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Fiora Build Guide by Raynor1111

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Raynor1111

One Step Ahead - A Guide to Fiora Jungle

Raynor1111 Last updated on May 2, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Legendary Guardian

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Fiora is an uncommon jungler, who specializes in rapid damage, with no chance of escape.


High DPS
Passive Lifegain
Quick Jungle Clear
Decent Turret Diving

Long Early Cooldowns
Poor Counter-Gank Survival
Can't Really Bail if Things Go Wrong

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Personally, I stick to the standard Flash, Smite combo. That said, for mobility, you also have the option of Teleport, Smite, or maybe Ghost, Smite.

Smite - Like any jungle, Fiora depends on Smite for her early buff clears. That said, except for maybe securing the Dragon or Baron Nashor , her camp clear late game is extremely fast, even without the bonus true damage.

Flash - One of the most common choices in any position, as the quick jump helps both aggressively or defensively. Since Fiora lacks a reliable wall-jump (Like Vi's Vault Breaker or Kha'Zix's Leap), Flash helps her make Ganks from unorthodox directions.

Teleport - If you often have trouble getting to a lane in time to secure a gank, Teleport can shorten your trips to only 4 seconds.

Ghost - This particular spell is far less useful on Fiora, as she has a high base movement speed, and a powerful movement speed active.

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For Runes, you've got a couple of choices in each color. Though you definitely want to grab Primary Runes in all spots.

Basically, there are two good choices here:
Greater Mark of Attack Damage or Greater Mark of Armor Penetration.
The Mark of AD will both shorten her early camp clears, as well as increase her ganking power by reducing the hits required to kill. That said, she does gain damage passively on her W, Riposte.
Armor Penetration, however, stays valid at all levels, reducing the effect of any armor that your enemies build, as well as the armor on every jungle creep and minion.

You've got a couple of great choices for Seals:
Greater Seal of Armor, Greater Seal of Scaling Armor, Greater Seal of Health, or Greater Seal of Health Regeneration are all decent choices.
Flat Armor both reduces the damage taken from all physical damage sources, specifically jungle creeps, by 9 points of armor, if you take all of them. However, in later game, 9 armor certainly isn't going to save you many times.
Scaling Armor, however, while only granting you ~2 armor at level 1, matches its flat friends at level 5-6, and triples it 27 at level 18.
Health is another decent choice, as each rune gives you an extra 8 HP, for a total of 72 extra health, which, like flat armor, won't help your late game much, will definitely increase your survival in early ganks and jungle camps.
Conversely, 9 Runes of flat Health Regen will increase your health-per-second regen to 5/5 Sec, or 1 per second.

Unlike your Seals, your choices for Glyphs are pretty limited:
Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist or Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction are pretty much your best choices here.
Scaling MR, like armor, doesn't outclass its flat counterpart until about level 6. However, since no jungle creeps deal magic damage, they're pretty worthless in the camps. However, since your earliest gank is usually around level 3-5, they are close to, or stronger than the flat version, once you actually need them.
CDR, however, is useful in all positions, by lowering your cooldowns by ~7%.

For Quints, your choices are completely up to you. I personally like Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed, as it increases your already solid base movement, decreasing time wasted between camps, as well as your speed to set up ganks.
Greater Quintessence of Experience will increase your XP gains by 6%, making it easier to stay on-level with your allies.
Greater Quintessence of Gold helps you stay ahead with your gold, by providing you an extra 3/10 Sec.
Greater Quintessence of Life Steal is arguably one of the best choices for sustain in jungle, as you gain 4.5% of the damage you deal back as HP.

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For Masteries, 21/9 is a good balance.

Offensively, focus on Attack Speed, Attack Damage, and Execute abilities. Make sure you also take Butcher and Feast, to help your jungle.

In the defensive, going hard HP helps you both in the jungle, as well as on any ganks, since armor only protects you from Physical Damage, and Magic Resist only from Magic Damage. Also, Tough Skin and Bladed Armor as before, helps your jungle.

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Fiora's skills are very Damage Per Second focused, quickly shredding down your enemies HP before they can escape, as well as reflecting their own attacks back at them.

Duelist - Most jungles need some additional health regeneration to stay in the jungle longer. Fiora has a fairly decent one, increasing her health regen significantly as long as she keeps fighting.

Lunge - Fiora's primary engage is a solid option, good for sticking to your gank target. The range actually slightly exceeds Flash (600 over 400), and can be cast twice. Yes, you read it right, twice. As long as you can get back in range within 4 seconds of your first use, you can cast it again, snapping back onto them. This ability is also a decent escape from tower dives. If you chase your target past the minion wave, a second Lunge can help you get out of turret range before you're killed.

