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Shaco Build Guide by sonminh

S11 Shaco

S11 Shaco

Updated on October 14, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author sonminh Build Guide By sonminh 7 2 18,410 Views 0 Comments
7 2 18,410 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author sonminh Shaco Build Guide By sonminh Updated on October 14, 2021
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Runes: AD 1

1 2 3 4 5 6
Hail of Blades
Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Relentless Hunter

Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Chilling Smite

Chilling Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Jungle Role Ranked #39 in
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Win 51%
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Champion Build Guide

S11 Shaco

By sonminh
Who Am I?
I'm a D4 Shaco main on the NA server who loves to theorycraft builds on him. I'm Vietnamese American and am studying Computer Science and Engineering. I plan on transferring to UCLA in 2022. If you guys want to learn more tips and tricks, let me know.
Early Game
Run to jungle entrance near your raptors and place a box in the middle of the entrance. At 50 seconds, place a box in the middle of raptors, 1 right out of range of raptors, and 1 right out of range of red. Do raptors focusing the big one and then pull it to the second box. Afterwards, Q over to red and pull it to your third box. Place another box while red is feared. Q over the wall and do krugs, use smite. When the medium krugs are at 20% HP place a box and see what lane you can gank. If you can't, then walk to wolves and then to blue. Hit the vision plant after blue to see if the enemy jungler is on the crab at your blue side. If not, proceed to do crab into gank or gromp. Otherwise, decide if you can contest the crab. You should have one smite, so if you can't fight for the first one, walk over to the second one and contest.
Mid Game
Pathing doesn't matter that much anymore. If you see an easy kill or a countergank, commit to it as long as you know your limits. Otherwise it's better to farm and/or push mid before objectives spawn. If enemy mid tower is still up, do herald if you can and use it when your side lanes are pushing. Don't go for heralds if you team can't push without dying; there is essentially no use when you can contest towers. Never rely on your teammates which is why I advocate for AD more than AP.
Late Game
Play around your carries and decide if you can play front to back or back to front depending on who is strong on their team. If there is no answer to one of their frontliners, play around killing him first. Look to engage when your team is behind. Wait for them to engage when your team is strong. Don't Q in blindly unless you know where their team is; their sweepers can potentially spot you.
AP or AD?
Normally it's better to go AD by default if there is already enough AP on your team. AP is better into harder matchups that generally counter you. There is also a lethality build but it does not scale as well as crit. Typically on AP you can run Transcendence secondary but if you are running CDR boots, take Cosmic Insight because you often rely on your chilling smite. On AP, you want to be building the least amount of resistances and health as possible for your clone to die more easily. On AD, you go Relentless because it's easier to catch up to targets that are running away. Update: I think in low Plat and below, you can just go AD all the time and carry your team. AP is a bit harder to carry with when people get smarter and your team is incapable of using leads. Around high Plat and above, you can go AP.
Thoughts on Prowler's Claw
The item is powerful, but if Galeforce out damages this item anyways then I see no point in going for it. Not a good option.
Thoughts on Eclipse
For Eclipse, there are two scenarios: one where you kill their carry and one where you don't kill them. For scenario one, if you have Duskblade, you go invis and it buys just enough time for your Q to come back up, so you get out for free. Eclipse isn't really worth it here. For scenario two, Eclipse is better because you get a shield to survive them kiting you. However, what's the point engaging when I know I can't kill them? I would have gone Stridebreaker instead. Also, Eclipse doesn't have CDR. Not a good option.
Thoughts on Duskblade
I think this is actually the best assassin mythic mostly because of the amount of CDR you get and the invis passive for safety measures. If the enemy team is vulnerable and are mostly likely not to buy tabi's, then this item is really strong. A good option when they have multiple carries so you can participate in extended teamfights.
Thoughts on Galeforce
I think this item is the best in terms of singular damage. A good option into comps that have only one threat.
Thoughts on Kraken Slayer
I think this item is good in the scenario that I provided earlier. You can fight a lot of bruisers and tanks.
Thoughts on Goredrinker
