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Amumu Build Guide by Freddy Shopan

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Freddy Shopan

OP-AP-MUMU - Killing From the Jungle

Freddy Shopan Last updated on November 29, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Update: Outdate

ooookkkk... new jungle. It's just gonna make things easier. But I dun wanna update anymore. Too much work, and I don't play enough anymore. Sooooo out-dated guide will be out-dated. Done-sies. I'm callin' it. It's been a good run. AP-OP-MUMU!!! :]

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Aight boys and girls. This here is AP Amumu!!! :D And I'll tell you... this is a real fun way to play the little sad mummy. The trick with tanks is to build tanky, but deal enough damage to be a threat so they still want to hurt you. This build is less tanky and more threat-y. It's like a tanky ap kind of build, and it hurts. With about 300+ ap, his ult does similar damage to an Annie bear with similar ap. LET'S GO WRAP 'EM UP


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Pros / Cons

  • The ratios on Amumu's skills are great.

  • If you get fed at the beginning, this is viable.

  • At 18, Amumu doesn't have a taunt, and enemies would ignore Amumu unless he can damage...

  • The lack of tankiness is a HUGE problem if you are behind.

  • Never use this build if their jungler screwed you over.

  • It's quite an expensive build.

  • You need kills and assists so you won't steal farm from your carries. Gank well, my friend.

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I have absolutely no idea how to put those little pictures in, so I hpe this works... These runes are mostly based around jungling quickly and safely.

Recommended Runes:

Greater Mark of Insight
The pen helps a little with jungling, and makes everything hit harder later. yussssss. yussssss.

Greater Seal of Resilience
Extra defense awesome for jungling. So nice.

Glyph of Shielding
Kinda a fill spot. mr is nice, cuz you aren't stacking as much as normal.

Greater Quintessence of Resilience
Ar-MORE Quints? YES. Jungling is easy.

Other Options:
Greater Glyph of Focus
for ulti cooldown. CDR is nice.

Greater Quintessence of Potency
If u crazy and want MOAR POWAR

Greater Quintessence of Fortitude
If you think the enemy jungler might gank you, these give you more safety, run with a cloth armor and 5 pots.

Greater Quintessence of Swiftness
You have to run a cloth armor if you run these. They're ok late game to get in range of people, but sacrifice a faster philosopher's stone (a.k.a precious moneyz).

Don't Use:
spaceeee Greater Seal of Evasion
will be removed in the next patch or so. yussssss.

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The new masteries are kinda cool, huh? Here are my tentative mastery trees. I haven't tested them thoroughly, but they should be quite good.

My favorite here is the defensive tree. It got buffed big time, and there are some pretty good options there:


For those who really want to level faster, Awareness is reeeally op, and gives reason to venture deeper into the utility tree:


For the utility and defensive trees, cooldown in the form of Enlightenment and Intelligence are still really good ways to go as well. Some other notes:

Defensive Masteries
  • Summoner's Resolve - To be honest, it doesn't really do that much. But extra gold is always nice.
  • Bladed Armor - Pretty damn good.
  • Vigor - Another option. To run a point or two here, I'd take it out of Hardiness .
  • Initiator - Movement speed is kinda op. If you're gonna skimp, I wouldn't do it in this...
  • Juggernaut - OOOOOPPPPPPPPP

Utility Masteries
  • Summoner's Insight - Flash?
  • Good Hands - Both this and Expanded mind are kinda meh... I'd rather have a second on my recall.
  • Swiftness - Speed is op... and even though it takes a lot of points, it's better than the alternative, imho.
  • Runic Affinity - BLUE FOREVER!!!
  • Wealth - Gold helps a lot early game (extra pot anyone?) However, it takes a craaaap ton of points. It would also be good to move them into different places.
  • Sage - Another pretty decent source of exp.
  • Mastermind - It's aight... ... ... yeah. it's real gud.

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Summoner Spells

The Essentials:

Flash is AWESOME with Amumu.
  • Great synergy with his ult if you miss your bandage (a.k.a. hit a minion)
  • Stronger ganks
  • Helps you escape ganks in jungle if you have nothing to bandage, and helps you gank better if you screw up.
  • Lets you double jumps in the jungle or with creeps.
  • Don't use your flash if you can escape with bandage. Cooldown is uber long.

