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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

LeBlanc Build Guide by Goffterdom

AP Carry [S3] Ranked Leblanc, a Deadly way out of ELO Hell

AP Carry [S3] Ranked Leblanc, a Deadly way out of ELO Hell

Updated on May 8, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Goffterdom Build Guide By Goffterdom 53 12 374,322 Views 44 Comments
53 12 374,322 Views 44 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Goffterdom LeBlanc Build Guide By Goffterdom Updated on May 8, 2013
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by Neiths on DeviantArt

BLANKHi everyone, welcome in my LeBlanc guide !

BLANKFirst of all I'd like to introduce myself. I'm a 1k6 ELO summoner, I already wrote several guides and I think I have some experience to share. Of course I'm open to any suggestion and criticism because I trully believe our mistakes makes us better, so feel free to share your opinion, either it's positive or not. I would only like you not to downvote this guide if you didn't read it and if you only checked item/runes build. Thanks in advance.

BLANK LeBlanc is a real tricky champion so are there three sections about her abilities. I believe she's one of the most difficult champion to predict, with the highest nuke in the game, what makes you reading a guide about the queen of the Middle lane and Early/Mid game.

BLANKI named this guide "the Way Out of ELO Hell" because she is one of this Snowball champions that allows us to crush the opponent team as soon as we get one or two kills. She is still legit in higher ELO than 1k5 but it will be harder to be as fed as lower ELO games.

BLANK LeBlanc's strengths to exploit in order to carry low ELO games are her mobility and her nuke. If you want to use the potential of LeBlanc and manage to carry properly you need to always be mobile and gank all lanes. Yes, I SAID ALL LANES. No matter how is it going on the different lanes, no matter the push, you can dive anyone and everyone. Helps your jungler if he counterjungles or if he's suffering it. Most of your gold won't come from Farming but from Champion Kills. If your lane is getting pushed but your bottom lane is being ganked, leave your bloody lane and go get that free tripple kill bottom.

BLANKNow that's being said, let's move on to the guide.
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Few Stats

BLANKBefore anything, let me show you the build is working, accurate and up-to-date. Here are few games I made with LeBlanc few days ago.

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Common Ideas

BLANKI need to clarify certain points to those of you who have premade ideas about LeBlanc.

LeBlanc has several counters but she counters almost anything that can't push fast enough.

LeBlanc doesn't KS, she gets fed. Try to let your AD Carry take half of your kills on the Bottom Lane / Jungler because he will makes you win end game if you fail somewhere in the middle.

If you died as LeBlanc, you failed. It's your own fault, no matter who engaged the move who led to your death.

LeBlanc is far more complicated to play than most people think. Of course any LeBlanc player can one shots someone. But this guide will teach you far more than one shoting people.

LeBlanc is an assassin, this being said, you need to act like one. Don't initiate fights unless you one shot someone and backup easily, never run away from a fight if your teamates are still fighting and you have enough mana to throw some spells, never fear to turn back against one or two targets if you have all your cooldowns up.

LeBlanc shines middle game. If you play her make sure your teamates know you need to push the win early in the game in order to be successful as LeBlanc.

An underfed LeBlanc is completely useless to a team. Don't get yourself into bad situation, focus on taking early kills in order to be able to dominate and push the win middle-game.

Even if you loose your potential end-mid/end game, I'll give some tips to still be really viable and useful.

A lot of people have a bad opinion about LeBlanc because of her weakness end-game. And they are right, if you are farming your middle lane like Morgana you are wrong ! You wouldn't be wasting your nuke potential.

BLANKNow that you are aware of the awesomeness of LeBlanc, let's talk about the pre-game elements.
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Summoner Spells, Runes & Masteries

Ignite / Flash (Highly Recommended)

BLA Flash is your safe line. You can't die as long as you have it, you have to much dashes with Distortion and Mimic. You also need Flash because you need to be aggressive all time long on lane, placing you into dangerous situations sometimes. You also highly rely on your mobility to snipe out people on teamfight or to gank during laning phase, even if you already have some mobility mecanisms, one more is what you need.
BLA Ignite is necessary because as an assassin your job is to take out people before their support can save their lives. Ignite makes almost impossible to an AD Carry using Heal to survive a full combo sequence, Soraka can't save your target in the middle of a teamfight with her damn Wish, people can't bait you under turret with their healing capabilities. Ignite also provide a really nice amount of burst early game that decline over time.

