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Udyr Build Guide by RuzzleFury

Assassin RuzzleFudyr | Jungle Udyr build (Patch 6.23)

Assassin RuzzleFudyr | Jungle Udyr build (Patch 6.23)

Updated on November 22, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author RuzzleFury Build Guide By RuzzleFury 115,935 Views 13 Comments
115,935 Views 13 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author RuzzleFury Udyr Build Guide By RuzzleFury Updated on November 22, 2016
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Sup peeps,Ruzzle Here.
I Started playing Udyr a while ago,I kept trying random builds game by game,finally I thought about this amazing build and tried it,served me pretty well and here you can see some of my scores with this build,even better I got a penta with it,sadly it was in a normal game but,still worth something.
Some scores
P.S:Useless ****,skip this part if you want.
My name is Morgan,I'm 15 years old and I'm from Cairo,Egypt.

Started online gaming when I was 7 and got into MobA games by playing Dota 1 in Warcraft 3,Played it for three years straight and I was 10 by the time.

Stopped playing it when I was 13 as I got bored from it since it got way too repetitive and became pretty boring as updates take ages and you rarely get new heroes there.

Started playing league of legends when I was 13,got pretty good in the game and started learning pretty much quickly since I had experience in MobA games,I even played Smite,Strife and I currently play Awesomenauts too.

Now let's get started.
In masteries we're taking Ferocity and cunning.

Why not resolve?
This build is all about damage and burst,you do not need to be tanky or anything,keep in mind that this build will let you have about 2.5k HP in late game & Over 50% lifesteal so you won't even need to be tanky.

Starting with Ferocity
1-We're gonna take Fury over Sorcery because attack speed is obviously your choice over ability damage.
2- Feast will help you early as you will be able to sustain more damage early game and during jungling phase.
3- Vampirism because you need that small amount of lifesteal for the early sustain in the jungle and Natural Talent won't help that much.
4- Bounty Hunter is surely your choice because you have 5% extra damage if you kill every one of them at least one time..
5- Battering Blows is obviously your choice because you don't even need magic penetration.

6- Fervor of Battle is indeed more important than Warlord's Bloodlust and Deathfire Touch since you get two stacks per hit because your attacks are meele not ranged,so you will gain stacks pretty quickly and you will be able to get extra physical damage.

1- Savagery is more important because that 5 damage will keep applying over and over again allowing you to finish the camps quickly.

2-Obviously you don't need Secret Stash because you're going to buy refillable potions anyways,your choice is either Assassin or Runic Affinity ,personally I prefer runic affinity since the buffs will stay longer so you can maintain your mana for even longer thanks for blue buff and you won't have any problems with spamming your skills and maintaining your 3 passive stacks.

3- Merciless over Meditation because mana won't be a problem at all with this build,let's not forget that you will be strong enough to go steal the enemy's blue buff anyways so you have like 2 blue buffs and you can always spare it to the mid laner to be a nice person,only if he needs it though,but if he doesn't then better you than him.

4-Obviously Dangerous Game over Bandit since you will be able to survive for longer specially against champions with poison,it can be a life saver,let's say you killed either brand/teemo and they had a burn/poison on you,what would you do if your hp was like 19 and the poison/burn had like two ticks left?
Nothing,you would just die,but what if I told you that 5% of your missing health which is a lot since you're almost dying will save you?
now would you rather have 10 gold when you attack champions or save your own life?

Now let's talk about runes.
Udyr is a very agile champion that a lot of scales so almost any rune page will work on this champion,but some tend to work better for specific stages,for example if you go full attack speed rune page then you will be very good early game & late game but then you will lack the armor & magic resistance to sustain a bit against tanks,here I give you a nicely done rune page that will help you during the whole match.


Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush
The Magic resist & armorwill help you sustain against tanks and will help you early game.
The physical damage will help you early & late game as your Wilding Claw fully scales of AD and you will be able to burst enemies down quicker.
The attack speedwill help you both early & late game,early game you will be able to clear the camps quickly,late game you will reach almost maximum attack speed as with this build you will get maximum attack speed with Youmuu's Ghostblade activated.
Bridge Between Is Udyr's Passive,when you cast a skill you get a stack,every stack gives you 5 movement speed and 10% attack speed for 5 seconds,keep in mind that you can stack it 3 times so you can get a total of 15 movement speed and 30% attack speed,mixing this with maxed tiger stance will give you 100% attack speed which is insane,also when casting turtle stance & bear stance to run away this ability will give you some extra movement speed or even when chasing enemies,pretty useful.