Smite lets you jungle. Don't jungle-mumu without it. You will fail.

The meh...

Ghost is another option, but I don't like it nearly as much. It is strong if you plan to run around with slowing tears the entire team fight, but I take flash because:
  • You spend most of your time early-game in the jungle, where flash is a better escape mechanism.
  • Ghost has synergy with your ult, but not instant, and you can still get stunned or snared.
  • The goal of OP-AP-Mumu is to jump in, ult as many people as possible, and burst down their carry if you can. Ghost can't get you through their team. You will get cc'd hardcore.

Exhaust... meh... Helps ganking, but that's about it.

Ignite is ok... but not the same wow factor as better skills.

Clairvoyance should be somewhere on your team. Hopefully your teammate took this. You are already limited by smite.

Teleport is an interesting idea, but you're already constant mia, so tele-ganks are already less wow than lane teleports. Sure you can cover a lane faster and stuff, but eh...

Cleanse can help you ult or something? ... just don't.

Surge is cool, but Amumu needs an escape spell

Promote is a nice spell... Amumu doesn't push. Done.

Heal ... ... Do you really need that much help in your jungle? I don't know what to say. Flash is safer early game, and is more powerful late game because of it's synergy with your ult. However, if you reeeally like it, it lets you gank at weird times, can save allies in team fights, and help keep them sustained in lane. Still wouldn't recommend it, though.

Revive trolololololololol

Rally You troll. And I respect your mad hax.

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Skill Explanation

  • His passive only works with your auto-attacks. Always auto-attack (especially with red buff or with Rylai's Crystal Scepter.

  • FANTASTIC AP scaling. The ratio is 1. It is IMPERATIVE to practice these.
  • Predict where your opponent is going, land these things, and AP Amumu is OP. Get used to how much you must lead your opponents, and how long it reaches.
  • If you use this to initiate a combo on a squishy, you WILL kill them if they don't have their summoners up. Despair-> Bandage Toss-> Tantrum->Ult (if necessary)-> Tantrum bursts very quickly. If they have no summoners, and you have Rylai's Crystal Scepter, there's really no way, even if you don't use your ult.

  • This is your crazy slowing constant damage output with Rylai's Crystal Scepter! :]
  • Remember to turn it off when your opponent is out or range.
  • It's very good against opponents with high hp, too, since it takes off a percent per second. Very cool.
  • Turn it on before the battle for maximum damage.

  • Fantastic farming tool.
  • The cooldown decreases whenever you're hit, so
  • lead your minions into a wave of enemy minions, so when they all hit you, the cooldown is basically zero.
  • Does decent damage in early ganks, and increases your survivability in the jungle.

  • One of the most game-breaking ults in League of Legends
  • The ratio is 1, and with your ap, it will snare everyone around you, and do MASSIVE DAMAGE.
  • this is NOT A STUN. If a Katarina is ulting, it will not save you.
  • Its best use is in team fights. Save it for team fights when you can.

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Skill Order

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

  • Start with Despair. If you are forced to soft jungle, THIS GUIDE WILL NOT WORK because you will be too far behind.
  • After that, you want two lvls in Tantrum. It's faster jungling than lvl 2 Despair, and you take less damage. I've run plenty of customs to test it.
  • Bandage Toss at lvl 4, unless you think you'll get to lvl 5 without a gank.
  • I like lvl 3 Tantrum next because it helps get immediate damage in ganks.
  • Max Tantrum first. It is a consistent source of damage that does nice burst on a short cooldown. Farming is easy-peasy, too.
  • Next, max either Bandage Toss for burst, or Despair if you're lazy like me, and just farm all day.
  • Put points into curse of the mummy whenever you can for obvious reasons.

