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Hecarim Build Guide by Suki545



Updated on August 27, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Suki545 Build Guide By Suki545 63 8 156,123 Views 0 Comments
63 8 156,123 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Suki545 Hecarim Build Guide By Suki545 Updated on August 27, 2023
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Phase Rush
Nimbus Cloak

Eyeball Collection
Ingenious Hunter

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
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Champion Build Guide


By Suki545
About me
Hello,my name is Suki and ive been playing Hecarim since season 6. I ended season 12 challenger 1006lp on EUW and i consider myself the best Hecarim in the world. I stream on twitch at and if ur interested in learning more about Hecarim and watching me descend into madness by playing league feel free to tune in.
My game approach
Ever since Hecarim got his mini adjustments back in season 12,his skill expression jumped significantly. I approach games with the mindset that i need to 1v9 it,and i try to take as much resources on the map in the shortest amount possible (this is called TEMPO). I try to minimize risky plays,because if Hecarim falls behind then its very hard to come back.
Build Insight
Pros and cons


-Very high skill expression
-Most 1v9 potential
-Scales well into late game
-Extremely fast
-Farms faster with hydra


-Weak against early invades
-No tenacity,prone to cc chains
-Feels useless if behind
-Needs stacks to be useful
-Selfish playstyle
Jungle Pathing

As Hecarim with this build ur primary goal is to acquire as much gold as possible. Since you should run as ur secondary rune tree with and ,i always path to bot lane because i can get more kills and and stacks. The pathing should always be a fullclear, from top to bot no matter if ur blue side or red side. After finishing the fullclear,try to maintain stacks and then u have several options. U can look for a bot gank while ur stacks are still up,you can wait for crab if ur laners have prio,you can look for a mid gank or you can go base and buy + if u dont see any opportunities. Upon going to base run back to topside and keep repeating ur fullclear or look for a countergank mid/top if enemy jungler decides to gank.
Tracking enemy jungle

Tracking the enemy jungler as a jungler yourself is one of the most overlooked things a jungler can do. Almost all people are too focused on their lanes so they cant track the enemy jungler themselves,but if you do it for them you can potentially deny the enemy jungler a ton of gank opportunities. To do this,you need to either ward one of the enemies buffs to know which side they are starting at,or you can ask your mid laner to ward the enemy at 1:25 so u can see to which side of the map the enemy jungler is going to path to. You also need to take into consideration what jungler they are playing,for example if they are playing a heavy ganking champion like Xin Zhao, Lee Sin, Elise they will take 3-4 camps and then look for ganks,meanwhile champions like Evelynn, Bel'Veth, Kayn and Udyr will look to do the same as you,which is fullclear from one side of the map to another.
Tips and Tricks

-Your stacks are EVERYTHING.

Each stack SIGNIFICANTLY increases your damage output.You should consider yourself 2 champions if u have stacks and 0.5 of a champion if u dont have them. Try to maintain them between clearing camps or taking minions.You can also leave camps alive so when an objective spawns you stack your before you go and contest it.


If you are going to do a gank,and you know the enemy has flash up,try to run around them before you use your ,because if they as you are using your they will get knocked away from you and u wont have a way to reach them. If you hold your and THEN they and you them back,it should be a kill 100%. This can also work with spells,like Vladimir or Sylas .


Hecarims is a fear,which means your opponents will run AWAY from you. If you behind them they will start running into your team,and combined with your its basically a Lee Sin ult.


Since you are building first,u need to stack it up to get more AD through your jungle camps and minions. If u see a side lane with a lot of minions and none of your teammates nearby,feel free to push it. YOU ARE THE CARRY. YOU NEED GOLD.


Your makes you unstoppable,which makes u able to avoid many CC abilities like , ,Leona ,Nautilus icon=Dredge Line size=22] etc. This is very important because u arent running any .


In teamfights,you dont need to rush in as the primary engage. Your main focus before entering a teamfight is acquiring stacks somewhere.You can let your team fight it out,and then pop ghost and chase the enemies down cleaning up the fight. This is also really important because u need the enemies to waste their CC abilities so they dont use it on you.Also your is easy to react to,if you know the enemy team has or can dash away,you can hold it untill you get closer to them with your .