Oh boy,my most favorite skill in the whole game,the Wilding Claw.
This amazing skill gives you insane amount of attack speed,damage over time that is more cancerous than teemo's mushrooms(yea.),it gives you tons of attack speed for 5 seconds and makes your basic attacks deal extra damage,also the first attack you do in this stance will make
the enemy bleed for 2 seconds dealing huge physical damage over time,now this is where all of your burst and damage & turret destruction comes from,this skill is a total weapon and this is what the whole build relies on,notice the free 70% attack speed you get when you max this skill and anyways we're maxing it first so you got a free item.

The Iron Mantle,one amazing skill that comes in handy.
The Iron Mantle gives you a good amount of life steal that is almost equal to the Blood Thirster's life steal which means you have another free item,it also gives you a shield for 5 seconds which will help you a lot in soloing baron,elder & herald and we we're about to know how to do that soon.

The Blazing Stampede is another good skill.
Casting the Blazing Stampede will give you increased movement speed for a while and ignores unit collision,same passive as phantom dancer and the movement speed is even more & better,keep in mind that the first attack you will do in the Blazing Stampede will stun your target,this cannot be done on the same target for 5 seconds but it's very important as this skill is what allows you to damage your powerless enemy,when you stun them you're going to switch to Wilding Claw and then keep auto attacking them with your insane attack speed,keep in mind that you will be insanely fast so you can use this spell to do 3 things.
2-Run away
3-Chase the enemy.
Incredible isn't it?

The Wingborne Storm,almost useless in this build until you get to the stage where you have to split push and carry your team to victory,despite the fact that this build provides 0 ability power yet you have to respect the phoenix stance as using it with the ravenous hydra in split pushing
will give you imaginary wave clear,even though we don't use it in anything else but in split pushing it's another story.
Once you cast it the Wingborne Storm will give you burn damage over time to nearby enemies,the first attack you do and every third attack after will release burning waves that deal damage to your target and all enemies behind it in a small area.
The Refillable Potion is your first starter item in this build,it's a lot better than Health Potion,first of all you can use it during the whole game without having to buy it over and over again,secondly you can also upgrade it to Hunter's Potionif you're being countered or invaded a lot,as it will also give you extra charges.

The second starter item you'll be buying,The Hunter's Talisman is better for Udyr than the hunter's machete,Why?
It provides you with extra healing from monsters and slight amount of mana regeneration,once you get blue buff you'll be able to spam your skills and maintain your passive like a boss.

Oracle's Lens Is a very good item and it will be very useful for you,when you're going to solo baron/herald/dragon you will need to make sure there are no wards there so it doesn't get stolen or the ambush fails,pretty much useless until you need to cover objectives,then you will see how useful it is,other than that we will be starting with Stealth Ward.

After buying this,you will deal insane amount of damage in early game,considering the fact that you get this by 2nd-3rd recall if you had good time jungling,this is super useful in early game & late game.

Now this is another great item for this champ for many reasons,you have skills that have less than 4 sec cooldown when maxed,also u get 40% cdr with this build so you almost have no cooldowns on these skills,considering the fact that trinity also gives CDR so once you get it after
warrior you already have 30%,let's say you got blue buff so you already finished your 40% cdr by only 2 items.
It gives you huge movement speed thanks to phage,after the rework it also gives you huge attack speeed (40%) which is 5% More than statikk shiv,you also get extra damage after casting any spell thanks to sheen and the damage is 200% your basic attack,the burst that comes out from this item is super insane.

The Berserker's Greaves fits perfectly with this build,first of all you don't need Ninja Tabi because you already have some armor and with full build you will have over 50% lifesteal which is perfect for sustain and allows you to do such stuff as soloing baron,elder,herald etc(yep.)you
also don't need Mercury's Treads because you don't need magical resist either,you also don't need Ionian Boots of Luciditybecause you already get 40% cdr,so the Berserker's Greaves is the perfect item for you,it gives you 35% attack speed which is equal to the attack speed of Statikk Shiv while this costs a lot cheaper,it also provides you with a fair amount of movement speed and mixing this with trinity,Tiger stance &The attack speed runes we have will give you more than 2.00 attack speed already.

Your main weapon in split pushing,The Ravenous HydraProvides you damage to nearby enemies,life steal and it's a cast-able item that could be used to deal your total attack damage to nearby enemies scaling from closest to farthest enemies,which means the closer you
get to the wave the more damage you will deal,using this with the Phoenix stance will give you the ability to delete a whole minion wave in less than 4 seconds.

