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Pantheon General Guide by Pusspussmonsta

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pusspussmonsta

Pantheon - In-Depth Guide to Help Your Short (Spear) Shaft

Pusspussmonsta Last updated on June 9, 2013
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Hi guys, I'm the Pusspussmonsta, and I will begin by saying that I AM NOT high elo. I am nowhere near the best Pantheon player, but I have had great success with this champ. the following is a BASIC guide to Pantheon. If any high elo people read this, and have advice, or more knowledge in general, please contribute; I do not mind criticism at all. For example, you will see that my rune page is going to be incomplete, because I have not yet reached the skill level to fully understand the concepts. However, as a basic introduction to Pantheon, I believe I will be able to help some newer players.

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Why play Pantheon?

Buff Spartan, Spear and Shield in hand, wearing nothing but a pair of undies that barely hang on to his manhoood, you think to yourself, "damn this guy must be a good champ". here are the pros:

1. Pantheon, the Artisan of War, is an amazing top-laner. His early game is almost unrivaled to any other champ (his Spear Shot does crazy damage in the beginning) , and if fed, he will snowball harder than Gragas rolling down a hill during a blizzard.

2. He is also very unique due to the fact that he is an AD-CASTER, which means he doesn't rely on Auto-Attacks to do damage, but rather his skills. so many items such as Randuin's Omen won't affect him!

3. His Ult Grand Skyfall is hands-down the most fun ult in the game. you can troll people so hard with it. it is essentially a free teleport... oh, but with up to 1000 damage and it slows. if cast correctly, there is no amount of words that can describe how hard your b0ner will be when you see the enemies running away from your allies into the middle of you ult circle. (remember to bring tissues when you play Pantheon, if not for the hilarious ult-trolling which will bring tears to your eyes, but for the unbelievable 0rgasm you will experience when you land on someone's face with your balls)

4. Another reason (and maybe the most important) to play Pantheon is because is he will SH1T ON the enemy AD/AP carry. Let me rephrase that. If played right, Pantheon will drop the other team's carries faster and harder than a stripper's panties. And let's be on honest, at the elo many of us are trapped at (bronze - silver) there are some really dumb noobs who absolutely have no idea what "focus" means. And as Pantheon you can negate their lack of intelligence with one good Grand Skyfall followed with Aegis of Zeonia, Heartseeker Strike, and a couple of Spear Shots. (Hold on a minute, Pusspuss, you listed 4 skills! those are all of Pantheon's skills! THAT'S RIGHT. Pantheon's ENTIRE skillset was literally made for the sole purpose of Kunt-punting the enemy carrys.)

And now, as you have just prepared a fresh box of kleenex, and your mouse is hovering over the "purchase champion" button, you think to yourself, "wait a second. There must be some bad sides to this champ, I saw the movie 300! they're not invincible!"
And yes. there are a few cons to Pantheon.

1. his first strength that I listed above, is also his first weakness. If you get behind as Pantheon, it is hard as m0ther****in hell to get back in the game (unless you KS). Pantheon snowballs like mad, but he will also drop off just as quickly.

2. speaking of dropping off, Pantheon's damage DOES drop off in late game. As the other team builds more items, your damage will decrease. Therefore, it may seem that your usefulness to the team will decrease. There are two ways to counter this. The first is to buy AD and Armor penetration items. A Frozen Mallet and a Maw of Malmortius will ONLY be enough to drop the ADC and AP carry. However, using this strategy, you are sacrificing a tank to the team. the other way to counter this is buy more tankier items, and focus on the ADC and AP carry, which you can still drop in an instant, and sacrifice more damage for more tankiness. the second route will be the one discussed in this guide, as towards late game, your AP/ADC should have enough items to be effective enough to take down one of the carries (remember it is YOUR job to kunnt-punt the other carry!) using the method, this second negative part of Pantheon can be lowered to a minimum.

3. His ult is hard to land. You have to predict where the enemy is going, and what the best positioning for your team is. And ult can lead to a Pentakill, or it can lead you finding yourself waking up dazed in a random person's bed, bleeding from the butt, and wondering why there's four naked guys next to-....... oh wait. wow sorry, I still have some bad memories from high school. but anyways, you get the picture.

