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Ahri Build Guide by ApcolypticMufin

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ApcolypticMufin

Quite the Charmer

ApcolypticMufin Last updated on February 16, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

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Hello my fellow AP carriers! Today I'm going to try to help you all play Ahri. Maybe you'll learn something from this, and maybe you won't. But hopefully the former is the true one! This guide will focus on being a high mobility, sustainable, high damage assassin. You'll bring major damage to teamfights, and you'll be roaming and picking off stragglers in your free time! Only when playing Singed will you want people to chase you more than with this Ahri guide at your back! So sit back, prefferably with a cold beverage, and enjoy!

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Pros / Cons



    * Awesome Harass
    * Sustained and Burst Damage
    * Amazing Ganks
    * Great Tower Dives through ult


    * Her only escape is her ult
    * Can go OOM very quickly
    * Skillshot Reliant
    * Very Vulnerable to CC

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My masteries are standard AP fare, but if you really need explanations, here you are!


- If you use Ignite, Exhaust, or Ghost, you're gonna want this.

- More AP! Yay! I only take 3 point though, saving 1 for later.

- Cooldown Reduction! More helpful than you might think.

- Magic Penetration! Never bad on mages!

- Do you really need me to tell you the reason for this one?

- 18 more AP at level 18. The more Ability Power the better

- Again. Take AP, it's your friend!

- Great on any carry, but even better for an assassin!


- Take it if you're gonna use Flash or Teleport

- Mana Regen! Its your friend!

- Take the point to unlock the next tier

- Flat Mana regen! Will help curb your early game mana hunger!

- The reason for the Utility tree. Extra long Blue buff! Yay!

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Greater Seal of Replenishment

I take Greater Mark of Magic Penetration as my earliest source of Magic Pen. These, plus Sorcerer's Shoes make for some pretty decent early MR. However, Greater Mark of Scaling Magic Resist, Greater Mark of Ability Power, or Greater Mark of Scaling Ability Power are all valid options.

Greater Seal of Replenishment SPACE
Greater Seal of Replenishment is what I use. I need some form of early mana regen if I plan on harassing at all in lane. If you don't want these, then consider Greater Seal of Cooldown Reduction, or Greater Seal of Vigor if you don't want to take Pots to start.
SPACE Greater Seal of Replenishment

I tend to take Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power for my AP per level. However when you take AP per level from Quints or Marks, you can also use Greater Glyph of Ability Power, or Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction.

I will take either Greater Quintessence of Potency for flat AP, or Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration for MR. Take either, or use Greater Quintessence of Scaling Ability Power.

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Main Build

Anti-CC Build

More Damage, Less Sustain

Starting Items


This is your standard Mid laning start. It's what I almost always use, and what your default option as Ahri should be.

You can make good use of a Doran's Ring, but only if you know your enemy in lane won't be harassing much before you get your Hextech Revolver. Otherwise, take other items.

If you feel confident enough that you're going to dominate your lane, (for example, they're mid is Xerath) then take this and rush your Hextech Revolver.

Early Game

SPACE You can get whatever boot upgrade you need now. You should normally go with Sorcerer's Shoes, but if you're losing your lane, or need some extra CC protection, go with Mercury's Treads. SPACE

SPACE After your boots you'll want a Doran's Ring. You can also go Double Doran's, but I only ever buy that if I need more immediate laning power. After that, I grab a Hextech Revolver. Once you buy this, you'll really start to shine! SPACE

Mid Game

SPACE Build a Lich Bane next. This item is great on Ahri as it just screaams assassin. It'll turn your AA's into executions, and give more movespeed! Pick up a Giant's Belt for your Rylai's Crystal Scepter, unless you plan on building a Rod of Ages, in which case, buy a Catalyst the Protector, or if you plan on a Void Staff, then just save it till later. Then finish up your Will of the Ancients. This thing will make you beast! SPACE

SPACE You're gonna want a Rabadon's Deathcap and a Fiendish Codex. Not necessarily in that order. Judge whether or not you're gonna want Cooldown reduction sooner or later, and build accordingly. SPACE

Late Game

SPACE The last two item slots are situational, but I normally fill them with either Rylai's Crystal Scepter, Morello's Evil Tome, or Void Staff. Although, MP from runes tends to be enough for me, and I love me some Cooldown reduction, so I don't normally take Void Staff. SPACE

Other Items

SPACE Rod of Ages is great if you need the mana, and can grab a Catalyst the Protector early on. If not, then just grab a Rylai's Crystal Scepter later on. SPACE

SPACE Banshee's Veil is great when playing against a CC heavy team. It's passive can be invaluable, and can lead to a great deal more sustain in some cases. SPACE

SPACE If you want to pump even higher burst damage, at the cost of some of your CDR and AP, then grab Deathfire Grasp. Being an alternative to Morello's Evil Tome means that you're probably gonna want to wait until Mid/Late game to grab it, but the tank-destroying active can be invaluable! If you know you're gonna get alot of use out of it, then grab this! SPACE

SPACE The AP bonus from Archangel's Staff can be great, but I've never found a good time to buy Tear of the Goddess, and thus, have never been in a good position to grab this item. If you can put it to good use, great! I just don't recommend it. SPACE

