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League of Legends Build Guide Author Robialgaro

On Hit Builds Guide

Robialgaro Last updated on July 3, 2012
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Tier 1 On Hit Champs

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Core On Hit Build

Malady Wit's End Madred's Bloodrazor

These three items make up the core of the On Hit build. They are cheap, effective items which will make any champion do substantial damage. For 7775 Gold you will be doing a consistent 110-280 Magic Damage on each hit while hitting almost twice per second, regardless of what champion you are playing. However, there are certain champions this build synergizes the most with and that is why I organized them into tiers:

Tier 1

Tier 1 champions synergize the most with these three items because they have abilities or passives which take advantage of them. There is a detailed build for each champion, but i've listed key reasons for having each champ on this list right next to their name:

Of these top tier champs, my favorite three to use this build on are Warwick and Kayle.

Tier 2

Tier 2 On Hit champions are only slightly inferior in terms of synergy with this build. They are still viable choices to pursue this build and get good results. The list is surprisingly long:

Key Points to this Build

  • Cheap: this build is cheap compared to other DPS builds and packs quite a "bang for the buck". Having such reliable and easy to acquire core items, the build also leaves space to build supplemental items for more damage or survivability.
  • Reliable: even in your worst game, you will be able to come through due to the nature of these On Hit items and, once again, how easy they are to build.
  • Effective on squishies as well as tanks: how do you defend yourself against On Hit Magic Damage coming at you 2 times a second? Squishies get shaved down quickly and tanks get shaved down a bit less quickly.
  • Makes you beefy: the Magic Resist from Wit's End and the Armor from Madred's Bloodrazor make you beefy enough to hang around in a fight and dish out many attacks. This is also complimented by a good Health item.
  • Adds damage to support: why build a support champ with items that will just make him a spectator in battles? You can use champs like Soraka, Sona, Orianna, Nidalee, and Kayle to do carry-level damage as well as support. Not to mention you will catch your enemies by surprise. The support champ that has the best damage with this build is Nidalee but Kayle has many mechanics that take advantage of this build as well, so they're both at the top spot for On-Hit Supports.

Read on...

Each champion listed here has his own way of taking advantage of this build. Read on to see the details such as build order, supplemental items, and neat tricks.

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Follow this build order to take full advantage of the build:


Start off by adding Attack Speed, AP, and Magic Resist shaving. This item early game makes you very dangerous.

Berserker's Greaves

So you can keep up with your opponent and hit him with more attacks. This is almost essential enough to be part of the core items but I think boots are weighed heavily by preference. Sorcerer's shoes can be a good choice as well.

Wit's End

Next core item in the On Hit build because it's easy to build and adds substantial damage to your mid game. It also gives you good Magic Resist.

Madred's Bloodrazor

Last core item in the On Hit build. Now you're doing crazy damage to every one. Also gives good Armor.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter or Frozen Mallet

Now that you have all the damage you need, get yourself some Health and a slow to keep your enemies in your range. Rylai's is a better choice if you have spammable spells.

Void Staff or Infinity Edge

Now put the frosting on the cake by making your attacks hit harder. Void Staff makes all your On Hit damage penetrate deeper. Infinity Edge is for champs which rely more on their auto-attack.

The final build will look like this:

An alternative to the last two items which works better with support champs that have spammable (and maybe AoE) spells like Soraka and Sona:

Which is basically the same concept: adding Health and slow with Rylai's, and adding more damage with Void Staff.

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Kayle is one of the best choices for the On Hit build. In fact, she was the first champion I used this build on because I found it made her do more damage than any other hybrid build out there (this was even before her big remake). I 100% believe this is the build which gives Kayle the best damage output. There are several big reasons this build works wonders with her:

  • Holy Fervor: Kayle's passive takes advantage of the Attack Speed to shave down her opponent's defenses. This is augmented by the On Hit effect on Malady. In turn, shaving down the opponent's Magic Resist so much makes the On Hit Magic Damage very effective.
  • Reckoning: multiplies the damage on every hit you do. Enough said. But wait... it also slows down your opponents almost to a halt while you attack them 2 times per second.
  • Righteous Fury: adds on more Magic Damage to each hit. This is augmented by all the Magic Resist shaving that's going on.
  • Intervention: make yourself invulnerable while you shave them down enemies with your attacks. This means you are guaranteed to be effective in a battle, even if you get focused. Or you can support someone... nah...