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Item order

Item Sequence

Stealth Ward

Mana Potion

Health Potion

These are your starting items. Pantheon is a very good early game harasser. his Spear Shot at level one does anywhere from 80-100 damage depending on your runes and masteries. (i've just for fun ran straight attack damage runes (+22 attack damage!) and masteries and against some champs you can do alot of damage and will force their pots or deny them precious farm. This is why I like taking the flask and mana potion together. The downside of Spear Shot is it cost some mana, which kinda sucks, but with the flask and mana pot, you should be able to sustain pretty well.

personally, i get the ward just because my harass early game is so high, the jungler almost HAS to help out top lane, or else, i would get first blood and/or deny them farm so hard that they will be way behind.

Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potion is a viable choice against another very strong AD top laner, as it gives you sustain in lane.

Item Sequence

Null-Magic Mantle

Long Sword

Boots of Speed

This is for an early back. If you have to go back early, it will most likely be one of3 things:
1. you died
2. you killed the other person, and have low health
3. the other person harrased you so much you must go back to heal.

If it is because you have died, or because you are low on health and you have to go back, that probably means you're already behind. Cloth Armor against ad tops (think Garen, Tryndamere, Wukong), and Null-Magic Mantle for AP tops (think Rumble, Vladimir, Ryze.

if it is because you have killed the other person, go ahead and get a Long Sword, and if possible one of the other two ( Cloth Armor or Null-Magic Mantle).

and finally, The Brutalizer is a very good item due to the cooldown, ad, and armor pent. Much like Miss Fortune's Bullet Time, pantheon's Heartseeker Strike is a spell that doesn't do ALL the damage at once, but rather deals damage per each time it hits. so if you didn't have armor pent, each strike would do less damage, resulting in overall less damage. This is why you see alot of MF's take The Brutalizer as their first item. also, the cooldown reduction will also help a huge amount with Spear Shot.

and remember to always always get sight ward. i promise you it will save your life.

Item Sequence

Ninja Tabi

The Brutalizer



Giant's Belt

this is going to be your early core. If you have gotten first blood, and have good farm, you can also probably skip to one of these items. if you are against an AP top, Hexdrinker does WONDERS. it gives you magic resist, and if you would take a blow for under 30% of your health, it gives you a 250 hp shield for 5 seconds, plenty of time to get back to your tower. This item has saved me numerous times. And with a cherry on top, it gives you Attack damage too. Against an AP top, you cant go wrong with this item.

Phage is a good item if you are ahead in your lane. extra health, extra attack damage, slow for kills? great all around. as an off-tank, this item is pure gold.

if you feel like you are taking alot of harass, Giant's Belt is a nice option. First off, it gives you a good amount of health, but secondly, many of your other core items will build off of it as well, and you can build it into Frozen Mallet, Randuin's Omen, or Sunfire Cape, depending on what the situation is.

for boots, Mercury's Treads for AP top lanes, or lanes with hard cc (think Elise, Nasus, Malphite. And Ninja Tabi for heavy AD lanes (think Garen, Wukong). In the end, you will most likely want Mercury's Treads, as you will already have enough armor, and CC will be more annoying to you. and once again always always remember your sight ward.

Item Sequence

Frozen Mallet

Runic Bulwark

Randuin's Omen

Sunfire Cape

Mercury's Treads

These will be your end game items for an Off-Tank Pantheon. Maw of Malmortius and Frozen Mallet, will be more than enough to drop ADC and AP carries. again, Pantheon drops off a little bit late game in terms of damage, so most of the damage will be done by your ADC and APcarry. You will be in there to try and destroy the enemy carries, and overall just to create havoc with your Grand Skyfall and Heartseeker Strike in team fights.

I really like the immense amount of bonus armor on Pantheon, because towards end game, it becomes alot more objective-based in terms of strategy. The team's towers become oh-so-precious and the enemy team will guard them as hard as they can, even at maybe half-low life. This is when this build will excel. Pantheon is already an amazing tower diver (with his Aegis Protection passive, and extra armor will help you tank the turret while the enemy has no idea what hit them (it would be your Grand Skyfall, btw). I will elaborate on how to correctly turret dive with your ult later. but yes, the extra armor has alot of benefits.

