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Rengar Build Guide by Gregorythegoat

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gregorythegoat

Pesticide - Rango guide to top and jungle! (Top WIP)

Gregorythegoat Last updated on October 16, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Rengar Refer to "Fighter rengar" for meta match ups.
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Hello guys! I am a wannabe player from oce and I felt like making a guide to how I play rengar as an assassin as of 4.7/4.8! I'm no prodigy but I feel my opinions are viable, I have gotten builds and advice from some of (if not the) best rengar's in oce (and we're not all **** over here, believe it or not). This was made on an iphone, so it's not pretty at the moment but if it recieves good reception I may pimp my guide :)

Enjoy! And experienced rengar players, this LIKELY isn't for you. This is just a guide for how I think you can pick up rengar ^_^

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Why play Rengar?


- you have a jump/gap closer which goes off your attack speed.
- probably has the fastest 100-0 in the game.
- stealth :D
- has a great ability to adapt to any situation by varying his build
- really fun
- really satisfying - rengar is probably one of the best... What I like to call an "anti-carry". He has an insane ability to shut down carry champions - he can instagib mid lane mages, adcs, and counters a lot of other carry champions like Kha'zix.
- you usually get the jump in a fight
- not many people know his kit
- uncontrollable when fed


- little escape
- squishy in this build
- is weak against a lot of popular bruisers - a bad meta for him, at the moment.
- jax is a ***
- provides f*ck all when behind
- recieves a lot of flame. Could be a pro but I think it's a con for most :p

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Basic Combos for Rengar in general

How to use Rengar's abilities!

So just a few basic 'rotations' of a sort you will use to achieve different things.

Poke - e. Throw your e at them and maybe jump in range to w. Avoid getting into trade range if possible.

> > >
Trade - enter brush. Jump, e>q>w on the way out. Shorter trades the better, though if you didn't intiate it, return fire if it is safe - say a Jax (pre 6, so he's not quite destroying your whole team yet) jumps on to you, stuns you, gets his w off then runs away. It is safe to get on his *** and return the damage - and seeing his moves are down you can likely stay on for a bit longer (but in this situation you shouldn't go too long for Jax excels in long trades).

This is for quick trades and then getting out fast, for champions like renekton or jax. (Less so Renekton). You want to be in a brush if possible but the double q allows for a quick trade. Hit them hard and gtfo!

Lock down for jungler - jump on and use your empowered e. Jump so it's easier to land.

Use this to harass the enemy under the turret, seeing your e won't be very good anymore. If you can though, obviously use your e.

> > > > >
ALL IN DEATH SHLAP OF RENGACIAN JUSTICE - get 5 ferocity > r > aa>
Then if you need to cc: e>q>w>e>tiamat active>empowered q
If you don't: q>q>w>tiamat>e>emp q

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Top vs Jg

People call him Rengod for a reason!

Rengod goes where he pleases! Rengar excels in both roles and you should do the one you're better at, Top lane for brawling and staying isolated or jungling for being around the map picking up 300 gold from the bot lane every now and then.

Yet, if you're new and don't have a preference to either lane, i'd have to point you towards the jungle (smite + being a god makes more sense, for one). Rengar is better in the jungle at the moment and is weak against a lot of top laners. His ultimate is great for ganking, indicator or not.

Now then again, whilst he is a strong jungler he has fantastic ability to carry from top lane. Whilst he isn't all around the map owning everyone he can shut down someone really hard, aid mid and get towers whilst he is at it. If you're new to Rengar top is a good lane for carrying but I still personally think he's a solid jungler.

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Jungle Routes and Strategies

Rengar is at home in the jungle

As Rengar, it was not strange to attempt a kill on the enemy jungler at level 2 before his rework. I no longer look to kill at level 2. I look to either level 3 gank/counter jg or do a full clear of the enemy's jungle. You want to be in the opposition team's face ASAP, one way or the other. Here are the two paths:

Blue Team:
> > > Gank/Counter JG

Red Team:
> > > Gank/Counter JG

So for that reason I always start the bot lane buff for a faster leash. For level 3, I always go buff>wraiths>buff for the quickest level 3. I usually gank top or mid from here, or look to counter gank or counter jungle. As the jungler you have to play mind games with the opposing jg - what would you do as them, as that champion?