I saw plenty of Hecarim players use their on jungle camps while they are full hp, try to be self aware and dont do it yourself.


A lot of players always use their before a gank,if the gank free do NOT pop it because it gives you huge amounts of AD. Better save it for later.Same goes for your .
Early game
As we discussed in the pathing section,during the early game you should just look to full clear and look for gank/countergank opportunities without wasting too much TEMPO. After 8 minutes when Rift Herald spawns you should look to contest it if ur mid and top lane are doing ok. When u get in the pit and start stacking on herald you should most likely win the 1v1/2v2/3v3. As for drakes,i usually avoid them most of the games untill 11 minutes because i value the gold from taking herald and a tower more than the first drake. Upon exiting early game which is around 14 minutes,you should look to be around Level 10 in the XP department.
Mid Game
Mid game goes the same as early game except now you will be teamfighting for objectives or having random fights. Keep clearing ur jungle on respawn and look for engages/counterganks with ur stacks. Take the 2nd herald if u can and try to get the drakes. If the enemy team tries to contest the objectives dont be afraid to engage on them with your fully stacked . You will need to be more careful of the enemy CC in the mid game teamfights and the enemy ADCs . If you get try to run away with your and wait out your cooldowns and re-engage with your .
Late Game
Baron control is #1 way of finishing your games before you get to ultra late game where Hecarim can fall off depending on the enemy champions. Try to push a mid wave first,get vision around Baron and start it. If the enemy team gets too close you can turn on them when the baron is 3000 HP or above. If you do this the chances of you winning the fight are significantly increased cause you have your stacks. If the enemy team isnt coming close but the enemy jungler is trying to smite steal,try to + the baron with ur ,it should do around 1800 damage. If the enemy jungler is playing Nunu & Willump Evelynn or Ekko you will have to completely back off cause they do way more damage. If you think your team cant win a 5v5,try to go into a side lane (preferably bot) and 1v1 or even 1v2 the enemy team. If you win the 1v1 you can run to Baron from bot to top and still do it 5v4 because Hecarim is insanely fast. Look to end the game with Baron minions or if you dont have baron keep some camps alive around midlane so you can engage on the enemy with your stacks and possibly ace them.

I will base threat levels from 1-10

Amumu (3)

-Hes slow at farming and generally weak,unless he gets an insane lead somehow early you shouldnt worry that much.
-Avoid his CC in teamfights if possible.

Bel'Veth (7.5)

-She can farm as fast as u and is even with you early game even if you have stacks.
-She fullclears just like you so try to track her since its easy.
-Whoever gets first herald in this matchup will get a massive lead.
-She falls off after 25 minutes and you can avoid her in teamfights.

Diana (6.5)
-She fullclears,has same speed as you,easily predictable.Early game without stacks you lose 1v1,but with stacks you run her down.
-She falls off around 2-3 items,you win objective fights and skirmishes with stacks.

Dr. Mundo(8)

-This matchup is mostly played in lower elos,at the moment Dr. Mundo is strong and a silver Dr. Mundo vs a silver Hecarim usually mundo will win. He will most likely fullclear,but his ganks are bad.You beat him early game with stacks,but he can buy time for his team. You gank better than him.


-He can fullclear or look for early ganks,you stomp him early game especially with stacks. He can get annoying if he gets ahead.
-You can CC him so he cant get his off,and you can ult out of his in case something goes wrong.I personally save my ult when fighting him cause good Ekko players will predict it or react to it.

Elise (6.5)

-Shes a spamganking jungler,with the raptor ward you can see to which side of the map she will attempt a level 3 gank or a tower dive.
-If she lands a in a early game skirmish,you will get blown up.Better wait for ur teammates to tank it and clean up afterwards.
-She falls off hard,you farm faster than her and outscale her.

Evelynn (7)

-She fullclears,easily trackable untill level 6.Try to match her side of the map and get a lead early game.You can force herald if you are even or ahead.
-You can her charm,but she can get frustrating if she starts gaining random kills.Id suggest buying [icon=Maw of Malmortius 3rd or 4th if they have 2 AP members and she is fed.

