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Talon Build Guide by King Turtle

Middle [Patch 11.18] Menace To LoL Talon

Middle [Patch 11.18] Menace To LoL Talon

Updated on September 9, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author King Turtle Build Guide By King Turtle 2,304 Views 4 Comments
2,304 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author King Turtle Talon Build Guide By King Turtle Updated on September 9, 2021
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Runes: HeeHee

Fleet Footwork
Presence of Mind
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
Standard Spells
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Champion Build Guide

[Patch 11.18] Menace To LoL Talon

By King Turtle
Build Introduction
I woke up earlier this week and when I go on mobafire I had a message from someone who asked for me to try Talon and see if I could make a build for him, so here I am with my own version of Talon Mid, Menace To LoL Talon. It takes advantage of his interaction with crit while still keeping him feeling healthy as an assassin. The reason being that from what I could see from crit talon builds is that they tried to go full ADC, which isn't a terrible idea, aside from the fact that you're so squishy that even the slightest bit of CC takes you out of the game once you get past 30 minutes. This build is to make sure you can be an assassin and still use Crit effectively. We'll go over the Pros and Cons, and then the Items below.
-Lots of Damage: Talon as a champion just does **** loads of damage because of his insane scalings and lethality. With this build you still get a healthy amount of lethality to keep you strong throughout the game and avoid turning him into an ADC wannabe. For tanks you get plenty of armor pen with LDR and Eclipse mythic passive to also keep you strong for both types of champions.

-Tons of Healing: This build as a whole has an overwhelming amount of healing and survivability despite not being entirely focused on it. Eclipse, Dorans Blade, and Ravenous Hunter give omnivamp, and Fleet Footwork gives healing that scales with .4 AD(which is pretty good considering the champion we're playing). You ever wanted to do wolves as Talon and just heal back 75% of your HP? With this build you literally can.

-Carry Harder: Since we have a bunch of healing with this build you can carry harder as Talon if the game starts dragging out. Normal talon can delete 1-2 people then probably has to leave because he's too banged up to fight and has no healing. With this build you can delete 1-2 people, kill a few minions or wolves, and then go back in and delete 1-2 more people. You're always a threat at all times and since you stacks Fleet Footwork so quickly, you're almost always guaranteed to have it up for more all ins and engages.
-Squishy: Despite how much healing we have with this build, you're still Talon, and you're still squishy. Hard CC will pretty much **** you over like Morg Q or just Amumu. Try to avoid being overconfident against CC comps as they can and will bend you over even if you are fed.

-Build Cost: Compared to Talon's normal build this one is a bit more pricey, so it may take a little longer around late game to get full build, specifically around the time you start building towards Infinity Edge.