Now this is your main weapon against tanks/targets with huge mobility,let's say they have an adc Ezreal or Mid Kassadin,how can you even chase these?
Using the Youmuu's Ghostblade will give you significant amount of movement speed and attack
speed,so you will be able to chase them effectively and mixing this with trinity&your boots and your bear stance will make you incredibly speedy and no one will be able to flee away from you.Not just that,it can be used to run away from enemys chasing you since you're going to backdoor most of the time,it also has another use where you can use it to destroy inhibitors or turrets quickly and then using it to run before the enemies reach you,even if you know they're coming you can use this to destroy the turret and then run away.It also has 20 armor penetration which makes tanks cry,although that's the only penetration item you'll be getting but mixing it with Precision will give you good results.

BloodthirsterGrants you huge amount of damage(75)and huge amount of life steal(20%)Now after getting ravenous,this item& using turtle stance mixed with Vampirism you will have 52% life steal,which is huge and will allow you to solo baron and elder any time
you want,even solo the enemy team(nah jk don't go 1v5 then say the guide said that,I don't take responsibility yo).
In order to be good with any champion,basically anything in life you need to know the pros and cons in it, Udyr Basically doesn't have much down sides except for the fact that he can be kited very easily as he has no gap closers,other than that he has only a few downsides,keep in mind that now we're speaking about the pros & cons of RuzzleFudyr not the normal Udyr,so some stuff might change.

Very strong damage early & Late game
as I said before,once you get Warrior you will deal insane damage with your tiger stance and you will be able to solo dragon already,considering the fact that you get it by minute 8-9 you will also be able to gank and deal insane damage for that time.

Huge movement speed Since we're maxing bear right after tiger stance,we're also getting Trinity and thanks to phage whenever you hit an enemy you will get increased movement speed,even better when you activate Youmuu's Ghostblade.

Insane wave clear Thanks to Wilding Claw's attack speed, Ravenous Hydra and Wingborne Storm,late game you will destroy the wave in almost no time.

Split pushing potential Once you get the full build,you will legit destroy waves in less than 3 seconds and destroy turrets in less than 6 seconds using Wilding Claw & Youmuu's Ghostblade.

Can solo Baron,Herald&Elder As RuzzleFudyr you are able to solo Baron,Elder & Herald easily thanks to your insane lifesteal from Iron Mantle, Ravenous Hydra, Bloodthirster.

Insane jungle clear You can get your warrior enchantment by almost 7 minutes which is incredible,thanks to your Wilding Claw and Iron Mantle you have both insane damage,attack speed and sustain allowing you to stay in the jungle longer than anyone else.

Easily countered by kiting/CC Champions like Vayne, Draven will be able to counter you fairly easy due to their kiting ability.
Also champs with high/annoying CC will also be able to slow you down and deal a lot of damage to you,for example Nasus, Darius.

Let's speak about Vayne
Vayne Can stun you,can go invisible,can deal a lot of damage and can abuse her kite to get you down in no time, Vayne Is a huge challenge to you in late game as you are not able to solo her,you can make it a bit easier by some ways.
First:You can make vayne use her ultimate then run away quickly then once she has no ult you can kill her easily.
Second:Stay away from walls,I repeat stay away from walls because if vayne stuns you,no way you're getting out alive unless you have flash and/or if an ally saved you.
Third:You can use your flash to stun her with E then use your Q to give her no time to react and burst the hell out of her,you also need to make sure she has no Mercurial Scimitar Or Quicksilver Sash then she is fully able to counter you.
In the end,just don't try to get into a 1v1 situation with her as she is made to counter champions like you anyways.

Now let's speak about Draven.
Draven Has insane damage if he had both axes,first of all to kill Draven you need a gap closer,as Udyr you don't have one so your only hope is flash,you have one of two ways to kill him.
First:You can wait for him in a bush and ambush him or flash instantly to stun him with Blazing Stampede then immediately swap to Wilding Claw to burst him,make sure you have your Youmuu's Ghostblade activated if you had it as it will be of great help for you.
Second:If draven is not fed,simply run to him and kill him but you may need to check if he has no wards because else he's going to know you're there and will have advantage over you.

Now tanky champs with CC or heavy damage,starting with Nasus.

We all know how annoying Nasus is,he can slow you & your attack speed down,he can deal 12390123 damage with his Siphoning Strike,let's not forget his Fury of the Sands that gives him health,magic damage over time and extra AD,now how do you counter this beast?

First,you need to know that you should not 1v1 Nasus,he really has the advantage over you in everything for the 1v1 situation,even better if he has Thornmail as all of your damage will turn against you,to counter Nasus you have to annoy him early game by ganking his lane over and over to not allow him to stack or do anything,also keep an eye for him when he's split pushing as it's free gold,farm and experience.
Avoid going in the 1v1 situation with him late game if he's fed,has Thornmail & Frozen Heart or has many stacks.