If you see that your purple team, and your top laner is up against a laner with no escape, start red and go straight there for an easy kill (pick up your e at level 2 for this). Only time you really should start top buff unless you are invading level 2.

General jungling tips:
- as stated above it's a mind game. Knowing the enemy junglers champion really helps here, so do some research on the other jungle champs or play them. Now when leashing you want to try ward the buff accross from you. If they're there, you know where they start. If they're not? You know where they start!

So after you know the champion and where he started, start thinking about what he's going o do whilst you clear your first buff (as a jungler you rarely need to last hit, allowing you to scout and tell your team stuff whilst they duel in their lanes.)

Example: Your blue team, and the enemy Lee sin started red - you know he's a counter, and lee is notorious for invading at level 2. Ward up.

Kha'zix is an early ganker and our top lane is pushed to the turret. I should go top and wait for a bit to see if I can countergank. Let my top laner know my thoughts.

Yi is weak early and doesn't usually gank. I should gank a lot early and bully him.

At higher elos, you may find people thinking the same thing and you will have to out-think them.

E.g. His renekton is pushed and would be an easy gank, but their udyr knows he will win a 2v2 brawl top and is probably waiting for me there - i should counter jungle his bottom jungle.

Etc. jungling is a mind game and that's the most important part

Other things include timing buffs, and such. But this is a rengar guide, not a basic jungling one. I just wanted to get the mind game factor out for I don't think enough people know about it.

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Taking it to top

Normally top rengar goes tank, but you're the manliest/womanliest person alive!

Assassin rango - only rango!
Top imo is harder but simpler. Rengar has a lot of bad matchups he can't win.
Rengar top is played by securing the lead at level 2, and holding it. Though it's good to take teleport nowadays I think ignite is better for rengar secures kills, not objectives, in his current state.

Now hear me out. Everyone claims, 'oh, Rengar has no counter-play'. Well he does, sorry. You play someone he cannot burst down in an instance and has sustain - a lot of bruisers find fighting Rengar a walk in the park. At least in the top lane Rengar has a fair bit of counterplay.

Basically you adapt to one of the three styles dependent on match up:


Rengar, when the match-up is in his favor zones out his opponent like no other!
He uses the brush to farm - and if the enemy is behind, they're too scared to go in and farm in case you jump them! Rengar can bully when ahrad, but he can bully squishy-ish champs from the start. Some examples:
-Vladimir. Obvious one.
-aatrox - half his tankiness comes from his heals which you completely counter with your burst.

These lanes are when you have to keep focused and keep fighting always:
An evenish matchup where it often comes down to level 2 and afterwoods is still back and forth often. These champs are basically champs which dont just smash rengar. E.g.
- riven: a rough brawl : riven has the upper hand but the element or surprise and your vastly superior sustain can win lane
- shyvanna: you win at first but she comes back and hurts when her burnout is maxed.

When you're f*cked. Often you may max w, and go on to be a late game assassin, but you can max q and just roam heaps. These matchups you can't win and you have to survive lane, and spam emp.w.
- jax: you cant build against him, and if you leave lane he split pushed you and he is impossible to escape from. Definitely want to max w to keep him at bay.
- darius: is tankier, and has higher damage. If you think, "oh, he has no sustain! Ill just lose a trade and heal it off!" Well the thing is, trading with costs about half your health and 1/5 of his.

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Rengar's item builds

Just going to explain what all my mentioned items for top and jungle provide for top and jungle, and if they're in both how they work in each role.