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What I Use

Starting Item


  • Mercury's Treads are FRIGGIN AWESOME, cuz they help you run away and run up to people without getting owned, let you spam abilities without getting owned, and let you run into teamfights to get off your entire combo.
  • Sorcerer's Shoes... Because you don't have enough magic pen already.
  • Ionian Boots of Lucidity is good cdr if you need it, but it is not as strong as the previously mentioned. Tenacity, particularly, is too good because you are always in the middle of the battle.


The synergy with your next 3 items is soooo amazing.
  • Sunfire Cape - you want to farm fast and surprise the team with your ridiculous aoe burst as fast as you can. It seems a little out of place for an ap build, but we also need tank because Amumu is right in your face, and none of the other defense items really do better. WE NEED FARM.
  • Abyssal Mask - lowers the mr all around you. If you're auto-attacking a carry, it can completely negate their entire banshee's veil magic resistance, and likely their only defense. Just think about it. Great synergy with the sunfire cape and your passive (REMEMBER TO AUTO-ATTACK).
  • Rylai's Crystal Scepter - gives you perma-slow tears. Tears are stupid OP with sunfire, abyssal scepter, and rylai's. And they all help your bulk, too. Yusssss.
  • If you find yourself behind in money after this point, abandon this build and build as tank Amumu. You won't do enough damage and will just die fast.


Shurelya's Reverie

Your items are very situational after this point. You can build into a true tank, or get more damage.

I was also thinking Malady size would be pretty interesting, but I'd have to check that out a bit more.

Why I don't use...

  • Rod of Ages - It's a good item, but you need your core items AS FAST AS POSSIBLE.
  • Heart of Gold - again, great item. Again, it takes too long to get damage. My build is an AP Tank build, not simply a straight tank.
  • Aegis of the Legion - same ol'. same ol'. Great item, but no damage.

Think about the item choices like this. All of these item choices are early game items (save Eleisa's Miracle). We're hungry for kills, so we've gotta skip the salad to get to the dessert as fast as possible.

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Creeping / Jungling / Ganking

First of all...

Always jungle with Amumu. If your teammate wants to jungle, pick a different character. It's just so much easier to jungle with Amumu than to lane. I play a fairly gank-heavy and aggressive Amumu. You can help out all the lanes by scaring your opponents, and you can get more fed if you gank well. It's not as consistent, but it's strong if done well.

The Jungler's Mind

  • Remember to pop your Health Potion right when the creeps start attacking you, and you're sure you won't end up with more than full life when the potion ends.

  • Health Potion heal 200 hp, so if you have less than that, pop another.

  • This path for jungling is great, but can vary from game to game. You should not always take the exact jungle path described. For example, if a gank opens up in mid directly after getting blue, GO FOR IT. Killing a champion for free is ALWAYS better than killing the the wolves. Stuff like that is important to think about throughout your jungling phase.

  • be wary of counter-junglers stealing your wraiths and double golems. Have your support's Clairvoyance keep an eye on dat junglar!!!

  • remember to auto-attack when you gank (especially with red).

  • Give buffs to those who need it. DON'T BE THE **** WHO STEALS ANIVIA'S BLUE BUFF!!!

  • Remember to buy Sight Wards. You are the jungler, and though it may slow you down, people's lives are at stake! Your team is depending on you and your support to see everything coming at them. Don't disappoint. Wards save lives.

  • When you get your second blasting wand, your damage output is quite significant. ESPECIALLY YOUR BANDAGE TOSS AND ULT, which have ratios of 1. It's really surprising, and if you catch a squishy, it will hurt a LOT. Practice your bandage tosses often.

Your Jungling Path

1. Blue Golem. Smite it. Eat it. Nom Nom. You now have blue buff. Make sure you get a leash (have someone else hit it with an auto-attack so it follows them). Without it, you can't gank effectively after your first run through the jungle.
2. You can either invade, or go get the wolves. I'll pretend you got the wolves, since that's what most people do.
3. Wraiths. Keeeel theeeeemmmm
4. You can grab red buff nao! Smite it!
5. Double Golems. Two up? Two down. Easy as cake.
6. You should still have a decent amount of life. You can gank, or you can get wolves and wraiths again and b, or you can just b. I usually gank, or b and gank.

note: if you can't seem to kill red buff, just do double golems, back, get red, and gank. It's decent.