Arguable Choices


BLANo, just no. Clarity is completly useless since your jungler will give you the Blue Buff. Even Teleport would be better because it also gives you the opportunity to recall and buy items / recover health. With the proper set of runes/masteries, a careful management of your manapool and the blue buff, you don't need it at all.


BLA Teleport looks like a nice Summoner to pick instead of either Ignite or Flash. But it's not. Why ? Removing Flash makes your laning phase dangerous when you trade with your opponent. Removing Ignite shut a part of your assassin capabilities if there are healing skills. Teleport will give you few more ganks (and yet not so much) and a really ***fortable lane sustain. But you don't want lane sustain, you want to grabb every kills you can.


BLA Cleanse is viable if they have a really hard CC team.

Other Summoner Spells

Just forget them
BLAYou want to one shot people and get out off the place, Heal doesn't help you do that.

BLA Ghost is for people that needs a constant DPS (being in range of their target for more than few seconds), you don't. You appear, you dish out your insane damages and you disappear.

BLAThey can't catch you and if you have your cooldowns up you one shot them, why would you need Exhaust ?


BLARunes and Masteries are really flexible. You should be changing the same mastery page between different games. All pre-game elements (Summ Spells, Runes & Masteries) are what gives you an edge over your opponent if you use it carefully. You won't choose the same Runes against a Kassadin or a Brand. The Runes/Masteries setup detailled at the start of the team is the most common setup for LeBlanc. I'll try to give little more example of them in this section. But before I do so remember that Runes and Masteries also highly rely on your playstyle and my set might not work with yours. Your runes also depends on your starter, if you grab a Meki Pendant you may not need to get Mana Regeneration runes for instance.

Greater Quintessence of Potency

BLAThis gives you 15 Flat AP what offers some nice early damage output on your spells.
You can switch these Quintessences for :
- Greater Quintessence of Magic Resist : Gives a nice amount of flat Magic Resist what decreases your enemy's damage output by a lot early game. This can be viable if you lane against a nuker opponent ( Anivia, Kassadin, Sion...).
- Greater Quintessence of Health : If you prefer Hit Points over Magic Resist you can pick these ones, they are really viable in my opinion.

Greater Mark of Insight

BLAThe only viable mark. Magic Penetration is needed for an assassin like you.
- Greater Mark of Attack Damage : Don't laugh ! I have heard that High ELO players tend to play with these marks to improve their farming potential early game. I didnt try it out yet. If you take these runes you should definitely take the 3 points in Brute Force instead of Mental Force . Because of the 10% MPen you have thanks to Arcane Knowledge I think you might have enough Nuke even without the Greater Mark of Magic Penetration.

Greater Seal of Replenishment Greater Seal of Replenishment

BLAAn early mana regeneration bonus that allows you to manage your manapool without being OOM too much.
You can switch these Seals for :
- Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration : If you prefer per/level runes over flat runes or if you don't trust in your manapool management capabilities end-game.
- Greater Seal of Ability Power : If you want to go for a really offensive lane.

Greater Glyph of Warding

BLAIncreases your sustainibility on lane while trading with your opponents. Highly reduces the damages of champions that are building their Sorcerer Shoes after their first high tier item (that's why you rush your boots when you realize your enemy is on that case).
You can switch these Glyphs for :
- Greater Glyph of Ability Power : More Nuke but also less tankyness. You need to be more careful on your trades.
- Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power : If you prefer per/level runes over flat runes or just feel like they are better runes.
- Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction : If your playstyle is more "harass" oriented than "nuke" oriented you can go for these runes I believe.


BLAEverything is viable in my opinion as long as it fits your playstyle. I'll give some example of optimized Mastery pages. The only condition in my opinion is to always grabb the point in Runic Affinity in order to benefit more from the Blue Buff.