Tip: Use Intervention before you're hit with attacks, not to keep yourself from dying, but to negate your enemy's attacks/nukes (this also lets you auto-attack them for longer).
Tip: delay activating Righteous Fury because Kayle will stand still while your enemies try to escape. Instead, keep to your enemies in melee range and activate your long range attacks only if they're gaining distance (usually just to last hit them).

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I'm going to be honest. I don't play Kog'Maw much but this build works great on him. His Attack Range is a great asset and his %Health based damage gets augmented by this build:

  • Caustic Spittle: synergize with added Attack Speed to get more On Hit effects going. The defense penetration also makes every hit more effective.
  • Bio-Arcane Barrage: hit people from afar and synergize greatly with the %Health Magic Damage. Your Malady defense penetration gets you hitting harder.
  • Void Ooze: slow down your enemies while you shave their life down.

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Shaco has a trick up his sleeve which makes him killer with this build: his clone's attacks apply On Hit effects. Yes, I have personally proven this with a friend. My friend let me kill her only with my clone, which had Malady and Madred's Bloodrazor equipped. On the damage report after her death, we saw the magic damage from both items. This means that with this build you will be doing about 4 attacks per second on whoever you gang up on with your clone.

Tip: try to catch your enemies with Jack In The Box so you can auto attack them to death with your clone and avoid having them fight back.

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Warwick is one of my favorites for using this build. The Attack Speed from the core items takes full advantage of his passive to make him last a lot longer than he should in a fight. The added beefiness from Wit's End and Madred's Bloodrazor will make him a powerful beefy carry.

  • Eternal Thirst: take advantage of the Attack Speed to heal yourself up while you shave down your enemy's health.
  • Hunters Call: added Attack Speed takes you beyond 2 hits per second to get more On Hit effects going. You will be doing 2.4 attacks per second easy with this ability.
  • Infinite Duress: applies On Hit effects. The Magic Resist reduction you're packing also makes this hit very hard.

Tip: level up Hungering Strike first because it'll be the spell you use to last hit most of the time
Tip: some people don't like this, but you can effectively jungle with WW without Smite. Start off with a Dagger and Potions and follow this route: Golems, Wraiths, Wolves, base and buy Boots of Speed. You will be level 3, have your 3 basic spells and boots so you're good to gank lanes.
Tip: I recommend buying Boots of Swiftness with WW instead of Berserker's Greaves for two reasons: (1) he gets AS from Hunter's Call and (2) he's really slow...
Tip: you can also choose to build more tanky items instead of Frozen Mallet and IE since beefy WW is awesome. I would recommend Spirit Visage for magic resist and armor according to the situation.

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Ezreal really synergizes with this build. Mystic Shot becomes dangerous early game with Malady since you get both the AP and the On Hit effect. Also, the items synergize with his passive to get you great Attack Speed.

  • Mystic Shot: this applies On Hit effects and gets buffed damage from Malady early game to get you awesome harass.
  • Rising Spell Force: you'll be doing some pretty substantial AS even early game.

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Tier 2 Champs

I'm grouping these together and doing less detailed discussion.


His insane CC makes him a bully. He can stun/throw people around while he auto attacks them to death. His ult Unbreakable Will also lets him go into a fight fearlessly even without pure tank builds.


Fizz has awesome base damage on his abilities. When you do this build you will be making him do powerful auto-attacks to supplement his spell damage and the added beefiness will make him able to stand his ground. Urchin Strike will trigger On Hit effects and Seastone Trident synergizes well with your Attack Speed and other %Health effects.


Shyvana takes full advantage of this build by synergyzing with Fury of the Dragonborn due to the added Attack Speed and by becoming even beefier than usual with the Armor and MRes from the build. I haven't tested whether Twin Bite triggers On Hit effects twice, but it's possible. When she activates Dragon's Descent, she becomes an unstoppable force with tank-level defenses.


