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Ornn Build Guide by StressTrain

Support Ornn Support Season 9

By StressTrain | Updated on October 25, 2019
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Runes: Standard Spellbook

1 2
Unsealed Spellbook
Magical Footwear
Minion Dematerializer
Cosmic Insight

Presence of Mind
Legend: Tenacity

+10% Attack Speed
+6 Armor
+8 Magic Resist


Summoner Spells
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Top Lane
Ranked #28 in
Top Lane
Win 52%
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Threats & Synergies

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Ideal Synergies

Champion Build Guide

Ornn Support Season 9

By StressTrain
Pros and Cons

+ Powerful endgame power spike
+ Give your team 1000g worth of stats for free
+ Can stay in lane far longer than other champions due to his passive Living Forge
+ One of the best engage/peel Ultimate's in the game. Call of the Forge God
+ Bellows Breath and Call of the Forge God can Brittle enemies, resulting in longer CC or bonus Max Health magic damage.
+ Very tanky


- Melee, susceptible to poke teams
- Pre 6, has a fairly telegraphed engage/peel
- Reaches full potential at level 12 and full team potential at level 16
- Hard to play from behind
Runes Back to Top
What is Unsealed Spellbook? Why play it on Ornn? Will I be able to use it properly? Do not worry! If you have questions like these, that just means there is more to learn!

Unsealed Spellbook gives the most versatility of any keyrune. Allowing you to grab Smite when contesting Dragon or Teleport to flank an unsuspecting enemy. Since Ornn is already a strong team fighter, this just compliments his kit perfectly.
There are a couple of other details, like how each swap lowers the cooldown on how frequently you can swap, plus you cannot select the same spell again (Until you have found selected 3 unique spells). Use the Practice Tool to really get a feel for the rune.

I will go over the summoner spells I generally swap into during the game:

- Heal & Barrier If we are getting harassed a lot or are about to do a dive, this can help us come out on top of the trade.
- Ghost Stronger roaming or escape.
- Teleport A good first pick in lane. Since you can do a back, pick up some Control Wards or Health Potions then immediately get back to lane.
- Smite If you see Dragon is 30s or so from spawning you can grab this to help secure it.
- Cleanse Is very powerful when you need to land your Call of the Forge God. If I am up against a lot of roots from a Lux or Morgana this can turn the tides.
- Exhaust can help secure a kill, I find it normally ends up getting picked to help peel for my ADC.
- Clarity is best used if you need to refill your ADC's mana pool as well as your own.
How does this Rune work? Every couple of minutes, you will have an arrow above each of your summoner spells. If you click on this arrow, it will pop open a small menu displaying all available summoner spells. Once you select one, it becomes equipped with a small 5s cooldown. Once you use this swapped spell, you original summoner spell then gets swapped back.
The new 12min timer on this rune hurts, but it is still the best rune in this row. Free boots help the supports low gold income.
Although it only has three stacks, this item helps give you and your ADC much needed experience in lane. Save the charges to secure Cannon Minions. Ensure you have a stack on your Relic Shield with your ADC nearby so you both get the gold.
The additional 5% CDR on everything is a subtle but powerful difference to your kit. CDR is your most important stat!
This is one of the best runes you can get on Ornn. Call of the Forge God is an extremely powerful team fight ability. Securing kills with your Ult just helps reduce its cooldown even more. The extra 20% mana back on kills and assists keeps you in lane even longer.
Passively being more immune to CC throughout the game helps ensure you land your own CC.
Items Back to Top


Most games you will want Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads. It is important to analyze your enemies team comp to determine what fits best. Ask yourself:
- Is the enemy team mostly AD? ( go Ninja Tabi)
- Enemy team has a very aggressive lane with duo Auto-Attack champs? (go Ninja Tabi)
- Is there a fed enemy mage who is 7/0? (go Mercury's Treads)
- Is there a lot of Roots/Stuns/Other CC that prevents me from using my ult? (go Mercury's Treads)
These are just some of the things you should ask yourself while playing to determine what will work best. Making early boots with Ornn's passive Living Forge can be a sizable power spike during lane phase if you are against double AD or double AP.

I also listed Ionian Boots of Lucidity as an honorable mention. I find I already build items with a lot of CDR so i never feel I get my money's worth. That being said, it can be beneficial for these reasons:
- Cheaper boots
- Early CDR
- CDR on your Summoner spells. (Great synergy with Spellbook Rune)
So it is worth a mention since you can hit the CDR cap much sooner than normal.

Putting Ornn's Passive to work

Targon's Brace
These are a list of starting items that will branch into almost any item in your kit. It is important to have a rough plan early, then build items to give you the strongest lane presence.

After sharing some gold with my ADC/APC I can normally build the Rejuvenation Bead very early. This helps with early trades. Prioritize getting the Targon's Brace so you have better gold income.

When Ornn builds Health/Mana items, he gains that much health and mana. This is important to know since you can heal up after a trade with Ruby Crystal, or recover a healthy amount of mana back from a Sapphire Crystal too if you are playing aggressive.

Build Cloth Armor when up against double AD or Null-Magic Mantle if against a poke heavy lane.

