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Rumble Build Guide by Ithebronson

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ithebronson

Rumble in the Jungle

Ithebronson Last updated on December 14, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This guide is outdated. It worked at the time, but late season two it would be more difficult with the WotA nerf, and I am yet to test its viability in season three. It could perhaps work by rushing a spirit of the spectral wraith. If anyone is interested, i could look into making a new guide.

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Hello, and welcome to my first MOBAfire guide. I've been making my own builds for a while, but just never got around to putting them on here :P As you all know, the game have received some heavy changes in it's masteries and it's jungle. Since then I've been trying out a few things, and i've found rumble, who is most commonly seen as a solo top champ, to excel in all ways required of a jungler.

Why am i making a jungle guide for Rumble? well skip ahead and see why rumble can jungle, but also, i have seen him jungled in high competitive play, and he's a super fun champion that is even more fun to jungle.

But when would you need to jungle rumble?
1. You have an AD mid to counter an enemy ap champion (example: Tryn countering Kassadin) and your team is left with no AP damage.
2. The opposing team is easily countered by Rumble (they're jungler especially) Melee's without a gap closer such as warwick will have a very difficult time jungling against rumble.
3. You want to surprise people and catch them off guard.
4. you wanted to play Rumble, but your team already picked a solo top.
5. You just want to have fun and get elo.

If any of these reasons apply to you, then keep reading!

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Why should I jungle Rumble?

Flamespitter give AOE damage for clearing camps
Good mobility with Scrap Shield
Control against a good amount of other junglers
Good level 4 ganks if you're any good at skillshots
Level 6+ ganks are a sure kill if positioned correctly
Can towerdive, and eat tower hits with his Scrap Shield
high sustain once you get Hextech Revolver
NOT A BLUE BUFF EATER. he is the only character in the game that has zero benifit from blue (aside from spamming w to get across the map) so you can ALWAYS give it to your ap carry

Cons as a jungler:
    If your early game is messed up, Hextech will take longer, so you will have to blow more gold on pots, and jungling will be slower
    Almost useless for ganking if you can't land a skillshot to save your life
    Can be counterd by a few common junglers

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Jungle Route

I know half of you are only hear for the jungle route and the build order, so i'll put it early in the guide so you don't have to go searching ;)

THE FIRST TWO CAMPS YOU CLEAR ARE IMPORTANT. how much health you lose will determine if you can farm two more camps or go base right after the first two. So make sure you have someone who knows how to leash and throw damage without xp stealing.

1. start at wolves, get your team to do damage, then back out so no xp is stolen
2. Keep them around, get them to leash blue fairly hard. use smite, and pop a health pot.
unless you got such a hard leash that you lost no hp, you should go back if you're worried about getting ganked in your jungle.
3. pick up 3 health pots at base, then head to double golems. don't worry you don't lose too much time doing this, better safe then sorry.
4. Go up to wrathes.
5. Get red and smite, you should be level 4, go gank. If you don't successfully gank, go farm a bit more until you have enough for a Hextech Revolver, then go base
6. it should be pretty easy from here on, just jungle, counter jungle, gank, all that good stuff. don't forget to give blues to your carries!

If you decided to stay after taking blue and wolves, go to wrathes, then golems. be careful because you will be out of pots.

Leashless route, if your team is straight derp:
1. start at double golems, smite big golem
2. wrathes
3. wolves then go to fountain.
4. pick up 4 health pots
5. go to golems, smite big
6. wrathes
7. wolves
8. red buff, smite
9. gank, or go to double golems.
10. wrathes.
11. blue buff, smite.

This second path actually isn't all that bad. it does have a lot later gank, and is not ideal if your opposing jungler is aggressive, but buying a couple more potions can make that a little easier. the first route is definitely preferred though, less gold spend on health potions, earlier buffs, better jungle control, and earlier gank.

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Jungle Rumble in action

If you have any doubt in your mind about this, watch these videos.
This is a video of CLG's Saintvicious jungling rumble in a scrim against TSM:
notice that even without a jungle set up, he's able to do it fine.

I'd love to upload my own video's but i just can't find out how. I have them on lolreplay but i don't know how to upload, if anyone knows how just let me know. you can also search them if you have LOLreplay.

Here are the stats from my first two normal games played with jungle rumble, my first two games:

I am yet to play a game with him that i've gotten an even score or gone negative.

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You MUST own these for any AP champion. you will rarely take any other marks. These are essential for maximizing damage.

these are great for jungling, and are essential for this route. They also help you fill into the tanky AP role.

these help you take less damage if your ganking mid, and are also helpful if you're ever focused by their AP carry. Don't feel too set on this though, this is the one most easily changed. other viable options would be Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist or Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power

these are also required for jungling this route. Needed for faster clearing, therefore less damage, and more effective ganks.

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Masteries. This is the whole deal that makes this possible. Putting these in correctly is ESSENTIAL for making this jungle work. On the Offence tree, we take AP, CDR, Mpen, and AP per level, right on down the line. But the defense tree is where it gets fancy. We take Bladed Armor in the defensive tree to maximize damage return damage to the jungle creeps, while putting everything else in health and armor to make sure we don't die from them. notice how we don't put any in utility. This is a pretty obvious choice as there is not much that Rumble can benifit from this tree. He doesn't use mana, and there's not much else this tree can offer him.

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Starting Items:
Health Potion and Amplifying Tome
this provides you with a bit of ap for faster jungling, and that little bit of extra damage on your gank, and one health potion so you won't be vulnerable to the enemy jungler catching you. Why this over the classic Cloth Armor 5 Health Potion ? well yes, this provides a bit more sustain, but first off, it isn't exactly needed. also, you need to be rushing Hextech Revolver, and a tome is a start on that, while cloth armor builds into nothing, unless you want to save it until you build a Randuin's Omen (Good item, bad idea). and also, a lot less health potions used going tome with one pot
Core Build:
Will of the Ancients, Mercury's Treads and Rylai's Crystal Scepter

this core build is just killer. you have mobility, sustain, cc reduction, damage, CC, and health. this is a soooolid core. It is kind of expensive though, and half the games i play are over before i build any other full items, but this core has every thing you need.

