleared camps. When you clear jungle and camps are on cooldown, now you have time to gank, if your ganks are successful you are snowballing, if not you lost nothing either since you have already cleared your jungle camps. Then once again when your camps respawn, you head back into jungle, full clear and gank again. Though, you should use opportunities for ganks and fights. That means, if there is a really good spot to gank, like enemies are overextended or even if your team is fighting and etc, you shouldn't stay in jungle and farm. you can leave one or two camps, though make sure you will be helpful since we are giving up our exp and gold from our jungle to gank/join fights, though you mostly want to farm during laning phase.
And finally, Last strategies as a farming jungler that you should know (after laning phase), first of all is about your ultimate, if you take a look at farming junglers like Olaf Master Yi and Shyvana, You can see how impactful their ultimate is, you can also notice that they are much weaker without their ultimates means you are less impactful with R on Cooldown. with that being said, when your ultimate is on cooldown you want to spend your time farming and clearing your camps and as soon as your ultimate is ready again, you can seek for gank and fights again. and yeah, once again when you use your ultimate, you get back to farming untill your ult is up again! so simply, when your R is cd you go farm and clearing camps, and when your R is up you can group with your team for making plays and you ignore your camps.
And finally, you should fight for drakes. we all know how drakes are important specially in the current season, Dragons are one of the main Objectieves and as a farming jungler its so important to fight and take drakes with your team. in summary, You must be ready for every single drake and fighting for it WITH your team. though you can let some drakes for enemy team if you see an unfair opportunity like a 4v5 and etc, But overall, we want to use our advantage and power of farming jungler to secure drakes during game.
Following the Farming Jungler strategies is so important, which means you should Always full clear first time, well, not Always, there is still a lot of Alternative paths based on many different things, such as opportunities and your game plan, though even if you don't full clear first time, make sure that you follow other rules, farming is the goal here. Anyway, we will discuss many different paths in this part. (blue numbers are for Blue Team and red number for Red Team!)
I can say that this path is the most common path for Olaf. A simple full clear starting in red side. With your Undertow and jungle item Clearing red side is easy and fast. The only thing that you should about this path is about Scuttle, i would put Recall at number 7 instead of scuttle but you may actully be able to grab scuttle of Top River, you can even fight for it if you have an easy matchup (considering Mid and Top Prio!)
This is yet another Full Clear path, though this time you get Buffs first. The goal of this path is about to avoiding your blue buff of getting invades. This path also offers you some gank potential, for example by Doing Gromp (3) you can gank top and by doing wolves (4) you can gank mid, even after full clear you can gank bot, after Krugs (6).
This path contains an Early gank focused on bot lane, as you see after clearing the the bot side you go for a gank on bottom lane, though before doing this path you should see that actully if the lane is gankable or not, which is about enemy postion and if your bot laners have CC or not. you at least need to burn all of the 4 summoner spell of enemy botlane. after gank you recall for getting the other side of your jungle. its a High risk High reward path in higher Elos.
This path is a normal season 10 path, instead of full clear and by just leaving a camp (Krugs) we do a gank in mid or top, though top is always easier.
This little part of the section was directly taken from PsiGuard's
great Rek'Sai guide (with permission) which you can find here.

Vertical jungling is when both junglers are repeatedly clearing one half of the allied jungle and one half of the enemy jungle, favoring one side of the map. This splits the map into a "strong side" and "weak side" for each team. For example, if you're on blue team and are repeatedly clearing your red-side jungle (south) and the enemy blue-side jungle (east), your team's bottom side will be the strong side of the map. You'll be in a better position to gank bottom lane without fear of counterganks and you'll have better vision control and objective control. Likewise, the opposite side of the map will be dominated by the enemy jungler, making it your team's weak side.

Vertical jungling can be an active choice you make or a forced one due to a poor matchup. For example, you see Nunu & Willump invading to take your blue buff and other nearby camps, so you respond by stealing his blue buff and other nearby camps. This can force you to vertically jungle in the early game since you may not have the lane priority or vision control to ever contest your own blue buff. Likewise, you'll be able to place wards in the enemy blue-side jungle and you'll have more control on that side.

An example of an active choice would be if you and your team (this works better in arranged teams than it does in solo queue) decide to focus all of your team's pressure on one side lane at the expense of the other. Maybe you have a hypercarry bottom that your team will be camping and a Shen top who will just be playing safe. In this situation, vertical jungling may net your team an advantage, as long as you can set it up properly. Grouping with your teammates and pushing into the enemy jungle at level 1 can help you put down vision and possibly force the enemy jungler to start on the other side of the map. If your nearby laners have priority, it can be dangerous for the enemy jungler to enter their own jungle if you have vision of them and your laners can collapse on them to help you.

Vertical jungling is pretty complicated for new junglers and can be pretty messy outside of coordinated teams. Be open to the concepts and feel free to practice it, but for most players I recommend sticking to more standard routes or simple, quick invades while you're still learning to jungle.
You can see Vertical routes on that two pictures at top, you can gather information by your early ward and tracking jungle to see if you are about to do a Vertical Route or not.
Counter-Jungling and Invading are some situational & calculated game strategies. Its a calculated strategy because following other game mechanics such as lane priority and jungle tracking (which you can find below) is what you need for a successful invade. In Words, Invading is the moment that you become aggresive and overstep, In Leauge of Legends, Invading is proceeding to the opposing jungle with the intention of putting down vision, hunting down the rival jungler, and stealing camps. Counter jungling is the act of taking neutral jungle camps from the enemy jungle.

Invading is a strategy that can put your enemy into a disadvantage and counter jungling itself is a part of invading, which is about stealing camps. It happens that a jungler gets Invaded by enemy jungler and he never can get back into game. It requires alot of jungling Exprience for suprising your enemy in their jungles and taking them down. Before we continue let me start with a Exmaple. Imaging you are playing Olaf in Blue Team and Enemy Jungler playing Lee Sin on Red team. we are at Red buff and we want to start from it. Game starts and we get red buff, now we take a look at Bottom lane and we see that they arrived as same time as our Bot laner, which means Lee Sin has started from Blue Buff. We know that when he start from Blue Buff, he is doing Blue>Gromp>Wolves. Now, its so simple and we can do Red>Blue>Gromp>Enemy Red, While we clear gromp, Lee has probably cleared Wolves to and he is runing into his red. You can catch him while is he doing his Red buff! this is just a little example of an early invade. Before the game starts, prepare yourself for the match you are about to have at hand. Think about everything there is to think about before the game. Preparation and setup are the keys to succeeding at invades.