I tried him out and Skarner does ok with this build. Attack speed from Crystalline Exoskeleton and the fact that his CD's are lowered from energize make him synergize with the build. You also take better advantage of the healing from Fracture. All in all not a bad build for him but not the greatest either.


On Hit damage from his Toxic Shot and added Attack Speed from his passive make him synergize with this build.


Udyr's passive, Monkey's Agility, synergizes well with the Attack Speed from this build. As mentioned for other champs, the added beefiness from Wit's End and Madred's Bloodrazor make him a tough opponent. Both Tiger Stance and Phoenix Stance take advantage of the AS as well.


Volibear gets attack speed from Frenzy and applies On Hit effects with his ult so the damage part of this build synergizes well with him. The armor and magic resistance from this build add to his natural beefiness and make for a truly great version of Volibear beefy dps.

Xin Zhao

Xin's passive, Challenge, takes advantage of the AS in the build and Battle Cry augments this effect. Three Talon Strike becomes more effective as you deliver the three killer blows with lightning speed. The added beefiness of the build along with Crescent Sweep make him very tough in team fights.


Supports take full advantage of this build since they usually don't work well with standard AP or AD carry builds. This build makes any support champ pretty beefy with the Armor and MRes from Madred's Bloodrazor and Wit's End and it makes them do carry-level damage. Your supports will still be able to support, will last long in team fights, and will do damage which will take your enemies by surprise. I suggest Nidalee and Soraka as the best support champs to use this build on (along with Kayle who is in the top tier).


Nidalee has the best numbers among supports with this build (after Kayle). She has the highest
Attack Speed, AD, and Health of all supports, without counting Primal Surge. She does ranged carry level damage and maintains her support nature. When things get dirty, she can turn into a cougar using her ult Aspect Of The Cougar and become a very beefy contender.


Her passive Clockwork Windup gives her auto attacks a good boost which synergizes well with the On Hit build. Also, her CC and support help her land kills and be useful to the team.


Like Soraka and Orianna, she is able to help carry her team while remaining a good support. Her ult makes people dance around while she shaves their life down.

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Here are other champions which I believe wouldn't do bad with this build (for all of you who asked). I haven't play tested them to be sure but they seem like sound choices. I firmly believe this build can be applied to any of the support champs out there to make them a good asset to the offense of the team.


Eye Of The Storm gives her a nice AD buff that complements the Attack Speed from this build.


Karma takes advantage of her Soul Shield to be able to auto-attack for longer and uses her Spirit Bond to keep opponents in range.


Ryze has a good variety of spells on low cooldown which can be used alongside his auto-attacks to make him do a continuous barrage of damage. He also has a click-stun Rune Prison which makes opponents stand still while you auto-attack them to death.


Sion has a stun, a shield, AD, and Life Steal. With the beefiness of this build, Death's Caress, and Cannibalism Sion has no problem going into fight and hacking people to death without dying. He can also use Cryptic Gaze to stun his opponent for 1.5 seconds and auto-attack them to death (roughly 3 attacks while they're not moving).


Another support which can use this build to contribute some damage to the team. Taric even has an AD buff Radiance which will synergize with the Attack Speed he gets from this build. Also, his attacks restore mana due to Gemcraft and also lower the cooldown on his heal Imbue.


Trundle grabs AD with Rabid Bite which compliments the Attack Speed from this build. He also has an Attack Speed buff Contaminate to get more On Hit damage. His ult Agony makes him beefy enough to be able to deliver a good amount of auto-attacks.

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* Added Skarner and Voli to Tier 2 after trying them out

* Added Shaco and Fizz
* Moved Ez and Shaco to Tier 1
* Changed some items in the specific builds

11/5/2011 Shyvana Patch
* Added champions: Janna, Karma, Ryze, Shyvana, Sion, Skarner, Taric, Trundle, Xin Zhao
* Added Xin Zhao to the Tier 1 list (replacing Udyr)
* Changed Sorcerer's Shoes for Berserker's Greaves in general build. Found this item is much more essential for most champions who use this build. Sorcerer's Shoes is still a viable option for more spell-oriented champions

10/27/2011 Initial Issue


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