Item Sequence

Last Whisper

Guardian Angel


Warmog's Armor

Mercurial Scimitar

Banshee's Veil

these are your situational items. Are you 15/0 at 15 minutes, but you want to be 30/0? The Bloodthirster and Last Whisper will probably help you with that. are you trying to drop the ADC but for some reason you're not doing enough damage? Last Whisper.
does the other team not have any AP carries? (yes i've seen some teams run AD top and AD mid) or is the enemy AP carry 0/10 with 25 farm at 20 minutes, while the enemy ADC is 10/0 with 100 farm and legendary? Thornmail.
what about the opposite? what if the other team runs AP top and AP mid, and the other team's ADC is from bronze V elo with 5 farm? Mercurial Scimitar and Banshee's Veil
is the other team focusing you like you're nikki minaj's booty? Guardian Angel

Guide Top

Skills! (and explanations)

ooooo one of the best passives in the game I think. many top champs will rely on AA to harass, and this passive is what will help you win trades. it gives you a shield to protect against the next basic attack! this shield spawns after you attack 4 times, it doesn't matter if it's a skill or just an autoattack, both will proc this passive. also you Aegis of Zeonia will automatically proc this active as well. I will go into more detail about the correct strategy to use this in your trades. For now, just know that it gives you a shield after you attack 4 times, so in the case when you want your shield up, hit a few minions (dont push!) and it should be up.

this skill is your bread and butter. if you were a p0rnstar, this would be equivalent to your pen1s. without it, pantheon is nothing more than a naked man-child with a shield. at level one, it does 65 damage, and with some runes, it can do up to 80-90. of course, the other champ will have some armor, so the damage maybe around 60-70. but think about that. most champs at lvl 1 will only have 500-550 hp. so a few of these spears, and you'll have your enemy chugging health pots like a Irishman on St pattys day. the other cool thing is that Heartseeker Strike has a passive on it that allows for 100% crit on enemies with 15% or lower health. Spear Shot is affected by that! so its an amazing finishing move as well. note that early game, it does cost 45 mana to cast, and you WILL be mana dry if you spam it alot (which is why i take a mana pot). However, the mana cost doesn't increase with level, so after level 5-6, feel free to spam all day everyday. easy, simple skill, yet it does so much. because this skill is ranged, it will give you a huge advantage against many top champs. Nasus for example with no range attacks gets demolished by this.

this is pantheons stun. he leaps onto an enemy and stuns them for 1 sec, with his shield, but I like to think that he does it with his manly balls. not only does it stun and do a little bit of damage, but it also refreshes your Aegis Protection passive! this means that trading 1v1 with other champs turns in your favor. Again, I will go over the correct steps for this later in the guide. but for now, just know that it stuns, does damage and is what you will use to jump on the enemy carries so you and your team can pound them into the 10th circle of hell.

Pantheon shoves his shaft into the enemy 3 times, dealing damage. During a team fight, when people are crowded, this is the skill to use. you'll note, that at first, when you read the description, it doesn't seem like much damage, even for 3 consecutive hits, but towards the end of the description it states "this skill does DOUBLE damage to champions". wowowowowowow yay! since its a cone-shaped skill shot that people can move away from, use this after Aegis of Zeonia, so they can't move away. One note on this skill (for smartcasters mainly), the range on it is a bit farther than it looks. sometimes a veryvery low enemy will be running away from me, and both my stun and my q are on CD so i pop this skill, and it kills them.

oh mama. This is what pantheon is all about. This is the reason why you bring tissues to wipe yourself with when you play him. this is the reason why i touch myself at night. Grand-m0thafrakin-skyfall. Pantheon jumps and lands on a different spot on the map, dealing up to 1000 damage (at level 3) for enemies he lands on, and lower damage to enemies at the outside of the circle. enemies are also slowed by 35% for 1 second. yikes. the range on this a bit bigger than 1/4 of the map, from top lane, you can jump to the middle of mid lane a few steps past the river brush, and you can easily reach your mid turret a few steps from the fountain in your base. So basically, when this ult is used, pantheon gathers himself for a small amount of time (im not sure the exact time but cant be more than a 1-2 seconds), and then a huge a$$ circle appears on where to land. Take note, everyone CAN see the circle, unless its in their fog-of-war. after a few seconds, pantheon slams his balls of steel down in the middle of the circle, dealing damage and slowing. I will discuss how this ult can be used later in the guide. but just for now, know that you will ejacu1ate more organic fluids than any chemistry class has ever taught you every time you use this ult.

