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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Jinx Build Guide by Emiru

ADC [S11] Emiru - Jinx to Diamond Guide

ADC [S11] Emiru - Jinx to Diamond Guide

Updated on February 14, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Emiru Build Guide By Emiru 2128 72 4,657,364 Views 29 Comments
2128 72 4,657,364 Views 29 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Emiru Jinx Build Guide By Emiru Updated on February 14, 2021
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Runes: Standard

1 2
Lethal Tempo
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Taste of Blood
Ravenous Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


Items - What to build and when to build it.

ADC Matchups - How to play against each ADC

Support Synergies - How to play with and against each Support

After Laning Phase - What to do to win after laning phase is over

Teamfighting - How to teamfight effectively to maximize damage output

Attack Move Tutorial - How to set up and use attack move keys.

Additional Tips & Tricks - More stuff you might find useful.

Ending Notes - Credits and thank yous
Hello! My name is Emiru, and I'm a streamer and Diamond Jinx and Jhin player. I mained Jinx when I started playing League of Legends, and have played her as one of my primary champs ever since. She is the champion I played the most in my climb from being placed in Bronze in Season 4, reaching Diamond for the first time in Season 7 and as of now peaking in Diamond 2.

According to, as of updating this guide on August 4 2019, I am in the top 100 Jinx players on my account Emiru - by no means the best or one of the pros, but I know a thing or two!

This guide isn't just a culmination of my own experience and opinions, but with each patch update I research the highest winrate builds and runes, what Challenger players are doing bot lane, etc. and compile it all into one accessible guide. I hope my compilation of knowledge can help others become more comfortable playing Jinx!

If you were interested + for additional credentials, here's me playing Jinx in my Diamond II promos!

That all being said, thank you so much for taking the time to check out my guide and I hope you find it useful. If you have any suggestions/questions/criticisms, they are absolutely welcome so please leave a comment!

[August 30 2019 note: The attack move tutorial has finally been added.]
[October 24 2019 note: Tips & Tricks has been updated]
[January 9 2019 note: Guide has received a minor revamp for Season 10. Happy ranked season!]
Items and Builds
Doran's Blade

You want to start Doran's Blade in most lanes, even in many cases where it's a losing lane.
Though it doesn't offer as much early game sustain as Doran's Shield, the +8 attack damage offers more combat potential for Jinx in the case that you and your support get a good engage or your jungler comes to gank early. (And the 3% lifesteal still offers sustain!)

Doran's Shield

When do you go Doran's Shield? If you aren't worried about getting hard shoved into tower and you KNOW that the odds are you will not be engaging in early fights at all due to being versus a strong early game ADC, OR both champs on the enemy bot have heavy poke that you don't feel confident in dodging, Doran's Shield will assist you in surviving through the early game and prevent early backs from being poked out too much.
Remember that when you decide to build Doran's Shield you are sacrificing both all-in and pushing potential, and will be expecting to just farm and waiting for items. That's not to say that you can't try fighting or killing the enemy bot lane at all, but you will be at a disadvantage in that regard if they start blade or a damage item. Just because you lose a matchup doesn't necessarily mean Doran's Shield will help you more.

Immortal Shieldbow

Immortal Shieldbow is a very strong Mythic item in a meta where assassins are strong and it's common for any champion, including many supports, to be able to 1v1 and abuse the ADC. Shieldbow will give you a small amount of tankiness, as well as a shield and extra lifesteal when you take damage that would put you below 30% health.
Although you'll be getting less damage in terms of stats compared to other mythics, you can't do damage if you're dead and in a lot of team comps, Shieldbow will help prevent you from getting one shot and being unable to do anything in a lot of teamfights. You can't do damage if you're dead.

Kraken Slayer

Every third auto attack, Kraken Slayer deals additional true damage, making it a really strong pick into tanky comps. In general, it deals more raw damage overall.
When picking Kraken Slayer, you'll be sacrificing the survival potential Immortal Shieldbow or Galeforce could offer you, so keep that in mind. Try to pay attention to the enemy comp and decide who the biggest threat is, and if your team will be able to help you stay alive when you are picking a high DPS-low survival build.


Galeforce has an active ability that allows you to dash towards your cursor, and sends out missiles that damage a nearby target (prioritizes champions with the most missing health, so it's useful for finishing off kills.)
I personally think for Jinx, if you're looking to survive assassins and other bully champions Immortal Shieldbow is a much safer bet, and it seems to be a bit of a misconception that Galeforce is the best for survival because of the active. I think Galeforce is best on bursty ADCs, but it can still work for Jinx.

Runaan's Hurricane

Runaan's Hurricane's passive increases two of Jinx's strong points more than other zeal items: Teamfight potential/DPS, and waveclear. This makes it a strong choice for a primary Zeal item in a Jinx build.
When using Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher, the two additional rockets Runaan's Hurricane gives you also both do 100% splash damage, which make's Jinx AOE damage absolutely amazing for both pushing and fighting.

Infinity Edge

In most games you want to try to pick up Infinity Edge third, after you have finished your core of your mythic item + boots + hurricane. It will increase you damage significantly and is a pretty important item in most crit builds.


Stormrazor is a useful item against champions you may be having difficulty kiting, or can be a good item for trying to make picks.
Stormrazor also has special synergy with Rapid Firecannon and Statikk Shiv, you will get extra damage on your energized autos and have an easier time slowing enemies. That's why if you get Stormrazor, your first pick zeal item would ideally be RFC.

Rapid Firecannon

Rapid Firecannon is a pretty solid mid/late game item on Jinx because of the additional crit power and range (useful for both defensive and offensive purposes!) it provides.
It is less bursty than Statikk Shiv, but offers much more safety and reliability with the range. It makes it very easy for Jinx to try to get some long range rockets in to poke while trying to seige or waiting for a teamfight to start.
Normally, you want to prioritize Runaan's Hurricane before building RFC. However, if you are going the Stormrazor build, you will want to prioritize RFC. You will get extra damage on your energized attacks, and the extra range will make it much easier to catch enemies with SR slow.

Lord Dominik's Regards

Lord Dominik's Regards is a good item for when the enemy team has stacked a lot of armor, but in many cases even when the enemy is tanky Mortal Reminder may still be the better choice as a lot of champs are better countered with anti-healing than pure damage stats.
Situations where you would prefer Lord Dominik's Regards over Mortal Reminder would be when they have armor such as Zhonya's Hourglass or Dead Man's Plate, but the enemy has pretty much no relevant healing sources on their team. However so many champs have healing these days that if you do need an armor pen item, Mortal Reminder is ALMOST always better lol

Mortal Reminder

In most of my recent games where I find myself building Last Whisper, I tend to go Mortal Reminder over Lord Dominik's Regards. Tons of champs in every role have healing, whether it's ADCs with Fleet Footwork or Blade of the Ruined King, the enemy having supports like Nami or Janna, top laners like Darius, and Riot just seems to enjoy packing healing into overloaded champions kits these days. (Ahem, Akali.) It is fairly rare that you will run into a game where grevious wounds will NOT be a useful addition to your team.
If armor pen is not a big concern but they still have a lot of healing, for example their entire team is squishy but they have a Soraka, you can just build Executioner's Calling and work on other damage/defensive items and finish the completed Mortal Reminder later. If this is your plan, I would buy Executioner's Calling early, somewhere around while you are working on your second or third item.