Fiddlesticks (8)

-He fullclears,his early game and ganks are weak but he can avoid you.
-Main problem with fiddle are the teamfights,his CC is very reliable and point and click.You will need to wait for him to so you dont get instantly blown up.

Gragas (7)

-His early game ganks are strong,but he himself is weak early.You farm faster than him and you can through his and .He has good disengage,so it will be very hard to kill him. Try to get a lead through farming and objective control cause you should beat him if you are even.

Kindred AND Graves(9.5)

-Hecarims biggest counters,both do the same job.Both can kite you extremely well,they can invade you early game,they can spamgank or powerfarm.Their scaling is just as good as yours,but they have an easier time accessing an early game lead.
-On a positive note,both champs are hard and if they missposition,your into combo can maybe help your team one shot them and win the game.
-You can knock kindred or her allies out of her if she is standing on the edge of it.

Ivern (6.5)

-His early game is weak,but he can cheese your buff level 1.Be careful about taking 2 points .You beat him in objective fights if you are even,and you can through his to engage.Post 6 you dont win without stacks because he can kite you a lot.

Jarvan IV (6.5)

He can spamgank,fullclear or invade,you farm faster and beat him with stacks.You can use your to go through his wall.

Karthus (4)

-You stomp him with stacks and your insanely high movespeed helps u dodge his .He farms a bit faster than you but you beat him at all stages of the game
-Try to isolate kill him in teamfights or knock him away from your team before killing him so his passive doesnt do all the work. buy very recommended.

Kayn (7)

-Weird matchup depending on the player,he can cheese you level 1 or invade you.He can also just fullclear,but if you keep track of him and delay his form you get a lead by forcing herald with stacks where u win.

Kha'Zix (7.5)

-He beats you if you are isolated,even with stacks if you are even or behind.Hes weaker early,farms slower but he can look for early ganks to cheese a big lead.You scale evenly with him and id consider it to be the biggest skill matchup for Hecarim

Lee Sin (7.5)

-Hes weak at the moment,but hes decent into Hecarim.His early game is strong,clearing is slow and he will look to gank level 3 or invade.You beat him at levels 5 and 7 if you have stacks and are even or ahead.
-He falls off hard if you are even,your fast clear can make you have 2 levels up on him.
-Be careful of engaging with your ,because he can just you back into his team after it.

Lillia (6)

-Shes strong at the moment,but Hecarim stomps her at all stages of the game if hes even or ahead.You can through her sleep and run her down with stacks and .Force herald fight if possible.
-In teamfights,try to save your for hers,because if you and she after you can get blown up.

Master Yi (6 in high elo,8.5 in lower elo)

-Just like with Dr. Mundo,a silver Master Yi will beat a silver Hecarim most of the time.He can fullclear,spamgank or tower dive,and his early game is a bit stronger than yours.If you dont have stacks you hard lose,and if you do have stacks you need to kite him inbetween his autos with your which has higher range.
-You cant do much if you fall behind,and he also outscales you.
-Save atleast your or for his meditate in a skirmish so he doesnt buy a lot of time.

Mordekaiser (9)

-He fullclears,his ganks are really bad pre 6 but he can absolutely stomp you at objective fights if you are not ahead by a mile.Try to abuse his team with your superior ganking and avoid him in fights like a plague,because if he you he will stomp you with just auto attacks.
-You can his channel,hard to react to but if you do it you should win the fight.
- is highly recommended,especially if they have 2 AP and if you are fed.

Nidalee (8)

-Nidalee can spam gank or invade you,and shes slightly stronger than you early.Try to get to level 6 while being even and the matchup becomes much easier.You win herald fight with stacks and just run her down.You hard outscale her.

Nocturne (6.5)

-You win against him in all stages of the game with stacks if you are not completely behind.You can his shield as you are so you can get the fear off.Force objective fight at 6,but be careful not to get bursted down with his combo + an ally.

