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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Pantheon Build Guide by jerejr6

Jungle Pantheon: Jungle all the way

Jungle Pantheon: Jungle all the way

Updated on May 17, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author jerejr6 Build Guide By jerejr6 4 2 51,756 Views 4 Comments
4 2 51,756 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author jerejr6 Pantheon Build Guide By jerejr6 Updated on May 17, 2014
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Hey Summoners! This is my jungle guide for Pantheon i will update the guide more and more and more and more and this will never get old. Put questions if you need to ask something or you don't understand of some point of the guide. I'm here to answer your questions :) and don't forget to vote ^^
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Pros / Cons

+ Easy ganks level 6
+ E is good way to farm
+ Very effective ganks if they succeed
+ Gathers frustration in enemy team and you get focus of them ;)
+ your team loves ya
- Squishy
- Gathers frustration in enemy team and you get focus of them
- is pretty vulnerable at early game
- if they invade you are f***** up
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Spear Shot (Q)

Throw the spear and see enemies health disappear, high damage against any unit and practically your main damage against enemies it has low cooldown so it's very effective in jungle and when you get Blue buff you get 20% from that tiny cooldown off, which makes your jungling very easy

Aegis of Zeonia (W)

Stuns any unit (thanks to patch 3.15) so it's easier to jungle against big monsters of jungle like the ancient golem Blue or the lizard elder Red the stun. The stuns time doesn't expend by growing level of W so i max it last.

Heartseeker Strike (E)

Is great AoE damage causing skill (strikes enemy 3 times) great in teamfights and farming waves of minions i max it second, because my playing style doesn't need it much in early game.

Grand Skyfall (R)

After you can put a skill point to this (level 6) you can gank easily by landing it on you r enemies and you can initiate with it, it's good AoE which slows enemies and it's range is long.
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I've chosen these masteries for both styles, (AD and tank) just because you need some resistance at early game jungle and of course these masteries works better with tank panth cause there are many many synergies like Perseverance and Warmog's Armor but these masteries work pretty well with ad panth too. But remember that everyone have their own gamestyles so this is just recommendation.

Here is couple explanation for some masteries.


is obvious selection because you are jungler. It gives you extra damage against Monsters and minions.


Gives you health and mana when you kill unit so it's great for jungler

Tough Skin

Neutral monsters make less damage but lane minions isn't effected by this mastery

Bladed Armor

When neutral monsters attack you they cause bleeding to theirselves
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Jungle route

Jungle route for me starts from blue (obvious) then i do wolves or wraiths because you dont get level three with just blue and red, after i've beaten wolves or wraiths i go to get red. First gank is mid mostly.
After first gank i rarely farm in jungle i just continue ganking from 1 lane to another. But remember that you need to get farm so don't focus on getting enemies to their respawn times.
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Counter jungling

Counter jungling is looking game time and situation of your team at about 7:20 you can go to try steal their red or Blue if you and your team has good position in match, unless you are losing big time you should just focus on your own jungle and make sure you aren't the one who is getting counter jungle on you. you could get 6 lvl dragon if your enemy jungler is seen at top. If you don't know where he is it can be crucial drake and turning point of whole match.

.... more to come ....
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Early Game

In Early game you just get up to level 3 and start ganking lanes, at the start of match most of ganks are useful because you get your laner a kill, assist or free farm that gives huge advantage to your fellow players, and i prefer you to give your blue to mid after 2nd blue for the rest of the game

Mid game

help your friends out and push towers down and try to get early dragon
teamfights starts you and your team have advantage and its you and your ulti. you initiate with it and Land your ulti at middle of enemy team, find the ADC, stun him kill him. (it is your duty and destiny) After teamfight say support to get some vision on map (if you won teamfight you keep the advantage when you have vision if you lost teamfight well you dont get more surprises) give your ADC red from now on

Late game

There are 2 effective ways to your team win late game: Dominating enemy team in teamfight or backdooring to enemy base the objective is same its Nexus. If you have choose backdooring when others are in teamfight make sure that you see at least 3 of enemy team members because if you don't know where they are you are in danger if you see that two is missing you propably can take out the tower and one guy so it's always worth to you if you have very great success in early-mid game you take both enemy champs out. after this you can continue backdooring or help team in teamfights. Two ways to spend Aces: PUSH PUSH PUSH or baron and then go to another teamfight and finish the game
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Team Work

Gank lanes evenly and dont let any lane to lose. it's your duty! Remember that every gank is worthy if your enemy laner backs up, because it gives you team laner free farm. Initiate to teamfights, (Start Teamfights), Protect ADC and APC!! and give them red and blue. Most important thing to this chapter, COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR TEAM
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This build is what i generally use in every match, so i give you some basic reasons why i use the exact item,

Spirit of the Ancient Golem or Spirit of the Elder Lizard

basic jungle items which aids you get items and they can be sold late game.

Mercury's Treads

Cuts time of CC effects Stun, slow etc...

Black Cleaver

Grants you armor penetration, Gives you HP, and reduces enemy champion armor when you use your basic attack against them.


My favorite damage item, gives you 70 attack damage and 12% lifesteal, it has amazing passive, kill 30 units and you have bonus of 3% lifesteal and 30 attack damage, if you die you lose 50% of the stacks

Ninja Tabi

For little ammount of armor against monsters in jungle, you can change these later to Mobility Boots

Warmog's Armor

Great defensive items which grant you 1000 health

Guardian Angel

Gives you Armor, magic resistance and you are immortal until your passive is used which have 5 minute (300 seconds) cooldown

Frozen Mallet

for little more CC (passive: basic attacks slows enemy 40% (ranged 30%))

Last Whisper

Gives you nice attack damage and grants your 35% armor penetration

Banshee's Veil

blocks one enemy ability.. had to add it too because of the shield combo of Aegis Protection Banshee's Veil Guardian Angel ^.^

.... more to come ....
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Flash i use this because its useful and well needed for Pantheon

Teleport i usually play ranked so i look the enemy team if i think tp would have good use of backdoor but doesnt work else that good


well you're jungler.
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Update Log


Totally new setup for masteries, runes and items
added: counter jungling
added: Update log
modified: items
modified: Pantheon as top laner


Modified: Describsion of Spear Shot


Added Chapter: Milestones


Changed skinfor my recent ^^
Updated Runes
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10k views 14/4/2014
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