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Anivia Humor Guide by Bludes

Other Roleplay Jungle Anivia

Other Roleplay Jungle Anivia

Updated on January 24, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bludes Build Guide By Bludes 36 5 68,278 Views 86 Comments
36 5 68,278 Views 86 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Bludes Anivia Build Guide By Bludes Updated on January 24, 2014
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Welcome Summoners!
My name is Fizz and today I wanna show YOU something special:
Roleplay Jungle Anivia! I was tired of being sent to the midlane
EVERY TIME and I love roleplays... so I developed together with my buddy Sion#
this modification. First for Anivia because she gave me free fish a few times...*caugh*
And because I have to do it - here it is! Sion, come here and explain it to them!
"On my way..I hope I can do this because... I'm dead and my eyes aren't the best..."
"Just read the notes! The video starts automatically" "Uhm..okay.."
Okay Sion... you suck at this. I'm sorry... and you didn't said a word about the exp, the main goal, ect, ect, ect. I TOLD YOU Fizz MY EYES AREN'T THE BEST! JUST MOVE ON.
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Okay. Seems like you wanna know how this "guide" goes on, huh?
Ohoho...Okay! Like every RPG there is a main story to tell for every new challenger!
But I can't tell it because I don't remember... Zilean! Get over here!

*cough* Okay...

"Far, far away in an unnamed area called "summoners rift" there was war EVERY day.
There was soo much war. Really. So much. You can't believe how much. When I say much. I MEAN much. Get it? Anyways there was a thought. A thought of being free and don't be controlled by, what they call, a "summoner". And THIS THOUGHT rase upon in the sky. It was really fast. Really fast. REALLY. *caugh* Okay. And the little thought landed on the huge land "mobafire". The little thought was happy. It built a hous and lived with his child and his wife together until it was be forgotten."

Uhm... I remember that the Story doesn't go like this Zilean...

Oh! You are absolutely right! So here comes another one.

"In this land called summoners rift, there was war the whole time. The soldiers fought and
fought until they died. But they couldn't rest in peace because they got revived every time they died again. This was of course a huge frustration for them. So the little icebird Anivia tried to avoid death by simeply don't going to her middle lane. After this step bright light encased Anivia. Undreamt-of possibilities offered to Anivia. A Brand new life for her began at this point. She wasn't in the normal "League of Legends" anymore. She was in a freaking Roleplay game! Now she could choose her class, gain exp, level up, and more! She was so happy! But. No summoner wanted to play her. So she cried all night and all day alone.
When suddenly Fizz and Sion came across and wanted to help the poor Anivia."

You are absolutely right, Zilean. Now, summoners! I'll explain every single detail to you, to make Anivia. Please listen closely.
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+ Massive new content to discover
+ You can choose classes from now on
+ There are bossmonsters
+ You don't need to worry about loose or victory
+ Some classes actually works


- You won't kill any bossmob on your own
- You will loose
- You may be reported and banned
- Your teammates will insult you
- Could be frustrating

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For Roleplay Jungle Anivia you have to do some things to make sure you won't die. I will said this again in the future but Anivia got so much life that you just NEED the health masteries. I recommend to reduce the taken damage by mobs so you can kill them to get the exp and gold. And trust me: You don't want to end like the Anivia in Sion's video...
I haven't got more to say, but I need to write here something because Sion is hating... I hate my job, really. Are you still reading? Gon on. This has nothing to do with masteries anymore. Are you still reading? Mhm... Oh god.. Football Nautilus is coming! I HAVE TO END HERE! NOO GO AWAY WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!?! *TOUCHDOWN*
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Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

The RPG has still LoL content so it is possible for us to bring runes for a better start.
Miss Fortunetly Anivia is the champion with the lowest health in the whole game. So I recommend you guys to take health runes and Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed to be much faster in the jungle. and now in detail:
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Summoner Spells

Smite: Very useful to kill your first boss monster -> blue buff You should take it
otherwise you will die. You need a good pull, but I will say more words to that

Ghost: Very useful to GANK a lane. Ganking isn't required to become max lvl but you gain
much exp if you're doing it right. Also Ghost makes you super fast and EVERYBODY
wants to be fast. Really.

