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Rammus Build Guide by damster

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author damster

Rammus - only tank that can solo Tryndamere!

damster Last updated on February 20, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey guys, after a while I decided to make a guide for my very favorite champion i own a skin on, Rammus. I decided to make 3 guides, so please if you're gonna vote or comment, watch them all.

2. AD COUNTER (enemy team has fed AD's or 3+)
3. AP COUNTER (enemy team has fes AP's or 3+)

Another thing, if you're gonna votedown, tell me why, i appreciate and can take critism well! And don't flame me for spelling mistakes please, english is not my native language :P

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AD = attack damage
ArP = armor penetration

AP = ability power
MR = magic resist

HP = health
CDR = cooldown reduction

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Ok. Here I'm gonna explain my runes choices.

Greater Mark of Health - why this, when the health bonus is really small? Well, first of all the best runes in this category are AD, Critical, AS, ArP, etc. Which rammus doesn't need. And since you don't know what the opponents team would be, the "neutral" choice is HP. Simple.

Greater Seal of Armor - since we want rammus to be balanced (runes), the best armor runes are Seals (they give the biggest armor bonus - Runes guide here). Nothing to say, gives a nice 13 armor and is also useful for late game.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist - pretty much the same, again best runes for MR are Glyphs. Now we have our little turtle balanced with resists. What shall we put in Quints then?

Greater Quintessence of Health - health! Quintessences give a big bonus health, that's why they're so expensivvvve.

Now, as i said, i have perfectly balanced turtle ready to fight any champion.

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ALright, 0-21-9 are in my opinion the pure tank masteries. You may ask; why mana masteries? You will see rammus is kinda useless in the jungle without blue buff, that's why i added a bit of mana. The defense runes are again mostly armor, MR, damage reduces and of course - bonus HP.

Im not gonna explain every single mastery, i don't think it's necessary anyways - you can read what it does and it's self-explanatory for me, isn't it? :P

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Okay, here I'm gonna tell explain every FULL (means final item) item i used in all of the 3 builds - see them all!! First of all, in balanced builds i always build it like this: 1 full armor item
1 full MR item
1 full HP item
1 MR + HP item
1 Armor + HP item


Alright, tank physical damage reducing boots. They are NOT as good as Mercury's Treads, but since we build cloth armor in the beginning and they are really cheap, we gotta get those. Rammus is not as dependent on CC as others, anyway.

The best Armor item evarr. Gives you insane 100 armor + 30% returned damage to the attacker. Amazing. This armor is a must on rammus imo, not only it gives the stats, it also fits well with his passive.

Well, best item for magic resist. Again it gives really sweet health regen. Why build this on rammus? Simply because of the stats. The movement speed is not important at all, but it's a good stat anyway.

A MUST on rammus in my opinion. I haven't seen this in few top rated guides and i think it's a mistake. Yes, resists are more effective than flat health. For example, a tank with 6k health could be killed easily by a nuke champion, [Veigar] for example. Even though, you should remember, a lot of resists with 2500 health is not as effective as with 4k anyways. Plus - in the late game phase you will sure get to situations, where you aced the enemy team but your minions are on your first turret fighting the enemy's. You are there with just two other team members. Yeah, you gotta tank the turret, the enemies should be dead for at least 40 seconds, so with 4k health and ulti on it's possible to push two turret's and inhibitors, and with your massive regen not even need to recall. But you wouldn't be able to do that with low max health. Not even mentioning tower diving, sometimes you just wonder when you see the turret damage in death recap. WOOT, 2514 dmg from turret? O.o

I like and dislike this item at the same time. Let's say, it combines two great stats together, but seriously - if you count the stat's, you're paying 800 Gold for just the passive and 30 HP. In my opinion that's kind of expensive, although the passive is great, it doesn't deal that much damage since teamfights take mostly 10-20 seconds (10*30 = 300 dmg to every champion, which is one autoattack from AD carry). But again - im not saying it is useless, it's a great passive, just too expensive imo. But as you can see, i still buy it.

Amazing item, even though the passive is not as great as other's. Let's see - it blocks one negative spell every 45 seconds. It can save your life if it's Karthus ulti, but it can be pretty useless if you get a spell from a champion that deals really low damage. But it's great. The stats - they combine HP and MR together (kinda high ones) which fit great on Rammus, and unless you don't use your spells much he is kind of mana hungry the whole game. You will often need to recall for mana, not health. Lulz. I would prefer mana regen but flat mana is not bad either.