This is a really good item into comps that have a lot of peel, specifically healers and shielders. I find it way too hard to kill someone through all the peel they get from enchanters, so I might as well go Goredrinker to tank the damage and actually deal a considerable amount of damage without having to trade 1 for 1. Also good into bruisers (let's you duel them). Good with Conqueror because it gives you a stack of it with Goredrinker. Stridebreaker is also good but the stats are somewhat worse compared to Goredrinker. Approach Velocity is a good substitute for the movement speed you will lose in combat so all you will lose is the attack speed. Good when your team doesn't have the resources to duel some of their champs, especially split pushers.
Thoughts on Sunfire Aegis
The buffs look really nice; it's a revert of the previous nerfs. Pair it with Approach Velocity and you can stick pretty easily to targets. Lethal Tempo is good with Sunfire because it mainly revolves around your auto attacks for its passive. You can go HoB, but you are forced to instantly ult when you auto once or twice. You're tanky enough that you shouldn't have to ult that early. Good when your team is pretty heavy AD
Thoughts on Trinity
Still trying to figure out what scenario this item is good in. I would say if they have a lot of healers/shielders and not a lot of CC. Good with PTA because it has the fastest DPS to proc it. Good when your team has a lot of damage already, no tank on team, and you are willing to play for your team. You want to go in for the PTA proc, get out, and go back in when your Q is off CD again. Probably not worth going this item, very "jack of all trades" item. You are somewhat tanky, have decent burst, and decent CDR.
Thoughts on Everfrost
I used to think this was a good item. After a few nerfs, I don't think it was that bad with the intention I have with it. Main priority is to root someone, especially if any side of the team has an initiator. It's too inconsistent to root someone and you lose DPS.
Thoughts on AP One shot
I don't think this build will ever work unless you somehow make it to late game with all items. There is just not enough one shot potential with 2-3 items.
Who Do I Ban?
I normally ban Hecarim because my teammates struggle the most when playing against him. Same with Udyr; I will ban this guy if Hecarim is already banned. There shouldn't be any hard counter to Shaco besides Rek'Sai.
I don't believe in synergies because no one on your team is reliable enough. If there is an engager bot lane, I will normally play towards that lane. Otherwise, let your bot scale with theirs. Try to keep vision for them in river if they are winning lane.
Builds Summary
Into Samira, go Kraken. Into Kog'Maw and Ezreal, go Galeforce. If you don't need to carry and you are against one of these 3 champions, AP or bruiser is better. Everything else Duskblade. If enemy has 2 or more bruisers/tanks (excluding support) and you need AP, build Liandry's. If enemy has 2 or more armor stacking champions (excluding support) and you need a frontliner, go Goredrinker. If enemy has 2 AD and 2 AP, go Divine Sunderer. If enemy has 2 AD and 2 AP and you need a tank, go Frostfire. If enemy has full AD or AP, build Divine Sunderer with full armor/MR. If they have only one AD or AP (excluding support), build Anathema's with Divine Sunderer build. If enemy has Lulu or Soraka, do not go full AD. For support, go Everfrost if they have a ranged jungler or support.
What's the Best Build?
Personally, I believe a build that has efficient wave clear, CDR, attack speed, early game damage, and has the ability to scale into late game decently is the best. Thus, the Stridebreaker crit build has the most potential. You are able to build early game CDR through Ghostblade and Lucidity boots, have the attack speed from Stridebreaker, and the Ironspike Whip active let's you max E first and put the third point of W in afterwards. The early game damage is strong enough and the late game damage as you build into crit is also quite strong. If you've been productive most of the game, you can easily sell your items for the Duskblade build path if most of the enemies are killable. If not, the Galeforce build path is another alternative.
I've changed my perspective a lot on what build you should go and all in all, it is hard to find what is best for every game. I can tell you know that the strongest spike early game for Shaco is Ironspike Whip and Serrated Dirk. Even with bruiser build, you need Dirk to create an impactful early game. This is why you can afford to build Edge of Night 2nd or 3rd item because it isn't a scalar HP item compared to Sterak's and Titanic. I think GA and Death's Dance are both very strong along with Wit's End as an MR item. Sridebreaker should be used as an assassin item and Goredrinker as a bruiser item as of next patch. If there are teams with very heavy front loaded damage where you think Steelcaps is good, it would probably mean Goredrinker is good since you need to develop AH somewhere. Stridebreaker is a good item to build as an assassin if Duskblade is difficult to play into their team. I don't think Stridebreaker can be used as a bruiser item because it has less survivability than Goredrinker. If you aren't sure which one to build, check to see if you are over capping on attack speed for your clone with Stridebreaker or not. In an instance that you have to build Serpent's Fang or Blade of the Ruined King, then you should play Stridebreaker assassin.

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