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Pantheon Build Guide by Bagmeus

Jungle Reworked Pantheon Guide for the Jungle - Jungler>Baker

Jungle Reworked Pantheon Guide for the Jungle - Jungler>Baker

Updated on August 31, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bagmeus Build Guide By Bagmeus 26 4 57,700 Views 0 Comments
26 4 57,700 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Bagmeus Pantheon Build Guide By Bagmeus Updated on August 31, 2019
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Runes: PtA (Standard)

1 2 3 4
Press the Attack
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Sudden Impact
Relentless Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Win 51%
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Middle Lane Ranked #66 in
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Win 51%
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Champion Build Guide

Reworked Pantheon Guide for the Jungle - Jungler>Baker

By Bagmeus
Hi, this is my first guide ever. I'm not really a pantheon main but I've been playing him quite a bit since his rework and I thought it would be fun to do a guide on him I'm not especially good at the game, currently sitting in P3 on EUW as a jungle main. But I hope you'll still learn something from this guide.

If I use terminology you don't understand look it up on this website:

Just go to the website press ctrl+f and search for the term
Why play pantheon?



+Great early game
+Good ganks
+Strong 1v1
+Fast clear
+Easy to learn
+Can be flexed to top lane

Pantheon at his best is a champion that always wins in around 20 min with effective ganks and fast good objective control. Most of the time spent playing pantheon should be used on running around the map making plays by either diving or just flat out one-shotting someone in lane. You should always be doing something while playing pantheon, even more so than on other champs.
-Completely useless late game
-Currently very contested since he just got reworked
-Not much outplay potential
-If you get behind early you lose

Due to how Pantheon works a single death early can lose you the game. He is high-risk high-reward champ, that can decide the entire game based off a 1v1 with the enemy jungler. This makes it obvious how Pantheons biggest flaw is how incredibly snowball-reliant he is.

Pantheon abilities

Pantheons passive is Mortal Will, It works like a second resource bar. Every time you AA or use a spell you get a stack, at 5 stacks your next ability becomes empowered.

For the rest of this guide, I'll short Empowered into EMP.


Pantheons Q and main damage ability is Comet Spear. It's a 2 part ability. On the first cast, pantheon starts charging up increasing Comet Spears's Range. On the second cast, Pantheon throws his spear in a straight line, dealing increased damage to enemies below 25% health.

If you release the ability before half a second has passed pantheon thrusts his spear instead of throwing it, reducing the cooldown with 50% but losing the execute damage.

Mortal Will Comet Spear deals nearly double damage and slows by 25% this is the strongest of the EMP abilities damage-wise


Pantheons W Shield Vault is a point n' click ability that dashes to the target and stuns them for 1 second

Mortal Will Pantheons next AA Deal 150% damage and counts as three AAs, this means it procs on-hits 3 times making it perfect for procing Press the Attack


Pantheons E Aegis Assault is his defensive ability, It Blocks all incoming damage from a select direction while dealing some damage in return, It has a duration of 1,5 seconds. While the ability is active pantheon is slowed if he tries walking backward. After 1,5 seconds or after reactivation pantheon deals a burst of damage in the direction he is facing.

Mortal Will The duration is increased to 2,5 seconds and it deals a bit more damage


Pantheons ult Grand Starfall is a mobility ability that makes him jump to target location dealing a bit of damage and gaining 5 stacks of his passive

This ability has no improvement with Mortal Will

Ability tips and tricks
Pantheons passive is his main play-making tool to be effective on panth you'll need to manage your passive well. you're going to want to maximize the number of passive stacks you get while fighting, this means you should almost always use an ability if you have 5 stacks on your passive, and you should try to weave AAs in between abilities to get more stacks.

Comet Spear is pantheons main damage ability especially when its empowered by Mortal Will, You should try using this ability twice when you gank, preferably with Mortal Will one of the times.

This ability is what makes pantheon good jungle when you gank this is the first ability you use. With your Mortal Will this procs your Press the Attack guaranteeing a kill or flash.