Philosopher's stone and are usually great tank items which give stats & gold. Before i learned how to play rammus and used other builds on here, i always skipped these items - i thought "i will sell them anyway, why bother buying them then?". Well, it gives you gold, great early game stats (cheap for its stats) and you can stay on lane for a long time (for rammus i prefer solo top)

Why? Simply because they reduce damage taken from AD carries and - yeah, that's pretty much all.

I explained it above. A must on Rammus unless the enemy team is lacking AD carries. (which most teams aren't)

YEEEEEEEEEAH. Insane item, though it gives you 99 armor (just one less than Thornmail), it also gives 500 massive mana for your taunts and shields. The passive - woah, it counters any AS champions like Teemo. Great is it's an aura - it reduces AS of all champions in a teamfight. Great. Just great.

NEVER-FORGET-TO-USE-THE-ACTIVE. That's why you bought it in the first place! You wan't people to stay near you and your ulti! I have to admit i forgot it myself sometimes. It also gives a lot of different stats, CDR is a great example. Rammus has long cooldown on his Puncturing Taunt, so why not buy this baby? Although it gives armor and health, you pay a lot for the active. Really, remember it. Oh and, this item uses Heart of Gold, so no need to sell it.

Finally a bit (actually a lot, lol) of MR. You may ask why, but you receive magic damage also from AD carries, even if it doesn't seem like that. And there is almost always at least one (even if underleveled and with 0-5-2 stats) AP carry. Personally i decide when to buy this in this build based on enemy team, i just added it as last item here, but usually i buy it before Randuin's Omen. More info about this item above^


Finally those lovely shoes for your turtle. Yes, they really are better than Ninja Tabi. Sometimes i build them even in the build above, when the opponents team had a lot of CC.

This item is just so awesome i had to mention it in all 3 guides. Too awesome, more info above.

Again, more info above. In this build it's self-explanatory, gives MR to counter AP's.

Underrated item. Cleanse in tasty 1440. Cheap, a lot of MR. I don't build this often yeah, but there it fits well. If you combine it with Banshee's Veil and Mercury's Treads, people will ****ing thing before trying to slow you. Hehe. Plus you will never die on DoT's anymore, woohoo!

I like this item because of it's combination of Armor and MR. Otherwise the passive is kinda useless in my opinion ... Tell me, how many times did you get killed right after reviving? Personally i survive one out of 10 times. But we are not buying it only for it's passive, here mostly for it's stats. We need a bit of armor for our passive and even though the enemy team is lacking good AD's even an underleveled, summoner level 10 Tryndamere deals damage. Yeah, that was it.


IMO support champions should buy this. It has a nice aura but for me it's a waste on Rammus. Ok, Amumu, Sona ... But not Rammus. I buy it once in 10 games just because it's cheap for it's stats, but it is just not tanky enough for late game, so i sell it anyway for something else.

Same as the one above. It's cheap and gives great early stats, but for late game it's just not strong enough. I prefer Banshee's Veil for the HP & MR combination.

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Passive. Converts 25% of your armor to AD. Pretty similar so [Galio] passive. It is useful because you have pretty massive AD for a tank in late game (if you follow build 1 or 2) and with activated W and ulti you push well.

This is used mostly to move faster from point A to point B, eventually slowing enemies, escaping, chasing ... and much more. Always think before you activate it - it can happen you want to be in the bush prepared for a gank asap, but then you find out you can't roll to the enemy, simply because it's still on CD. Combine this with you taunt, and the enemy should be dead.

With this skill you are gonna be more tanky than ever. Not only it gives you Armor and MR, it also gives the damage death back to the attacker and - with you passive - it gives you AD. Activate this also when pushing turrets. And NEVER - i tell you, NEVER - forget to activate this before going into teamfight. And one more advice - The "combo" for rammus is always [Powerball] before this skill, because activating Powerball will quit the W. Remember.

Puncturing Taunt Main rammus skill. Makes enemy attack you. You can kill an enemy by taunting him under your turret (turret will attack him), you can take an enemy out of a teamfight, you can taunt him and run back to your allies, he will follow you and get killed as he reaches your teammates. You can taunt the carry in a teamfight to disallow him focusing your carry, you can save your allies by powerballing into the chaser and taunting him, and much more. Use this as much as possible.

Finally his ultimate. It has really low cooldown (60 sec) so use it often. When you gank someone, activate it, you will be surprised how much damage it deals. Activate it when pushing a turret, it deals dmg to it too. Activate this in teamfights.

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Skillz Sequence

There differs just the Jungle Rammus and the two other builds have the same sequence.


