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Rammus Build Guide by frazels

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author frazels

Rammus Jungling FTW

frazels Last updated on January 15, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Quick note (IMPORTANT)

The first half of the items guide is a an adaptation of buggs competitive guide to Rammus. I decided to add this guide becuase buggs guide has been removed and i think the current guides on Rammus are pretty bad.

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Pros / Cons

- A VERY strong tank
- If played right, can 1 vs 1 any AD champion in the game
- His taunt and powerball are very usefull for saving your self and others
- He is extremly good at holding and destroying turrets
- He is a hedgehog what more do i need to say
- harder to play/master than people think
- He has replaced amumu, in being banned in most ranked games
- peforms better aganist AD teams than AP teams
- rather weak when people forgot to use his defensive ball curl

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This is the first guide i have created.
I decided to do it on my favorite champ Rammus
Please don't flame or vote down becuase the masteries are bad in your opinion or i missed out an item that you thought crucial, just comment below
- If you voted up please tell me why this is my first guide and i would really like constructive feedback
- Feel free to post any screenshots of a good games score you've have had with Rammus using this guide
- Please Don't flame or down vote before i have answered your question

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Jungling with Rammus (explained)

First items i recomend are Cloth Armor and a Health Potion. Many people would question this seeing as you could get 5 Health Potion, but simply you don't need more than one Health Potion jungling, i know it sounds stupid but on your first run of the jungle all you need is one,(if your struggling with one Health Potion try spamming your Powerball and Defensive Ball Curl)and taking anymore would just result in you taking longer to get your Boots of Speed(which you should get on your first recall).
I personally start at blue with a heavy pull, i then move onto the wolves, then i move onto the wraiths, i them move onto the golems, and finally i move onto red after this recall and start ganking.
The rest of item build is pretty self explanatory, one thing i need to remind you of is DON'T FORGET TO GANK this is main reason Rammus jungles becuase he is one of the best gankers in the game(and that he doesn't really have a place in lane).

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Why do these items work well with Rammus? (important to new players of Ramm

Heart of Gold is more usefull than you could imagine early game, Becuase Rammus is pretty bad at farming intill he reaches level 6 ( Tremors is a usefull farm because of its short cooldown), this item gives you a little boost to getting your items it also gives you 250 health which is rather nice.

- or
I normally always get Mercury's Treads becuase as a tank you don't want to be heavily affected by the enemys crowd control effects during team fights, it also gives you some magic resist which is rather nice. I only get Ninja Tabi if there team is mainly AD and/or they have little or no crowd control.

- (replace this with Guardians Angel late game)
Aegis of the Legion gives you a fair amount of Armor, Magic Resist and Health, and it gives an awesome aura to your team its also rather cheap for bonuses it has.

Randuin's Omen is one of your core items its gives you a fair amount of armor, health and health regen, it also gives you a nice cooldown reduction and a cool passive that has a 20% chance of slowing an attackers movement by 35%, the best is yet to come.
What makes this item so brillant is its active which slows surronding enemys movement speed and attack speed by 35% for 2 seconds + 0.5 seconds for each 100 armor and magic resist combined this means if my calculations are correct that.
At level 18 you have 320 armor + 218 Magic resist = 538 combined, this equals to the enemy team being slowed for a impressive 4.5 seconds and this is WITHOUT your Defensive Ball Curl. Your Defensive Ball Curl adds 300 to the 538 = 838 this equals to the enemy being slowed for 6 seconds.

Sunfire Cape is another core item for Rammus it gives him a fairly good amount of armor and health, which is key for Rammus but also it has an additional awesome AoE damage which deals 35 magic damage to surronding units each second, it doesn't sound like a lot but lets say your in a team fight for 10 seconds, 10 X 35 = 350 that means that this item alone has dealt the enemy team an additional 350 damage.

Force of Nature is an awesome item on Rammus its gives him a HUGE magic resist boost, and also increases his rather slow walking speed its increases his health regen masively making him much more viable to survive in lane late game. At this point a lot a Rammus noobs will be going nooooooo Rammus doesn't get magic resist he stacks pure armor TRUST ME it doesn't work. You need some magic resist to be a balanced viable champ throught the game.

Warmog's Armor is a brillant item on any tank its give you a HUGE health boost of 1270, and and maxed out gives you an extra 40 health regen per 5 both health regen and health itself are always needed in Rammus.

- or
I would only recomend Guardian Angel as a last item, this is because although it gives you a large amount of armor, and a fair amount of magic resist, it is rather expensive, and its passive practically encourages you to die! An altenative item to Guardian Angel would be Thornmail.

- Thornmail is another good build for Rammus, ONLY if the enemy team has two or more AD champs and/or the AD champs deliver most of there damage through auto attacks.
The reason Thornmail works so well with Rammus is becuase it gives you a huge amount of armor for a small price. And reterning 30% of damage taken through auto attacks as magic damage, this slaughters any champions like Master Yi, Caityln ect ect.

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Summoner Spells

In my opinion there are only four summoner spells that work with Rammus, Flash, Teleport, Ghost and Smite

- A very usefull spell for escaping, jumping through minions while using you Powerball, jumping into a enemy (then taunt so they can't escape).

- Also a very useful spell for stopping towers being destroyed, stopping huge minion waves advancing to towers (teleport onto your last minion) or to get quickly to a brewing team fight.

- although you have an in built Ghost ( Powerball) Rammus has a very low flat speed of 380 which is quite low so this can still come in handy

- for people who jungle

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How to 1 vs 1 most AD/AP champs

- lets say your going in for a gank, hid in the bush first click your Q( Powerball) and charge it for about two seconds then rush (try to aviod the minions) and knock into the enemy champ
- He should be knocked and slowed, immediately after press E( Puncturing Taunt) on them
- Immediately after Puncturing Taunt press W ( Defensive Ball Curl)
- Immediately after Defensive Ball Curl press R ( Tremors),
theres no guarantee you will kill them mid game (level 12), but i can guarentee that you will be barely harmed and they will be below half health, late game you will almost certanly kill them every time unless they flash.

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How to win a team fight with Rammus

Team fights occur when the majority of both teams are in one place at once. The tank (you) normally initiates the team fight and hopefully leads you to win it, this is how. Lets say all of there team enter a bush, your whole team is hanging around the bush but no one wants to go in and get killed, so you initiate the fight.
- First press your Q( Powerball) theres no need to charge it just go striaght to the bush where the enemy team is.
- When your Powerball stops becuase you have hit something IMMEDIATELY press your W( Defensive Ball Curl) this will block the majority of any imediate damage.
- Use your Puncturing Taunt on the AD carry (auto attacker E.G Master Yi, Kog Maw) that you can see in the bush.
- By this time your team should have arrived so activate your ulty (R Tremors).
- While your teams are still fighting and your Defensive Ball Curl is still up use your Randuin's Omen (press 1,2 or 3) this is EXTREMLY important DO NOT forget this.
- By this time if your team haven't killed them there a bunch of idiots, however chase down and finish any remaining enemy champions
- If instead you have lost the team fight just Powerball out of there.