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Rengar Build Guide by Bjork Is Wild

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bjork Is Wild

Pre season 5 rengar jungle [TONS OF DAMAGE]

Bjork Is Wild Last updated on February 27, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Rengar with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Nasus GANK HIM EARLY! Try ganking nasus early and many times. But after you done this don't push the lane since an nasus would want that. Nasus often tend to go with tp+ghost so if you get an lane gank with 5 ferocity stacks in the beggining, he is pritty f**ked
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Greetings fellow jungler! This is my second guide that I have created, you are probaly here to learn more about this awesome champion because he is on freeweek or you just bought him. Anyway this champion is mostly played in the jungle but sometimes also top. In this guide I will be focusing on how to jungle with rengar. Enjoy!

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Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Quint of AD is in my opinion the optimal rune for rengar. It's perfect for extra clearspeed and extra damage when runing into someone in the jungle or ganking.

Greater Mark of Armor Penetration
Mark of Armor Pen. is very usefull for rengar and many other AD champions. Its good to have so you are avavible to deal extra damage (especially against tanks)

Seal of Armor Very usefull, less damage taken from monsters, towers and AD champions.

Glyph of cd reduct. is extreemly usefull along with rengars passive so that he can get up his ferocity stacks asap. Some tend to go for Scaling CD reduct but I think that you will need all the CD reduct you can get early in the updated jungle.

Scaling MR is good to have so you can recive an extra bit of damge from your magic damaging prays.

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Double-Edged Sword 1/1 - Extra damage what so ever, not much more to it, allways good with an extra bit of clearspeed or increased damage output.

Fury 4/4 - Extra attackspeed, very good alongside with lifesteal so that you can get more hp and faster when duelling against another enemy champion.

Sorcery 4/4 - Extreemly usefull when playing rengar since you will be avavible to get 5 ferocity stacks faster

Butcher 1/1 - This is mostly so you can get Feast but it gives you extra clearspeed, it can also make farming in the jungle early more effective since those 2 extra damage can make so that you don't need an extra hit on that monster, and therefor get away with more hp.

Feast 1/1 - SUSTAIN, with the updated jungle you will need alot of sustain early since you can only afford 2 healthpots in spawn (unless you have Wealth but that is very unusefull for our champion)

Expose Weakness 1/1 - This goes well when ganking since you are supose to engage an gank with Bola Strike (E)

Spell Weaving 1/1 - Since rengar is kind of an FIRE EVRYTHING champion this mastery will be usefull when fighting an oponent since you probaly will squeez in a few Auto Attacks in there between your abilities.

Warlord 3/3 - Once again, 5% more damage to bonus ad. Why say no?

Devastating Strikes 3/3 - Extra Armor and magic pen. you dont do very much magic damage but its comes with no extra charge ;)

Havoc 1/1 - WOW An whole 3% more damage? + 5% Increased bonus AD along with that is some serious damage we're talking about

Block 2/2

Tough Skin 2/2 - Once again we're back with the sustain part, taking less damage in the jungle is very inportant with the updated jungle. That red/blue buff hurts

Veteran's Scars 3/3 - Extra 36 hp, numerous times I i've gotten away with like 20-35 hp from taking an buff (OBS DON'T TAKE SUCH RISKS, LEAVE AN WARD AND GO AWAY OR WAIT FOR YOUR HP TO REG A BIT)

Bladed Armor 1/1 - Once again, this can do so that you don't need that last hit on the monster. 1% of their current HP per sec might not seem like much but it's very effective.

1/1 - 3% Max hp, makes you a bit tankier, over all more hp, rengar approves!

I choose to leave the utility field empty since I find my mastery point more worth to put in the offense/defense tree.

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Ranger's Trailblazer - Warrior Is an good item for rengar, but do to the fast clear I find the Ranger's Trailblazer - devouer better. With the Ranger's Trailblazer's AD, CD reduct, Armor Pen. and passives. This item will grant you some extra sustain and an splash damaging smite that stuns! Anyway it also deals over-time damage so you can leave an monster to bleed to death while you run to the next camp/lane.

Ranger's Trailbazer - devouerer
This awesome item is really good for rengar in the jungle, rengar has an really fast clearspeed that is why this item is good for Warrior's Trailbazer - devouer does more damage when you have more farm. (evry assist, kill or larg monster kill you get +1 magic damage.)

Ravenous Hydra PERFECT MORE SUSTAIN! :D No but this item is perfect, higher clearspeed (much higher), extra health reg and more damage.