Mercurial Scimitar

Mercurial Scimitar tends to be the best defensive item choice on Jinx, and I typically prefer it over Guardian Angel. With Jinx, your goal in the mid and late game is to do as much damage to the enemy team and objectives as possible without getting caught and killed. Even when you are positioning your best, some CC is very hard to avoid or mistakes happen.
Similar to my note about Executioner's Calling and Mortal Reminder, sometimes it is more efficient to build Quicksilver Sash in the early or mid game and finish Mercurial Scimitar later if the game goes that long. If you are getting locked down by stuns, roots, etc. a lot, consider buying a Quicksilver Sash earlier rather than later.

Guardian Angel

Typically, I only build Guardian Angel when they have a threat that is very difficult to avoid dying to, such as a fed Zed or another huge threat. In ideal situations, most deaths CAN be avoided by positioning properly or properly choosing when to take fights, but there are times where you’re just pretty much expecting to die in teamfights, unless you have something like a GA to make the enemy assassin a little wary of diving your team to try to one shot you. That’s okay, just build a Guardian Angel.
Only build Guardian Angel as a late game item, ideally your last item. There are exceptions of course, but if you find yourself dying over and over in mid/late game the problem probably isn’t not having GA, it’s likely your positioning/decision making/map awareness. As an immobile ADC, playing with your team and not getting caught is crucial.
Again, similar to Executioner's Calling and Quicksilver Sash, buying a Stopwatch ahead of time can end up turning the tide of a fight and give you a lead if used properly.

The Bloodthirster

If you aren't worried about being CC'd (if you are, a Mercurial Scimitar will probably be a more useful lifesteal item), having a Bloodthirster ESPECIALLY in the late game makes Jinx extremely hard to kill, so long as you continue doing damage.
If you are late in the game and you don't have a super strong need for and/or the item is on cooldown, you can swap Mercurial Scimitar, Guardian Angel, Phantom Dancer etc. out for Bloodthirster. The amount of sustain it gives you when you are doing a ton of damage makes it a strong defensive and offensive item in of itself.

Berserker's Greaves

Berserker's Greaves are the standard boots on most ADCs, 95% of the time you will not deviate from this, regardless of what defensive stats you need.
A lot of players underestimate the potential that extra movespeed can give you both defensively and offensively - catching up to enemies to chase down kills, or to survive a fight with extra kiting power/being able to dodge abilities. Being as immobile and squishy as Jinx, any additional help to dodge skillshots and stay alive is welcome.
Some games I will finish my Berserker's Greaves before I even come close to finishing my first item because the extra movement speed is super useful versus lanes where you are expecting to have to dodge a lot of skillshots.

ADC Matchups
One of the most important things about laning phase is simply knowing your matchups, how to play them, and what to expect. Laning is Jinx's weakest point in the game, so if you can AT LEAST go even, you should be on your way to winning as it only goes up from there! In this section, I will be detailing playing Jinx vs. each "standard" ADC plus a little bonus for some of the rarer bot lane picks such as Yasuo or Mordekaiser.

In general, what you can expect during lane as Jinx is doing your best not to feed early, farming as much as you can, and picking up kills whenever possible. Early game is Jinx's weak point, so as long as you don't make it impossible for yourself to make it to 3 items and don't feed the **** out of the enemy bot lane, you have good odds to win.


Just like Jinx, Aphelios is an immobile high damage output marksman, however he has much better early fighting potential. There are several different ways an Aphelios can give Jinx a hard time in lane, such as poke her with Calibrum, the Sniper Rifle, shove the lane in with Infernum, the Flamethrower, or try to catch her out with Gravitum, the Gravity Cannon root.
Avoid fighting him when he has Crescendum, the Chakram (gun with the turrets), it's very unlikely you will win a 2v2 or in some cases even 3v2. If he doesn't have the turret gun, you should be able to win the 2v2 as long as you don't hard commit. Keep your distance and abuse the long range of your rockets to whittle away his HP.
To beat him, try to take advantage of his low range and immobility. Poke/engage with Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher and W Zap! and avoid hard committing if he's about to get Crescendum, the Chakram. The best guns to try to engage on him with are Gravitum, the Gravity Cannon and Calibrum, the Sniper Rifle.

WIN CONDITION: Try to pay attention to his guns and which gun is coming up next, and avoid fighting around the turret gun. The flamethrower gun isn't great to fight against either. Try to harass him with rockets and take advantage of his low mobility.


Similar to Jinx, Ashe is a relatively immobile ADC, however her W Volley offers her zoning and poke that Jinx doesn't have. In most Ashe lanes, you will want to try your best to beat her in CS early, take whatever trades you can, and freeze your lane in a position where your jungler can gank and take advantage of her low mobility.
As soon as Ashe hits 6, you will need to be super aware of your positioning. It is super easy for Ashe to catch Jinx out with R Enchanted Crystal Arrow, especially if she has a support like Leona, Zyra, Thresh etc. who can easily follow up on her or vice versa.
Past level 6, just play back and wait for Ashe to slip up or get caught out by your jungler or support. You should never be the one engaging as Jinx unless you are so far ahead that Ashe will lose regardless.

WIN CONDITION: Trade with her when you can, but be mindful of her CC. This lane can go either way fairly easily, so if you farm and don't take too much harass Jinx will likely win.


As long as Jinx doesn't give Caitlyn a huge lead in lane, you should win out of lane just by outscaling her and becoming a bigger threat.
Stand behind minions while laning so if you get hit by Q Piltover Peacemaker you will take reduced damage.
Remember that if Caitlyn has a support with cc like Morgana or Leona, if the support lands their abilities on you a good Caitlyn will immediately W Yordle Snap Trap to chain CC and get in a few Headshots. Taking all of this damage will likely result in Jinx being forced off the minions, being forced to back, or dying. Be mindful of this, and avoid it. It's better to fall behind a few last hits than give kills and/or lose entire waves.
You should try to avoid getting stuck under your tower as this is what Caitlyn wants, to build lane pressure, zone you and get free turret damage with her early power. Ideally, you want to freeze near your tower but not under it.

WIN CONDITION: Don't let her shove you in, use Q Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher to try to prevent the wave from getting stuck under your tower. Don't take too much poke/harass.


Jinx loses to Draven in lane. Heavily. You want to avoid trading with him at all costs, and will want to do your best to keep your CS up while taking as little damage from him as possible. You will need to play this lane very carefully. tbh a lot of the time when I'm playing solo q and I lock in Jinx then they lock in something like Draven + Thresh Leona Blitzcrank I just dodge lol
This is one of the few situations where I'd recommend to get Ninja Tabi early in the game. The armor + passive + movement speed will help you survive this lane immensely.
Because of Draven's Q Spinning Axe and his desire to build up stacks, chances are the lane will constantly be pushing towards Jinx. Assuming your jungler is able to and knows what he is doing, they will likely try to gank Draven. You need to do your best to stay healthy for when this time comes, you don't want Draven getting a 2v3 triple kill. And if your lane + your jungler aren't healthy and are very behind, ping your jungler away. It's not worth it. It's better to stay behind for a while and not give him any more kills/leads.
Be very mindful of dives. Draven excels at early dives with his support and/or jungler because of his kit and damage, assuming he plays it right. Ward accordingly, and know when to back off your tower.