This is the path you should take (although I prefer a regrowth over cloth armor).
Your text to link here...
Thanks to FirstAnathema for making the video.

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Your Role in Teamfighting

Aim for the Carry
  • I know. It's kind of a weird thing to say for an Amumu. Usually, you will just protect your carry.
  • If you are on their carry doing damage, they will be FORCED to focus you. You do too much damage. But you are tanky. Lose-lose for them.
  • If you hit a carry with your entire combo, they WILL die without something like a banshee's veil. Even then, though, you do a lot of burst.
  • Try to get as many people as you can in your ult. Easy to say. Practice your ults, because they can literally ruin the other team in a fight. You thought Amumu's ult was game-breaking before? Check it out now.

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FAQ (AKA I only kinda read the guide)

Q: Aren't you squishy running a damage item like Rabadon's Deathcap or Will of the Ancients?

A: YES. YOU ARE. That's why you should not use this build if you are behind. You are first and foremost a tank. If you can't survive, it will not help your team in the slightest. However, if you got off a successful gank or two, you can still be rather tanky while achieving fantastic damage. And as far as Will of the Ancients goes... the item is pretty damn over-powered, so it's nice to have.

Q: You said you are running an AP Amumu, and yet your late game items are mostly defensive. What gives?

A: Again, you are first and foremost a tank. Late game when the opponents damage is getting higher, you will just die. Dying fast is not an option you can afford.

Q: You keep saying that I should only run this when I'm ahead. How can I tell when I'm ahead, and what should I do when I'm not?

A: Deciding when you're ahead is something you just have to get used to. Not easy to explain. Even team compositions might make you change your mind as to what you want to run. BUT if you get a few successful ganks and kills, you should be safe running this build. As for what to do if you are behind, look at another build. I would recommend Jebus's "Wrapping up the Jungle" Guide. It is probably the closest thing there is to a perfect Amumu guide on Mobafire.

Q: What should I do if I am at a lower level, and I don't have runes?

A: This guide is geared towards a higher level of play, but there are other guides that can help a lower leveled player with Amumu. However, you should be able to do this, so long as you have armor seals.

Q: What if my top is a 2v1 / they suck big time?

A: You will have to gank top CONSTANTLY. Don't leave them alone. If they are really having trouble still, see if someone would be able to switch lanes with them. You really don't want to commit to lane.

Q: You call this AP Amumu, and your best-scaling move is Bandage Toss. You level Tantrum first? WHAT UP WIT DAT, BRO?

A: Tantrum is a consistent source of damage that will almost always hit who you want. Also, the extra bulk it adds is a nice bonus. Next, it is a toss-up between leveling Bandage Toss and Despair. Toss is for burst, and tears are for killing baron and taking down tankier people. But it's better used in normal Amumu builds. Simple as that.

Q: Should I up-vote this guide?

A: Yes.

Q: Why do you choose Greater Quintessence of Armor over Greater Quintessence of Health or Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed?

A: Greater Quintessence of Armor are the only quints that let you jungle smoothly with the regrowth pendant. Think of it like this: If you have a regrowth pendant, you will be getting back a set amount of health per second. It's better to have less life that's harder to deplete than more life that's easier to deplete, because the hp revival will not be as strong. You will be getting a greater percentage of your health back per second. However, these are not very useful quints on most people besides Amumu, so the options listed may or may not be more useful for your needs.

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Summary and Acknowledgements

I hope you've gained some respect for the powerful, and underplayed AP Amumu, the face-crusher that can result in feeding the little mummy early game. Feel free to comment, as I'm ALWAYS looking for ways to improve my game, and feel free to contact me in-game, too! It's always fun to play a few games and make a few friends (although I can't guarantee I'd help you win)... xP Toodles, and happy playing the sad mummy! :]

Obviously, My guide hasn't gotten to this point on it's own. JhoiJhoi's guide "Making a Guide", and LameoGamer's Tristana guide have guided the formatting and structure of my guide. I give a big thanks to them! :]

Thanks for the pic, Alexanpt!