Finally,let's speak about Darius.
Darius Has much health & damage if he's building tanky,keep in mind that he can build Thornmail just for you to turn all of your damage against,as RuzzleFudyr this is your most hated item.
To counter Darius you simply need to keep avoiding his Decimate,early game you have the advantage but mid game he has it,also depends on who's fed more than the other,keep in mind that if you do 1 mistake or if he lands his Decimate on you once he'll heal his HP and keep you bleeding for ages,also his Noxian Guillotine will deal tons of true damage.
So just make sure his Decimate does not hit you and make sure you have enough life steal to be able to sustain against his huge bleed.

Jungling with Udyr isn't boring at all specially for the fact that your clearing speed is insane,you have endless sustain and it's always enjoyable for me.
Jungling with Udyr is almost the same as every other champion,except for the fact that when you play a RuzzleFudyr the whole team's fate lies on you,you're the one who can solo carry the game and I'm about to give you a solid example of how you can do that,for now let's start with the basics.

The route with RuzzleFudyr goes like this:

1-Blue Buff SPACESPACE6-Krugs
2-GrompSPACESPACE7-Gromp again
3-Wolves SPACESPACE8-Wolves again
4-Raptors SPACESPACE9-Raptors again
5-Red buffSPACESPACE10-Krugs again

Now you'd ask,but wait how the hell do you even sustain all of that with only a refillable potion and a hunter talisman?
First of all we're adding Wilding Claw Then Iron Mantle And at level 3 we don't add Blazing Stampede,we add Wilding Claw again,it reduces the mana taken to use the spell,increases even more attack speed,even more damage per hit,even more damage taken over time and works perfectly with turtle stance.
Let's not forget Bridge Between that you have to keep maintaining to get the free attack & movement speed to be able to clear the camps quickly,you need to make sure that it stays 3 the whole time,unless you're moving between the 2 parts of the jungle after clearing one of them,you should then save your mana.
Now this is a thing you totally don't have to worry about,you're RuzzleFudyr bro,which means you have great early game potential,getting counter jungled rarely happens because everyone knows that Udyr has insane sustain and you're one of those champs that actually invades the other junglers so the chances of them invading you are very low,but if you get invaded you should think about some important stuff like,are they close to a team member?,do you have enough mana to kill them?,do they have red buff or higher health than you?
You need to be smart here,to calculate everything and see what you should do.
Now if you wanna make sure you're safe,here are the places where you should ward.

To counter jungle with RuzzleFudyr is pretty easy as hell,you don't even need to invade them to ruin their life,but if you want to do so,then simply pay their blue/red a visit when you have good items,farm & score and you're sure that if they show up you can kill them,let's say you at least finished your then simply take it if it's there,if it's not then you should watch the mini map from now on because when it's about to spawn there will be a gray looking thing in the camp on the mini map and it's even closer to spawning if it's yellow,that's when you should go and hide in any of the bushes and don't come out so fast,wait like 5 seconds to make sure they are not coming then take it and escape.
Make sure you always get the rift scuttlers to be able to see them when they're about to gank other lanes,then immediately head there and kill them or scare them away to not allow them to gank,then go gank that lane if it was pushed,even better the enemy jungler will even follow you so it's a guaranteed win.
Long story short - if you see them ganking a lane,you do it instead.

Ganking with RuzzleFudyr is pretty easy and fun thing to do,but there are couple of things you need to keep in mind to make sure the gank is gonna be useful to you and your teammates.

You need to make sure the lane is pushed to the turret or at least pushed a little bit,don't gank pushing or winning lanes as they are already winning and ganking the losing lanes will help a little bit.

Use your Blazing Stampede to get in lane quickly,stun the target then swap to Wilding Claw and keep hitting them till they die,if they manage to survive some how or run,swap to Blazing Stampede for an additional stun then again swap to Wilding Claw for more damage,if they didn't die then report them for hax gg.
Another thing that makes this thing great,you can solo Drake,Herald & Baron at very early stages.
Let's start with dragon since it's the easiest.
You can probably solo dragon once you finish your Skirmisher's Sabre - Warrior which is supposed to be done at minute 8-9 depending on how successful you were at your jungling period,It also depends on how successful your team is,you need to make sure mid lane won't respond to it,you also need to make sure that your bot lane is pushing so that the enemy bot lane won't be able to follow up,if you think it's necessary and you really need it,then you could get Sweeping Lens and head to it,won't take you more than 20 seconds at max if you use your Wilding Claw and Iron Mantle only to maintain your passive and deal continuous damage.