SPACE Zhonya's Hourglass can be a wonderuful item, as the active only lasts 2 seconds, meaning it can be used in between 2 charges of Spirit Rush. If you think you'll get good use out of it, go ahead and replace an item with this. SPACE

SPACE This can be a good item if the enemy team is stacking magic resist. Otherwise, it's best to leave this out of your build. SPACE

SPACE This item shouldn't be bought. Ever. It only grants a significant AP bonus if you get a ton of stacks. You won't know if you'll do well enough to get those stacks until far too late into the game, and buying it earlier is like painting a target on your back. I don't recommend this item. Ever. SPACE

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Summoner Spells


SPACE I normally take Flash, although with Spirit Rush, I can see how someone could go without it on Ahri. You can replace it with Ghost or Teleport if you want. SPACE

SPACE You're the AP, so Ignite is normally going to be your second summoner. However, if your team already have one or two Ignites but no Exhaust, then take that. SPACE

SPACE If you didn't go Flash, then Ghost is a good choice. You are supposed to be high mobility after all, and Ghost can compliment that fact well. SPACE

SPACE Like I mentioned earlier, this is the next best choice to Ignite. Chasing has never been easier! And using it on their carry can shut down their DPS long enough to take them out. SPACE

SPACE While your movespeed should be enough to get to a teamfight fast enough, you can also take Teleport to help. Although there are better choices, so I don't recommend this one in most cases, but if you feel you can make good use of it, then go ahead! SPACE

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Champion Skills


SPACE An incredibly useful passive while laning. Once you hit nine stacks, throw your Orb of Deception into a full wave of creeps, and watch your health reach full! SPACE

SPACE Your main source of damage. It can hit multiple targets without diminishing damage, and has True Damage! When used well, this is a devastatingly powerful ability! SPACE

SPACE Fox Fire will be how you punish people for getting up close to you, especially early game. It's less effective when near creeps, or multiple enemies, assuming you're trying to kill a single target, but it can still work wonders at higher ranks. SPACE

SPACE Your only CC, but boy is it a good one! It's a mix of taunt, stun, and fear! It's great! Use it to pick off unsuspecting champions, or shut down a carry for a while during a team fight But most importantly, make chasing incredibly easy! SPACE

SPACE This ult is phenomenally useful! 3 Flashes that damage nearby enemies! Amazing! It's the ultimate ability for escapes, tower dives, or chases! Put it to good use, and you'll have the enemy on their knees in no time! SPACE

Skill Priority

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18


I max Orb of Deception first, getting 1 point in Charm at 2, maxing Fox-Fire second, and getting Spirit Rush at 6, 11 and 16.

Ability Use

I take Orb of Deception first, but only using it sparingly unless our jungler gave me Blue Buff. Never use it to only hit creeps, unless you're using it for Essence Theft. It's early game harassment capabilities are amazing, and once you get Charm at level 2, you'll be in even better shape. The enemy won't be able to hide behind minions to avoid Orb of Deception, and once they step out from behind them, they'll get a Charm. It's even better when you hit level 4 and can throw Fox-Fire into the mix! Finally, at level 6, you'll get Spirit Rush, and you'll be broken in lane! If you want a kill, but they won't move from behind creeps, then just use a charge of Spirit Rush to get past their creeps, then land a Charm into an Orb of Deception/ Fox-Fire combo, making sure to sprinkle your other charges of Spirit Rush into the mix, especially if the enemy is skill-shot reliant.

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Early game you want to be farming obviously. Try to take note of how aggressive your lane opponent is. If their very aggressive, then try to use that to your advantage, landing a Charm and Orb of Deception whenever they get a bit too close. If they're more passive, then try to harass through the creeps with Orb of Deception, saving Charm for their jungler if you get ganked. Remember that Ahri can pull off the bulk of her damage while running away, as Fox-Fire doesn't have a cast time, and Orb of Deception is a boomerang, meaning it can do it's thing while you're moving away, and it will still land the important part, the True Damage!

Mid Game, you want to gank alot. Whenever your lane opponent is out of lane, go gank. Your team will appreciate it, and you'll get extra XP. This will also set the stage for your future as a roaming assassin. When ganking, you'll want to lead with Spirit Rush, unless they get close enough to the bush that you can land a Charm without it. Then go for Orb of Deception, and Fox-Fire. If they're still not dead, or are running away, then the rest of your Spirit Rush can fix that, other wise, use those charges to get back to lane faster.

Late Game, you'll want to be roaming alot, stealing the enemy Blue Buff whenever you can, and ganking like crazy. You'll rack up a ton of gold, and your high movement speed can get you to teamfights whenever they occur. Always try to deny farm, or lane pushes with your amazing ganks. Use Charm on one of the enemy carries in fights, and try to cause as much AoE damage as possible, while constantly moving around with Spirit Rush to avoid as much damage as possible. With your amazing mobility and ganks, you'll dominate the opposing team, and rack up kills like a mad man, or girl, or fox, or whatever...

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Ahri is a very fun and rewarding champion. If you like ganking, and being able to go wherever you like whenever you like, then Ahri might be for you. Hopefully you learned something about playing this champion while reading this guide. I definitely had fun writing this and defining my play and strategy. I hope you guys have fun with this info backing you up, and I wish you all a good day!

The Banner and Headers were created by MissMaw! Thanks!