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Riven Build Guide by FrAGfOrEvErr

Top platinum

Riven Guide [8.23]

By FrAGfOrEvErr | Updated on November 21, 2018
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Runes: Standart

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Legend: Alacrity
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Gathering Storm

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor

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Champion Build Guide

Riven Guide [8.23]

By FrAGfOrEvErr
Hello all I'm Riven main that doesn't play anything else I'm trying to master this champion and i think that i can do it so i thought of creating a guide for u guys to help u all play Riven.
Items Back to Top
Well i think we should start from items I GUESS. Well then u can get early Tiamat. Why Tiamat? IT makes you attack faster, gain more dps, and deal more damage. It can reset autos and make your combos more fluid. Lethality and bruiser is perfect for this due to the need for more damage while having Conqueror or Electrocute.
- Black Cleaver
- Death's Dance
- Tiamat
- Tiamat
- Duskblade of Draktharr
- Youmuu's Ghostblade
Pros & Cons Back to Top
- Huge mobility
- Many Combos
- Is tanky and lots of sustain Valor
- Huge CC abilities Broken Wings, Ki Burst
- Large learning curve
- Hard to master
- Easy to mess up
- don't know what they are doing
The Play Back to Top
Playing as Riven you want to try and beat the enemy laner in every way possible 1. Farm 2. Kills 3. Turrets, once you complete those steps you should be fine. Once u know what ur doing with Riven your farming, killing skills are getting better and better but not only that your gameplay is improving too.

Now lets talk about some of your counters. So the biggest counter should be Darius, Urgot and Nasus. So lets start about Darius, so he is damage dealing machine that can deal Bonus Physical Damage Crippling Strike slow the target by 90% for 1 second but that's not it he even gets 25 bonus range so my point is u shouldn't be fighting him early. Second thing about Darius is that he can easily grab u back with Apprehend so u should be even more careful or u can get out damaged. third thing is his Decimate if he hits u with it he heals for 12% − 36% (based on enemy champions hit by the blade) missing health.

Now lets talk about Urgot well everything about Urgot is that he is tanky and can deal lots of damage with his Echoing Flames and Purge if ur not careful enough but the most of all u should be careful is of Fear Beyond Death if u dodge it ur safe but if u can't dodge it because u are stunned or something then try to kill him as fast as possible or run away but pay attention to ur hp if ur hp is below 25% he will just kill u.

Well and the last champion is Nasus so the first thing you should try doing is poke him at early game and don't let him farm with his Siphoning Strike because once he gets like 100 - 200 stacks he will deal lots of damage well u can only prevent that for some time but not long once he gets like 100 stacks he will try to poke you so be careful of his Wither and Spirit Fire and if he is going ability power just be careful of his Spirit Fire and don't let him stack up on his Siphoning Strike.
Team work Back to Top
As a Riven player u should never ever push without ur top lane without placing a Warding Totem or Control Ward or u can get ganked easily. Don't forget that if u didn't place Warding Totem and u see enemy jungler coming ur way try to avoid the fight but if u see that u have level advantage and ur enemy top laner has low hp u can try to kill them both
Ok so if u want to help your team mates you should pay big attention to ur map and be buying Control Ward for vision and disabling enemy vision, that way they can never know where u are and ur jungler can gank other lanes easier and even u and all of ur team mates can move freely in jungle .
Last Words Back to Top
Well thank you for reading this guide and ill try working on more guides in the future!
League of Legends Build Guide Author FrAGfOrEvErr
FrAGfOrEvErr Riven Guide
Riven Guide [8.23]