After you get your Skirmisher's Sabre - Warrior and Trinity Force you can solo Herald,if you are behind and you still want to solo it,get your Oracle's Lens and then make sure atleast you have Stinger and Phage because you need them,so Skirmisher's Sabre - Warrior, Stinger and Phage are the minimum requirements to solo herald.
Same as dragon,keep using your Wilding Claw & Iron Mantle equally to maintain your passive and deliver good damage at the same time.

Now the real talk,Soloing Baron nashor
Despite the fact that it seems insane,it isn't and you can solo baron nashor .
Now this requires you to behave wisely for a little bit,First of all you need to make sure that you have enough life steal,but how do you know?You need to make sure you have your Iron Mantle maxed,you also need to make sure you have Skirmisher's Sabre - Warrior, Berserker's Greaves, Trinity Force And at least two Vampiric Scepters or Ravenous Hydra & one Vampiric Scepter.
Not having these might make it harder and having these will make it a lot easier.
Make sure you have Oracle's Lens and use it before anything,also remember to kill the Rift Scuttler because it will provide you vision and will help you escape if you're seen.
Similar to the others,keep maintaining your passive with Wilding Claw and Iron Mantle but here it's slightly different,you don't fight with tiger stance for the extra base damage,what you do is start with Wilding Claw,hit baron once and then use your Iron Mantle to benefit from the huge amount of lifsteal it provides you,then again use Wilding Claw to hit baron once and then swap to Iron Mantle.
Keep doing this until you succeed in soloing it,once you do the whole team will benefit and it will give you a huge buff which will be very useful in solo pushing and BREAAAACHIN DA GATEZ.
Also remember to use your Tiamat or Ravenous Hydra and Youmuu's Ghostblade if you have any of them because they will benefit you a lot and will be very useful.

Finally,the main point of this build,Split pushing.
Now this is the most important part in the build,if you understood everything above and this,you're good to go.
If you understood everything above except this part,then this build is definitely gonna be useless for you since it is not meant for team fighting.
Now,to split push with RuzzleFudyr you need to be very smart and there are some main points you need to keep in your head.
First of all you need to make sure you have Tiamat At least,better if it was Ravenous Hydra,also make sure you have the basic items ( Skirmisher's Sabre - Warrior, Trinity Force and Berserker's Greaves).

Secondly,you need to make sure at least 3 or four enemy team members are visible to you so you have enough time to react against one or two of them,if you're over extending and everyone is missing you should use Blazing Stampede and flee away,if your team is defending or they're about to go in a team fight situation,immediately go to the most pushed lane and start pushing it even more,use Wilding Claw to trigger your Trinity Force passive and your attack speed,once you get to the turret do the same thing but remember to activate Youmuu's Ghostblade if you had it since it allows you to max your attack speed and you will destroy the turret in less than 5 seconds with your minions near you.

Remember to keep using Iron Mantle, Blazing Stampede to trigger trinity additional times if you haven't Youmuu's Ghostblade or if you think you don't deal enough damage to the turret.

Third but not last,if they're sending someone to defend then your team will be in a 4v4 or 4v3 situation and your team will have a slight advantage as the enemy team will be distracted both looking at their base and attacking your team at the same time,you can pretty much 1v1 anyone they'll send unless it's someone who's originally a threat to you from the list we mentioned at the beginning of the guide.

Fourth,if you did a great job and you managed to destroy the inhibitor then it respawned later,swap to Oracle's Lens and move through the enemy's jungle wisely,if you clear a ward head back because they saw you and they'll be going back to defend,if they didn't and everything above is fine,use your Blazing Stampede and Youmuu's Ghostblade until you reach the inhibitor then swap to Wilding Claw for quick damage and once you destroy it,run away as fast as you can using Blazing Stampede and don't stop to recall,just run as far as you can to make sure you're safe then recall if you need to.

Repeat this process until you have two inhibitors or more then the enemy base will be in a total mess and you will be able to solo carry the game for your team.

Original build idea:RuzzleFury

Headers & Word designs:MinDxMaDneSS

Video recording:MinDxMaDneSS

A special thanking for:Trick2g who inspired me to play Udyr.
MinDxMaDneSS who was a great friend of great help and inspired me to make this guide..

To whoever drew that amazing Udyr vs baron image.

To you:For reading this guide.

If you have any questions I'll be more than happy to answer them all,God bless you all!

Regards - RuzzleFury
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RuzzleFury Udyr Guide
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