Luxury/Situational Items:
Most of these items are pretty self explanatory.. but if i really must.

Need more damage? Rabadon's Deathcap
need damage, armor, and an awesome little stalling mechanism? Zhonya's Hourglass
taking too much damage from their ap carry, and want to support the team? Abyssal Mask
Getting torn apart by their dps's/need to fill in the tanky role a bit more? Randuin's Omen Sunfire Cape
Enemy team stacking MR? Void Staff
Don't have enough mana? Archangel's Staff LOLOLOLOL

Why not Hextech Gunblade? don't get me wrong, this item is completely viable. the issue is, the core build for rumble, especially jungle rumble is totally essential. you need that sustain, damage, health, cc ASAP, and this item is just way to expencive, not to mention it's hard to get close enough to someone to auto them down by the time you'll have this item. BUT if you're just gaking all day, and you find that when you go back to base you have enough gold for your core (minus WoTA) AND this item, then go for it! also late game when you just have to much gold, feel free to swap it for WoTA.

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Different viable core routes

Being quite a solid core at it is, you don't need much variation, but if you want to, here are a couple options that may benefit you in some situations.

Falling a bit behind, but feel like you have to keep moving on with your build? feel free to leave it at revolver for a bit. The health, straight damage, and cc is a good trade for a bit more spell vamp and AP.

other team has no cc? feel free to go for damage.

other team ad heavy? get these.

other team realllyy ap heavy? get this, skip the WoTA. this provides enough health regen so that you don't need to worry about the loss of spell vamp.

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Skill Sequence

Early level skills are pretty obvious choices. we max Flamespitter first to clear camps and to maximize damage, putting a point in Scrap Shield at level two for mobility in the jungle/going out to gank. we wait until level 4 to get Electro-Harpoon to cc the champion you are ganking. i guess the next question is: why max Electro-Harpoon before scrap sheild? Maxing Electro-Harpoon second maximizes damage, and combined with Rylai's Crystal Scepter, it can basically stop your target in place. This is more important than a little more damage shielded (which you'll spell vamp back anyways) and extra movement speed.

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Summoner Spells

This is pretty self explanatory, every jungler needs smite, especially this one. Always remember to keep it up for dragon, baron, stealing enemy reds and blue's etc.

This is my ideal second spell. DO NOT TAKE THIS IF YOU CANNOT LAND SKILLSHOTS. i find that half of the times i use this is to flash slow someone and follow up with Flamespitter. if you cannot slow, don't even bother. the choice of this over ghost is more a personal preference. Although, this provides a better escape if caught off guard, you can easliy flash then Scrap Shield away.

This is an equally as viable second spell. This is more used for chasing someone down with Flamespitter while flash is more about catching them by surprise.

this choice is less ideal. granted, you will have pretty good ganks, but it doesn't do much more than ghost and flash could do. Later in the game, rumble is about AOE damage in team fights, and exhaust is more about locking down a target. someone else will have exaust for their carry, so i suggest picking up one of the spells above.

There aren't really any other viable spells than these, if you disagree feel free to let me know what you're thinking!

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Quick Hints for Ganking

When ganking a lane with rumble, unless you're sure you can get the kill, don't blow flash. You should gank to get them to blow their summoners, then camp the lane and wait for the opportune moment to gank again. NEVER gank a lane, and just leave it until the enemy has thier summoner spells/escape mechanisms back up. Also, while ganking mid, if you angle it right, you can get him to run into the side brush rather than to his tower, if he does this, depending on the champion, you should be able to come chase him down with Scrap Shield and wear him down with Flamespitter.

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Jungle Match Ups.

I will go over some popular junglers and explain what to do in given situations

Lee Sin Xin Zhao Pantheon Tryndamere Wukong: for all of these, either run, or prepare to trade with them. they all have good enough gap closers to get close enough to you, and even lock you down a bit. so don't go in unless you know you have back up closer than he does, or your sure you can do more damage.
Rammus: you should be able to win trades with him, but if he has an ally close, and you stay longer than you're welcome, you're taunted, and most likely dead.
Jarvan IV: dodge his knock up combo and you're in the clear.
Warwick Olaf Riven Volibear Udyr Skarner Renekton: you should be able to kite these fairly easily, unless the riven's good. you can even kill them if played correctly, and they go aggressive, although it might be difficult to pull off. start with one shot of Electro-Harpoon, then throw down The Equalizer on them, angled along their escape path, then overheat with Scrap Shield and Flamespitter, and shoot your second Electro-Harpoon for massive damage.
this is Rumble's max damage combo, and the advantage is it's a lot easier to pull of in a closed off space like the jungle.
Fiddlesticks: just be smart about this one, if played right, you'll come out on top.
Rumble: you should take this guy on no problem ;D

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Well everybody, Thanks for reading through my guide, i hope you all have the guts to try this out! When trying this out, make sure you play with friends or something so that they can help you take wolves and blue, it's kind of hard early if you mess that up so be careful!

anyways feel free to bring input, believe it or not i actually know about this stuff, i'm just not sure how good i am at making a guide out of it. IF YOU WANT VIDEOS FOR ANY OF THIS, GANKING JUNGLE ROUTES, ETC. LET ME KNOW. i'd love to hear from you guys! Good luck thanks for reading!

Want guides for different champs? I'm very versatile! just let me know!

you can Email me at or add me at Ithebronson.