Each and every jungler has a ‘rhythm’ and style of play that changes game by game. Thus, the kind of a jungler you’re playing determines the pace you are going to put in play heading into the matchup. Though as a farming jungler Such as Olaf, Once again you should focus on Following the farming junglers strategy since early invades are not recommended, though as i said before Olaf is one of the strongest 1v1 champions that you can considering to invade in Mid Game.

When the enemy jungler ganks a lane, they will not be anywhere else on the map. No champion can be two places at once- so if they’re in a lane ganking, they will not be in their jungle. Jungler was spotted on the bottom side of the map? Invade and steal his camps top side. Jungler failed a gank? Put down vision inside his jungle and try to counter-jungle if you can. Your laners have a bit of downtime from their lanes? Try to invade the enemy’s jungle together and zone the jungler away from his camps. You can also invade the enemies jungle if they’re not alive or on the map- or if you’ve seen them recall.

Invading the enemy jungle is also a good idea as it will prevent the enemy from getting gold and experience from here there and everywhere. Let’s assume the enemy ganks Top, gets a kill then heads back into their jungle. Not only will they get gold and XP for the kill, but they’ll also get lots of additional XP and gold from their jungle camps. You want to stop this by stealing them away.

While you invade the enemy’s jungle, you’ll be the one picking up the gold and experience. So if you’re able to farm your own jungle, steal away camps, get kills here and there- you’ll see a substantial difference in terms of items completed and levels which can make all the difference early, in team fights and at Baron.

Before you decide to invade, you need to ensure that you have lane priority and are able to escape after going in. If you try to invade without nearby priority, the closest enemy laners will be able to collapse on you and potentially shut you down. Lane priority in this situation is determined by who is closer and who is pushed in. If you invade with a nearby lane pushing- they have priority. However, if the enemy is pushing in your ally- they do not have priority and will arrive quicker.
As a jungler, Lane Priority has two different meaning for you, first which of your laners and teammates have Priority in their lane, in other words if they are doing a good job on lane that you can considering it as a winning lane, or even if they have a champ that put their enemy under pressure. Though when it comes to game plan, Lane Priority for you has a different meaning, the lane that you think you can focus on or you should focus on is your Lane Priority, and yeah they are same.

The point is that your gameplay is depended on Lane Priority. At first, your job is to decide which side/lane you can focus on mostly, based on different things like your comp and how much your champions can scale. Since we are playing a Farming jungler, We should know about two thing, one for taking objectieves and another one is playing for winning lane.

As soon as the game starts, you can notice which lanes have prio and which not. ofcurse, if there is a oppurtinity for you even at lowest priority lane, you can use it, but when you think about that you realize that playing for wining lane is a key to winning more games. For example, lets say your Top Laner died 1v1 when your Bot Laner took a kill from enemy. Now, we can consider our Top Lane as a lost lane and our Bot Lane as winning lane, which means we should play for bot side, taking our path towards Bot, a ganking and joining fights in Bot Lane (in the way that a farming jungler does). If you do it right, you will see that your team has the full control of Bot side, means we can secure drakes.

Another thing is, when you are playing on the side which your team has priority, you can be Aggro, you can invade, taking scuttler and like i said you can secure objectieves like Drakes and Heralds. Though, when it comes to early fights and invades, be careful since your laners may not follow you, it depends on what elo you are on and how good their map awarness is.
Tracking enemy jungler, is the biggest step towards becoming a better jungler, It helps with a lot of stuffs, It helps you with Every Decision you make in a game, Specially early game. For choosing a path, for making a good gank, for getting scuttlers and other objectieves, and ofcurse, for Invading & Counter-jungling, If you know the exact or gamut of his place, you are one head ahead of your Enemy jungler.

The easiest way of Tracking enemy jungler is by having vision in a right place, i have already told you about the ward trick which is a important way to track your enemy in early game, though there is a section right below for more information about Vision Control as a jungler, which shows you good places for using wards aswell, but for now lets get trough the another ways of Tracking Enemy Jungler.

The first thing is about your Champion/Matchups knowledge, For example if you are playing versus a Certain champ that you have knowledge about, you can guess what his plans can be, if he is a early jungler you know that he want to took a path that ends in a early gank, with that, not only we can aware our team to be careful of the gank threat, but we can prepair ourselves for a counter-jungling or a counter-gank. If you are playing with another Farming Jungler, you know that he is about to full clear, so you can guess his path depends on which team you/he is. The better you know your matchups or enemy jungler champs, you can Track him better aswell, for example if you know a certain champ is good at Clearing Raptors, well that can be a point to start tracking him.

Though, i have to say that your imagination is also important, even if you think that you have no idea where enemy jungler can be, by using your brain and imagination you can reach to a answer, for Example, lets say that you have no idea where enemy jungler Lee Sin is, now lets think, when we saw him last time? it was 2 minute ago that he ganked our top laner, so he probably cleared his top side camps, and ohh hold on, drake is respawning in 40 seconds, so i guess he is around bot side, NOW, you can see that you have no priority in the Bottom lane and you can go for Herald instead of drake, Since its to dangerous too contest Drake if your bottom side didn't scale well yet.

Anyway, even imagination is about Map Awarness, as you see i used the last time that i saw Lee Sin in Map as a start point to track him, Despite what you think, Enemy jungler might appear many many times in your minimap, when he is walking through wards or taking a path from mid laner when he is changing sides, Even when you have Vision of the enemy jungler, its only for a short duration, he may even pass through a control ward or a warding totem, But it only works when you actully WATCH your minimap.
As a Jungler, you are the only one who has access the whole map, the only one who can put some deep wards. Vision Control is a important Object for junglers, Not only for gathering information, But for ganking and taking objectieves you Need Both warding and dewarding.

You already know about Ward trick, you use your Stealth Ward in early and after that you recall to base you grab Oracle Lens. You use Oracle Lens in some Certain spots and moments, mostly when you are about to gank, or when you are going for objectieves later.

Beside Oracle Lens, you should grab One or two Control Ward AND You SHOULD have a active control ward in a map, ALWAYS. though, There is different places for putting a Control Ward, thats why i recommend you to grab 2 control ward instead of 1, One for moments that you need a quick vision/deward, For example if you are joining a fight in bottom lane, you can put ward in bushes and waiting a little for getting into blindspot.

