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Ryze Build Guide by leetskillz

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League of Legends Build Guide Author leetskillz

Ryze: Take this scroll and stick it..

leetskillz Last updated on August 25, 2011
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Brute Force
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Offense: 9

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Utility: 14

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I have seen many ryze-builds & guides.
I did not have the feeling like WOW this is amazing! so i decided to make my own Ryzebuild/guide.

This guide will be updated since if just made an account(early in the morning on 5-8-2011) on Mobafire and I don't know exacly how the build design works but i think i figured it out.

Please, Would you read the whole guide before you even comment or vote :D

If I have maked some spelling mistakes, then i'm very sorry. Im not english but dutch.

Enjoy ^^

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Pros / Cons of the Mighty Ryze.


    good range.
    Low cooldown.
    (Almost) Never out of mana.
    Got a Movement disable.
    Extremely annoying.
    Not really squichy end game.
    Cheap core item build.

    squichy early game.
    Can't hurt towers without ability power wich you should NOT build.
    Maybe you would like to grab a archangels if you have all the items you need.
    Ryze is not that nuker like:
Veigar , Brand and some more champions.
Ryze doesn't have an effective escape mechanism.

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since ryze is a caster and mainly mana-based i decided to take:

Magic penetration marks (9x)

Mana/lvl seals (9x)
Greater Seal of Knowledge
If I would pick flat mana it would be really less mana, i think picked mana/lvl is a great compensation of the normal flat mana.

Why did i not picked manaregen runes:
F U. I got enough mana before i am going back for Tear of the Goddess & Boots of speed).
(Boots or speed not the Main priority).

Cooldown/lvl Glyphs: (7x)

Flat Cooldown Glyph: (1x);

These runes combined with a Frozenheart/Glacial Shroud, Ryze becomes a spell-machinegun.

- Your Overload will give you 10% Cooldown Reduction(at max level).
- Frozenheart gives 20% Cooldown Reduction
- The Sorcery Mastery in the Offensive tree gives you an additional 3% cooldown reduction.
- You have 7 Cooldown/lvl Glyphs
that will give you 6,3% cooldown reduction at Level 18.
- You have 1 flat Cooldown Glyph
That will give you 0,65% Cooldown Reduction.

So your total Cooldown Reduction is:
10% + 20% + 3% + 6,3% + 0,65% = 39,95%, just call it 40%, cooldown Reduction wich is the MAX!.
Flat mana Glyphs (1x)

Strong earlygame Dominance (you can replace it with everythin else, but i choosed mana because more mana = more damadge + more spells to cast).

Flat health quintessence (3x)

Man! I love those things.

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Since we took in the defence mastery tree Strenght of Spirit, we have a pretty good health regen lategame.

1. You got mana runes.
2. Add a Sapphire Crystal
3. Hp regen/5 = 11 on lvl 1. this sounds low but its getting more and more because of: Tear of the Goddess , mana + mana/lvl runes and all the other items what should give extra mana. lategame you should get a pretty sick health regeneration.

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It might be possible that you got over harrassed(while ryze is master in harrassing). so you need to take the blue pill earlyer then expected, then just buy Tear of the Goddess , if you don't have enough money for it take Boots of speed , its help you more in the lane then a meki pendant .

why do i take Boots of Mobility instead of Sorcerer's Shoes ?
because Ryze is a great ganker, together with your ghost
(+ improved mastery) and flash .
also Boots of Mobility will help to escape and catch up someone.
you can switch from boots if they will stack magic resistance like and you don't want to buy a void staff untill a really lategame.

also get some elixirs .

The purchase order can be different.
Try to rush Tear of the Goddess
then get atleast Boots of Speed
If you are facing trouble or soak up alot of CC then get a Banshee's veil first instead of Boots of Mobility (or instead of Sorcerer's Shoes ).
Or if you having trouble with Malzahar or Warwick you can buy a Quicksilver Sash This item has a great active. If you get supressed just activate this and GG.

When you reach the point you would upgrade your CatalystCatalyst The Protector you have to ask yourself this question: Are we rockin' off tha house?

If the answer is YES then buy a Rod of Ages
If you are facing trouble, buy a Banshee's Veil instead

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Optional Items

Thornmail . If they are mainly heavy dps you should considering getting this.
1 Thornmail and QQ

Deathfire Grasp . For those who are stacking massive amounts of health. I love the Unique active. Just begin with this active before you are going to cast your spells.

Will of the Ancients . You perhaps want some spellvamp besides your ultimate.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter This will add a slow to your spells. the health benifit is also welcome.

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Essential build

Ryze's corebuild is really cheap and effective.

Tear of the goddess , + boots or + glacial Shroud . Maybe also a rod of ages .

Nuff said, let's move on.

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Skill Sequence

You want to max overload first since the low cooldown, good damadge and the cooldown reduction passive.

You have to level your ultimate as soon as possible.

rune prison is your next priority.

and spellflux the last.

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stand closer or further depends on the situation,

for people who should escape with ease if you use your first... you should use first then then then .

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Summoner Spells

I love ghost (+ improved mastery) and flash .
but these are also nice:

Ignite , Who doesn't hate it to getting killed by this one ^^.
Exhaust , good for slowing attack speed of dps and for slowing runners.
Teleport , you perhaps want to get as soon as possible in a lane or use teleport for a gank, I pick this spell often to.
Cleanse , being CC"ed is very dangerous for ryze because of lack of his escape ability.

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I hope you like this Ryze guide.

I'll update this guide soon and add some pictures.
Feel free to leave a comment.

Now everybody can play ryze like a pro.
Enjoy ^^.

result:just 2 RoA for the damadge :pBad earlygame.. Still ryze has a great lategame because ryze can be very tanky.
p.s. leblanc called me a noob because i haven't that much abilitypower...haha
so their udyr was mad on leblanc because I appear to be not a noob.
Since they had no junger I had to lane, solo-top, versus Skarner and Xin Zhao .
Even heimerdinger is no match for ryze in the mid lane.
Who can beat ryze 1 on 1?