Guide Top

Skill Order

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

this is the order you should level your skills in, and already I know, many of you are thinking, "wait, this order doesn't have Q, W, and E at level 3! why?!?! OMG HE DOESN'T LEVEL HIS ULT TO LEVEL 2 AT LEVEL 11? PUSSPUSS IS A FERKIN NOOB" all this will be explained. so loosen up those panties! bc you will obtain a b0ner longer than Pantheon's spear from my infinite wisdom.

first of all Spear Shot is leveled first. the ONLYONLYONLY exception to this is if your team has decided for sure that they are invading, in which case, you would get Aegis of Zeonia first. the 1 sec stun on a single enemy with the rest of your team in the bush about to jump them will guarantee first blood. other than that, your Spear Shot is your main poke, main finishing move, bread and butter. it also scales 1.4X your BONUS attack damage. and is affected by your Heartseeker Strike passive crit. the cooldown of Spear Shot is especially low, so it is spammable AND the mana cost on it doesn't increase from more than 45 mana. This is also the reason why we upgrade it again at level 3 instead of getting Heartseeker Strike. If you harass the enemy early, chances are they will NOT be aggressive (as they should have less health than you), and a smart enemy would stay back and use their pots before coming back into the fray to CS, or harass you (think about how many people start with pots in to lane, almost all). Leveling this at level 2 again increases harass after they eat their pots, and with a continuous mana cost of 45, you're getting more damage and more harass for the same mana cost.

I level Aegis of Zeonia at level 2, because the 1 second stun is too critical to pass up in case of a early dive. and it also refreshes your Aegis Protection, which is critical in trades. the amount of time stunned doesn't increase with level, so I leave this to level last. The only thing that increases is a lower cooldown and damage (which stacks with AP) but you wont really be using this skill to do damage, just to stun and get your Aegis Protection passive up.

I get this skill at level 4, and max it second after Spear Shot. You'll see that at level 11, when most champs will upgrade their ult to level 2, however, I choose not to because you get alot more damage with pantheon's E, and the only thing that increases with your ult's level is the damage and CDR. however remember that unlike many other champ's ults, pantheon's ult isn't really for the damage. Yes, you'll hit some people, maybe, and do a good amount of damage, but it is more important for zoning. you will do more damage with a level 1 Grand Skyfall at level 11 comboed with a Aegis of Zeonia and a level 3 Heartseeker Strike compared to a level 2 Grand Skyfall and a level 2 Heartseeker Strike. (unless of course you land straight ON TOP of the champion which almost never happens). besides, you hit your Heartseeker Strike alot more than your ult.

this glorious glorious ult, you should get first at level 6, so you can help out mid/bot lane. and honestly you can leave it there until mid game. see above for reference.

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Early Game - What to do and how to trade (lvls 1-5)

Pantheon EXCELS in early game. Early game for pantheon is all about farming well, and managing your Spear Shot harasses. you WILL be mana dry if you harass too much, but if you are too passive, then you will lose your early advantage. the basic mechanism to this is to last hit creeps to CS, and Spear Shot the enemy when he gets in close to try and cs. This way, he will not only have less farm, but will also have lower health and be more afraid to step up and farm. you can chuck a few Spear Shots at level one, but you really want to save it for levels 4-5, because your Spear Shots will cost the same mana, but will do more damage due to it being lvl 3-4 by then. This is the basic harass technique for Pantheon early game.

at level 2, you will have your Aegis of Zeonia, and this is when the fun begins. so remember your passive, Aegis Protection. It will usually proc by itself from you last hitting minions/throwing a Spear Shot at the enemy. once this passive is up, its your time to shine in the trade. as soon as you see an opportunity (make sure you're not giving up cs when you harras!), throw a Spear Shot and run in right after you run in, one of two things should happen: Either the enemy will run away, allowing you to deny him farm (and possibly another Spear Shot, or he will come and attack you.