[21 / 0 / 9] - The Sorceress

BLAThe regular mastery page for any AP Champion. This gives you early Ability Power and the needed mana regeneration. Nothing fancy here, if you are new to LeBlanc I reccomand you to use this page. Nevertheless it doesn't mean it's bad for old LeBlanc players.

BLAThe Mastery Page Summery at the beginning of the guide shows the masteries Butcher and Brute Force . LeBlanc is a terrible farmer and having 5 extra damages on minions can be a plus to last hit (instead of having 3 Ability Power from Mental Force ).

[9 / 9 / 12] - The Trader

BLAI'm not getting the 21th point of one tree because the benefits of such a point repartition is amazing. You get 6 free points in Magic Resistance, your 10% SpellPenetration and the Blue Buff increase. The 3 extra points in Swiftness can be moved according to your playstyle. Add MRes Runes to this set of masteries against a hard laner and your trades would be won.

[9 / 0 / 21] - The All Mighty

BLAThis set of masteries synergize with LeBlanc assets because it will help her getting that extra level that makes her able of stomping the enemy team. This gives you a really nice lane control over your opponent. You will be leveling faster than him, you will reach your 6 also faster, meaning you will certainly push him out of his lane early in the game. From that moment you will be ahead in level for the rest of the game. Choosing this set of masteries also means you will be ganking a lot to make full use of the Sage mastery.

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BLAAs you can see there are only two items in the item list. That's because the itemization with LeBlanc is highly situational. A lot of people you will lane against already fought a lot of LeBlanc and they all developped different methods to counter you as much as they can. All that methods always follow their own playstyle and you must adapt yourself to your target in order to be useful. Rabadon's Deathcap and Lich Bane are the only items I always reccomand to build and I'll explain why aswell as all the other situational items.

Getting Started

Boots of Speed (Highly Recommended)

BLAThe safest and more interesting starter in my opinion. The extra movespeed is needed because a lot of your enemy will start aswell with the Boots. But the reason of this starter is the 3 Health Potions that gives 450 virtual hit points. The first who will use all his pots will also be the first to recall. Recalling means loosing some XP and Gold and also gives the opportunity to your opponent to leave his lane to gank. If you start with any other starter you have less hit points from your pots, increasing the chance of loosing a trade against your opponent. Thanks to your nuke, dash and silence you will be winning most of your trades, increasing the sustain potential of your Health Potions. I also said that the strenght of LeBlanc is her high mobility, getting early Boots makes your first gank faster if you didn't recall yet or allows you to help your jungler if he counter jungles / he's being counter jungled.

Amplifying Tome

BLAIn my opinion that looks like an all-in. Amplifying Tome will make your early nuke huge but also makes you really vulnerable to trading. You have only one Health Potion and if your enemy deals enough damage to you no matter if you nuke him down, he will have the opportunity to kill you too. I wouldn't start with this unless I'm totally sure I'm going to dominate my lane (and even when I know that I start with the Boots because it gives more advantages than the extra AP afterall).

Doran's Ring

BLAI would just not start with a Doran's Ring. I just feel too much the lack of Health Potions. If your opponent is not dumb he will force you out of your lane faster than you will if he started with the Boots. I would only start with this if Clairvoyance revealed my enemy started with it.

Sapphire Crystal

BLAThis gives no movement speed, no extra AP and less HP from Health Potions than Boots's starter. Moreover if you manage carefully your manapool you won't run OOM at the moment you need to kill your target.

Meki Pendant

BLAThe same issues than previously, no movement speed, no AP, less pots. Manapool management ftw. End of story.

Doran's Power

Doran's Ring

BLA Doran's Ring is not viable as a starter but it serves another purpose.
BLA Doran's Ring are transit items. They help you make it from the early game to the middle game. This item is cheap and gives you a lot of bonuses.
BLAYou can buy one or two Doran's Ring (I won't get three of this) whenever your recall and have 475 spare gold. If you can't afford any item, or if you have spare gold, buying a Doran's Ring is a really viable choice. If you have 950 Gold, two Doran's Rings are way better than a Blasting Wang.
BLAThis increases your Hit Points pool, what you need before getting all your nuke power (because after that you will be one shotting people). This gives you Mana Regeneration that helps a lot when you don't have Blue Buff (you like to gank at any possible opportunity, so if you don't have Blue, better have some Mana Sustain items). And finally it gives AP, increasing your overall damage output.