-Farming: Now this may just be me, but with how much you roam as Talon it can be hard to find time to farm, and you don't really CS at the most efficient level if you're always spending your time harassing the enemy bot lane. Again, could just be me not understanding proper roam mechanics but it's an issue I've ran into.
Eclipse is an item I've taken a liking to lately, with Menace To LoL Jarvan having some incredible results during the testing period, so I tried it on Talon and it turned to be just as fun. You still do normal talon damage since it's a lethality item, but now you get omnivamp, a shield that can be easily activated, and your mythic passive is great for comps with mixed tank/squishy champions as it gives armor pen. It's an underrated item on Talon imo and should be built more. It's also a good mythic for the cost as it's pretty efficient for all the stats it gives.
Lucidity Boots
Lucidity Boots are standard talon as they're really the only boots that give him a proper boost aside from movement speed. They're also a very good cost for boots and give him some much needed ability haste that you don't get too much of with Assassin builds.
Essence Reaver
Essence Reaver is a good cost efficient item that has more than one usage for Talon. Sheen is incredibly easy to proc with Talon as it procs on every ability and makes your engage so much deadlier as you're guaranteed an auto on Long Q which will be a sheen auto. You also get crit to add up to 60% for Infinity Edge, gives 20 ability haste, and helps negate your early mana issues without needing Manamune. It's the best early game crit item on Talon if you're not looking purely for damage.
Collector is a staple item on Talon as it gives you bonus gold on kills, crit, good Ad, AND lethality. It's the perfect all around item on him and makes crit builds more viable as it still allows you to get assassin stats. It's not too expensive and is an amazing early/mid game item on him. The Execute is also incredible for him as you can all-in someone, trigger bleed, and if you don't kill them on the spot they can bleed out until they get low enough and get executed. It's the item I would build on Talon no matter what I wanted to try for this build.
Infinity Edge
Infinity Edge is an important item on this build because of its interaction with Talon Q. Instead of dealing only physical damage on Q like you would with longer Q, small Q instead stabs the enemy dealing (50% + 35% IE crit strike damage) Physical Damage. This makes your all ins incredibly dangerous if you can get on top of someone and with your Longer Q being an auto reset you have a guaranteed auto after Q to get a crit just incase you don't immediately finish off your target. It's a more expensive item but the AD you get from it has incredible combination with Talon's high AD scaling and the crit interaction with Q make it entirely worth it.
Youmuus Ghostblade
Youmuus Ghostblade, like Fleet Footwork, got some great buffs this patch. Even if it lost 5 AD it's now 100 gold cheaper and gives 15 ability haste. This makes the item more viable in the general phases of the game and with its lower cost you can build it later in the match. Plus ability haste is always a valuable stat for every champion. Talon uses it especially well since a Talon with longer CDs is a walking punching bag. The speed boost also helps for catching people with more mobility or targets that can kite you like Jhin or Ashe. Essentially you become a heat seeking missle whose only mission involves shoving a giant dagger into someones face.
Tank Comp-LDR
Lord Dominik's is the 3rd item for our Tank Comp build because around mid game is when people start bulking up and getting more HP from items, add on the fact that the only health gain we gets is the natural HP gain per level and you get around 5-8% bonus physical damage at 20 minutes, which boosts up to 15% against champions with 4200 HP. It's likely that you'll be around 10% against bruisers like Sett, which is still pretty great considering how high your AD scalings are. The longer the game goes on the more power this item gains, AND it feeds into your IE passive, along with the 35% armor pen it already gives to help take down tanks before they can get overly impossible to kill.
Early Game
Early Game is going to be standard Talon. You go W level 1, get Level 2 Q, then try to all-in the enemy laner when you can find an opening. If you get the kill, you can either back if you need to heal up then get long swords, or if you're healthy you can stay until you have enough gold for Serrated Dirk. It doesn't hurt to roam for easy kills or if the enemy is a bit banged up and overstaying, but also try to make sure you apply mid pressure and keep waves off your tower. The sooner you get fed, the sooner you can roam more.
Mid Game
By now you're either fed and making it bot lanes problem, or you're figuring out how to get kills fast. You should have Eclipse and Essence Reaver at this point, so all ins will be more viable if you can position yourself properly in fights and avoid hard inting as much as possible. You could also apply more pressure to mid by taking tower before spending most of your time around bot lane bullying the enemy aphelios for playing aphelios. If possible, take enemy jungle camps to get gold faster and get to Collector/LDR as soon as possible.
Late Game
Once Late Game rolls around you either become the hard carry with a pet murder kitten drugging you harder than Mundo Ult or you're spending all your time killing the ADC. over. and over. and over again. Around now is going to be the best time to stack gold so you can avoid getting stuck on IE's high cost. Once you get IE it's smooth sailing and depending on the build you choose you'll either be full build or moving on to Youmuus to wrap up on your agility and get that juicy 18 lethality. Get AD elixir after full build and use your 400 AD to **** on everyone relentlessly.
Excel Sheet
I'm currently working on a few different things so I probably won't have the Excel Sheet done for a while, but once it's finished I'll be sure to post it, as I think real, physical stats can do a lot for proving the worth of a build. Reminder, I'm not a mathematician so there's always a chance I may mess up some numbers or misplace something, so in the event that I do, message me or comment on the mobafire and tell me what the issue is so I can fix it ASAP.
Build Conclusion
This build was an idea I got from going into a game and throwing items together to see what piqued my interest. The final result is a high damage, high healing, crit talon build that actually keeps him as a viable assassin that can do all the things normal talon does. It's been incredibly fun testing this build and I think it's going to be an enjoyable build for anyone who wishes to test it out. GLHF and see you on the rift!

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