This is a good ability, but it should NOT be used for damage, it's more effective just AAing. What this ability is good for in the early game is diving since it blocks tower shots. It should only be used empowered for early game dives. In duels, you just try to block as much damage as possible with this

Grand Starfall is what makes pantheon able to split push as a jungler since it lets you travel very far very fast its perfect as a stand-in teleport. Earlier in the game, this should be used to counter gank whenever a possibility arrises.
If u want to maximize your damage on Pantheon you're gonna have to learn some simple combos. These combos are based on 2 simple principles. 1. Pantheon can buffer his Q Comet Spear during his W Shield Vaults jumping animation. 2. Pantheon W Shield Vault recovers 3 stacks of Mortal Will. With this being said the optimal way to deal damage in the early game is:

EMP W -> Q mid air -> AA -> ?

After this, you can do a lot of things depending on the situation if you're jumping a burst mage preparing to combo you, it would be good to do E -> EMP Q, jumping a bruiser? you're probably gonna want to AA and EMP Q, full team? AA -> EMP E. You can also buffer your Q during the W AA, but it's way better to do it during your jump since it gets off cooldown faster that way.
Press the Attack is the perfect rune for pantheon jungle. It synergizes well with your W Shiel Vault. It gives you damage, it gives your laner damage, and it gives you one-shot potential later in the game. This is your go-to keystone.

I don't like Conqueror on Pantheon, even if it's quite good I would prefer Press the Attack into every matchup but a full tank team. Also, it scales pretty well but Pantheon is useless late either way so it doesn't matter.

NEVER NEVER NEVER use Electrocute on Pantheon it's Press the Attack with 20-100 less damage depending on the point in the game, even if they were equal Press the Attack still gives you and your laner 8-12% more dmg post-proc and it has a lot shorter cooldown.

Hail of Blades is very fun, but ultimately isn't very viable except for if you get very far ahead. It has the highest DPS of all the keystones, and it's pretty good at recharging your passive, but when you take it you just don't have the damage to actually kill anyone.

Triumph is the best rune between Overheal, Triumph and Presence of Mind. Since the others dont really help Pantheon in anyway just always take this.

Legend: Alacrity is the most viable of the runes available, the attack speed is great for getting your passive up faster.

Legend: Tenacity is a viable option too but only against comps with a lot of hard CC.

Legend: Bloodline is the least viable of the three available runes, but it can still be useful if you desperately need to survive a bit longer against comps with little CC

Coup de Grace typically deals the most damage between Coup de Grace, Cut Down and Last Stand. So I would just always use this.

Relentless Hunter is a great keystone on Pantheon, it gives him the movement speed he needs to get more ganks off and snowball harder.

Ravenous Hunter is a viable rune on Pantheon, it scales well and should especially be used in conjunction with Conqueror

Sudden Impact synergises very well with Pantheons W Shield Vault. It gives you a bit more damage at all stages of the game but especially early increasing the chance of getting a kill at level 2-3

Transcendence works on Pantheon as it makes him able to get Stalker's Blade - Warrior and Essence Reaver at level 10 to get 40% CDR, It also has good scaling as you can follow your Essence Reaver up with a Black Cleaver, Trinity Force or Death's Dance to get maximum use out of Transcendence

Waterwalking is used as a stand-in for Relentless Hunter when taking Transcendence. It also gives you a bit more damage in scuttle fights which is

Cosmic Insight is somewhat viable on Pantheon as he can greatly utilize the CDR it provides by spamming his Q Comet Spear in all stages of the game

Future's Market isn't that good on Pantheon but it's the next best rune in the inspiration tree, and it helps a bit with your snowballing.
I'm gonna add early game, late game and matchups eventually. Maybe some other stuff too I'm not completely sure yet.

Currently grinding for diamond so won't update before I hit D4
League of Legends Build Guide Author Bagmeus
Bagmeus Pantheon Guide
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Reworked Pantheon Guide for the Jungle - Jungler>Baker

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