WIN CONDITION: Do not give him kills. Do your best to go even in farm. Farm, farm, farm and scale then wait for your team to all in him and follow up accordingly. Never 1v1 him. Ever.


Most of Ezreal's damage is in his Q Mystic Shot and his W Essence Flux proc. If Jinx can avoid as much of this damage as possible, she should come out on top. Take advantage of your minions to avoid Q Mystic Shot, but keep in mind that W Essence Flux can pass through minions.
Because of dodging being so crucial against Ezreal, I would recommend finishing tier 2 Berserker's Greaves early to aid in side stepping.
Whenever Ezreal does not have his abilities up, Jinx 100% beats him damage-wise. If he misses/wastes his abilities, take advantage of this and try to get a few autos on him. (But remember his cooldowns aren't THAT long, even in lane.)
Many Ezreal players like to back somewhat early so they can grab a Tear of the Goddess. Knowing this, you can attempt to hard shove him in early because A. If he chooses to back, he will miss a lot of CS to tower and B. Ezreal will likely choose to use his Q's Mystic Shot to last hit his minions under tower rather than using it to harass you. But remember if you do this, to keep wards up and be aware of the enemy jungler.

WIN CONDITION: Avoid harass by standing behind minions and sidestepping, take advantage of his cooldowns while they aren't as short in laning phase, and outscale.


Jhin is another champion whose goal in lane is to harass as much as possible and attempt to win by carrying a lead out of laning phase. To win against him, Jinx will need to avoid as much harass as possible.
For Jhin, his main tools to harass and trade are his Q Dancing Grenade and Fourth shot passive Whisper. Do your best to avoid taking his damage for free by keeping your distance when he has his Fourth shot, and trading back with autos in other cases.
The ideal time to try to get auto attack damage onto him during laning phase with Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher is when Jhin is reloading, however the chances are a good Jhin will not allow himself to be in a bad position during this time frame. Don't walk through Jhin's minions or put yourself in a bad spot just to try to get an auto in on him.
Jinx will rarely win early 2v2s and all-ins versus Jhin in lane unless you managed to greatly reduce his health earlier through trades / Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher poke, OR your support has landed good CC/damage onto Jhin. It's definitely possible to win skirmishes against Jhin early, but the conditions must be right. Otherwise, you should expect to play it slow and do your best to go even/beat him in CS. Once you have some items, you can either look to all in him with your team or outpush him to take his tower.

WIN CONDITION: Avoid taking poor trades from Jhin's Q's and fourth shot. Avoid being bullied. Try go to even in cs, and look for opportunities to punish him. You will outscale him.


Kai'Sa is similar to Jinx in that she is a scaler, HOWEVER unlike Jinx, she has massive 1v1 potential. You will lose to her later if you get caught without your support, but in lane the odds are Jinx will go even.
Jinx and Kai'Sa share the same low range, but with Q Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher you will have the superior range. You can use rockets to get free poke and trades onto Kai'Sa as she will have a difficult time responding with her base range. Just be careful not to overuse Q Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher and run out of mana.
Before 6, Kai'Sa doesn't have a reliable means of escape besides the small burst of move speed from her E Supercharge. This means she is fairly vulnerable to ganks. Attempt to freeze the wave near your tower to give your jungler or mid an opportunity to gank her. Kai'Sa scales very well into the late game and doesn't fall off, so the more you can put her behind and yourself ahead the better.

WIN CONDITION: Take trades/poke when there is an opportunity. Kai'Sa is fairly easy to kill pre-6, so look for engages with your support or try to set up potential ganks for your jungle/mid. Avoid 1v1ing her.


The longer a fight goes on with Kalista the less likely you are to win it because of her E Rend stacks. While Jinx isn't exactly the queen of short trades, try to keep any trades very short and avoid all-ins unless Kalista has really messed up and gotten herself caught by your support or taken a lot of free damage.
You want to be very careful to avoid getting caught by Kalista's support or letting Kalista get on top of you, because once she does it'll be very difficult to get away from her due to her passive Martial Poise.
When she hit's 6, if you find yourself in a bad position she will try to throw her support into you with R Fate's Call. This can be a very difficult situation for Jinx to get away from depending on Kalista's support, even with Flash at times. So be mindful of her ult, and plan accordingly.

WIN CONDITION: Avoid committing to all-in's unless Kalista has been locked down by your support/jungle, as if Kalista is able to live long enough in a fight Jinx will likely lose. This is another case where Jinx will out scale and come out on top, so the less mistakes are made in the laning phase the better. Kalista can become very scary very quickly when ahead. Give her as few advantages as possible, as she usually needs to win lane to be relevant.


Kog'Maw and Jinx share quite a few similarities, they are both extremely immobile hypercarries. In this lane, you don't really need to worry too much about how trading will go, assuming you aren't eating the entirety of the duration of his W Bio-Arcane Barrage.
Poke him with rockets when you can, but don't overextend and get caught as a result.
Kog'Maw is pretty easy to catch and kill, with patience Jinx can easily follow up an engage from a support, jungle or mid and pick up free kills. But remember the same goes for Jinx, so be cautious about getting caught and giving Kog'Maw easy early kills. He scales just as hard as Jinx does.
I really enjoy this match-up because Jinx's passive Get Excited! counters Kog'Maw's passive. It feels good to just speed off on less than 100 health and be able to avoid Icathian Surprise with ease lol

WIN CONDITION: Take trades when you see opportunities, don't get caught, wait for Kog'Maw to get caught. He's very easy to kill if he is out of position, so try to freeze the wave in a position where your team can gank him and abuse him.


Lucian can be a rough match up for Jinx. A good Lucian will look for opportunities to all-in her and trade with her, and Jinx will lose both.
Pay attention to the distance between you and Lucian, and react accordingly. You will want to keep your distance to avoid eating a full Lucian combo, as there is no way Jinx can win this trade. However, Jinx can potentially win short trades using Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher's range to her advantage.
You'll notice this is a common trend with Jinx: In this lane, you will want to keep your distance, take short trades/poke with rockets when you have a chance, do your best to win in CS, not give kills and win through scaling.

WIN CONDITION: This is a tough lane since laning is one of Jinx's weakest points and Lucian's strongest. Avoid getting all in'd, and you should be fine when Jinx becomes stronger after a few items.