Control Ward is also very Important while you are going for Drakes and later on Baron Nashor. its recommended to having a Control Ward while you are doing drake since it disable enemy wards and put them under pressure.

There is a picture below showing you all the places that you can place a Control Ward, it depends on many things, like which side of map you want vision, or if your team is ahead or behind that your ward get deeper or closer based on that.
Ganking is the biggest concept of being a jungler. Learning the right timing and way to gank its important as its identity of a jungler. First, lets know about some important tips for choosing a lane to gank, specially with Olaf, Well since we have no hard CC and no mobility (dash or jump) either, Mid Lane is the hardest one for us to gank, Specially if they have some mobile champs like LeBlanc or Zed, The only way is catching them while both Summoner Spells and abilities are on CD, though if you remember we need Secure ganks during early game at least. so overall i can say that Mid Lane has lowest priority on most of the games for Olaf.

Mid Laners are also close to their 1st turret that makes it even harder for doing a successful gank. Next we have Top Lane, probably the easiest lane to show up and trying to gank, depends on Enemy top laner postion and match up ofcurse. Finally its Bot Lane, a good lane for Olaf to gank with his ultimate, i mean i personally prefer to get the control of bottom side instead of top specially on lower elos, But when it comes to ganking specially with a Farming jungler we have to consider alot of things Such as Vision, Lane Priority and overall thinking about that if our Gank worth our time or not.

Another important thing is about choosing the right path for joining a lane for gank. using bushes and even cones for making your path towards your target is so important, if you know about fog of war which determinates the view of the players you understand the point of using bushes, you should also Curve your path, in summary you want to get close as possible you can to your target before you get into their vision.

So while you ganking as Olaf You want to slow down your target as soon as you can, so your First Undertow its so important as its the only thing you have to attemp a gank with, though you should use your Blue Smite too, and if your partners on gank has no hard CC Either you should grab your Undertow for using it a few times. As soon as you got your ultimate, its time to apply the Farming Jungler strategy that i said in the first.
Wave Management is also so important and there is still a lot of low elo junglers that have no idea about it.

First one is Taxing, Simply whenever you farm cs in lane after a successful or not successful gank you are Taxing, its different with both pushing and holding since you just want to Last hit minions while you tax for getting some extra Exp and gold for yourself. The best moment for Taxing units its when you do a successful gank and your ally takes the kills, since most of the people get mads when you farm their lane, by the moment that they take a kill they are on a good mentality so we can Tax some units before we leave. Taxing on farming jungler is so helpful because, and like what i said we Only gank when we have cleared our jungle/or we see a opportunity, so that little Extra Exp and Gold coming from Taxing is great. You can also Tax units if your gank was unsuccessful and enemy is recalling back to base to compensate time wasted.

Next one is Holding, its only possible when the waves are pushing towards your turret. We can say that holding has the same meaning of freezing lane, and its important to do so specially when your Ally is missing. For holding a lane you need to clear some extra minions to slow them down, keeping the wave busy before they get into your turret so your ally can get back to lane and farm the wave. If you not freeze the lane, by the time that your ally come back the next wave ready for enemy too, and its actully getting pushed toward enemy turret.

The Most common one is Pushing, means that you use every thing you have for pushing lane towards enemy turrets. Most of the times when you kill enemy, you want to push with help of your ally (if he is there). You only hold when you can freeze the wave (wave is pushing towards your turret) Otherwise you want to push the lane. Despite the pressure on turret, the wave actually get ready for your ally when he arrives. Though Olaf is so good for pushing as you can use Undertow a few times to clear a whole wave so i prefer to push each time that we kill the enemy laner.
In this Chapter, we get through every thing that we left behind aswell as some quick recaps of thing that we already talked about. in Summary, just a little extra information that can be releated to Olaf and League of Legends general knowledge. This chapter will getting updated regularly.
Objective in LoL is an important map object what provides an advantage to anyone who controls it, what in turn leads to the constant competition for it, e.g Elemental Dragons, Baron Nashor, and Turrets. Objectives provide significant advantage to the team and that’s why they are so important if you want to climb and rank up in League of Legends.

Rift Herald, Elemental Drakes, Baron, and Elder Dragon make up the large neutral objectives that are most important to the game. Elemental Drakes and Elder Dragon give combat advantages to your team through free stats. Rift Herald and Baron are buffs that are better suited towards sieging and taking towers while your opponents can’t stop you.

Baron Nashor is the most powerful neutral Monster on Summoner's Rift icon Summoner's Rift in League of Legends. Killing Baron Nashor grants Hand of Baron buff to all living teammates for 180 seconds. The buff gives bonus attack damage, bonus ability power, Empowered Recall, and an aura that greatly increases the power of nearby minions.

The Rift Herald is a powerful neutral monster that can be found in Summoner's Rift, in the same pit as Baron Nashor. She uses basic attacks and abilities to fight her foes.

Slaying the Rift Herald drops the Eye of the Herald at the entrance of the pit, which grants Empowered Recall and the ability to summon the Rift Herald to push a lane. The Eye of the Herald can be picked up by one member of the slayer's team and despawns 20 seconds after it drops.

The Rift Herald spawns up to two times per game. It despawns permanently at 19:45, or 19:55 if in combat. The second Rift Herald only spawns if the first one is killed before 13:45. If the first Rift Herald is killed when the timer shows exactly 13:44, the second Rift Herald will spawn at 19:45 and instantly despawn. Baron Nashor spawns in the same position at 20:00.

The dragon pit is one of the game's most unique jungle camps as its occupant varies throughout a match of League of Legends, with even the initial spawn be determined at random. One of five dragon monsters may occupy the pit at any one time, and serve as a neutral objective that rivals Baron NashorSquare Baron Nashor.

Slaying a dragon will grant a buff based on the element / color of the dragon slain; that buff can stack up to four times for a given element. However, two elemental drakes will appear only once on the map, and one will not appear at all, so in a given game only one element can stack. These buffs are granted to the entire team of the player who killed the dragon and last until the end of the game.

P.S: Killing dragons is one of the main tasks of a Jungler. Junglers often require assistance from their team for this task, and the champions best positioned to provide this assistance are usually the mid laners and bottom laners.
Tower Diving in League of Legends is the act of deliberately entering the missile range of an enemy lane turret with the goal of killing an enemy champion or champions; ideally without taking too much tower aggro in the process and dying.
Fighters are durable and damage-focused melee champions that look to be in the thick of combat.