1. he runs away: welp, you already won the "trade". he took damage, missed cs, while you damaged him, and didn't miss cs (preferably).
2. he comes at you and attacks you: if his first retaliation attack is a basic attack, which many champs will do (think Nasus, Jayce with his cannon mode, Tryndamere) this will attack will be blocked by your Aegis Protection. as soon as its blocked, you should jump him using Aegis of Zeonia. This stuns him and automatically refreshes your Aegis Protection passive. Oh guess what, that's another blocked basic attack. While he is stunned, Heartseeker Strike will cause massive damage, and you can follow it with a basic attack and maybe another Spear Shot. If his first retaliation attack is a skill (think Vladimirs Transfusion, or Shens Vorpal Blade), wait for the next autoattack to break your shield, and THEN jump him with Aegis of Zeonia. Either way, you will have potentially have blocked two autoattacks, which will almost certainly let you win the trade.

you must judge when to trade just for harass, and when to trade to kill using Ignite. remember you can always Flash and Aegis of Zeonia if you want a "ranged"-stun, but only do this if you are FOR SURE going to get the kill.

now what happens if your Aegis Protection is not up yet? best advice would be to avoid a trade (unless the enemy is obviously lower than you). chances are, this scenario probably won't happen THAT much, because your Aegis Protection should almost always only be 1-2 attacks from being refreshed. you don't want to Aegis of Zeonia just to refresh the shield unless you are SERIOUS about a trade because it costs a decent amount of mana, and you are pretty mana-dry already from all those Spear Shots.

Aegis of Zeonia is also and awesome tool if someone is going to tower dive you, because the 1 second stun is a free tower hit.

an important note, DO NOT right-click, or press any other skills during your Heartseeker Strike animation, as this will cancel you attacks, leaving you to only 1-2 strikes when you could've had 3. There's times when I've gotten way too excited and threw a quick Spear Shot and Ignite just to have the enemy flash away with maybe 20 health remaining. so always be sure to let Heartseeker Strike do the maximum damage, and then follow through with other skills.

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Late-early to Mid Game - Roaming the Map (lvls 6-13)

This is another part of the game that Pantheon is pretty good at. At level 6, once Grand Skyfall is aquired, you have the ability to roam the map and help everyone else out. During this time both junglers will have gotten into the flow of ganks and stuff, so your help is essential for your team. here are a few scenarios that can occur during this part of the game:

1. you are in lane doing very well, and can push your lane out a bit: this is a perfect opportunity to ping mid lane, tell them to let the enemy push a bit, while you take a few steps past the top lane river bush and use Grand Skyfall BEHIND THE OTHER ENEMY MID. why behind them? because this will make them choose how they want to die. once they see that god-forsaken red circle, they can either run away from the circle, towards your ally, resulting in you landing, not hitting them, but helping your ally 2v1 the enemy, OR, they can run away from your ally, into your circle, getting damaged, slowed, and comboed by your Aegis of Zeonia, Heartseeker Strike, and many Spear Shots to the face.

2. you aren't in lane, because you are buying, or because you are healing up and the enemy is pushed at bot or mid lane: well this is another scenario that happens often. from the fountain, the outer bot and mid turrets are only a few steps away with you Grand Skyfall. if bot is having trouble, for example, both ADC and Support are kinda low, hugging the turret, as the enemy pushed looking for a kill or more turret damage, BOOM drop your ult slightly behind the enemies and you will have a double kill. Again, remember to ult BEHIND the enemy. forcing them to choose again. Into the turret? or into that red circle of death. many times this will result in two Flashes.

3. you see your jungler getting caught because he was counter-jungling, or because the enemy was counter jungling:usually if this happens, the other enemy lanes will come to help. this is where you come in. Grand Skyfall to where your jungler is running towards because he lost the fight and is trying to escape, or Grand Skyfall to cut off the other enemy jungler form any escapes if your own jungler won the fight.

an additional tip for when you ult, during Grand Skyfall, Pantheon is in the air (invulnerable) for a few seconds. this doesn't mean you can't click stuff though! while in the air, you can actually press "W" for Aegis of Zeonia and select an enemy, and as SOON as you land, you will jump and stun that target. This is alot better than waiting for you to land because in a team fight, things can get messy, and mis-clicks DO happen.