Flash: If you don't like being fast, which isn't possible, take it with you
You can also jump over walls every 10 MINUTES.
If you like that. Take it. Go on. Take it. TAKE IT.
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Ability Sequence Order

> > >
First of all it is very important, which skills you max firt. I recommend you to skill your Crystallize first to cave the blue buff like in the video. After that you can go on with Frostbite because it deals much damage when you hit an enemy before with a skill like Flash Frost. So at lvl 1 you start with Crystallize. Then you are skilling your Flash Frost one time up to deal at lvl 3 with Frostbite huge damage. But at lvl 4 you start maxing your Crystallize till it's Cho'Gath size.
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Your First Boss Monster

Now, after you setting up your charakter [in this case Anivia ]
it is time for you to start your jorney!

Boots are very useful to be fast at your boss mob. But it spawns anyway
at 1:55 so you won't miss it without boots. If you take the boots you can make tea for him. Maybe he dies then.

I REALLY recommend you to buy this GREAT ITEM. It is very useful for beginners like you. You will damage the boss monster more than Elise's Cocoon! This will help you alot and it looks kinda cool, doesn't it

Take as much as you can with you. These little bastards are your key to survive. They keep you alive and are your only friends in the hard jungle. If you forgot them, you are dead. I am serious and fishy.

After you decided which Items you wanna take [ Hunter's Machete and Health Potion ]
it's time for you to kill your FIRST Boss Monster. If this is too much for you, you can try the wolves instead. But It isn't! You go straight for the Baron Nashor ! Wait.. what? No.. no.. forget that. Go for the blue buff . It's the easiest boss mob on the map. It will give you a mana boost which really helps you. In case you didn't die... Ask your teammates to help you! Use your Smite to deal extra damage and NEVER FORGET: Your WALL is the KEY to VICTORY.
CAVE mobs and you will BE SAFE!

So. I hope you aren't dead. Are you..? NO! You aren't of course! CONGRATULATIONS! YOU ARE LEVEL 2 NOW! NOW IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO GO TO BASE OR TRY TO KILL THE WOLVES TO GAIN EXTRA GOLD FOR BETTER ARMOR AND WEAPONS. I HAVE NO IDEA WHY I AM SCREAMING! ... Okay. You think you haven't got enough gold to buy cool stuff? No Problem! Go on lanes and steal the minions for some exp and gold bonus. You are now ready to choose your class.
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Choose Your Class

Now this is the most difficult decision in YOUR LIFE. You are now able to choose your class you wanna play in the future. There are currently 5 classes you can choose. Every of them has different weapons, abilitys, ect. You choose your class by purchase the starting Item for your class.

Bloodthirster is a deadly sword for all enemys who are fighting against Anivia it is covered with tomato juice so it looks more dangerous.

Infinity Edge is a sword protectet by rune mages. There are spells on this thing and it deals much damage but it has no tomato juice bonus.

Zephyr is made out of a dragon tooth. Or teeth? It looks cool but again no tomato juice bonus.

Maw of Malmortius has no tomato juice bonus.

Guinsoo's Rageblade is special. It may have no tomato juice bonus but it is covered in orange juice. This smells very fruity and your enemys will try to eat your sword.

So the warrior got different fruity swords to kill his enemy. He deals much damage and looks awesome. If you decide to be a warrior you should buy the Long Sword.

Recurve Bow is the standart bow. Nothing special. May be cooler with fish or tomato juice...

Runaan's Hurricane is sooo cool. It's the fastest bow you can get. You can easily kill your enemys because it's SO FAST AND TOMATO JUICE EVERY WHERE!111!!

Last Whisper has a cool name.

Hextech Revolver is for all gunners out there. It is different to the bows but it's still a ranged weapon.

The Archer/Ranger kills his enemys by using ranged weapons. He is really fast and hides in the shadows. Nocturne: Darkneess... If you wanna play him -> buy Recurve Bow.

Black Cleaver Very cool weapon. Because is is an axe. It's background is a tomato. Deals much damage.

Phage is the standart hammer for every berserk.

