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Quinn Build Guide by TorNathan

Quinn: Bringing Justice to ADC and Top (In Depth How-to)

Quinn: Bringing Justice to ADC and Top (In Depth How-to)

Updated on May 20, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author TorNathan Build Guide By TorNathan 47 6 2,490,420 Views 41 Comments
47 6 2,490,420 Views 41 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author TorNathan Quinn Build Guide By TorNathan Updated on May 20, 2016
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Hello! I am TorNathan, and this is my guide to Quinn and Valor. I wrote this guide to help all those up and coming players looking to try a new champion! Aside from that, I wanted to write a guide of my own after reading many that have helped me!

In this guide you will learn more of how to play Quinn than what to build with her in terms of Items, Spells, Masteries, etc ...

So, whether you are looking for a quick build or an in-depth reading experience on one of the most underrated champions in the game, I can assure you that you will walk away with gained knowledge on what is my favorite champion.

I've mained Quinn since I was around level five on my first account on the EU West server. That ended at level 17. Now I have mained her since level one on my NA server. I would love any and all feedback from anyone out there on my guide, so that we may both improve in different ways!

This guide will be updated regularly and was created during the 4.12 patch. It has been updated since.

Midseason is here! Only the masteries section needs updating now!

About the Author

Age: 20
Gender: Male
Name: Nathan
Occupation: Student
Hobbies: Gaming, writing, reading

About the Guide

- What Items to build
- What Masteries to use
- What Runes to use
- What Spells to use
- How to play as Quinn
- How to play both Top and ADC
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Pros and Cons

+ Arguably the most mobile champ in the game
+ Has great burst damage
+ Can easily sustain
+ A great duelist
+ Her passive grants a few uses
+ Arguably the game's best split pusher
+ Can easily harass
+ Can go multiple roles efficiently

- Squishy
- Expensive build
- Difficult to master
- Not a "pro pick"
- If CC'ed, she's done for
- Can be countered in the ADC role
- Her W has a long-ish cooldown
need more

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- Four into Fury for that extra attack speed.

- One into Sorcery as a filler and cooldown is always nice.

- Three into Brute Force for that extra damage.

- One into Martial Mastery for more damage!

- Three into Executioner because of the bonus damage to add to Quinn's super burst.

- One into Dangerous Game because of its high reward!

- Three into Warlord for even more damage!

- Three into Devastating Strikes for you know what ...

- One into Frenzy for amazing synergy with her Heightened Senses passive!

- One into Havoc for--guess what--more damage!



- One into Phasewalker as a filler. Not really needed.

- Three into Fleet of Foot because it just adds to her already insane mobility, especially with her passives.

- Three into Summoner's Insight because cooldowns always help.

- One into Alchemist because it gives you sustainability for the laning phases.

- And one into Runic Affinity for that nice buff to the buffs!



Some Notes on Masteries

I run a 21-0-9 build on my Quinn for this meta due to how it is revolving around mobility, rather than brute force. If you are the type of person that prefers a 21-9-0 build, then I have the Defense masteries below ...


- Two into Block for that little boost into defense.

- Two into Recovery to counter some of her early squishyness.

- One into Unyielding because of the boost in defense. This is also highly effective in the top lane.

- Three into Veteran Scars for more health to help in the early game.

- One into Juggernaut to give you even more health!
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With runes, you want your standard set for ADC. I use these simply for the fact that it helps her in all realms: damage, penetration and defense.


Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

Top can be a bit different. I have found that top works best with these:


Press the Attack
Lethal Tempo
Phase Rush

I run this sometimes in the top lane when dealing with the more pesky people. Use these to give you that extra boost in defense, because Quinn still has enough damage to mess your opponents up!
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Summoner Spells

Flash is the number one summoner spell you should take with Quinn. It gives you better escape opportunities, as well as chase opportunities. It's just an all around good spell to take, whether you are going top or bottom.

Ignite is another one that is really good with Quinn. It will always help you secure the kill, or even allow you to initiate a trade, especially in the top lane against the silly melee champions!

Heal is a good choice because it ... heals you. Yes, it allows you to escape that enemy ignite and even gives you a spurt of speed to get away. Tag in your Vault and they won't be able to chase you! This is a MUST for the ADC role.

Exhaust is not a spell I would normally pick. I would not recommend it, but hey ... it's your style!