Getting 'Em Down

Deathfire Grasp

BLAThis item makes you insta-one shot everyone, it also increases LeBlanc's usefulness after end-mid / end game. You should just rush this and start roaming for real.

Rabadon's Deathcap

BLAYou better start building Rabadon's Deathcap as LeBlanc because if you are fed enough you will have it around 20', when your Nuke is at his highest level. You should not aim for any other item because Rabadon's Deathcap is basically the best AP item.

Sorcerer's Shoes

BLAThe best boots in my opinion because as an assassin you need the Magic Penetration. You don't need Ionian Boots of Lucidity because your jungler will give you the Blue Buff and you will benefit CD Reduction from your Elixir of Brilliance. Build the boots earlier in the game if your mid opponent has some MR Runes/Items.

Void Staff

BLATo build really end-game when you have every other items (even situational items). You should sell Sorcerer's Shoes and Haunting Guise and build Ionian Boots of Lucidity to get the maximum potential out of your %Mpen. Build any situational item before your start building this.

Sight Ward Sight Ward

BLAYou also need to buy wards as LeBlanc. You will get ganked so you need vision over the map. But you can also use them really aggresively (warding enemy Red/Blue Buff for instance). You need to buy one/two wards each time you recall. Sight Wards have priority over Elixir of Brilliance.

Elixir of Brilliance

BLAAs soon as you get Rabadon's Deathcap you need to buy this each single time you have 250 spare gold at shop.

Situational Items

Haunting Guise

BLAA lot of people start building early MRes against LeBlanc. To counter such a strategy (because this will decrease your nuke by a lot) you can build Haunting Guise coupled with early Sorcerer's Shoes. Build this whenever you realize your enemy is building early Mres, even before Rabadon's Deathcap.

Abyssal Scepter

BLAYou can build this either for the MPen, if your enemy keeps building Mres either for the Mres if they have a fed AP or if your enemy has high nuking capabilities (hi Veigar !).

Zhonya's Hourglass

BLAIf your bottom lane ****ed it up and your enemy AD Carry is just too fed.

Lich Bane

BLAAnother item thats increases your usefulness end-game (like Deathfire Grasp). I personally don't like it but if it fits your playstyle I guess it's ok to grabb it. It aslo increases your movement speed what is enjoyable on any Assassin-like champion.

Other Items

Morello's Evil Tome

BLAAfter several talks I changed my mind about this item. On LeBlanc it looks like a good item but for few more gold you can have Deathfire Grasp.

Archangel's Staff

BLAToo much mana. You won't be spamming your abilities, your Tear of the Goddess will stack too slowly. You need to keep your cooldowns up to one shot people.

Rod of Ages

BLADepends on your playstyle. But LeBlanc is not a farmer, she needs nuking capabilities. Extra health is worthless because nobody can catch you, extra mana is worthless too because your jungler will give you the Blue Buff, you only benefit the AP and for such an amount of gold you better start building Rabadon's Deathcap.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter

BLAI would build this if the game goes on after I completed my two core items. The Extra health is nice end-mid / end game (and you can't build Rod of Ages at that moment) and the Slow procc is really useful to help you catch people off guard.

Will of the Ancients

BLACould be a good item for a Double-AP game if you stack it with your teamate. But better build this mid-game to benefit the SpellVamp when your Nuke is at his highest level.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity

BLAYou benefit Cooldown Reduction. But in my opinion you benefit more from Magic Penetration as an Assassin. Also your enemies often have either Magic Resistance Runes or Items when they face LeBlanc.

Mejai's Soulstealer

BLAFull all-in. You're playing a low ELO game ? A public game ? You are sure of outplaying your opponents ? You can go for it. This is just for fun and you will be either totally fed either completely useless. This is not the best way to get out of ELO hell since your teamates can feed their opponents and makes you unable to reach full stacks on your Mejai's Soulstealer.

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Skill Order

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

BLAWhy following that Skill Order and the little changes you can go for as every games are different. You should never choose your first spell until you know perfectly what you will be doing in the first two minutes of the game.