Divers are the more mobile portion of the Fighter class. Divers excel at singling out high-priority targets to blitz toward, immediately forcing those targets (and their teammates) to deal with the diver’s presence. Divers are not as durable as the tanks or juggernauts of the world, but Divers can take their fair share of punishment while bringing enough damage to be a real kill threat if left unchecked.
Kiting or orbwalking is the mechanical ability to maximize your characters actions in games like League of Legends. The idea is simple and is based on the premise that every character has an attack animation when they make an attack. While the character is making this attack, the character cannot move and there is an interval of time controlled by the attack speed rating that determines when the character can attack again. Kiting as others indicate is usually used when the player moves the character away from the enemy while they auto attack every chance they can get. But this is also applicable when you are chasing an enemy. By keeping your character to always autoattack, you get to maximize your dps while always repositioning yourself optimally in a fight. This also allows you to be able to dodge skillshots, as the amount of time where your character is purely stationary is minimal (during the auto attack animation). The skill is not to hard to do, and the only risk you have is that if you move the character too soon from the autoattack is that you can cancel the autoattack altogether.

The goal of kiting is to create distance from your opponent while dealing as much damage as possible. In order to 'kite' an enemy team (or single opponent), you create distance between yourself and damage dealers or divers with movement speed, dashes, flash, and right click movement commands.
Sight is a property of units, structures, and certain summoner spells, items, and abilities in League of Legends that represents a team possessing vision of a target area. Inversely, the area of the map in which a team does not have sight over is known as the Fog of War, a common hallmark of the RTS genre which is represented visually as a dark shroud over the terrain.

Possessing sight is necessary to observe most information about any non-allied units in the game. Such information can include, among many other things, the unit's current location, direction, health, mana, possessed buffs and purchased items, making the acquisition and denial of sight one of the most crucially important skills to learn in high levels of play.
Jungling is the action of killing neutral "monsters", which are creatures located between the lanes in Summoner's Rift. The Jungle is the part of the Summoner's Rift that is not occupied by lanes or team's bases, including the river that divides it. Junglers rely on killing neutral monsters in the jungle to keep up with their laning teammates in terms of gold and experience. In a standard 5-on-5 game of League of Legends, four players in each team are laners, and one player is the jungler.
Ganking refers to the act of ambushing one or more players with the intent of scoring a kill. It is one of the most important aspects of the jungle role, as, while anyone in a match can effectively gank to some extent, the jungler is the champion who has the greatest capacity to do so as he is not bound to any particular lane, allowing him to freely roam across the map to appear wherever he is needed. As the game progresses and more and more champions begin to roam the map and band together as opposed to extending out alone, ganking becomes less limited to the jungler and less of an important factor to success overall, but it nonetheless remains a valuable element of team strategy all the way up until a game's end.

Some champions are better at ganking than others. In particular, champions with very powerful or plentiful crowd control tend to be stronger at ganks than those without. For example, Shaco can gank a lane as early as level 2 possessing only a Red buff - the slow it provides and the fear from a Jack In The Box can lock down an enemy champion for several seconds, potentially allowing Shaco or a teammate to kill him. Conversely, champions who have little to no crowd control (such as Shyvana) or have crowd control that can be difficult or unreliable to use effectively (such as Dr. Mundo and even Olaf) will often find themselves hard pressed to obtain kills during ganks.

A few specific junglers may have very poor initial ganking, but upon obtaining their ultimate can later gank with much more success. In such cases, the jungling champion will often focus solely on farming for the early game and later transition to ganking more heavily once level 6 has been reached. One of the quintessential examples of this is Fiddlesticks , who has very weak ganks from levels 1 to 5 but becomes one of the game's most lethal gankers after they reach level 6 and acquire the use of Crowstorm which serves as a powerful gap closer and greatly increases lockdown potential.

There are several different types of gank that can be observed in League of Legends:

RIVER GANKS: River ganks are the most common type of gank and involves the jungler approaching a lane through the river, entering the brush there and beginning his assault on the opposing team once correct positioning is established. This type of gank is the most readily available to any jungler and, depending on the mobility of the ganking champion, can work successfully even against opponents who have not extended significantly beyond their own side brush.

As a tradeoff for this ease of use, however, river ganks are among the easiest to spot ahead of time for a competent team - a single Ward in the river bush can quickly warn a laner of the jungler's intentions and allow them to back off and avoid danger. The other types of ganks most often occur to bypass this vision of the river.

River ganks tend to be more successful at top lane for red team members and bot lane for blue team members, but teams on the opposite side have access to the loop gank below to compensate

SIDE GANK: Side ganks (also known as a lane gank) involve the jungler entering the side brush in order to get very close to his targets before initiating the gank. This type of gank has many more limitations than a simple river gank, as it can only be done in bot or top lane and relies on a lack of vision on both within the bush from the enemy team and of the jungler as he enters it in order to maintain the element of surprise.

This gank is much more commonly done at top lane than at bot lane, as the latter contains support champion who has the responsibility of keeping the side brush warded, but when pulled off in either case it can be extremely deadly due to the sheer proximity of the ganking champion allowing him to almost immediately lock down his target and prevent them from fleeing.

Jungling champions who do not have strong blink or dash abilities (such as Udyr) will often benefit greatly from side ganks, as their mobility issues become irrelevant at such close ranges.

LOOP GANK: Loop ganks involve the champion entering the enemy jungle from near the mid lane, and (for bot or top lane loop ganks) walking around the Dragon or Baron nashor spawning pit and entering the target lane through the tribush or (for mid lane loop ganks) making use of the entrances to the lane on the same side as an enemy turret.

Loop ganks pose some significant risks to the jungler. If their initial approach into the enemy jungle is spotted early on with a ward, it is almost always a death sentence, as the opposing team can act together to corner and slay the champion as he makes his way down to the lane. If pulled off correctly, however, it can be equally devastating to an unaware laner, as with the use of the tribush to disguise their approach the jungler will end up directly behind the target and so does not have to immediately use their abilities to close the gap.

LANE GANK: A lane gank involves the ganking champion dispensing with all form of subtlety and approaching his targets by walking directly down the lane towards them, and are usually done only as a last resort against enemy lanes that are heavily fortified with wards as they do not have an especially high chance of success.