Nunu & Willump (7)

-Hes weaker than you in all stages of the game,but he can get ahead through spamganking.Try to track him and ping your team the entire time of his position.
-Always save your or for his ,and be careful of him buying too much time with his tankiness and speed.

Rammus (7)

-Very slow at farming,weaker than you early game but he can spamgank.Try to avoid him in fights and go for his team.

Rek'Sai (7.5)

-You need to track her,she will level 3 as soon as she can.You farm way faster,and win at all stages with stacks if you are atleast even. Let her take objectives if she gets a lead early and try to turtle untill she gets outscaled.
-You can inbetween her short knockup range to get free damage in,or even bait the unburrow.

Rengar (9.5)
-Hes way stronger than you early game,post 6 he can match your ,his farming is slightly slower but its insignificant.He can look for level 3 ganks mid,fullclear or invade you level 1 or level 3.
-If you can get ahead early by a gank or countergank,you will have a much easier time forcing fights against him with stacks around jungle or objectives.

Sejuani (7.5)

-She can spamgank early game,farms slow and she is weaker than you untill around 12 minutes untill she gets her first armor item.After that try to avoid her CC in fights and go for her team.Be careful if she has melee champions with her because you will get CC chained and oneshot.

Shaco (7.5)

-Hes weaker than you at all stages of the game if you have stacks,but he should win 2v2 if he and his teammate burst you down with ignite.He spamganks early level 3 and for some god forsaken reason it always works.Force herald fight unless hes very fed.

Sylas (7.5)

-At the moment hes very strong,he has very high damage early game and wins almost all skirmishes.Hes very slow at farming and takes a lot of damage from the jungle,so you can build a massive lead mid game with consistant farming.Try to dodge his abilities with your high movespeed.
-You can cancel his with your

Trundle (8)

-He stomps you at all stages of the game if you arent ahead,but you have a chance to kite him around with your stacks.If he you,just run away with phase rush and look for a re-engage. Dont engage in a full on melee fight,because he will just auto you to death.Try to space him with your .

Udyr (8.5)

-Udyr fullclears,same speed as you and has stronger early game.You dont beat him unless you got a lead,but you can avoid him with your speed and .
-You hard outscale him,around level 13 if you are both even you can ignore him and go for his team.

Vi (7)

-You beat her at all stages if you are atleast even,but be careful of getting locked up with the CC.You farm faster and you win with stacks and should look to force a herald fight.
-You can size=22] through her ,but be aware of her insanely high burst and CC lock

Viego (7)

-You farm way faster,you stomp him early and midgame with stacks but later on after he gets and you should be careful of 1v1.Be careful in teamfights aswell,try to play as a cleanup because if Viego gets a off of you,you will lose.

Warwick (5)

-His early game is annoying with how strong he is,but if you just space him between his autos and your without standing still you can win with stacks. He falls off insanely hard and is generally a useless champion.He farms slow and he might look for invades,but if you are even around level 7 you can force herald on him.

Wukong (8)

-Hes slightly weaker than you untill he gets ,after which he just completely stomps you unless you are very ahead.Slow farmer,spamganker and has decent CC for you,not to mention the disguistingly high amount of armor he can get from his .
-You can track his clone with your if you dont have a sweeper.

Xin Zhao (6.5)

-Hes basically an unskilled Lee Sin,will look for early plays where hes the strongest,but his farming is pretty slow.You outscale him and beat him with your stacks.
-You can space your inbetween his short auto attack range so you are able to him but he isnt able to auto attack you.

Zac (7.5)

-Zac is a jack of all trades,he can powerfarm or he can spamgank.You farm faster than him,and you can interrupt his with your and your can be used to dodge his cc.
-Insanely tanky + the revive passive,he can buy a lot of time for his team.
His early game is slightly weak,but he scales even with you.

Ty guys for reading the guide,hope you can stomp some noobs with it. As i said in the beginning i stream at If you have any questions feel free to drop them on the stream or in the comment section of this guide. A thumbs up would be greatly appreciated cause i deserve it for sharing knowledge of the best Hecarim world ;p.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Suki545
Suki545 Hecarim Guide
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