These are in my opinion the best boots on Rengar, for top and for jungle. With the knew bonetooth necklace it gives huge movement speed out of combat. These can allow for:
Jungle - You can get around the map faster, gank more efficiently and chase down survivors easily.
Top - Return to lane faster: This is important, for on Rengar I think taking ignite is the better option for teleport plays aren't fabulous on him and he isn't a great split pusher, whereas ignite gives him kill potential; It allows him to roam without falling behind, and in a sense escape gank.
Generally - Allows for huge movement speed for jumping into teamfights and chasing people with the second half of your ultimate. The huge movement speed burst allows you to outrun teams chasing you, and when you exit combat the movement speed burst CAN allow for you to turn around on someone and take them by surprise.

These boots act like mobility boots. The bonuses of them are the same, minus the fact they don't have a huge game-changing burst of speed out of combat, but are a more sustained movement speed boot option for they stay around in and out of combat, allowing for you to push on through people slowing you when you chase them.

These boots are always going to be a great boot option on Rengar. The Tenacity is the main reason you buy them, you won't buy these for the MR for other boots will be more effective. Instead buy a visage or maw.
Jungle: Not a huge amount of bonuses but if you're trying to gank and you get CC'd a lot in a gank, or someone like Elise if bullying you really hard (as if this will happen. You're probably the one champion in the game who can 100-0 quicker than Elise).
Top: Great pick as top for Top lane meta currently involves a lot of crowd control. Pick them up if you keep getting locked down by the enemy laner or jungler. Great against jax if you've built a Randuins. Otherwise you want a tabi against Jax.
General: The anti-cc let's you be a good choice to lock down and kill an Ap carry with good reaction times. Say you've been tasked with killing a Lissandra. The chances of you killing her without these boots are about 75%. With them it's about 90%. (Lissandra is a bad example for a quick AND smart lissandra will root you and then be half a map away, leaving you to her team - a rough person to assassinate).

This item is really for when you're struggling with an enemy AD/AA top laner or the opposing adc is really fed. If the top laner is a xin zhao or jax who is getting ahead of you, you can survive and win trades with these.
Jungle: A lot of bully junglers are AA champs and if you're really struggling with a xin zhao, a yi, or even a Jarvan you can grab these.
Top: A great counter to a lot of champions if you're behind.
General: If you can't one shot the enemy adc your bot lane is so munted, this should allow you to duel them :)

These boots I see as damage boots for Rengar. Not the best choice in my opinion yet I think these would be good for extended assassinations, dueling, and long teamfights, yet still inferior to the others.

Core Rengar Items

This item is a really strong item on damage junglers and Rengar is no exception. Basically you want to pick this up for it is support with the ad scaling, helps a lot with clearing, and well, is basically the best jungler item as far as Rengar goes. Not picking it up will hurt your gold income and even your clearing slightly. And the true damage is a nice edition. Though you will want to replace this when you have all your other items.

This item is really nice on Rengar at the moment. Getting it early is strong for it has critical strike (which on him is honestly broken atm with the savagery bug), armor penetration, and damage plus an active which helps a lot with ulting in for a kill and split pushing/sieging.
Alternatives: Blade of the Ruined King. Doesn't have to be an alternative, though.

This item brings some very nice stats to the table but the true power from it comes with the active. Versus tanks, blade of the ruined king is a much stronger alternative to this but this item allows you to kills squishy champions faster. Squishy champions don't build much defense and therefore your ad will shred through them. This active does 100% of your ad in melee range to everyone close and 60% on the outside of the active. with your burst this does insane damage and is a nice addition and really a better alternative to botrk for rengar's job. Paired with a botrk this could be quite funny, actually.

This item is just essential for ad assassins, like a rabadon's to a mage. The damage is adds is a terrifying amount and is a real nice pick up early, i'll usually aim to build this second at top (excluding boots) and on my jungler i'd build it second maybe, after i've gotten a tiamat and brutalizer. The damage it brings to insane and is scary. If there is any item you'll almost always get on Rengar this is it.

Secondary Items
These are items you will get a lot, but not always.