Teleport is definitely a good choice because of the ability to, well, teleport around the map. This will definitely come in handy when combined with Behind Enemy Lines to chase down that rogue enemy that should have died. Because of the updated ultimate, this is a must for top lane Quinn!
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Final Items (ADC)

Infinity Edge is one of the core items for Quinn or any ADC for that matter. I won't go into much detail, because she builds this for the same reason any ADC builds it: insane damage and critical strike. It also helps her synergize with her passives and the furor enchantment.

Berserker's Greaves - Furor, again, is a core and must have for just about any ADC. I highly recommend it to help her attack speed and obviously for her movement speed. Both of which will synergize with her passives! The enchantment allows for better movement in chasing or escaping, especially with her Harrier procs!

Phantom Dancer is now the best choice for Quinn. It gives reduced damage to the target that Quinn is attacking and has great base stats. This new update makes it an optimal choice for Quinn in the ADC and Top roles. The critical chance also synergizes very well with her new Harrier.

Bloodthirster is a great item for marksmen. It has great sustain and damage.

Lord Dominik's Regards is exceptional for killing the enemies. Whether to do that super damage to the squishies or to be able to handle the tanks, you cannot go wrong with this item. I sometimes pick the ghost blade, but that is optional.

Guardian Angel is another great choice for ADC, but I personally don't run it. Why you can choose it is mainly for teamfights. If you are able to kill a carry, but die in the process, this allows you to come back with enough health to either get out, or chase the low health enemies!

Runaan's Hurricane is a VERY touchy item. I love this item. I really do. I find the attack speed bonus to be great, and now it offers critical chance! If you and the enemy ADC get into a duel and you initiate with your Q, they die. The speed you have with this is phenomenal. Plus, the split push game becomes a breeze. If you don't want this item, then don't buy it. Simple as that.
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Final Items (Top)

Still build the Infinity Edge, Guardian Angel, Last Whisper and the Berserker's Greaves - Furor.

Blade of the Ruined King is a great item for top lane, mainly to give early attack speed with decent life steal. Its active also helps in chases and escapes.

Frozen Mallet is simply for that awesome health, attack damage, and decent passive for chasing.
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Attack Speed, Critical Strike, and Harrier (Why it All Matters)


Before I get into the beef of Quinn's abilities, you need to know a basic understanding of her passive, Harrier (yes, Harrier gets its own section).

With the champion update came a lot of interesting things for Quinn. First of all, all of her abilities (except her ultimate) involve Harrier. That's pretty important for a champion and their summoner (you) to understand.

Harrier is Quinn's passive. Every X seconds (8 max), Valor swoops down and marks a target as Vulnerable. This means that your next auto attack with do extra damage based off of your level and bonus attack damage. The more critical strike chance you have, the lower the cooldown of Harrier.

With the champion update, Harrier can now critically strike. This allows for insane damage, especially with the build you will end up having.

When you attack a vulnerable target (any living thing), other things happen as well. This is because of your W, Heightened Senses. You will gain bonus attack speed and bonus movement speed. The more you level up your W, the better these bonuses become.

Your Q and E both apply harrier. This is extremely important for trading as Quinn. This is how you Qwin (haha, get it?) duels.
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Champion Ability Descriptions

Okay, now we have reached one of the more interesting sections of this guide ... Quinn and Valor's abilities.

The abilities associated with Quinn are what make her so fun to play! They are also the reason why she is hard to master, because being able to synergize them with each other, with your team, spells, items, and masteries takes a lot of hard work. That is why I am here, to help make sense of it all!

So, here we go!

Blinding Assault is Quinn's bread and butter, so to speak. This is the ability (as stated above) that we want to max first. It is a skillshot that applies Nearsight to your enemy for 2 seconds and deals a lot of damage in an AoE effect. This Nearsight is essential in dueling and trading with the enemy ADC or top lane. If the Q hits anything that is not a champion (except Dragon and Baron) they cease to attack for those 2 seconds.

Heightened Senses is another ability that just works wonders. This is the ability you want to max second. If you activate it, it reveals a large portion of the map around Quinn to you and your team, revealing any enemy whether they are in a bush or not.

Passively it does something that is broken and OP. When you attack a Vulnerable target, you will gain up to 40% attack speed and movement speed. So, if we concentrate this ability early, you will be able to chase your enemies, laughing at their sorrow all the while. It, of course, synergizes with her passive and her E, Vault.

Vault is, yet again, something that makes Quinn such a fun champion to play. When you activate it, you select any enemy and you dash into them, and then you vault off at your auto-attack range. When you do this, you also slow your enemy by 50% and deal small damage to them.