One of the most important things you need to do in a Miss Fortune lane is pay attention to the health of your own minions to avoid taking a ton of damage from Q Double Up. You will want to constantly be re-positioning in order to avoid letting her Q bounce to you. Getting hit by even just one or two second proc Double Ups can make the lane very difficult to win for Jinx. Farm with caution.
Once Miss Fortune hits 6, she will become even more dangerous to Jinx with her R Bullet Time as it can be difficult for Jinx to escape without burning Flash and/or Heal. Be careful about getting all-in'd by their team because it is very likely that Jinx will die or at least need to back.
An ulting Miss Fortune makes a nice stationary target for Super Mega Death Rocket! ;)

WIN CONDITION: Be cautious about your positioning in this lane. Miss Fortune's poke is relatively easy to avoid when Jinx is playing with awareness. Jinx will scale much better than Miss Fortune, but always be aware of her R Bullet Time.




Sivir and Jinx both have the same goal in mind, farm, push, scale, build items, scale into a threat.
Sivir has an advantage as far as poke and shoving goes, with her Q Boomerang Blade and W Ricochet. On the other hand, Jinx's advantage is her Q Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher range and during teamfights Jinx should be able to out DPS sivir with Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher and Runaan's Hurricane.
Be cautious about being caught out alone or being positioned where your team can't help/peel you, as Sivir can bring her entire team on top of you very quickly with R On The Hunt.
Jinx can user her W Zap! or E Flame Chompers! before a gank or during a fight to try to bait out Sivir's E Spell Shield so that Jinx's team can CC Sivir. Sivir will die fast when caught and with no Spell Shield.

WIN CONDITION: Farm, don't let Sivir outpush you, and keep in mind the weaknesses of both Sivir and Jinx. They are both champions that are capable of doing a ton of damage, but also dying very quickly, and will become dangerous if not properly dealt with.


Though Tristana is weak early, she can be a threat to Jinx in lane because of her combo EQW combo. if Tristana sees an opportunity or Jinx messes up, Tristana will likely try to get Explosive Charge onto her and jump on her with Rocket Jump. You want to avoid letting Tristana all-in you like this, and if she does, you're probably not getting away so you might as well commit to the fight and try to come up on top rather than run away from a champ you probably can't escape.
Poke her with Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher and Zap!, and remember to throw down Flame Chompers! if she tries to go all in on you.
I would recommend never trying to 1v1 Tristana unless you are very ahead, her kit benefits more from focusing down a single target than Jinx's kit. You are better off letting your team engage on her and following up.

WIN CONDITION: Don't get cheesed and give Tristana kills in lane, beat her in CS, scale faster. It's difficult for Jinx to catch up to Tristana once she falls behind.


Twitch has the exact same goal as Jinx in the laning phase, he simply wants to make it to the late game where he is the strongest.
Jinx will not win extended trades with a Twitch in lane because of his passive Deadly Venom and his E Contaminate. Similar to Kalista, you want to try to only take short trades unless he messes up or takes free damage, poke him with Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher and wait for an opportunity for an all-in set up by your support, jungler or mid.
Freezing near your tower will set Twitch up to be vulnerable for ganks from your team, and will also help prevent you from getting caught out by him sneaking up on you with his Q Ambush, though it is still something you will have to try to be aware of no matter where you are positioned.
More than any other ADC, Twitch is the one you will want to be spam pinging about when he goes missing from your lane. Help your team be aware of his attempts to roam.

WIN CONDITION: Farm, take short trades, wait for an opportunity to follow up on your team to all-in him. Be aware of his stealth ganks/flanks, not just for yourself but for your team.


Since at the moment, the lethality build isn't exactly the best on Varus (sad face) and you aren't very likely to run into it in solo queue, I will only be covering the on-hit build. I may add more notes for playing vs lethality Varus in the future if it makes a comeback.
While Varus isn't exactly a lane bully, he has a couple of things Jinx doesn't like: poke and cc. Doran's Shield or an early Boots buy should help make his Q Piercing Arrow less of a threat, and staying aware of R Chain of Corruption at level 6 and positioning accordingly or having Flash ready makes his kit not a huge deal for Jinx.
Trade autos with Varus when the opportunity arises, be cautious of him at level 6, and try to hold the wave in a spot that will make Varus weak to ganks. He's just as immobile as Jinx.

WIN CONDITION: Avoid his Q poke, avoid his level 6 CC, and you should be good to go. On-hit Varus does scale pretty well, but not as well as crit Jinx at the moment IMO.


Jinx does not want to take extended trades with Vayne early on because of Vayne's W passive Silver Bolts and her extra damage from Tumble.
Similar to the other "weak early strong late" ADCs, when laning versus Vayne you will want to poke her/take good trades with her whenever possible, try to put her in a vulnerable position to be ganked by your team by freezing near your tower, and try to beat her in CS.
Unless Jinx is very ahead, she will not win 1v1s versus Vayne especially past 6. You will want to wait for your team to engage on her and follow up with damage to finish her off.

WIN CONDITION: Don't take extended trades in lane because of Silver Bolts, avoid 1v1ing her unless you are super far ahead, and beat her by not giving her kills, beating her in CS, and playing around your team.


In lane with Xayah, Jinx will want to pay attention to the position of Xayah's feathers from Clean Cuts to avoid getting snared and taking avoidable damage from Bladecaller. If Jinx can avoid Bladecaller, it will be difficult for Xayah to be much of a threat to Jinx in lane.
Before 6, Xayah is very vulnerable to ganks so do your best to freeze the lane near your tower so your jungle can easily come and try to kill her.
Once Xayah hits 6, she can easily avoid getting hit by Super Mega Death Rocket! with Featherstorm, so keep this in mind and try to save your ult for after she has used hers.

WIN CONDITION: Trading and fighting with Xayah is fairly easy for Jinx if you stay aware of Xayah's feathers, and are ready to respond to her level 6. If you play around her feathers and abilities, it shouldn't be too difficult to come ahead in CS and kills.


The popularity of playing non-marksmen comes and goes, but every so often you will see a wild Yasuo or Mordekaiser in your game... or some other fighter or mage taking on the role of bot lane carry.
In most of these lanes, assuming they aren't troll picking, the reason non-marksmen become popular in bot lane is because they are stronger than traditional bot lane carries like Jinx in the laning phase and have a good chance to come out ahead.
Jinx will lose pretty much all of these fighter/mage lanes in terms of early fights, so you will most likely want to do what Jinx would do in any losing lane: CS, play it slow and wait to scale, avoid getting pushed in/bullied under tower, poke with autos and waiting for your team to create an opportunity to follow up on.

WIN CONDITION: Usually if you just don't die in these lanes you will end up being more useful for your team than they are. Since their team probably won't have a marksmen at all, your team will have an advantage in taking objectives like dragon, towers and baron. Just do your best to scale and not feed. If you manage to pick up kills on them it's even better.

Support Synergies
As Jinx, you are a fairly team dependent champion due to your low mobility before Get Excited!. You will have a tough time setting up kills by yourself, and you will have a tough time surviving teamfights without teamwork. This can be very frustrating, but remember that teamwork is a two way street. Being nice to your support and/or peeler - or at the VERY least, not flaming/blaming them - goes a long way. Perform your best, don't complain or blame others in chat, and 90% of players will respond positively.