Riposte - Definitely one of Fiora's strongest skills. Riposte has two effects. It's Passive is the reason you max it first: It gives you 15 bonus AD at first level, plus another 5 each level after, for a total of 35. It's active is less useful in the jungle, absorbing only a single hit from the large monster in any camp. However, it is extremely helpful when ganking champions with powerful on-hit effects or Autoattack abilities. A chief example is Nasus's Siphoning Strike.

Burst of Speed - This is your primary damage ability. While it doesn't actually increase your damage-per-hit, it massively increases your Attack Speed, by 60% at level 1, up to 120% at level 5. Furthermore, if you land either an Autoattack or Lunge, you gain bonus movement speed, helping you chase down your opponent. Furthermore, the more hits you land, the more movespeed you get, up to 3 stacks.

Blade Waltz - A solid ability both in your level 6 ganks, as well as late game teamfights, Blade Waltz deals heavy damage to nearly every champion in range. This ability is especially useful for tower-diving, as while the ability is busy flaying down your enemies health, she becomes untargetable, unaffected by turret aggro. At level 16, when attacking a single enemy, your damage is a minimum of 1000 plus more than double your bonus AD.

One important thing to note: Both Lunge and Blade Waltz scale off of your BONUS AD, not your total AD. See Items for further information.

Skill Path 1, One-Shot Gank
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
For the most part, this is the best choice. Lunge is mostly used merely to engage, so the extra attack and movement speed earlier help her both when taking down isolated enemies, as well as dealing damage in team fights.

Skill Path 2, Flash-Happy Counterganks
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
This particular combo is helpful when fighting champions that love dashes, Flashes, Arcane Shifts, or other evasive abilities, reducing both the cooldown and increasing the damage of her Lunge earlier.

Skill Path 3, True Balance
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
You may, however, prefer to level her Lunge and Burst of Speed equally, keeping her balanced between her Lunge-poke and Burst of Speed DPS.

Which skill you focus first, or to level them equally is up to your personal playing style. If you're a fan of all-ins, the extra DPS from Burst of Speed is more helpful. If you prefer slipping into a fight, dishing out some damage, then dashing to safety on an enemy minion, Lunge will help you do this.

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Fiora's abilities all scale off of her Bonus AD, not total AD. Furthermore, Fiora's main source of damage is from autoattacks, so building lots of AD is a typically good decision.

As with any jungle, a Hunter's Machete, five Health Potions, and a Sweeping Lens will be your starting items. This build requires little explanation, but I'll do it anyway. Hunter's Machete gives her the bonus damage of a Long Sword, and the life gain of Doran's Blade, at least against jungle creeps, and all for only 300G. The bonus health off the Health Potions, totaling 750 additional HP, increases your sustain in jungle more than double. Lastly, Sweeping Lens makes your ganks much more reliable, as it will reveal the Stealth Ward or Warding Totem the laner has placed in the brush, allowing you to attack it, or reveal that none has been placed, and the laner can't see you coming.

Try to stay in the jungle until you have at least 775G, as it will allow you to get Madred's Razors and Boots of Speed on your first back. Any extra gold you have left over can be used to grab some more Health Potions, to further increase your sustain.

Perfect Build Items

Wriggle's Lantern - For Fiora, the Attack Speed this item gives you is the most important. The slight damage is also helpful, as is the lifegain and bonus magic damage on jungle creeps. Furthermore, the active lets you drop a Stealth Ward on important objectives, like the Dragon or Baron Nashor .

Mercury's Treads - Since Fiora focuses on her Autoattacks to deal damage, she is fairly vulnerable to Crowd Control. The Tenacity from these boots make it more difficult for someone to lock down or escape Fiora.

Infinity Edge - With Fiora's high natural attack speed, and the bonus off of Burst of Speed, she can land critical hits with alarming frequency. The bonus damage, plus additional damage on critical hits makes this item invaluable on Fiora.

Phantom Dancer - As with Infinity Edge and Wriggle's Lantern, the stats synergize well with Fiora's focus. Plus, the ability to walk through units prevents her from getting bogged down by having to walk around anything that gets her in the way. (Read: Minions)

Atma's Impaler - I don't see this particular item in many games, and I have trouble sometimes understanding why. It gives a decent chunk of Crit Chance, and, more importantly, a big pile of armor. (The same amount as a Sunfire Cape, interestingly enough...) It also gives you, if you get everything perfectly, another 30 AD.