Mid game for Pantheon is really the make-or-break point. if you are fed, this is where most of your kills will come from, and the snowballing is at the highest. if you are behind, this is also when you lose hope in a sense. if you are 0/5 during mid game, you're probably not going to end up positive after late game. if you are 5/0 during mid game, you will continue to snowball and will probably end up 10/0 during late game (maybe with a few deaths). If I know that I am WAY behind at this stage in the game, I start automatically rushing tank items. You will be much more beneficial to your team as a meat-shield tank, than trying to finish you offensive items and being a sub-par bruiser.

Here is a Map showing Pantheons map control during this stage of the game.

Green Dots are where to ward
Red circles are where you will most likely need to ult\

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Late Mid-Late Game - Turret Diving/Your Role in the Teamfight (lvls 14-18)

Yes, this is where your damage drop off begins. Before you were able to demolish every single enemy on the other team, be it carry, jungle, tank. you have been creating havoc for a good 20-25 minutes, and now the game gives way to hard CC, and who can protect their ADC the best. It is at this stage that you must transform into a tank meat shield. before I start talking about specifics in a teamfight, let me address the other important issue in this stage of the game - towers.
This is the stage of the game that each team is ferociously trying to win team fights or semi team fights and trying to take towers. Many a time, the enemy team, all together in mid lane, will be clearing your minion waves and pushing their minions to try and damage or take your tower, while your team is standing around your tower trying to defend it. Pantheon with his ult, can actually split push while this is happening. this split push will do one of two thing:

1. the enemy team sees you split pushing and is like "oh ****! someone help our top/bottom turret!": when you know the enemy is pushing your turrets, and then they decide to send someone to stop YOU from split pushing, this turns the tables around on them! now, you run down to your mid lane, and now the numbers are in your advantage, and your team is the one that is pushing the turrets! hooray!

2. the enemy team doesn't see you, but your team is clearing waves well, so the enemy team isn't really doing that well in terms of damaging your turret: good! so mid lane is stalled out, bc your teams 4v5 defense is great! this lets you to keep on split pushing top or bot lanes!

3. the enemy team decides to go all out and attack your mid turret, because they figure its a 4v5, and they can destroy your turret:BOOM. turn that 4v5 into a 5v5. literally all you need to do is tell you team to go in, and Grand Skyfall on the enemy ADC (who is prolly doing the most damage to your turret at a range). you probably won't even have to tell your team to go in because as soon as they see the circle, they'll know that Pantheon is coming.
When a team is attacking a turret 5v4, and they know they can take the turret, they usually will not expect the other team to come in, which allows your team to intiate with hard CC first, for example, Sejuanis Glacial Prison or Sonas Crescendo. can the enemy move out of your circle range while they are frozen or dancing? NOPE. easy penta for you!
Many times, the enemy is thinking "oh man we're so close to taking this turret! lets just keep going only a few more hits!" if this the case, you will land on top of them dealing the full 1000 damage.
If the enemy team does choose to disengage from the turret, you will still land on some of them, because since your Grand Skyfall was aimed at the ADC, who is most likely in the BACK of the group, as the enemy team runs, many of those who were in front of your circle will be stuck between a rock (your team) and a hard place (where your ballsac will land), no pun intended Malphite.

Now using this same technique, you can actually also TAKE the enemy turret in a reverse scenario. Your team is pushing the enemy's turret, and its HP is getting kinda low, but the other team is still defending it. BOOM drop your ult on top of the defenders, they will either panic and run away, giving your team the easy turret, or stay and be heroes, only to get crush by your testes.

Now in a teamfight, its easy. if its a team fight resulting from the defending or taking of a turret, you are already Grand Skyfalling in on the ADC. All you need to do now is Aegis of Zeonia, Heartseeker Strike, Spear Shot, and Ignite.
If the teamfight is just from someone initiating, do the same thing! just find their ADC, Grand Skyfall in on them, and use the same combo.

your role in the teamfight is to DESTROY AND KILL the ADC or DO SO MUCH DAMAGE AND CHASE THEM THE EFF AWAY while the rest of your team finishes the rest. the enemy team, if smart, will start protecting their ADC away from you, which is good because the more they focus you, the less they focus your precious carries.

remember to always activate your items in a teamfight!( Randuin's Omen)

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Extra - Tips/Hints/Matchups

- Pantheon is not a hyper-carry. You can be 21/0 and still lose. if your team is not good at follwing up and engaging, or your ADC is terribad, yikes.