Now, once they have been "vaulted" they have been slowed. And guess what? When you vault off an enemy, Valor will automatically mark them as Vulnerable. So, you attack them, and gain movement speed and attack speed because of your W, Heightened Senses. So, while they're slowed down, you're speeding up.

Vault can also be used as an escape. Simply vault off the champion chasing you, and they're slowed. Or, if you're really getting good, you can uses this ability to vault OVER walls! Either to escape over one, or to jump to an enemy over a wall without burning a flash. There will be videos of this down in the guide.

Behind Enemy Lines is Quinn's newly revamped ultimate ability. It gives you a movement speed buff of up to 130% TOTAL movement speed. That's ridiculous! With this, you can get to the enemy mid tower without losing homeguards, for reference.

It is a two second channel that consumes 100/50/0 mana. It allows for total map domination. It can be cancelled if you attack anything or if a champion or turret attacks you. Minions and monster simply slow you down drastically.

Once in this form, you can cast Skystrike which is an AoE ability that returns Quinn to the field in a hail of arrows that deal 100% your attack damage to all enemies hit.

With this kit, Quinn has supreme map presence, split-pushing, and can get to her team at anytime. This is primarily why I play her in the top role.
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Ability Demonstration (Video)

Here is a good video from LoLeaks! Give them a subscribe because they can be very useful!

NOTE: This video contains incorrect information and tooltips because it is one patch old. The video is purely for visual reference to the abilities. I will update this once a final video is released.

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ADC Gameplay I (Early Game)

Okay, we all know how the early game goes as any ADC.

But in case you're just starting and Quinn happens to be free, then read on for the early game. You older players can go ahead and skip to mid and late game where it begins to differ.

Minions are your main source of gold in the early game. If you're unable to easily get champion kills or even assists during a gank, then you need to farm, farm, farm.

Any successful ADC will learn the obvious secret (what?) to last hitting. This is when you let the minions attack each other, and then you just "last hit" the enemy minion to gain the gold. Quinn's passive, Harrier, does wonders for you, because it makes it a lot easier to secure that last hit.

Quinn is not a very mana-hungry ADC, so feel free to use your abilities to secure those last hits, especially your AoE blind.

Now, not only do you have to worry about Minions, but now you have to worry about the enemy ADC and Support. In order to secure victory, you'll need a good support, and good thinking.

You have great harass with Harrier, Blinding Assault and Vault. Your entire kit helps you keep the enemy at bay, while allowing you to last hit with ease. Now, don't get cocky, because a good enemy will take advantage of you if you mess up. So, if you're still learning the early game and Quinn herself, I would recommend some bot games to really come to grips with her kit and how to deal with enemy champions.

If you're ganked by any jungler, the best thing you can do is have vision already. But if you don't have wards down, then hitting your W ( Heightened Senses) will be amazing. It will also reveal that pesky support hiding in the bushes.

In a worst case scenario, you may have to burn your flash. But remember, stay alive, last hit, and get a kill when you have the opportunity. I will have an entire chapter dedicated to her combos and another for teamfights.
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ADC Gameplay II (Mid Game)

Okay, in a perfect world, you should have pushed the enemy's tower and brought it to rubble. Maybe you got a few kills and now have your Infinity Edge and are now working on your Phantom Dancer. If this is the case, I have to bring one word to you:


Now, there are multiple goals to the mid game ...

1) Go to your mid lane and help push down the first tower, if it is even needed.

2) Once the mid lane is taken, take the top tower, if it is needed.

3) Push to the base. There are different ways to achieve this.

- Quinn is an amazing split pusher. If you notice that your team is handling themselves well enough, then take this time to split push and farm. This is why I take Runaan's Hurricane after Phantom Dancer. Now, I am assuming you know how to split push.

- When you are splitting, you need to be extra aware, because someone is going to come after you. Now, if you're confident enough, you can take on anyone that comes at you except for the tankiest of tanky ( Leona, Dr. Mundo etc ...). Or if the assassins come after you. If this happens, just lay off and go split another lane. The goal is to keep splitting.

- Another plus with Quinn is that you have the ability to get to your team in mere seconds should they need you. This ability is called Behind Enemy Lines.

The thing everyone will say about Quinn is that she is strong early game but falls off in the mid and late game.

Your burst and combo is enough to destroy the enemy ADC, highly because of your Nearsight and multitude of Harriers. You do well in team fights, as long as you stay in the back lines, but more on your combo and team fights later.
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ADC Gameplay III (Late Game)

Here is where the good Quinn players are separated from the bad.