This item you will always get when ahead because it is flippin' hilarious. If you just can't burst those squishies, you pick this up ASAP. The damage it adds is huge, but you won't always get it as a jungler for your item slots fill up quickly and sometimes you will need that defense. This is the item i'd choose to replace my elder lizard. On top you will often always grab this after a youmuu's and last whisper, i'd say. (youmuu's = first item pick example).

NOW I KNOW - you came here to deal the damage, not pick up an item which tankgar cancer would get. Yet the item is super ridiculously strong as a tank item. Even Kha'zix uses it! The item i'd pick up if you're getting focused by an ad strong team yet not enough to pick up a ga - but mainly i'd pick this up when you're (somehow) getting kited. Slow active is stronk.

This item i used to pick up over youmuu's, i still prefer it but hear me out (again). You are here to do damage right? Youmuu's gives more AD, armor penetration and critical strike, versus botrk inferior ad and 15% steal. Botrk as is dwarved by the active and so is the botrk slow. Youmuu's has more use. You can build botrk if you're often dueling the adc and getting kited or you need that little bit of burst damage on top of say, a hydra active, but youmuu's brings more damage to the table and is 500 gold cheaper, allowing you to grab one early.

christ this item is fun. And it's super viable, but it's gold efficiency is eh. It's quite expensive, and rengar doesn't use all the stats. Tank rengar will make more use of the ap, but assassin rengar doesn't need it. But it's fun and a huge damage boost, but on ad assassin rengar the damage boost is inferior to an ie, say.

4.5 I would have built this item but it's been hit with a nerf now. Rengar isn't brilliant at farming the jungle, and whilst the stats help him out, he doesn't make good enough use of it. It will be 40 minutes of farming before this item will out damage the other non-jungle damage items and by then your team would have died from too much 4v5 and you will be ****ed. Sorry. It's just not good enough but if you can 40 minute grind this item, christ it will be funny. Very funny.

Now you wonder why there is no banshee veil. The only reason the maw of malmortius made this list is because the damage and the passive shield is so strong it's nuts and compares with visage. You can get bonus damage and mr which allows you to get and have a good shot at getting out. Works differently to the visage now which I will explain.

This item provides cdr huge mr, and health. This is a seriously strong mr item. If you're not needing more burst but in need of mr goes this over maw. Because this allows you to jump in, use your moves more, and your heals when you get to low health oh my lord jehovah in heaven...

[other items coming soon]

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Rengar's Rivals!
These match-ups will have you on your toes at all time and are really fun to play and can go either way.

I've started with Kha'zix because that's what this guide is named after! (pesticide, my friends). One of the reasons I love playing Rengar is because he has an insane ability to stop people from carrying! This mostly includes the mid lane apc and the bot lane adc but this doesn't exclude other carry champions, Kha'zix included! Rengar is a lot stronger than kha'zix pre-6. You will always win, even if isolated. It's when he get's his ultimate that you have to start focusing when fighting him. Always go full damage in this because you want beat a Kha'zix by building tank, ever. If top, always rush a youmuu's for optimal damage and then go into last whisper, only pick up boots of speed. Try to get an infinity edge before you finish your boots off, but if you need boots (for whatever reason) then do so. You want to build damage against kha'zix because it's how you're going to beat him. You can last with those 3 items until he's level 16 with his evolved q where things get scary. When he is isolated you won't win without more damage. I'd suggest picking up a hydra soon, like in my main build, then build a Trinity force or sword of the divine. trinity force is better after the triple q nerf though. These allow you to just destroy him so fast when you get the jump he can't even ult. Without one he will ult, and get away. If you don't build damage against you he will out-tank you. His ult can allow him to win duels when he has lost half his health already, when he has evolved q. Speed is key.[[

This match-up is more favoured for nidalee but I like to play it and enjoy it, unless i'm laning against her. Because I really hate those bushwhacks. But ignoring those, Rengar and nidalee jungle fights are really fun and intense because you're move moving around so fast it's stupid. You will win if you stay close to her and get the jump, just lay into her and keep close and lay out the damage. Taking ghost when they have a nidalee is the best way to go for it paired with your ult won't allow her to escape.[[

Match-ups heavily in your favour
These match ups are when Rengar WILL win and has naturally always won.