- you can cancel Grand Skyfall if you do it BEFORE Pantheon leaves the ground. This will put it on a 10 second cooldown.

- Grand Skyfall can be used as an escape. If you are trapped, ult outta there! if people are attacking you and you know you can't win, ult outta there! be careful though, as hard CC (ex: Crescendo) will stop your ult, and the cooldown will be reset as if you used it.

- Pantheon's main advantage is early game and harass. there are champions out there that will counter you so hard with shields and sustain. here are some matchups:

1. if played correctly, her shield will nullify your harass, and her early game is almost just as strong as yours. I hate riven
2. again, if played correctly, his shield nullifies your harass as well. his ult basically counters your ult. If you jump to mid lane, he'll use Stand United on his mid lane, and it'll just be a mess. Also, pantheon is good at tower diving, because he can go in, block a few hits, and run out. Shen with his taunt will screw you over. bad matchup
3. shield again
4. hard lane because of his passive shield and because he scales with armor anyways
5. her Hiten Style gives her sustain, she has a stun, and she doesn't really use AA to harass you but instead with her Q and E. also her passive allows for a 10% reduction in stuns, and you have a stun, so that's bad news bears.
6. ugh Yorick is a hard matchup in lane in general. your Spear Shots will become nothing due to his sustain. he will also zone you out with those goddamm ghouls.

1. not a super hard matchup, but his sustain is a bit annoying, as well as his ult. you must time you ignite correctly!
2. not a bad matchup either. his passive can be a bit annoying, because he will be healing, but they key is to just keep harassing him, as that stops his passive heal. What usually ends up happening is that if you harass him too much, he will just spin-to-win and push the lane, then hide in the bush to heal up while you are last hitting under your tower. you most likely won't be able to kill him, but he shouldn't really be able to kill you either.
3. not gonna be a fun lane. even with the nerfs, I feel like he is still a bit OP. the good thing is, he has no shield or sustain, and will naturally push the lane with his Q, so you should be safe. but just be careful, he's a dangerous guy.

1. hoho you are the perfect counter for teemo, because teemo's main advantage over most AD tops is that he can blind you, which renders your basic attacks useless, and his basic attacks deal extra magic damage. Well, good thing for you is that Pantheon is an AD-CASTER, so he doesn't even use his Auto attacks all that much, and relies on his skills to harass, so Teemos blind is useless. Second, we have Aegis Protection to stop his basic attacks which means we also stop that bonus magic attack.
2. awww yiss second funnest lane as Pantheon. Nasus has sustain, yes which can be annoying, but he as no ranged harass, other than his Spirit Fire, but that costs alot of mana for him and will push the lane. so you can just Spear Shot him all day every day. even his Wither doesn't affect you that much, because once again, you are not auto attack reliant! you may not be able to kill him, but you will deny this guy's farm so bad. and guess what's the ONE THING Nasus needs to be effective? FARM ( Siphoning Strike).
3. another pretty easy lane. his only sustain is his Q, which will push the lane so you can farm under tower. once under tower, he's screwed, because he can't harass you AT ALL. Spear Shot the **** out of him and it'll be an easy lane.
4. oh boy will this be a fun lane for you! Rengar's main source of damage, is his q, which is proced by his next basic attack. LOL oh wait, we have a shield that blocks basic attacks. Spear Shot to the face all day!

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So I hope this guide has helped you. Once again, I am open to any criticism, if you down-vote it, leave a note why, and how I can improve! And if you Up-vote it, leave a note with what you liked, and give me some criticism anyways! There's always room for improvement!

But all in all, I hope you enjoyed this Pantheon Guide, and if you're reading this, I will assume you made it all the way down here, so thank you so much for your time. I think this guide is just a basic guide for people who are new to Pantheon, but I wanted it to be in-depth as well.

Please feel free to add me on League of Legends: PussPussMonsta (North America)


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