You choose W first - it gives the damage you receive from minions back. Taunt would be useless against the blue golem you start on and Q gives just instant little damage and slow.

Then you choose Q, it's still better choice than taunt.

Then finally E, taunt. Why not a bit of W first? Well, im a fan of ganking as early as possible, and unless you have a heavy damager on solo top (ex. [Tryndamere]) you need to slow the enemy as much and for as long as possible. Then you max it., second you max W and Q at the end - who needs Q maxed anyways? You're using it just for the slow and movement.


You choose Q on the first level, to eventually escape if you got surprised by more enemies in a bush, or go to lane faster. Then you choose W and at level 3 you take E. Then you max it, inbetween you need to take W once more and R on level 6.

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Summoner Spellz


- True damage to minions. A must for junglers, especially Rammus.

- No need to explain. Perfect for rammus, Flash and taunt, flash from turret attacking you when diving, flash from tanking turrets, flash when the enemy jungler came to kill you. Infinite uses.

- Solo lane great spell. Need to regain health and push to tank a turret? Simple. Need to defend? Go for it. Rammus can even backdoor with this.


- It's practically a Powerball in a spell, with the difference you don't gain speed but have the same during the spell's duration. So, that's why i prefer Flash, you cannot flash with Powerball (if you know what i mean :3)

- Tried it once, and i guess it's a bit underrated. Was great, because you push a lot better the solo top. eventualy if you are losing the lane, you can always take a supercreep from above to give you help.

- Even if carries should pick this, it can give you a kill on solo top when someone on low hp, that got taunted by you under turret, escapes with 100 hp.

- Again, carries should, blabla ... Same usage as the spell above.

- Alright, people will hate you and call you noob for using this. But let's be honest - can save your or your teammates ***es a lot of times


Every other spell, no need to list them all i guess.

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Proz / Conz

My favorite part of all builds, some kind of summary.


It's a ****en turtle!
Doesn't talk
Amazing chasing/escaping
Can kill with turrets
Best ganks in the whole game
Great skins
Cal solo anyone in late game
Powerful ultimate on low cooldown


Doesn't talk
More vulnerable than other tanks without W active
Slow jungle
A fed rammus can still lose you games (not snowballing)
OFTEN banned in ranked plays
A lot dependent on blue buff.

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Tipz and Trickz

1. If you want the enemy to stay under your turret, slowing him with Q can give one more hit from turret.

2. he can be played literally everywhere (except mid ...). Solo top lane (you can even double kill if enemy against doesn't have a jungler with your taunt, bot lane (but mostly bot is support & carry), and jungle.

3. If rammus jungles, on solo top should be offtank/damager. If you take Amumu on solo top, you won't be able to kill for example Malphite, because simply you deal too low dmg. I've tried a combo with Gangplank and it was great.

4. Rammus needs at least 2 items to become really tanky. Play safe before that.

5. Rammus can win games. But not alone, if you have a bad team, you are not gonna win even if you get fed, alright, they wouldn't be able to kill you, but neither you to kill them. But a good carry and rammus can win games.

6. Slow the enemy with Q after the taunt is away. Otherwise the slow was useless, he was taunted anyway. In teamfights, always taunt CARRIES!

7. You can taunt someone and walk back to your team, so he will follow you and get killed. 4v5 fight, om nom nom.

8. Taunt under turret.

9. You can roll yourself at one place in a bush to gain speed, and then drive out of it like a ****ing porsche. You need to practice to remember how long will you roll though, because you dont want your rammus to stop powerballing right in front of your enemy.

10. If you have thornmail and meet a lonely carry in jungle at let's say red buff, slow him with powerball, activate ulti & W, taunt him and watch his hp go dooooooooown. Why is it so? W returns damage as well as Thornmail. Solo trynda? NP. Yeah you waste all your spells but who cares. Rammus if well played can deal insane damage for a tank. For a PURE tank.

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Rammus is not a bad, also not a great farmer. If he activates his ulti, he can kill one creep wave in just few seconds, but unless it's necessary it's a waste. just try to last hit on top lane. If you're on bot lane, let your carry kill most creeps.

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Well I just want to say two things: I didn't add jungling routes because i think a good jungler knows where to go, when to gank etc. You just begin on blue buff golem.

Second, i tried to make it as good as possible, sometimes im repeating myself because i tried to optimize the guide for people who read for example just a few sections, not the whole build.


Finally if you want to play with me (:D) just send me a PM ill add you. If you want to exchange votes and comments, PM aswell.