Be friendly to your support or just don't say anything at all. You need them as much as they need you.

In unfortunate cases where your support just isn't having the best game or being cooperative, do your best to take whatever farm you can safely to work towards buying your items, ward yourself if needed, stop trying committing to bad fights if trying to save them from dying causes you to die, group with other teammates after laning phase and instruct them on how to help your team without being condescending.

Follow up on his combo by throwing down Flame Chompers! or using Zap!, and weaving in autos.
If you get caught out, Alistar doesn't have many tools to save Jinx and if he chooses to get on top of the enemy bot lane to try to save her, he will likely take a lot of damage or even die for her mistakes.
Follow up on his engage when able, let him peel you, but don't rely on him too much to help you if you make mistakes.
If you get hit by Alistar's Headbutt Pulverize combo, you will take a lot of damage and may even have to Flash from his Trample if throwing down your Flame Chompers! doesn't hit him.
Take advantage of him being melee to try to get autos on him, but remember to keep your distance once he gets his abilities.
Avoid getting hit by Alistar's combo at all, but if it happens, be ready to react with Flame Chompers! or kiting back accordingly.

I personally don't like playing with Bard because when he goes to roam Jinx is pretty much a sitting duck.
When Bard roams, do your best to play safely because the enemy bot lane will look to engage on you if they realize you are alone. If Bard roams successfully, it will build a lead for your team so just let him do his thing and play safe.
Be cautious of Bard's Q Cosmic Binding and his passive autos. (meeps hurt :/) They can do an unexpected amount of damage.
Be aware of Bard's flank n gank potential with his Magical Journey tunnel, if you push against bard and/or don't ward it could be dangerous. Wards in areas bard will want to tunnel from will help you and your supp stay safe.

Playing with Blitzcrank as Jinx can be a bit tricky depending on the enemy team bot lane. If they are a weak lane, Jinx can afford to play a bit more aggressively with Blitzcrank's pressure. If they are a strong lane, Jinx will have to be careful to not allow the enemy to turn a Rocket Grab into an opportunity to kill her.
Remember that Jinx isn't exactly the best all-in ADC especially in the laning phase, so don't get too greedy when you see Blitzcrank land a good hook or you may be punished for it.
Position yourself behind minions, poke Blitzcrank with autos and so long as you don't get hooked repeatedly you will come out of lane fine. Just be cautious to stay behind your team and not get hooked once laning phase ends, because in teamfights this will pretty much mean instant death and will be horrible for your team and may throw any leads your team gets.
Buying tier 2 boots early in the game will help Jinx sidestep Blitzcrank's Rocket Grab with more ease. If he doesn't hit his hook, he is pretty easy for Jinx to kite using Flame Chompers! and Zap!

Don't be too afraid to trade aggressively with Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher if Brand lands his abilities. You won't have much all-in potential, but you can build up a decent lead/pressure by getting the enemy bot lane as low as possible without putting yourself in danger.
Regardless of what ADC Brand has, I would usually recommend going Doran's Shield in this lane. Survival and sustain are key.
Avoid his skillshots, buy early boots to help dodge his abilities if needed, and play this lane very cautiously.

Laning phase will probably be pretty passive and boring. Farm, take trades behind Braum's shield when you can, follow up on Winter's Bite with autos.
Once you have a bit of attack speed, it should be easy for Jinx and Braum to get stuns onto enemy champions.
Play around Braum and let him peel you, having Braum should make kiting in teamfights much easier than usual. Stick close to him as having him nearby will make it much more difficult for the enemy team to engage on you.
Braum strongly relies on hitting his Q Winter's Bite to be any threat to Jinx in lane. Dodge his abilities, and be wary of him attempting to jump onto minions near you with W Stand Behind Me to try to get some cheeky auto attacks. If you position well, he should be fairly useless pre-6.
Take advantage of his melee range to poke him with autos whenever he walks up to the wave to try to get Relic Shield stacks, and punish him trying to walk up to you or your support by immediately responding with autos and/or Zap! and Flame Chompers!

When your Janna puts her E Eye of the Storm shield on you, take advantage of the increased AD and protection and try to get a decent trade on the enemy bot lane with autos.
Having a shielding support is different from having an engage or poke support, rather than looking to follow up on your support, your support will often be looking for how to follow up on you and how to keep you alive.
Most Jannas will probably try to bully Jinx with Eye of the Storm autos, zephyr and tornadoes. When she uses these things on you, she cannot use them on protecting her AD so try to get some rockets onto them.
The odds are, when you are against a Janna the lane will be a farm lane. Try to freeze near your tower but not under it and pink ward accordingly so your jungler can try to gank.

When Karma puts her E Inspire shield onto Jinx, try to take advantage of it and trade autos onto the enemy bot lane.
If Karma lands a W Focused Resolve tether, try to follow up with Zap! and/or Flame Chompers!
Expect to play this lane slowly and safely, let Karma poke the enemy with empowered Q and peel you.
Be aware that Karma can use her empowered Q Inner Flame on minions near you and cause it to hit you, as it is AOE. Therefore, be aware of her poke even when hiding behind your creeps.
If Karma wastes her Q or E, take advantage of it and punish her for it by throwing autos onto her.

Follow up Zenith Blade and Shield of Daybreak with Zap! and/or Flame Chompers! and autos.
Leona excels at engaging and locking down the enemy ADC, but Jinx won't exactly be the best ADC to follow up on her in the early game. If you struggle to secure kills with Leona, be sure to try to freeze the wave in a position that causes the enemy bot lane to be vulnerable to ganks and call for your jungle/mid.
Take advantage of Leona's melee range and poke her with autos but be mindful not to put yourself in a bad spot where she can position onto you for free.
If she wastes her E Zenith Blade by missing it, you can afford to play a bit more aggressively but be cautious of her Flash and Q Shield of Daybreak combo.
You may need to consider an early Quicksilver Sash in the mid game. An immediate QSS on her Solar Flare can quickly turn an otherwise unfavorable fight.

When Lulu uses her abilities on Jinx, Jinx becomes a monster so be sure to take advantage of it and use your autos on enemy champions when possible.
When Jinx has Lulu, she can afford to heavily commit to even most early fights. Lulu's abilities will buff Jinx and protect her, making up for some of her early game weaknesses and making her a huge threat in the late game. Scale and look forward to late game Lulu + Jinx.
Lulu can have surprising poke/harass in lane. If their ADC is also one that Jinx struggles with, you may need to consider Doran's Shield.
Lulu may try to cast Help, Pix! on minions or even on Jinx herself for cheeky poke damage.
Try to harass Lulu with rockets whenever possible to poke her and her ADC out of lane so they can't commit to a fight.

This lane doesn't have the best all-in or the best poke, you will mostly want to focus on farming/controlling the position of the wave and waiting to follow up on any CC lux lands.
When you see Lux charging her ult and it doesn't seem like it'll be enough to finish off a target, try comboing with death rocket.
Lux is only a threat if she lands her abilities, if you focus on not getting chain CC'd she won't be able to do much.
Pay attention to the cooldown of her abilities, early in the game if she misses her Q it'll leave a decent window for you and your support to attempt to all-in.

