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Jax Build Guide by Klaseek

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Klaseek

S3 - Please Jax Responsibly

Klaseek Last updated on January 17, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Welcome To my Season 3 Jax Build. This is a basic guide introducing new players or former players into the new Season 3 jungle style. NOTE, This build is against a usual 3 ad team. Increasingly more effective against heavier AD Teams. Please read the item explanations to understand why i chose each item.


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ASAP on Jax is very important, Increasing sustain throughout the jungle significantly and allowing you to ward for the team, or use it to gank/escape.

Towards the end of the game, you may notice that you still have wriggles lantern after all this time. There are a few good alternatives to wriggles lantern late game depending on your current game.

Late Game Trade In's for Wriggle's Lantern

+ AOE Damage,
Active AOE Shred
+ Tank Slayer,
Active Heal
+ More Magic Damage,
Spell Vamp

are very effective against a heavy ad team,they will give you maximum survivability against there ADC (except Kogmaw).

Alternatively are very effective against a team that have a lot of cc. Jax has to be able to follow his enemies to be able to continually deal damage, so reducing the time you're disabled from the fight is a must.

Jax is able to output a huge amount of damage with this item, every overpower will be chunking your enemies, just try to make sure you don't use all your abilities at once otherwise you will not get the full effect of trinity as there is a 2second cool down after each spell.

A Tanky Jax, is a deadly Jax. While your resistances are still low Warmorg's adds a ton of survivability. At this stage you can start initiating into team fights, using Grandmaster's Might and possibly Ghost, you may want to save Ghost for chasing down there ADC or someone escaping from the team fight on low hp. OR to escape if you're getting dominated by the enemy team.

A juicy 45 armor, more critical strike chance, granting a chance for a lot more damage and finally the bonus AD from % of HP. This item scales insanely well with tanks. Jax thrives off this item as it makes him more tanky and at the same time giving him enough damage to shred his opponents.

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Summoner Spell Explanation

With Jax's Ability to leap over walls to any; Champion,Minion or Ward. Flash is no necessary although can be viable for flash ganking and escaping sticky situations. How ever, Ghost is better overall, as it allows you to follow an enemy champion much better and enables you to hit your stun much easier. Jax being one of the slower melee champions, ghost allows him to keep dealing huge amounts of damage throughout the whole team fight. Also, Teleport is viable due to its pushing and lane ganking power, but for a beginner ghost is the safest choice.

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Pros / Cons


[*] Tanky
[*] AOE Stun
[*] Gap Closer
[*] Carry
[*] Strong Ganks

[*] Becomes a Target
[*] Mana Dependant
[*] Requires Good Timing

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Empower - Should be maxed first as it is Jax's Main source of damage. This Spell works exceptionally well with Trinity Force. With only a 3 second cool down at rank 5 and small mana cost, this will be the spell that makes you a huge threat in team fights.

Counter Strike - Take one point in this at level 1, Allows you to dodge jungle creeps damage and is essential for ganking. Can be re-activated to stun earlier. In most engages you will find yourself having to re-activate counter strike in order to successfully hit a stun, waiting to long can result in giving your opponent to much time to respond and escape. Most of the time when i gank, i start Counter Strike before i come into the enemies vision so i can stun them as soon as i land on them with Leap Strike.

Leap Strike - Making this second to give Jax, maximum mobility and allows him to stick to his target while ganking or zone in a team fight.

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Creeping / Jungling

Simple Jungle Order.
Wolves > Blue (Dont use Smite) > Wraiths > Red Buff (Use Smite) > Gank/Golems

Jungle Jax, is viable to start at red or blue. Starting at Blue will give you increased sustain and jungle speed through the early levels, while starting with red can lead to a successful early gank.

Many Junglers take Wolves before starting blue, simply to speed up the jungle path and to gank sooner in the game.

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Hard Lanes to Gank

Flash is always a junglers worst enemy when ganking, the upside is, on most engages as Jax you will force the lane your ganking to flash away, giving your team an advantage in the 1v1 lane.

A lot of ADC's will take cleanse especially if they are versing a high CC team, so be cautious when initiating, as they can just cleanse your stun and escape relatively easily.

GANK TWICE, very few players will expect a jungler to gank there lane twice in a row (endless its warded). If the lane you just ganked has Flash'd away then just gank them again while it is on cool down.

Hard Champions to Gank;

- Arcane Shift
- Spell Shield
- Black Shield
- Riftwalk
- Lightning Rush

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Jax's Duty

Jax's job as being one of the strongest off tanks in the game, is to soak damage and destroy the enemy squishies. In a team fight, while Grandmaster's Might is active you will feel almost immortal and be able to charge through the team fight and pick out the enemy ADC. After destroying him quickly switch the second squishiest (generally there AP MID) or a exceptionally high damage dealer.

Alternatively you can play defensively and protect your ADC with your stun from imposing threats, as they will attempt to take out your main source of damage as well. If you're fed as Jax you will find yourself enter what we call "Jax Mode". Only a very good team will be able to shutdown Jax in "Jax Mode" and you will find that you can destroy anyone on there team. You should be initiating team fights and focusing hard on a certain player.

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Jax has a fair bit of versatility within his mastery selection. You will most likely want to change your masteries depending on each game (if its a ranked game) Otherwise the Masteries i have above are fairly stock standard and will work well for good sustain through the jungle and tankyness late game. Please don't judge this guide off its mastery selection as i change my nearly every game to suit to who I'm versing. If your team is very tanky then you may want to put more points into offensive, and if they're very squishy take a solid 21 points into defensive.

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My First Mobafire Guide

Im currently still working on this guide, but if you guys have any suggestions or critic's please let me know :) Remember, Jax Responsibly!