Though this type of gank is technically available to all junglers, in practice only a very specific few are capable of successfully pulling one off. Almost invariably, a lane ganking champion will boast enormous mobility and multiple means of closing the gap with his opponents as well as strong crowd controls. A famous example of such a jungler is Hecarim, who has access to a movement speed-boosting ability ( Devastating Charge), a long-ranged gap closer ( Onslaught of Shadows) and a method of movement impairment ( Onslaught of Shadows) which combine to allow him to storm into a lane at high speed and quickly suppress a target champion before they can escape.
I changed the name of this chapter to How To? because i wanted to discuss a lot of situational game moments and the way to deal with them. we have already finished a huge part of gameplay in previous chapters by the way, though its time to know everything.
For Early Game to Mid game, and Even Mid Game to Late game, you just follow the Farming Jungler strategies and thats all. Now, i will answer some questions (which i update and add more) that my you encounter, though don't combine them with the actuall Farming Jungler gameplay:

What if i was not able to gank like enemy is so safe and carefull and enemy jungler Can gank alot? first thing is too make sure that the same thing goes for you teammates, you can ask kindly when the game start : please be safe and care for enemy ganks, please use ward and etc, but still if you can't gank while your teammates are getting ganked, first thing is to track and analyze enemy jungler and report it your team, like if you think their jungler is bot, ping your bot to get back and... but still! another way is to counter gank. i mean when enemies are so safe that's mean your lines are pushed and that make it easy to gank for enemy jungler, with noticing that you can be there for a counter gank and get lead for your team. and another way is getting objectives like herald or drakes.

Extra ways to do drakes and herald? my style is: do drake and herald when enemy never think of it! when enemy have Rift Scuttler in front of drake or herald, it shows like a fake vision to them, they have vision of a great area in front of drake and herald, in this moment i just use Blast cone and get objective as easy as possible! like herald and drake on their spawn times!

Have a Question? Leave it in the comments and take your answer!
As a Olaf you will have a rough Late Game, the point if playing him is that he can impact great during mid game and by doing a huge part he can win the game before Late Game.

Not Only Olaf, but other Diver champions like Vi and even Xin Zhao have a hard time on late game, They don't get weaker, no, its just about their role in team fights specially as a jungler with smite. You still can deal a great damage with those champs and if you manage well you actully can make plays with your sustains, but the problem is that you also recieve a huge damage too since most of enemy carries have their items by the time. With that being said, we still follow two main styles in team fights:

Ohh, come one Mr Defender, how many times you wanna use this word in your guide. uHm, well as i said before all of My Main champion are Divers , been playing this role and champion for past 4 year and i know how much trouble is being a diver, and how much fun too when you make plays.

Divers are a mix of tanks (fighters) and assassins, as they can deal a great damage while they have a acceptable damage. Though doing your job in late game is harder since you have all the attention as soon as you enter the fight. Anyway, the Diver playstyle is all about choosing a target and going for him as soon as the fights starts, you should choose some one Who you are pretty sure that you can clear him, mostly ADC's, Mid laners and Supports. Sometimes you can also Zone them so your team can kill their tanks and turn for their carries with you.

Peeler is the opposite of Diver, if you wanna play as a peeler, maybe because you already have a fed carry in your team or you really can't dive in, you will stay with your team and your carry to covering him, entering fight with assassins and frontliners who try to touch your carry, buying time for your carry to deal damage.

you may be a little uncomfortable with this playstyle since Olaf has no hard CC but through the build and abilities we can deal damage atleast, ohh, also if we dont have a hard cc, they don't too because we use ultimate anyway.
Welcome to Matchups! In this chapter i tried to gather 2 type if information for each champion, first is duel part, that if he can 1v1 you or not, and second is about WHAT KIND of jungler he is and if he is in a good spot or not, so you know what he do and how you can use your strategies against, for that i just used my own Exprience and words but you have to know that im still working on this part and matchups informations.
For the 1v1 part, as a Olaf you can duel amumu in every stage of game since he can't burst you down even with the full ap build, Actully he probably decide to ignore you even as a tank he pref to land a good ult and thats all he can do.

We can say he is a normal jungler at the moment, not on the best spot possible, most success from a Amumu pick can be achieved by focusing on bottom lane, don't let that happend and path towards bot when your ult is ready.
For the 1v1 part, you should be careful pre 6 specially about his W, if you get stun you are done, after you got ult you can handle him but targeting him in team fights is not recommended since he can ult and somehow survive, though he is still easy with ult if he attemp to fight you.

He is a assassin jungler, coming up with a mixed Farm and gank time, if he success he become a real problem to deal with Olaf, since we have no Hard CC by ourselves he can dive in and Target our carries. track him well, if he fail on some of his ganks we can control the game by securing objectieves and road to win.
Once again, Pre 6 is all about that if she lands her CC or not, though she is still a anony champion to deal with and she has a great damage. You can protect your allies from her in team fights easy.

She is a Assassin jungler aswell, Though she is even stronger at early game and if she is doing great you should stick to your Lane Priority to securing objectieves. Assassins are always a problem for farming junglers since they can get fed easily.
She can deal a great damage and actully burst you down if she is ahead, you can protect your allies against her if she is doing great.

She is another assassin. She is a farming jungler aswell and she always full clear for first time, her point is to reach 6 as soon as possible to start ganking, every team should know about her invisibility and they need to be careful with her, deeper control wards should help.
He is a easy target as you can kill him easily specially if you have ult that he can't fear your anymore. Though he can deal a great amount of damage if he join the fight with his ultimate.

We can say he is on a good spot, he has a great clear and sustain in jungle, though he is easy to counter gank and fight with team, you probably can take the lead with your strategies.
If you avoid his combo early game he can't burst you down and we can kill him, Later he become a easy target with our ult.

Gragas is not on the best possible spot aswell but alot of people manage to play well with him. Olaf outscale him easily just by farming and using Farming jungler strategies no matter what he do.
He isn't that hard to duel on early game, but he has a kit to dodge and kite you away While he is gaining alot of stats per level and doing great damage while he get his items that makes him a hard target overall.

As a farming jungler, He can outscale Olaf due to his Kill potentional and stats, He is always full clear first time like most of the farming junglers, though you can secure objectieves with team work depend on comps.
Hecarim is always a challenge for you, he gave you no time for picking your axe up if you enter into a duel with him, while he can stuck Conqueror easier than you and he has his W for a little extra sustain, you should keep your W for the last moments and when you are very low while you fighting vs a Hecarim.