Follow up on Morgana's Q Dark Binding with Zap! or Flame Chompers!.
If Morgana wastes her Black Shield, Jinx will want to play safely for a bit as the enemy may try to take advantage of Morgana not having it by engaging on Jinx and/or trying to set up a gank.
Play the lane slowly as neither of you have a ton of lane pressure/poke unless the enemy bot lane just likes eating Dark Bindings, Jinx and Morgana are both excellent in team fights so just scale, farm, and don't feed as usual for Jinx.
If you struggle to dodge Morgana's Dark Binding, consider buying Boots or even early tier 2 boots for more help sidestepping her binding.
At early levels before she has many points in E, you can use your Zap! to try to pop her spell shield before your support tries to use their CC.
Buying a Quicksilver Sash is recommended, for getting out of bad situations where you get hit by Dark Binding or if she flash + ults you in a teamfight (remember to use qss AFTER the stun goes off at the end of her ult)

Expect to be mostly farming in this lane, but Jinx and Nami can be a powerful duo if Nami lands a lot of bubbles and Jinx uses Nami's Tidecaller's Blessing effectively.
Nami's cooldowns are pretty long especially in the early game, so keep this in mind and try not to take aggressive trades if Nami's Aqua Prison and Ebb and Flow are down.
Since Nami's bubble Aqua Prison takes a bit of time to land, if Jinx stays moving and alert in many cases it will be very easy to dodge.
When farming, try not to be too close to Nami so she can't get Ebb and Flow bounces onto Jinx for free.
Nami's ult Tidal Wave travels very slowly, so if you see her cast it from a ways away try to respond instantly to get out of it's way.

Jinx and Nautilus combined do not have the damage to have huge kill pressure in lane, so try to freeze the wave in a position where your jungler can gank and Nautilus can try to set up kills with his hook Dredge Line.
Because of Nautilus's long cooldowns, if he misses an engage Jinx will want to play passively and avoid getting engaged on even more than normally.
Farm and scale, and either follow up on Nautilus engage/cc or let him peel you depending on the playstyle of the support.
If you find yourself getting hooked or within melee rnage of Nautilus, if he uses his Riptide near you try to hold in place if possible because otherwise you may run through his additional outer explosions, taking more damage.
When Nautilus has his shield, his autos will deal additional AOE damage. So be extra cautious of being near him during this time, or take down his shield if possible.
Nautilus uses a lot of mana early, so if he misses a few hooks and goes OOM try to abuse him and his laner to take advantage of it.

Especially early game it will be difficult to keep up with Pyke and give him the lane pressure he wants. Poke the enemy with autos when possible, follow up stuns and hooks with abilities, and farm to get your items quickly.
When skirmishing and teamfighting with Pyke past level 6, it is better to leave the kills for Pyke if he has his ult Death from Below since your team will get 2x the gold and there is a chance he will be able to reset his ult to cast it more times. Save Super Mega Death Rocket! for if he messes up his ult or someone escapes.
I strongly recommend buying and upgrading early Boots, not just for dodging Pyke's hook Bone Skewer but also for trying to avoid his stun Phantom Undertow. If he misses his stun, he will likely be in a poor position and the fight is more likely to go in favor of Jinx.
Avoid standing near low health allies in fights because if he ults them, the damage will likely also hit you for free, then if he kills them he can just ult you again and your chances of survival are even lower.

Rakan + Jinx is another lane that offers little early pressure, so farm and scale, look to try to set up potential ganks, and get strong for teamfights later in the game.
Don't forget that Rakan can dash to allies with Battle Dance, so remember to try to stay close to him so he can both protect you, or jump to you to escape from an unfavorable engage.
Once he hits 6, it is very easy for him to get on top of Jinx and CC lock her. Be wary of this, and keep your distance or try to bait him into a bad fight.
Buying early Boots in lane makes his knockup pretty easy to avoid, and Jinx can take advantage of his melee range and how squishy he is early to harass him with mini-gun autos and rockets.

Rell is extremely similar to Leona, but plays a bit more slowly. Let her engage and peel, but early fights could be a bit difficult due to lacking damage.
Remember to save E Flame Chompers! for when Rell goes in, depending on the matchup 2v2 can be possible in the lane.
Remember to keep your distance because her lockdown and CC is crazy if she gets onto you, she will be looking to engage onto you all lane.
If she misses her abilities take advantage of the opportunity to trade, but since she's so insanely tanky its best to ignore her if possible and focus her ADC most of the time.

While Senna has pretty decent poke and sustain, a lane with Senna and Jinx won't have a ton of presence. You're both scalers so play back and farm, and look to kite back in skirmishes.
Remember that Senna's W Last Embrace doesn't root right away after she hits it, so remember to wait to throw out chompers to chain CC with her root.
Senna will focus on trying to harass Jinx with her
Q Piercing Darkness and collect souls off of her with her passive, Absolution. Avoid letting her get free poke and souls.
While Senna and any of her allies are camouflaged in her E Curse of the Black Mist, though she's untargetable you can still hit her with W Zap! to reveal her, and she can also be hit by your other abilities. Her and her allies will also be revealed by a Control Ward.



Sona and Jinx are both very weak in the early game, so expect a very slow and safe lane full of farming.
When Sona uses Q Hymn of Valor make sure you step into her aura to gain a free empowered auto. Use it to trade if possible, and trade when she gives you Summon Aery or W Aria of Perseverance shield.
In most cases, focusing Sona early in fights is the right way to go as she is extremely squishy at all points in the game and she can sustain/buff her allies very quickly and easily if ignored. Once Jinx has a few items, she can burst Sona with just a few rockets so if it is possible you will likely want to kill her first.
Avoid clustering against Sona so she can't get an easy multi-person Crescendo.

Play safe, kite back and scale. The two of you will become very annoying and hard to deal with if you can avoid being shut down by the enemy team early in the game.
While Soraka is all about healing and protecting her allies, using her Astral Infusion depletes her own health so try not to make her work TOO hard to save your *** as it will end up putting both of you behind.
While it may feel counter intuitive, don't be afraid to just keep fighting in fights that look unfavorable at first. Soraka can turn the fight and surprise the enemy with a quick heal and silence.
Depending on how much poke the enemy AD has, you may want to consider getting Doran's Shield against Soraka because many Soraka players like to use Starcall and Equinox to poke, and an early game Jinx is fairly easy for Soraka to abuse.
Regardless of what healing the rest of Soraka's team has, you will pretty much always want to grab an Executioner's Calling somewhat early, ideally AFTER you've finished your first two items unless Soraka is too oppressive.

Play the lane safe and farm. Neither Tahm Kench nor Jinx offer strong lane pressure.
If Jinx finds herself in a rough spot, Tahm Kench can save her with Devour, however Jinx will still want to play cautiously. Needing to be eaten by Tahm Kench in the middle of a teamfight to survive means Jinx won't be out there doing damage.
As long as Jinx keeps her distance from Tahm Kench and she dodges his Tongue Lash, Tahm Kench will have a difficult time being a huge threat to Jinx in his current state.
Be aware of his ult Devour when pushing past level 6, he can bring the enemy jungler or mid to flank very easily.