Aatrox is a really strong bruiser, and his sustained fighting is great, he's tanky, deals a lot of damage, and can have 3 lives. Thing is, aatrox, though he is tanky, isn't SUPER tanky. He can be a tank but other bruisers will take more than him, unless he is in combat healing himself. But against a Rengar he can't heal and all bursty champions will roll over him, Rengar being no exception. Jump from the brush, mash him, walk away, jump, kill, fun. Ignite always when top, and you should take flash instead of ghost for both lanes. Teleport IS viable top to stop him split pushing but ignite is more powerul.[[

Really the same as Aatrox, but you might counter the aatrox argument with two things - hiw w and his q. Firstly, your damage comes out hard and fast so if you hit q THEN jump from the brush/stealth, you will do the damage and you can usually get off another q or a w before he can pool. Now, to stop his poke in lane is easy - use the brushes. It's a targetted move so he'll have to ward. If he does, oh well- either move to another brush, or if you're too far pushed, stay at the back so he has to walk within jump range and make him suffer.[[

Nasus is a late game champion. You're both! You will literally melt him. When he gets his ultimate, you will either be fed enough to press on, done enough burst damage that his ultimate will do **** all, or you can just walk away/ult away and let it wear off. Late game, if he has gotten stacks you can't win 1v1. Not even a Jax can. So don't try. If he's your opposing jungler, counter jungle him hard but make sure he doesnt bring his team for the wither is just a ***********er.[[

Yorick is really the same as Aatrox, you can literally explode him so hard his sustain means nothing and his poke is targetted. If he is using his w to poke you then that's munted, just slap him hard when he does because that means he has no way to peel you off of him. Make sure to keep trading with him so he can't E on minions too much. Obviously he will sustain, just try to make him wast the mana on his q and w rather than his e. Yo can sustain also, so counter his with yours if you need to.[[

Champions coming up: Warwick and Tryndamere
Brief explanations because I didn't have time:
warwick is like the other healers, you can burst him down and then leave. Beware ap weedwick though and i'd counter jungle but not look for him because hit ult and movement speed can allow his team to come and kill ya dead!
Tryndamere is like Nasus, though his early is dangerous if you don't play your cards right. Avoid getting to lane after him, get in his face immediately, dish out some q's so he doesn't build fury on minions. When he goes in for minions, harass him. Harass him with w whilst farming. Therefore his fury will either not save him when you duel, or he will have to heal with it. He is like Nasus though and becomes a strong power mid-late game. You can duel him if you play it right but he has a advantage if at an equal level. Save a root for when he ults and try not to engage when he has full fury. If he is low, you can probably kill him before he ults. He is squishy therefore not as dangerous as Nasus.

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General tips

Just a few things which I wanted to get out:

- practice, practice, practice. The key to success outside of all the things the diamond players say: teamwork, no flaming, etc. (which are very true and a happy team is vital)
There is one big tip i have to performing well. Learn the champion so much to a point where you don't have to think.

Now hear me out - that champion who you have mained for an age. Versus the champ you read a guide on and you've got the hang of. Think about your performance.

In one game you had to think, you made more mistakes, and your decisions werent clear.
Versus the other, where you go, oh. I was thinking and doing quick decisions that game.

Some champions are easy to get to a point where you don't need to think - udyr is my example. But rengar took me level 3-30 to grasp. Now i was leveling up and learning the game, yet still.

If you can think about the game and jot your actions, you'll be satisfied with your performance.

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Thanks for reading guys - just a VERY WIP guide that i'll touch up if you guys think it has potential. I know I need match ups and explanations but yeah. Any feedback, comment :D. If you like it, comment :D

And if you've got nothing to say but to point out it's bad... Please don't :D lol.

I did this on a phone and if you guys think i could get it going if i pjt some effort please do tell.