#1 Mimic

Your ultimate.

#2 Sigil of Silence Sigil of Silence

Your primary nuke ability because of the mark applied on your target.

#3 Distortion

Deals more damages than Ethereal Chains and maxing this spell first increases your mobility via decreasing the cooldown of the ability.

#4 Ethereal Chains

Your last choice because spending one point in this spell allow you to use full potential of your other spells. It helps triggering the mark of the Sigil of Silence/ Mimic combo and helps you chasing/escaping. The cooldown is the same on any level, that's why you prefer maxing Distortion first.

/!\ Sigil of Silence/ / One Point in Each at level 3 ?

You like to have your three different spell at level 3 because you don't know what can happen in your game. If you need Ethereal Chains but you didn't learn it yet you will blame yourself hard. Better take that three all-purpose point and then focusing on maxing out your damage output.

/!\ At level 1 ?

While loading if you realize one of your enemy doesnt have Flash and your teamates want to invade, Ethereal Chains is a really OP spell at level one. It slows, and then it roots. This is just too much OPness for an early invasion of their jungle.

/!\ At level 1 ?

If they have a really aggressive Jungler, if they are all Missing in Action or if just feel it's more safe to start with it. It's totally ok to start with this spell as it totally disables early gank/aggressive lane.

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A list of the different combos. How and when to use them.

Sigil of Silence
Damage Output: 1/5
Mana Cost: 150-210
Use: Harassing a close enemy from level 1 to 3, not used much after that on lane because your enemy will likely be too far away from you to trigger the mark of Sigil of Silence with Distortion.
Description: Your very first combo. You won't have much opportunity to use it but if you have, go for it. That's a really cheap combo for the damage outcome when your enemy is careless enough to allow you such a move. Sometimes you will also be really close to a chasing/chased opponent and if Mimic and Ethereal Chains are on cooldowns that's the only way to triggers the silence of your Sigil of Silence.

Sigil of Silence
Damage Output: 1/5
Mana Cost: 230-290
Use: To Harass from a middle distance from level 4 to 5, if your Mimic is on Cooldown or if you want to save it for another target
Description: Your second and really expansive combo. Yet you will be using it to slowly decrease the hit points pool of your enemy in order to kill him right when you hit 6. On lane you will often be using Distortion to be close enough to your opponent to cast your two next spells. But when you will be on a teamfight try to use Distortion as a damage source.

Sigil of Silence Sigil of Silence
Damage Output: 4/5
Mana Cost: 330-290
Use: Your nuke from level 6 to 18, what makes you LeBlanc
Description: Your main combo. You will be harassing your opponent each time you have your combo cooldowns up (every ~30 seconds). The principle to get the maximum potential of this combo is to trigger the silence mark from the Mimic with the Ethereal Chains or you won't damages your target as much as expected. Most of the laning phase, your Distortion will be used to get closer to your enemy, but if you have the opportuniy try to use it on him as a damage source.

Damage Output: 0/5
Mana Cost: 260-200
Use: To escape tough situation
Description: Your escaping combo. The Ethereal Chains is used at the moment the champion you are trying to run away from is too close from you. The second Distortion shouldn't be used too much if you play it the right way, don't waste it either. You will almost never use your Flash.

Sigil of Silence Sigil of Silence
Damage Output: 5/5
Mana Cost: 330-290
Use: To one shot someone
Description: Your ultimate combo. People almost never expect you to do that. This is basically the same combo than your nuking combo but here, Distortion is always used as a damage tool. Use this at the very moment you hit your level 6 and most of the time this grants a kill. The Flash / Distortion combo is really hard to avoid and once you are close enough to born the rest of your Cooldowns do it savagely. Always remember to use Ignite to open up your combo.

Sigil of Silence
Damage Output: 2/5
Mana Cost: 330-290
Use: To chase someone you can't one shot
Description: Your chasing combo. Basically you will be using Distortion to get close enough to your target to cast Sigil of Silence / Ethereal Chains in order to silence him and shutting down his escaping capabilities.