Your main job in the late game can differ. If you are winning, then keep lanes pushed out while you wait for your team to make one last push. If you're confident enough, pick off the enemy ADC if they're extended enough.

If you are losing, keep the lanes pushed enough to keep it safe. When the enemy team pushes in, take out the ADC first or whoever you can. If you're feeling VERY adventurous and you took Teleport, then you can teleport to the enemy base, and with your build, you can take an easy inhibitor or two. This will cripple your enemy and allow you and your team to make a comeback and push.

That is all there is to late game. Play safe, play smart.
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Top Gameplay (Early Game)

The only thing about Top that is different from the ADC role is how you trade with the enemy.

That's it.

People think that you need a completely different build to deal with the enemy melee bruisers. This is false.

You will build roughly the same ideal build. Obviously there will be changes, but it's all personal preference. I prefer my own build, but I know a lot of you do not. So, just take a look at the top Quinn cheatsheet and I will eventually add in the items section when I can. I've been very busy.

With top lane, the only ... ONLY champion you will have difficulty against is a Teemo. Anything else that would cause you problems would be tops you don't see often such as LeBlanc or Fizz.
Remember, Quinn is a rare Top champ, and so that is why you destroy the "normal" top champs. So, other "odd" top champions can give you some problems.

Now, if you find yourself up against a Renekton or Nasus then you will be very happy. If you see a Nasus, then you will laugh so hard at his misery you will feel sorry for the poor guy as he rage quits League of Legends for life.

What you have to remember about Top Quinn is that you must harass at every single chance you get. Auto-attack them to death. Chase, use abilities, no matter what it takes. Harass and harass, Every time I take Quinn top, I get first blood.

Once you hit mid game, follow the above chapters.
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The Combo of Death

Now, this is the combo: AA>E>AA>AA>Q>AA

Let's break these down ...

Let's start with the before level six combo. When in lane, Valor marks champions over minions. When he does this, auto-attack them to proc the passive for extra damage. Now, Vault onto them and use another AA for the passive AGAIN. Do a second AA for fun, and then use your Blinding Assault as they run with their tails in between their legs. At level three, this could easily kill them with a well placed Ignite.
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Tips and Tricks (with video)

This is for all of you more experienced players. This is going to **** over your enemies while making you laugh hysterically.

Some of these might have changed with the update, but a lot still hold strong merit.

1) The Wall Flip
- This is used to escape an enemy. What happens is that you are "sandwiched" between an enemy and a wall behind you. You then Vault off of your enemy and soar over the wall behind you. It's basically another flash.

2) The Effective Juke
- This is when an enemy chases after you into a bush. As they run at you, run out, use your Vault on them and flip into the opposite direction. This slows them as they run away from you and you run off to safety.

3) The Vault into the Bush
- This is pretty much the exact opposite of "The Effective Juke."

4) Learn when to Vault using Valor
- This is learning to time your Vault as Valor. If you use it, and then they flash, then they will get away. So, AA them a few times, wait for the escape move, and then E after them.

5) Taking Down Turrets
- When taking down turrets and split pushing, there is a faster way to do this. Use your passive on the enemy minions to give yourself faster attack speed. This will bring the tower down faster.

6) Ultimate Finisher
- This is simply to execute your enemies, hence the use of the Executioner mastery.

The following is not in the video:

7) Heightened Senses and Vault
- When escapeing, use your W to reveal any monster in the area, then E over to them to put a wall between you and your enemy. You can also use this to chase down an enemy.

Credits of this video go to TenativeTV. Go give him a subscribe and like for this great video!
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Fan and User Responses!

I recently received a private message with someone commenting on my guide, saying how much it had helped him. He even included this screen capture for me to share!

Shoutouts to Major Rapier

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Summary and Conclusion

Well everyone, this concludes my very first guide on this site. It was a lot more work than what I was expecting, so I have some thanks to give and some shoutouts!

Shoutouts and thanks to:

ShinryuVerus and Mr Maxwell, the EU West guys that introduced me to this game!

OU Lol Club and FruityDeath my League buddies here in the NA.

JhoiJhoi for providing this amazing guide: Making a Guide

Foxy Riven for being my first ever commenter! This person gave me a bunch of helpful criticism! Thanks a ton!

Skin Spotlights and TenativeTV for their great videos!

Just remember everything I have said about Quinn. I will continue to add to this guide to make it more expansive and enjoyable. Thank you for your time, and please give me any of your feed back. If you found it useful, then give me an upvote!

Good luck.
Have fun.

~ TorNathan ~
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