He is a lovely jungler that i personally enjoy to play with, he got a good clear speed and nice kit to fight and farm and i would say he is a better Diver champion than Olaf. You should zone Enemy team whenever he ult as you are the only person who is immume to his ultimate fear, don't let the enemy team follow his engage that your team can 4v1 him.
Ivern is a true support jungler, a good ivern can be a pain for every single Diver champions. The way of he clear his camps not only make counter jungling hard, but he may even invade your camps that you should be careful. His great amount of shield and even healing later can put you on trouble and you really need a good damage/carry on your team.
Jarvan IV
Jarvan is another Diver champ, for the 1v1 part, since he can't burst you down just with his combo you probably can kill him with your great sustain, though he still got a good damage.

He got a good clear and nice kit to gank, though he is easy to counter gank as soon as he land his combo. He can be a good early jungle who wants to gank lvl 2 or lvl 3. Also his ultimate i would say is only thing that still can stop Olaf in his ultimate.
Jax is a very strong Skirmisher. He can always be a trouble for Olaf specially in late game that he completly outscale you and you can't do nothing vs him 1v1. in Early you have more chance to trade with him as a jungler.

Though he would be a better top laner since he can grab more gold and exp by being a top laner, you may still face a jax jungle and i would say you still can be a better jungler since jungler matchups is not focused on 1v1, but its about who is a better jungler.
Karthus in jungle i would say is the only champion who has a clear speed as fast as olaf or even better, you can 1v1 him anytime but the matchup Diffuclty is based on how they can impact their games (if they do good though).

So Karthus as a farming jungler can impact the game even just by using his ult till mid game, He can also kite you and kill you with Q or his passive when you down him. You still can be a better jungler by securing objectieves and fighting more and you can win this matchup easily.
Before that he get his ult you can 1v1 him, though after he transform and he get his ult he can actully kill you, i mean red Kayn has both damage and sustain together and blue Kayn just can burst you down, and his ultiamte duration is enough that you waste your whole ultimate.

Though he is a farming jungler too, but he wanna gank more after his first clear since he need to transform, if team goes safe only for a little bit Kayn become useless.
Kha'Zix is a true assassin, he got a huge damage and sustain specially if he has Conqueror, with his leap and ultimate he is very anony and can actully 1v1 you.

As i already said before Assassins are a big problem for any Farming Jungler, they can get fed easily. Specially someone like Kha that has a good clear and Kill potential. you should stick to your lane priority vs this kind of matchups.
Same az graves, Kindred is another champion who can Kite Olaf while dealing a great damage. She also outscale you hard and it would be a trouble if you face a good kindred player.
Lee Sin
On the same siuation you can kill him but if he catch you while you are low it would be a problem.

He is a great jungler specially if the play know what to do and in summary if he is good with Lee Sin to use all of his potential. He is a good early jungler but always a easy target to takedown with team work.
Master Yi
Pre 6 is alright, you can 1v1 him but as soon as he get his ult you stand no chance to fight or even run from him. You really need CC for Master Yi and if your team has lack of CC He can carry.

He is also a farming jungler who want to play and fight just like Olaf, the one who take more successful fights in this match up would even win the game.
She is kinda Squishy and you can 1v1 her anytime, though the first step is about dodging her Q or she can burst you down later specially if she gets fed.

There is alot of good Nidalee players who can impact their games but overall you should be fine and secure objectieves without any trouble.
You can always 1v1 Nocturne, though on early game becareful about his Fear and avoid it, beside that he is a easy target to take down.

He is also a farming/assassin jungler but i would say he is not on the best spot possible but still a usefull assassin who target Squishy targest with his ult
Nunu & Willump
When it comes to tanks i would say that you better ignore them and choose another target at least in team fights, despite that you can deal a great damage to tanks thanks to your True Damage coming from E but targeting tanks is what they wanted and allows the enemy carries to target you. Though you can 1v1 Nunu.

Nunu is always Viable thanks to his CC and even gank potential. He is also good for Objectieves thanks to his Q damage on monsters.
Rammus is another tanky jungler which i can say you deal less damage too. There is no point to dueling him specially since he can actully deal damage to you.

Even tough that he isn't on The Best possible spot, he can become a game changer just with scaling as a tank jungler. He can join fights fast and he actully has a great gank potential making him a reliable champion.
She has enough damage to kill you, though in the same situation you can handle her but if she catch you low or if she is fed she can kill you.

She is a good jungler with great Ganking and kill potential but you can outscale her by farming and using Farming Junglers strategies.
Rengar may only kill you if he catch you on low health, though don't trade with him when he is around bushes, though he still deal a great damage and if he gets fed enough he can impact the game.

He is a mixed farming/assassin jungler with great kill potential like other assassin of curse, stick to your lane priority to control one side of map.
Shaco is a trouble for every single champ, he is a sneaky champion with some anony boxes and a illusion and there is not a fair duel with him, he may actully catch and kill you specially if he has ignite so be careful and just protect your allies.

Like other assassin if he get fed he can ruin your progress.
Since people play her AP she is a Assassin at the moment instead of a fighter, Her E Can deal a burst damage but she can't 0 to 100 you, though her playstyle has nothing to do with you.

She is a great farming jungler following the Farming Jungler strategy but with a better kill potential with her AP Build that make her fast and dangerous.
In early game you can deal with skarner and even dueling him. though skarner become tankier later while he still deals a great damage making him a hard matchup overall that you can't disrespect.

Overall as a jungler Skarner can impact the game, he has a good gank potential specially with his ultimate and he got a fast clear aswell.
She is a squishy champion and just by landing your Q you can always kill her, though when she brings some items she can deal a great damage and if she Kite you right she can poke you down in fights.

If the player isn't a smurf you will be fine and you can control the whole jungle.
Trundle is a great fighter, even pre 6 you can't handle him, his Q reduce your attack damage and his W not only giving him some great stats, but make the possiblity of dodging your Q for him. you should avoid dueling him As much as you can because you have no chance vs him.

Trundle wants to full clear for first time and simply following Farming jungler strategy, with his current build he even has more Ultility in team fights.
Udyr i would say is one of the best 1v1 champions since he as all about basic attacks and as Olaf you should avoid fighting Vs him Because your probably lose this duel.

But when it comes to jungling you may actully be more impactful, depends on Udyr players, i mean he has a low pick rate overall but a good one can impact the game.
Pre 6 She can make a little trouble for you with landing Her Q, but still she can't burst you down and after you get your ultimate she can't do anything.