Finish Support Item ASAP and build towards first Masterwork

First and foremost, finishing your Support item Remnant of the Aspect. It gives you all the stats you need and gold. Next there is this big list of items! What gives!? Well that is because we can build versus the enemy team again. It depends on their setup.
- Will more CC be useful (YES)? Does enemy have at least 2 AD? -> Build Glacial Shroud then Sheen
- Enemy team have a lot of spell poke? Do you have at least 2 AP on your team? -> Build Negatron Cloak & Catalyst of Aeons.
- Does your team need help slow pushing waves? Does the enemy Team have a fed AD? -> Build Bami's Cinder & Chain Vest
- Have you fallen far behind? Do you need more Teamfight utility? -> Build Crystalline Bracer & Forbidden Idol.

Ornn's Masterwork

These items once upgraded by Ornn's passive Living Forge at level 12 are some of the most gold efficient items in the game (145% -> 150% gold efficiency excluding passives). The raw stats will make you extremely durable.

Some of these items have better synergy than others, so it is worth noting here:
- Iceborn Gauntlet + Sunfire Cape = So much armor that your AoE slow from Iceborn Gauntlet will be massive
- Abyssal Mask + Sunfire Cape = Abyssal Mask will amplify Sunfire Capes damage.

Redemption nets the least amount of stats upon upgrade to Salvation, so if you can, I try to hold off and finish one of the other items first to get the extra value before finishing Redemption. That being said, take this advice with a grain of salt because Redemption is cheap and getting any stronger power spike earlier can really make a difference.

5th & 6th item utility

I highly recommend always getting Redemption for your 5th item if you didn't buy it for one of your Masterwork item slots. It gives you great stats, is cheap, and has an amazing active. An AoE heal for team fights is incredible.

For the 6th item, I normally save for Control Wards, but if the game happens to go long enough. This is how I pick:
- Is our team grouping reliably for teamfights? -> Build Locket of the Iron Solari
- Do you have a bruiser/tank/ADC that is doing quite well? -> Build Knight's Vow
- Do you need another tool to engage the enemy team? -> Build Righteous Glory
- Enemy team has too much healing! Or heavily reliant on Auto Attacks? -> Build Thornmail
- Do you already have crazy armor and Magic resist but need to live longer? -> Build Warmog's Armor

A Note on Health versus Armor/Magic Resist

All Armor and Magic Resistance points on Ornn are improved by 10%. Which is incredible! However, Armor and Magic Resistance is not everything. They are affected by a diminishing return. let's look at the table below:
Armor Value
Damage Reduction

As you can see, there starts to be a fairly steep diminishing return after about 150. This is important to keep in mind when buying items.

The next important aspect of this is making sure you have a decent amount of Health. If you have a low Health pool, having 55% damage reduction will not be as effective.

So make sure you finish your Support item first! This gives some much needed Health!
Ornn's Abilities Back to Top
Living Forge There is a lot happening here for this passive.
- You passively gain +10% more Armor and Magic Resistance
- You can forge items while out of combat! (I recommend getting familiar with your Shop keybinding so you can quickly browse for what you need.)
- You and your team get access to the Masterwork items. Ornn gets access to two of them at level 13 and you can right click on an eligible ally once at level 14 and every level after to upgrade one of their items.
- Ornn can apply Brittle debuff with some of his moves. Bellows Breath & Call of the Forge God on it's first pass
- Brittle can stack up to two times, and be consumed by you or an ally to deal bonus Max Health damage or improve the effectiveness of a CC spell.
- If Ornn Auto-Attacks an enemy with the Brittle debuff, he will knock them up for 0.5s.

Volcanic Rupture Piercing skill shot that slows. After a slight delay (1.5s) a pillar forms at the end of the skill shot. If an enemy is over the pillar, it will knock them up briefly. This is a good poke tool to slow and set up for your Searing Charge. In some niche circumstances, you can summon this pillar to block off narrow passages. Most notably between a Turret and the wall it is closest too.

Bellows Breath Unstoppable fire cone deals Max Health damage and applies brittle. While Ornn is channeling this spell, he is Unstoppable. This can be useful to counter a Pyke hook or Lux bind. You can cast this spell while immobilized to get some movement still. Most often however, this is your main damage tool on an enemy. The combo of Bellows Breath Max Health damage then following up with an Auto-Attack to consume the Brittle stack for more Max Health damage gives you incredible burst potential that catches most off guard.

Searing Charge Charge forward, knocking up enemies in a radius upon collision with a structure. Searing Charge can do a sizable amount of damage since it scales in damage with Ornn's Armor and Magic Resistance. It's main use is to stun enemies too close to a wall or your Seismic spike from Volcanic Rupture. Searing Charge is also a decent escape tool since you are very immobile, and can save you from some poor positioning.

Call of the Forge God Massive skill shot that slows on the first pass and knocks up on the second pass. This amazing team-fight ultimate is what gives Ornn the edge over most supports. On the first cast you summon a Ram that charges towards you applying Brittle to all enemies it hits and a slow. If you cast this spell again with the Ram near you, you can knock it back in a target direction. Knocking up all enemies hit.

Be mindful of your positioning when you use Call of the Forge God. If you get caught in a root or get stuck against a wall, your second cast can miss fairly easily.
To be continued.... Back to Top
Hello Everyone, this is my first guide and I will likely come back to add more details to my fav champ Ornn in this guide such as: Combo's and Team Synergies. For now I will publish what I have so I can take the feedback and improve my guide.

Please leave a comment! Happy Forging!
League of Legends Build Guide Author StressTrain
StressTrain Ornn Guide
Ornn Support Season 9