You will want to play this lane very slowly and cautiously. Sustain the best you can. Taric and Jinx both aren't the most effective laners, but will shine in teamfights later in the game.
Try to position yourself nearby Taric at all times during laning phase and fights to get full effectiveness of his Bastion. If you are ready and in position, you can help him land his Dazzle more easily or on more people.
The goal will be to come out of lane winning in CS and not feeding.
Auto him whenever he tries to go for creeps for his Relic Shield stacks.
If you stay moving while he casts his E Dazzle, it is very easy to avoid without using Flash in most scenarios.
If Taric knows what he is doing, he will try to get within melee range of Jinx (especially during early skirmishes) and spam abilities to abuse his passive Bravado, which gives his autos extra magic damage and reduces the cooldown of his abilities. Try to avoid allowing him to do this.

When Thresh lands his hook and flay, throwing down Flame Chompers! quickly and at the correct position can chain cc them and lead to a very favorable trade or kill.
Many Thresh players like to play lane very aggressively, but remember not to over commit as Jinx and get yourself killed. Follow up on him with as much damage as possible, but remember your limits in early skirmishes.
Since Jinx has a hard time killing people quickly early, try to freeze near your tower so Thresh can try to set up a lantern gank with your jungler.
You will want to play cautiously, but don't allow yourself to play too passively out of fear of getting hooked and end up losing tons of EXP and CS. Try to sidestep his abilities with confidence and harass him early with rockets, especially if he misses a hook or flay.
Always be aware of Thresh's lantern Dark Passage, as a tool for both saving his teammates and killing enemies. Ward in areas he may lantern his jungler from, and throw down wards on his lantern to try to prevent his allies from being able to click it.
A good time to harass/punish him is if he moves out of position to try to collect souls for Damnation stacks.

Similar to having other poke/harass supports, Jinx isn't the best combo for Vel'Koz but you can make it work. Farm, don't get caught, and follow up with whatever auto damage or abilities you can.
At level 6, try to save your ult to follow up/combo with Vel'Koz's ult Life Form Disintegration Ray. His ult's slow will make it very easy to hit Super Mega Death Rocket!
Make sure to dodge his abilities and try to get autos on him whenever he wastes his spells.
If you struggle to avoid his abilities, consider going Doran's Shield as your first item or buying early boots.
Vel'Koz's ult can be interrupted by hard CC. If your support has any, try suggesting to them to save it for when he ults if possible

Jinx and Yuumi will be a dynamic duo after a bit of scaling, but the early laning phase will most likely be rough.
Focus your attention on farming and survival early game, and allow Yuumi to poke with her Q.
Remember that while Yuumi is attached to Jinx, where you walk when she casts her Q matters. Avoid walking too far back and making it so she can't land her Q on enemy laners.
Avoid focusing Yuumi first in fights unless she is a free kill since she can instantly attach herself to one of her allies even at low HP and stay alive that way.
Treat her like any other shielding/healing supp; bully her and her AD when you can and look for opportunities to all-in them with the help of your team.

Zilean and Jinx won't be the biggest threat early, so similar to other extremely weak early Jinx lanes you will be looking to just survive, farm as much as possible and scale.
Zilean's Time Warp is an excellent tool for both saving Jinx, helping Jinx speed after enemies to finish them off, and peel enemies off of her.
While Zilean's Chronoshift is pretty much a free Guardian Angel on a lower cooldown, remember that he won't always be able to use it in you so try not to rely on it too much or expect it in every situation.
Avoid getting hit by his bombs Time Bomb and especially avoid getting stunned by double bomb. After this happens a couple of times or later in the game, it will likely mean a death or Flash.
If the fight is close past level 6, try to save your abilities for when he uses ult Chronoshift so you can either CC them upon revive or throw Super Mega Death Rocket! at them.
Zilean is very squishy at all points of the game, trying to focus him down with rocket poke and killing him or forcing him to use his Chronoshift on himself will be huge for your team.

Be careful about wave control since her plants can sometimes auto push the wave. You don't want your wave to get stuck/frozen up at the enemy tower, as Zyra and Jinx are both very vulnerable to ganks.
Let Zyra poke and zone while you farm, and follow up any roots or slows with rockets.
Don't just stand and auto to kill her plants and just let them hit you. This is a trade you do not win.
Especially once Zyra hits level 6, she has a lot of potential to insta burst Jinx even by herself. Be cautious about being hit by her root or cheesed from bushes. Getting hit by E Grasping Roots even once is a big oopsie.

After Laning Phase
So you've made it past laning phase, the roughest point in the game for Jinx. The mid-game is a lot less linear than laning phase, so while you're going through the process of setting up objectives, teamfights, roams etc. it can be easy to forget certain things. These are general things that will help you on all ADCs. Make sure you keep this checklist in mind:

Don't stop farming! Keep your CS up.
However, be aware of your surroundings. Remember that you are very easy to catch out at ALL points of the game.
Don't die pushing a wave up too far, or farming a lane alone with no wards and getting dove.

Be grouped to help take objectives.
Odds are, you are your team's main damage source for taking towers and neutral objectives. This means two things: If you are dead, you will likely prevent your team from being able to contest those objectives, and you need to be prepared to be grouped for these events.
When you go to farm a lane, keep in mind what objectives are potential targets, where the rest of your team is, where vision is, if you know where the rest of the enemy team is, etc.

Don't get yourself caught out or die for free.
The easiest way for Jinx to die in the mid and late game is if she is caught alone without her team. NEVER push up alone without vision unless you know where everyone on the enemy team is, or they are not a threat to you.
NEVER go into an unwarded jungle. It's not your support's fault that they didn't ward if you knowingly go into unwarded territory and get caught. Just don't go.

Watch for flanks and be wary of areas without vision.
Be wary of flanks from enemy assassins! Be cautious. The less you die the better. This doesn't mean you should never join fights or never put yourself in a risky situation, but try to be aware of WHO on the enemy team is a threat, and HOW they can kill you, and what you need to do to prevent that.
You want to be near your support and the rest of your team as much as possible, so they can peel you and/or help you kill someone who is trying to goon you.

To summarize all of that, farm ▹ be aware of ways you can get caught/die ▹ be grouped and ready for objectives.

If you lost your lane, your goal will be to die as little as possible from this point forward and farm. If your losing team keeps dying to bad fights, ignore them while you are farming and trying to scale up but look for opportunities for good fights. Since if your team is losing, chances are the enemy has someone who is very fed who can kill you super easily, avoid giving them additional kills for free. Play around vision and look to scale and capitalize on any mistakes or bad fights the enemy team takes.
If you won your lane, and you are the only lane on the team that won, you will need to look for how to spread your lead across the map WITHOUT dying. If you are the only person on the team who is capable of carrying and you get caught/die, the enemy team will be able to capitalize on this to further abuse your weaker teammates and there's a big chance you will have lost your chance to carry. If you win your lane early, look to swap with top or mid and have your support come along to try to take their towers. Just be wary of their top/jungle/mid ganging up on you and killing you. They will be non-stop trying to catch you and shut you down. You will want to be constantly looking for how to extend your lead and share it with your teammates without throwing. Do not flame them, as this is the worst thing you can do if you genuinely care about trying to carry.