The Bloodthirster - Finally, this is one of the most common items on any AD-Carry, mostly due to the fact that at full stacks, it gives you the reliably highest bonus AD scores. 100 AD at full stacks, plus 18% lifesteal.

Mercury's Treads - Furor - This enchantment is a solid choice on Fiora. As long as you're on the aggressive, you can stick to nearly anyone, even an ulting Master Yi, while Burst of Speed is active.

Alternate Items

Guardian Angel - Occasionally, you'll find yourself unable to stick around long enough to shred an opponent or two. This is especially true against super-burst champions like LeBlanc or Vi, because, while you kill them quickly, unless their abilities are on cooldown, they'll put you at zero before you can even touch them. I'd trade this out with Atma's Impaler, and maybe build it one item sooner.

Last Whisper - Against a super-armor team, you'll often be unable to deal much damage, since it's all coming from your Autoattack. Champs like Rammus or Nasus who can deal serious damage without building any damage items make this particular choice often necessary. Again, you'll probably replace Atma's Impaler.

Executioner's Calling - I don't really see this much on the Rift, since it has a very niche role. That said, when you need it, it's an amazing item. It gives you a slice of crit chance, some bonus AD, and HALVES the effects of any heals your opponents use. Either team-healers like Soraka and Sona or self-healers like Fiddlesticks or Tryndamere will have some serious difficulty keeping their health totals in the positives.

Mercury's Treads - Homeguard - By far the most commonly used boot enchantments, Homeguard will help you if your team is losing. The ability to kill a champion, slip to the Fountain to heal, then rush back into the fray is invaluable in protecting your Inhibitors or Nexus Turrets.

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Although Fiora is an autoattack central champion, for your first camp you'll wanna go Blue buff. The extra cooldown on her abilities helps ensure each is ready when you reach the next camp, but more importantly, it increases your mana regeneration, making using all your abilities on each camp not cost-prohibitive. Of course, if you expect to need to make an early gank near your blue buff (Toplane on Blue Side, Bottom on Purple Side), you can still safely start on Red.

Typically if you land your abilities right, you can get through your first buff, Wolves, Wraiths, and your second buff and still have most of your health (After using your Health Potions). Always be watching for ganks after you get to level 3 and take a point in Lunge. The double-dash will let you stick to enemy champions, even if they try to Flash away. Otherwise, you can hit either the Double Golems or the Wight (Depending on which end of your jungle you're at), and maybe Wolves or Wraiths again before you back.

Most of the time, you'll be rolling quickly between jungle camps using Burst of Speed to shred down the large monster, then slicing apart the smaller ones, and ganking whenever the opportunity appears. Jungling depends on map awareness far more than any other position, as you'll have to watch, not only the area around your champion, but each lane as well. If a lane is getting pushed, it might be time to gank. If a lane is getting ganked, you can try to hurry over to save them.

Once you finish your Wriggle's Lantern, always try to keep a ward up right outside the Dragon pit. It will give you plenty of warning if a gank is heading bottom, and also allow you to see if the enemy team is trying to take the Dragon. You can also ward the bush by Blue or Red buff on either side, especially if you're a fan of counter-jungling, as taking a buff will deny your opponent both the buff's effect, and a healthy chunk of XP.

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Team Work

This build creates a Glass Cannon. Immense damage extremely quickly, but very little solid sustain. You can't tank half a dozen turret hits, you can't distract the enemy AP long enough for your own assassins to take them down. You can, however, blow up an enemy AP. Dive under a turret for a kill, then escape before it really locks onto you.

In the late-game teamfights, you'll definitely want to focus the enemy Carries first. Your quick damage can put their team's real damage dealers out of commission quickly. In my experience, the double-dash on Lunge and the proc on Burst of Speed is especially helpful as a gap-closer.

In a perfect world, you'll activate Burst of Speed, Lunge to an enemy, often a minion or tank, (which procs the movement speed on Burst of Speed) Riposte an enemy counter attack, then Lunge again, this time at your actual target. Your Burst of Speed will have two of the three movement speed stacks on it, and more than half of it's duration left, you'll be right on top of a nice squishy carry, and you'll have ignored a chunk of damage. If they look like they're going to try to run, targeting them with your Blade Waltz will not only deal massive damage to them (And any other enemies in the area), but you'll still be right on top of them when you're done.

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Fiora has a lot of variability in her builds. Many people like building her tanky, but I prefer the glass assassin. It's what she was designed to do, and she does it well. If my team needs a tankier jungler, I'll more likely go with Shyvana or Volibear. I don't like having all this destructive power available without using it.