Randuin's Omen I love this item. If you go 1v1 with an adc or Auto Attack based champion their attackspeed will be reduced by 15%, that is alot of damage taken away from them. This items active is also very effective when sticking to your oponent. It also gives an big chunk of hp and mana. Only excuse to not buy this is if they have an team based only on magic damage (wich is very rare)

Spirit Visage 20% MORE SUSTAIN! IM IN HEAVEN! no but seriously that is awesome for rengar, not only the lifesteal/ferocity affected Battle roar (E) but also health regen. Also more health reg, hp and mr. The only excuse to not buying this is if they have an team that is based only on Physical damage.

Trinity Force
Unique Spellblade passive is highly usefull for rengar and his Savagery (Q), it also makes him deal more damage trough his Battle Roar (W). That makes him deal an bit of magic damage to.
Unique Passive Rage is really annoying for your enemies since you will be sticking to them like an bee to an cube of suggar since attacking with basic attacks grants movement speed and that combined with is highly effective.
This item will also give you an buff to many different things, such as hp, damage and movement speed. Also 10% Crit chanse, 1/10 of your basic attacks will now deal 200% extra damage!

Boots of Swiftness I usually go for this item since it gives you SOOO much movementspeed, this is really good along with the trinity force speed buff, and the 3:rd dragon buff. Rengar gotta go so fast! Perfect when either chasing or escaping. I would be happy with only that but no slowing effects are reduced by 25%

Ninja Tabi This item might be needed early game, takes away an big chunk of damage from auto attacks and therefore making you alot more tankier, altogh this is the pair off boots that I would recommend least from these three, but mr boots isen't very usefull against an full ad team.

Mercury's Treads This is also an very good item for rengar since it reduces the duration of CC, it will also grant you some extra MR

Under progress...

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Summoner Spells


If you are jungleling, ALLWAYS PICK Smite! I get it if you diden't pick that item last season while playing champions like nunu in the jungle, but with the new jungle allways pick it. The monsters are harder to beat and never say no to some extra true damage.

To me is Flash the optimal Summoner Spell for rengar since you can escape over walls and get close enough to throw an bola strike at your enemies.


Ghost can be an good summoner spell for rengar since when you use rengar's Thrill of the Hunt (R). You can catch up to people easy with help off the speedbuff the Thrill of the Hunt and the ghost.

Teleport you can make some sick ganks with teleports combined with rengars passive Unseen Predator . If you really want you can pick this but you will probaly have more use with flash.


Sometimes when you play with sertain champions with low CC you might want to take this when not supporting, but as rengar jungle I woulden't do that. It is an good summoner while going 1v1 with sertain champions as it grants many different Debuffs but to me Exhaust isen't really the best summoner spell for this type of champion.

I don't feel like ignite is really good for rengar, sure it can be good aginst champions with alot of lifesteal, like Olaf, Dr.Mundo and different ad carriers so you can reduce the lifesteal/self reg but it's better to have for an example flash for better escapes.

Don't pick these

An very bad summoner spell for the jungle, don't pick this, people are going to report you for troll.

About the same as Heal but almost worse since you can't use barrier on your teammates, if you use Heal you can atleast save an laner with it.


These sucks for this champion, for many others aswell, don't ever pick one of these as rengar.

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-Nasty ganks with Thrill of the Hunt
-Good cc with bola strike as it slows (snares at 5 ferocity stacks
-Awesome laneganks with help of rengars passive Unseen predator

-Easy to focus AD carries and other differend targets that your team needs to focus.

-WIth wards in the jungle camps you have awesome escapes

-Awesome mobility in jungle (inpossible to escape an rengar in the jungle

-High clearspeed and burst damage

-Wards is a pain in the ***, but with the buff from raptors

-Squishy in teamfights since he is hard to master there.

-If underfarmed and not enough kills/assist he becomes very useless

-Bad escapes if caught in midlane/river

-With ult on cooldown and no bushes in sight he is very weak to marksmen and ranged champions

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This is what I usually do when I farm the jungle, at first I use my Battle Roar (W). This ability gives me armor, armor=less physical damage taken (jungle monsters deal physical damage) after that I use my Savagery (Q) and after that my bola strike if I have max hp I use ferocity Battle Roar (W), but if im at full hp I use my ferocity on savagery (Q).

I like to counterjungle, but you got to be carefull because it's dangerous to go into the enemy jungle. Anyway if im counterjungling I allways carry a ward with me so they don't catch me off guard. Especially when im taking any of the buffs.

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Thank you for reading my guide, all feedback is welcomed since I am new to this. Please leave some feedback good or bad, since im allways open for change.

Have an nice day and I hope that you will enjoy your future games with rengar.
Good day, and enjoy