Frozen Mallet is a core Item for every Anivia Berserk because it's frosty.

The berserk's main weapon is the hammer and the axe. They are much heavier than the sword from the warrior and harder to swing, but deal tons of damage. If you want to be a Berserk -> Phage

Warmog's Armor is a big armor. It protects you from any hits and is a core Item for every Anivia Tank.

Spirit Visage is worse than Warmog's Armor. Don't buy it.

Guardian Angel... congratulations! You've just stolen the wings from kayle... oh dear..

Randuin's Omen is a good shield for you. It's very big and gives you good protection.

Locket of the Iron Solari belongs to Leona but you can take it.

Aegis of the Legion is the standart shield. Boring.

The Tank is different to the other classes. He uses huge armor and shields to protect hisself and his teammates. But he would let his mates die if he could life. That's how he rolls. If you want to be a tank -> Cloth Armor.

Abyssal Mask is a good Item if you want to be a shadow mage. Everything other can Nocturne explain to you.

Archangel's Staff is the opposite of the Abyssal Mask. Ask Kayle for it and for her wings...

Rylai's Crystal Scepter is made by Dumbledore. It is very strong and a good weapon for every magician Anivia

Rod of Ages is purple and looks similar to Rylai's Crystal Scepter strange..

Void Staff should be the first real wand for a beginner mage like you. You should probably buy it first.

The mage fight his enemys with wands and magic. He can fly on his broom and is awesome.
If you want to be a magician start with Blasting Wand and go on with Needlessly Large Rod.
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Level Up

Now after you've chosen your class, it's time for you to level a bit!
How? Well. There are many ways to level up but the easiest ones are to kill the mobs and boss mobs in the jungle. Here is a list of them and a few tipps and tricks.

Wraith is the easiest mob on the map. He is followed by 3 fanboys the Lesser Wraith s. Use your wall and you should not have problems there

Giant Wolf is a bit stronger than the wraith but has got only 2 fanboys. The wolves . Do the same tactic and you will gain gold and exp.

There are acctually two Golem s. One is strong and one is not. Focus on the strong one and don't forget to use your wall and your stun. After that your E for extra damage. The golems are a lot stronger than the giant wolf and the wraith so be aware.

You've met the Ancient Golem before. You can also call him blue buff , but I won't call you eggnivia as well, will I? You know the tactic, right? If it's too strong, ask your mates. Sometimes they take it themselfes. So be aware of these type of guys.

Lizard Elder gives you the red buff . He is stronger than the Ancient Golem but gives you much exp and with a good tactic you can own him.

Now it becomes interesting. If you handle to kill the Dragon . You and all your mates become extra gold. Level hard to kill this guy one day. THIS is YOUR aim.

You thought the Dragon is the biggest aim you can get in this RPG? No, my friend. You have to train with Anivia hard to own this bad boy. This is truely a monster. If you killed the dragon one time, do it 20 times again and try the baron nashor . [Solo of course]. It gives you the baron buff and you reached the End of this RPG.

If you have problems with these mobs then go on lanes and steal some minions.
If you killed the Baron Nashor with your tomato juice, ect. then... CONGRATULATIONS! I HAVE NOTHING MORE TO SAY.. :(
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You've Beaten The Game!

This was my Roleplay Jungle Anivia guide! You are lvl 18. You may have all weapons... You've beaten Baron Nashor and there is just nothing more to do. I'm sorry but we haven't got more money for more levels.

Okay now I am serious! I hope you guys enjoyed this little fun guide. This time it was something different. It was really fun to make it and took me a bit. I am not english but I hope you can understand everything right!
I would love to hear your feedback and see your votes. I hope you test this out. ;)

And in the end here are some players who tried the game out!

Warrior Anivia:

Spoiler: Click to view

Archer Anivia:

Spoiler: Click to view

Berserk Anivia:

Spoiler: Click to view

Tank Anivia:

Spoiler: Click to view

Magician Anivia:

Spoiler: Click to view

If you want to be added, wrote a comment with your class and a picture of your build + stats!

Feel free to vote! We got the 2000 views!

- Fizz, Sion, Anivia and Bludes :)

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