Though she is a good jungler, and as a diver Champion she has a similiar ult for diving in, though She actully has Some great CC and gank potential making her a good jungler overall.
I have to admit that Volibear is so strong with his new Rework. He has a great sustain and he become an actuall tank in fights while he is doing a great dps. He isn't a good choice for duel and you need to take him down with team work.

As a jungler he is on a very good spot, acceptable clear speed and Amazing gank potential, he is a real beast in fight making him a hard on to counter gank.
Before your ultimate you should be careful a little about his E, though you can always win vs WW.

Before he get his Tiamat he has a normal clear speed, though he is still better on ganks and picking up kills. After lvl 6 he is better on ganks and fights but very easy to handle with team.
He has not enough damage to finish you off, until he get super fed. so you can 1v1 him.

His clear speed isn't the best, but as soon as he gets his ult he can impact fights more than what a Olaf can do. Though you can Outscale him by following Farming jungler strategies.
Xin Zhao
As a Xin main, i was always was be able to 1v1 Olaf, specially while he is behind/or a little low. so never underestimate a Xin, though you can 1v1 him on same situations but i still think Xin Zhao is, well, One of the best 1v1 champions in League of Legends.

He is the best early jungler that don't really fall off in late game, his clear speed is acceptable and his ganking and kill potential is good. If he do right he may give you no time for applying your strategies.
Zac is one of the best Tanky junglers, with a great sustain and damage and amazing kit to fight and damage. He get stronger in late game and he can easily land his abilities.

Counter jungling him would be an option, your team should be aware that every time they overstay Zac can jump out of nowhere.
HuH! Well, i was thinking about an extra part, something to making my guide even bigger and better, i found an answer, that every one who comes to read my guide is looking for something: Getting better and Climb the ladder. Welcome to the Climb, in this chapter, first of all i give you 20 Basic tips for improving at League of Legends and then an Overview from Iron to Diamond, They are mostly General information which im updating and in future, I would add Olaf To analyze him into these ranks. Please notice that a Certain tip is not only for a certain rank, like when i say you need to get better at Macro-Play when you reach Silver, is not only for Silver, its for all the ranks. Before anything, 20 General Tips to help you Improve and Rank up In League of Legends:

🔰Play More: This is something Obvious, more you play you get better. Whenever that you ask a Pro Player how they reached their Goals and how they are that good, The first answer you hear is: Playing Alot!

🔰Did i improved today?: But really, is the game counts and time play is the only thing matter? ofcourse not, you are playing to Improve and you have to ask yourself, Did i? or you just wasted your time playing games without paying attention to learning something new?

🔰Focus on the Important things: Which is objectieves. I mean, every game is different from another so your goals should be, but after all no matter how good you are, its pointless until you actully win your game.

🔰Dodge!: Dodging is one of the most important mechanics in League of Legends, it is important since it can Change a game, for example if your poor ADC carry gets hooked by a Blitzcrank on late game, he dies and you may just lose the game. Learn to dodge, dodge more and win more games!

🔰You can't win all the games!: Yeah there is still a lot of people who think they should win all of their games. This mindset is wrong and roads to tilt and bad attitude.

🔰Oh, Attitude!: Probably the most important thing in League of Legends atm, i don't wanna discuss it and i just want to say don't give up, even if you are under pressure, know that there is still a hope.

🔰Don't get tilted!: No matter whats going on on the game, you should always do your best, if your toplaner is dying solo, Well ok, but if its impacting your gameplay like making you wanna complain and cry about that he is feeding, well, that what i call Tilted..

🔰Be Flexible!: The Thing is that you are playing with 4 other people, even if you are smurfing or you think you are so good, you still can't shotcall and actully control 4 other person, with that being said you can't deny them and leaving them alone, put a little faith on them and don't play solo.

🔰Play Your best!: Not only your best, but your best(s) champion too.

🔰Learn from your mistakes/loses: What did i wrong? what could i have done to win that game? always ask this question, or even go watch your replays and analyze them and yourself, its a important step to start improving.

🔰Master 1-3 Champions: Having a main Champion and OTP's can help you rank up.

🔰Once again: Your goal should be improving and getting better, not wining game and ranking up, Not ONLY.

🔰Choose the right time to play: When you are tired, tilted, or you just coming back from your job, i would say they aren't best times to start Playing.

🔰InGame resources are important: Farms, Kills, Objectieves and even scuttlers, all are important as you want more gold in game.

🔰Roam: This strategy is not releated to Olaf or junglers that much, but still you should know how/when to roam as its a very important strategy.

🔰/mute all: I almost forgot to say, /mute all is still a viable option to avoiding trash talks.

🔰Dodge: This time im talking about a different dodge, Dodge in lobbies if you see your team Comp is too weak, or simply some one is about to trolling the game.

🔰Get a Duo: This is actully the most known way to rank up, getting a good partner and playing together!

🔰Watching Streams/Replays: You can watch pro players streams and replays to learn from in both Macro and Micro plays.

🔰Follow the Meta: If you even don't believe at such a thing, you should accept that in some patchs some champions or items have the benefits, Just be UpDated, Ok?
If you are a Iron/Bronze player, then you have a long way to go. The first thing is about your mindset and if you really want to improve and getting better or not. I still see a lot of Bronze players crying that they can't rank up because of This * Rank! and that their team is awful. They are like: There is no way to get out of this elo while the simple evidence is all the smurfs who start from this rank on their smurfs accounts and they play in Bronze like they are playing vs bots. NO one is telling that you are bad, but remember, you are Iron/Bronze, Just start by following that 20 General tip and you will be fine.
If you are at silver, its time you working on your Micro and Macro play. Micro - Individual mechanical play. This includes things like CS'ing, trading, ability to hit skillshots, ability to smite objectives at correct timings, dodging enemy skills, layering CC abilities. And Macro - Map-wide decision making. Keeping track of ability timers, map awareness, rotational play, objective focus (dragon/baron/towers), teleport plays, jungle pathing. The over-arching strategy that we use to win the game is generally Macro play. I see that Silver is rank full of throwers, smurfs and other Challenging stuffs and thats why a vast part of League community are currently on Silver Elo. BTW, i almost forgot to telling you the most important tips for getting out of Low Elo which is Die LESS! Im here to only give you an Overview from each rank but Believe me, if you stop dying as much as you can you are ready for climbing to Diamond.
If i say that for these ranks most important thing is to Master 1-3 champion, is not like that that you didn't need these in lower ranks, Remember, i still need to complete my Guide XD! You probably have your Main Champions now, and its time to Master em, like really getting good with them. Anyway, Gold is the first rank that you need to start the actuall team work. There is still a lot of common mistakes that you Gold players make, greedy moves, getting caught, going solo and etc. Its also time to learn every Mechanics that you didn't master yet, like Wave management, Trading, and even stuffs like Warding and map awareness. You see? there is still a lot of things to learn. And if you are Platinum, its time that you get deeper about everything, Like builds and Comps, Mastering your role and most importantly Decision making and playing for objectieves. don't forget, Surrender is never an option.