If you lost your lane and as a result the enemy bot lane is ahead and/or fed, you need to scale up and buy items quickly. The enemy ADC and support will likely be looking to group with their team and take objectives. Try to rotate to match them as much as possible, and look to try to catch them out with your team. Farm and if the game goes on long enough, Jinx will outscale most ADCs or at the very least become an even threat to them in fights. Just try to do what you can to avoid falling further behind, don't give them more kills and try to stop them from getting additional advantages in towers, farm, dragons etc. for free. Don't die for it.
If you won your lane, you will be looking to rotate faster than the enemy bot lane to use your power advantage to take towers, secure dragon, secure herald, or whatever goal your team has to try to get closer to destroying the nexus. Remember to back and spend your gold to preserve your lead, and don't overstay. In most scenarios, the most obvious two post-lane courses of action are either coordinating a swap with your top laner to try to gun down top tower, or group mid and try to look for a teamfight/seige/neutral objective contest. Remember getting caught and dying is the biggest way to throw your lead, you don't want to give up a huge early/mid game gold advantage on Jinx.

If you lost your lane, to put it bluntly, you need to know how to get carried. As odd as it sounds, knowing how to be carried is a crucial skill in League of Legends. What this means is letting your fed/strong teammates use their advantages to close out the game, and not getting in their way or making their life more difficult. DO NOT feed the enemy team more, and remember that you are not the fed one on the team. Play around your strong teammates and support them appropriately. If you do this, as the game goes on, the odds are that their lead will spread to you through the form of kills/assists from fighting with them, and you will then be in a position to be dangerous as well. Just remember to not make their life hard. Let them do the engaging and shot-calling and don't die over and over again.
If you won your lane, pretty much all that you have to worry about is not throwing the lead you have earned for yourself and your team. You don't have to worry about getting outscaled as Jinx, so the only danger would be letting the enemy bot lane catch up. Don't overstay after taking kills and objectives, don't take bad fights or get yourself caught and killed. Just because you are fed doesn't mean you can take every fight, or even 1v1 everyone on their team. You are an ADC, you are squishy and immobile. You need your team. Try to work with your team to set up tower sieges, teamfights, dragon/baron control, etc. and focus on getting closer to killing the nexus rather than getting distracted by wanting to get more kills.

When teamfighting as an ADC, especially one like Jinx, you need to follow 3 rules: Positioning, DPS and target focus. What steps do I need to take to avoid dying? How do I do the most possible damage? Who is the most important target?

- To state the blatantly obvious, you can't do damage if you're dead. If you die at the beginning of a teamfight, unless you are lucky and your solo lanes/jungler make up for your errors or the enemy team completely inted to kill you, the odds are that your team will lose the fight.
- Unrelated to positioning, before the fight even starts, examine your build and the threats on their team. Do you have Quicksilver Sash if there is a big risk you will get hit by CC? Do you need to ask your team to wait while you farm to finish your Guardian Angel?
- Again before the fight starts, don't allow yourself to get poked out for free. Just stand back if poke is a threat. It is better to be running around in the back with nothing to do for a while than get forced to back by poke or even killed by it.
- Who are the biggest threats to you on their team, and how do you avoid them? Do you need to stay far back and wait for your team to engage on them and follow up from a distance? Do you need to stand with your support so they can peel you?
- Do not stand anywhere that allows the enemy team to get to you before your own team can. Generally this just means don't be alone, but you also never want to be in the front of a teamfight.
- It is not your job to engage or try to 1v1 their assassins or fighters. It is your job to not die and do as much damage as possible in the process.

- When the enemy team is clustered and it is possible to hit multiple targets, always use Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher. It is the most effective way to DPS in teamfights, and the range will offer you extra survivability.
- When focusing down a single target, use Pow-Pow, the Minigun. It is more effective single-target DPS.
- Even when you are running away/kiting back, if possible you want to be kiting and throwing in autos while you run. Even if you end up getting caught and killed, the additional rockets can be the difference between your team winning or losing once you are dead. Kiting and knowing how to orb walk/attack move are crucial skills for an ADC player to have.

- Following the prior two rules, you likely already know that the chances are you will not be able to hit their backline and stay safe from dying at the same time. That's where knowing that it's okay to hit their front line comes in.
- A lot of the time you will simply be whittling down their front line and attacking whoever is closest to you. However, in cases where their front line is not a threat, for example they have a Malphite that has already used his ult and abilities, and it's possible to hit squishier targets on their team, you can choose to ignore him and focus the others instead.
- In general, you will want to focus the same target until they are dead, but there are times where changing your focus as quickly as possible is the most effective. If the enemy adc happens to get within auto range of you, or another dangerous champion, you can quickly switch your focus to them to try to kill them as fast as possible and punish them.
- The conditions for target priority are: Who is safe for me to hitWho is the biggest threat to my teamWho is the easiest/fastest to kill. Do not attack based on second or third priority UNLESS the prior conditions are also met.

FINAL NOTE: A lot of players think the ADC should ALWAYS be doing the most damage in fights. This simply isn't true, especially for a scaling AD like Jinx. Your job is to stay alive and do consistent DPS, whether that's to enemies or objectives. In the final damage chart, the ADC will often be out-damaged by heavy AP mages, assassins, all-in laners and junglers, etc. UNLESS the ADC was extremely fed early or the game goes super late and you're full build. Late game, you should definitely be doing the most damage, but don't feel pressured to make crazy plays and get yourself killed. Stay alive and be consistent while doing the most damage you can by positioning well, autoing constantly, and kiting.

Attack moving (or orb walking) is a crucial and useful skill for any ADC player to learn. Attack moving is basically moving your champion in between auto attacks, to keep yourself at a safe distance from the enemy team and maximize both survival and damage.

You can kite manually by clicking back and forth from your target and where you want to move your champion, but League has built in commands that can expedite the process.

You can find these commands under "HOTKEYS," and under the "Player Movement" tab.

I personally use "Player Attack Move Click" because it is even easier to use than regular attack move. (REMEMBER: You can bind your attack move to any key that is comfortable for you. You do not have to have the same key setup as I do, of course. :p Most people bind it to A, or even one of their mouse buttons. Play around in practice tool and find what is most comfortable for you!)

From there, all you have to do is click to move your champion wherever you want and pressing your attack move key will cause your champ to turn around and attack the closest target. This is really useful for easy kiting, but the downside is that you don't have the best selection of which target will be attacked, so it's still worth practicing manual orb-walking.

If just reading about using the keys is confusing, I filmed a quick video tutorial (i apologize about my voice lol):

After that, learning to use attack move click effectively and also practicing mechanical skill/manual attack moving just comes with time and patience. It's 100% worth learning if you want to improve as a player.

Additional Tips + Tricks



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