So You are Diamond? Sorry but there is still a lot of things to learn, the only thing that i can say about diamond is keep Doing your best every game, not matter what. There is no Place to make mistakes anymore, you need a Conscious mind for every game, if you wanna climb more, if you wanna greed, make your goals and try till you make it.
So, whats the Olaf spot here? you should know that you can carry and win your games, or in other words rank up with every single champ. Despite that we can't deny some champ's power to Carry, i would say that Olaf is All fine for getting into Diamond. Its just about that due to his special play style and kit, it gets only a little bit harder as you get into higher elos. you may be not able to dominate enemy team as you was able in lower elos, instead you should play smarter in terms of Macro play, objectieves and decision making.
Now, it would not be a complete guide without some clips. I would add Some extra Images and Videos in future, Such as memes and montages :)!
For the last part of the guide, im gathering all the tips from Olaf wiki page and every where else, every single possible tip and strategy for making sure that you miss nothing after all. Don't forgot that this part is getting updated.
📌 Olaf can combine Berserker Rage, Tough It Out and Ragnarok at low life to become deceptively strong.

📌The bonus healing granted by Tough It Out amplifies your life steal form all sources as well as heals from allies.

📌 Berserker Rage: Increasing Olaf's durability gives you more time to stay alive, more time alive means more time to land basic attacks.

📌At level 18 Olaf needs 214.27% additional attack speed to cap, he only has 99.9% of the passive and 80% for 6 sec from Tough It Out, leaving roughly 35% from items to reach the cap.

📌Olaf needs to be on the edge of death to reach all of his damage potential but this leaves him vulnerable to enemy focus or executer abilities so building attack speed isn't bad at all, this because that extra amount of attack speed will allow him to reach the attack speed cap with more health, and more health means more survivality.

📌When jungling, remember that you must continue to land basic attacks against the monsters in order to utilize your lifesteal.

📌 Undertow: This skill is recommended to be maxed first because: It has a good damage output, both in burst and sustained damage, The slow scales with level, Compared to other skillshots, it has a big missile width and doesn't have additional mana cost per rank additionally it don't reduces his damage per enemy hit like other skillshoots and It has a low cooldown and can be reduced with savvy gameplay.

📌Throwing your axe can be used to explore the fog of war.

📌Most of the time, you should try to recover your axe, even in a battle and specially in early levels, where it shines much better.

📌Try to land the axe where you plan on moving in the future, this will allows you to chase and refresh its cooldown much quicker and increases the uptime on the slow.

📌The axe will remove the fog of war in a large area around when it lands in the ground for a very brief duration, making it useful for checking bushes. Additionally if it doesn't reveals enemies, try to listen the sound effect when it hits them.

📌When jungling, use the stick function to your favor, put the monster between Olaf and terrain, in this form the axe will land closer to Olaf, with some practice the axe will be picked without going for it, like in old patches.

📌 Tough It Out: Max it at last, most of his statistics are less useful compared with other of his abilities. Active it only and only when you are close to your objetive and when Olaf has 50% or less of his health or when you are trying to destroy a structure. During the active duration, only use Undertow when your enemy are trying to escape.

📌 Reckless Swing: This ability is a double-bladed axe, it has incredible power but if you don't have care of it, that power will consume you. Take this on mind, if your enemy takes, for example, 100 True Damage Olaf will receive 30 Pure Damage so in fact is the same as if your enemy only takes 70 True Damage. This don't applies if you can kill the target with it. Building some health items will reduce Olaf to help his enemies to kill him. Building Life Steal can help you to constantly poke enemies, but is not recommended to core it because enemies can buy Grevious Wounds to reduce 40% of the stat. Additionally, it is less effective when: your enemie has 100 armor or more and you don't have armor reduction or penetration, Olaf doesn't have critical strikes, or he doesn't have good AD. Remember that the ability has a higher range than Olaf's basic attack range, this allows you to poke with it.

📌 Ragnarok: Provides complete immunity to all forms of CC, and largely defines Olaf's playstyle during the later stages of the game. It can be used either to initiate a battle, to improve his fighting ability midway through one, or to make an emergency retreat if the situation starts to become disadvantageous. Olaf's most common and effective role during late-game teamfights is to function as a bulky assassin. Upon the commencing of a pitched teamfight, Olaf can activate Ragnarok and dive straight through the frontline of the enemy team, singling out the opposing AD carry. Because of the complete CC immunity that Ragnarok affords him, he becomes extremely difficult for the opposing team to peel away. Even if Olaf is unsuccessful in slaying his target, the threat he poses is often enough to drive them completely out of the teamfight in their attempts to avoid him, drastically reducing the enemy's team's damage output. Olaf is also a very useful peeler himself, operating to safeguard his own carry from the opposing team. His ability to chain-slow enemies with Undertow and the excellent damage output from Reckless Swing can make it extremely difficult for enemy champions to safely attack the carry without risking being kited and killed.
Once again: Thank You! I hope that you enjoyed reading and discovering my guide. I really tried hard for creating this guide and and im still working to increase the informations. First of all, i have to say that im sorry about all the Spelling/Grammatical mistakes in guide, English is not may native Language after all, Though the Guide is still under work and im About to improve it, Specially in that specific way. Creating this Guide was enjoyable for me, i could learn a lot of new stuffs about jungling too!
❗️ If you have any problem with a part of guide please DM me.
❗️ Every single part and chapter is getting updated, for full information read the Change log right below.
❗️ The first logo on the beginning of the guide is my Personal designed logo and All Copy Rights belong to me.
🌸Special Thanks🌸

Special Thanks to the Authors of these guides, As i used these guide to Code my guide and mastering BBCode by myself, and gathering a little information and using it as a inspiration and a guide to compete with, to complete my guide.
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