Sigil of Silence
Damage Output: Area 3/5
Mana Cost: 330-290
Use: To damage more than one target
Description: Your only real AoE damage combo. You are an assassin so you shouldn't be wasting your nuke potentials over several targets. Nevertheless sometimes your enemies are really close to each other, standing with few to none hit points. That's the time to use your Distortion twice. If you can cast Sigil of Silence before in order to trigger the mark it's even better but your enemies can start to run, decreasing your AoE damages.

Sigil of Silence Sigil of Silence
Damage Output: 3/5
Mana Cost: 330-290
Use: To silence two targets
Description: In a situation versus two enemies, you could benefit from getting both them silenced. Sigil of Silence the first one and then Mimic the second one. You get them silenced by using your two remaining spells ( Distortion can triggers the two marks). This combo is also useful if your two enemies are low hp, it would be silly to waste a part of your nuke.

BLAOf course you can add several combos one after the other to create new combos. If you think you found some new basic combo feel free to suggest it, I'd be glad to add it here.
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Laning as Leblanc


BLAFarming as LeBlanc is hard. It will be easier at higher levels but don't fool yourself, almost every AP if not all will outfarm you if are not aggressive enough.
BLAYou need to pick up every last hit you can with your auto-hits, most of the other AP will use their farming abilities to outincome you, that's why you need to be perfect on your last hits. You can't miss one or you will graduatly loose your lane. As LeBlanc your aim is to have as many cs as your enemy at your first recall. You will likely not kill a good opponent before your first trip back that's why you need to be able to get back on the lane as strong as your opponent.
BLAAfter your first recall farming is less important than focusing on trading/killing your opponent. As previously said, LeBlanc's income will come out most of champion's kills.
BLAAt higher levels or if you need to push your lane before a trip back you will be using Distortion / Mimic but only if you are sure to back after that. Using that two spells for farming is highly risky cause it shuts your escaping capabilities down.

Mana Sustainibility

BLAYou don't want to be OOM. You need to keep enough mana for one Distortion.
BLADon't spam your spells.
BLAI SAID DON'T SPAM ! (quoted from my Ezreal guide because too much people just spam their spells for no reason)
BLAYour mana is like the money in your bank. You don't waste your money for dumb reason, the same goes with your mana. Why would you waste mana to cast Sigil of Silence if you're not triggering the mark of the spell after that ? Always wait until you are sure that you can use one of the previous combo before using your mana.
BLAIf your jungler tells you he is going to gank, save your mana for when he does. A gank on your lane almost always means a kill if you can throw one of your combo (and especially if you can land a full Ethereal Chains).
BLATry to always be at 75% of your mana, if you are always full mana it means you could throw some extra spells and you didn't = loose of your nuke/farming potential. If you are always full mana your mana regeneration is useless.


BLAYou are the queen of the trade because of the Sigil of Silence's silence.
BLAThe silence part of your spell is only useful if it triggers before your enemy actually cast his spell.
BLABefore and after your 6 your combos outdamage almost any other combo in the game (except maybe Veigar or a full rotation Annie).
BLAAt any time, if your enemy throw spell at you, throw spells at him. You will deal more damage than him.
BLADuring Trades always use your Distortion like a damage tool if you can but most important, like a repositionning tool. Most of the AP Carries are vulnerable while they are trading with their opponent, this is the moment when you get ganked the most often. Distortion makes you virtually invulnerable to such ganks if you always use it again after using a combo to repositionate yourself.


BLAIf you fear and are running away from an opponent with cooldowns up, you already lost your lane.
BLAAn error a lot of LeBlanc players commit is not using their Mimic right when it's available. As soon as you have it, use it.
BLABurst your opponent as soon as you hit your 6.
BLABurst your opponent as soon as he comes back on his lane.
BLABurst your opponent as soon as you come back on your lane.
BLAZone your opponent with your other combos while Mimic is on cooldown.
BLAForcing your opponent out of your lane is already a small victory because it allows you to gank the other lanes.
BLAThe most important thing to keep in mind is that you are LeBlanc, you don't run away from any opponent. You one shot people. You are powerful. Act like you are the most dangerous champion in the game, act like you are the threat.


BLAYour job as LeBlanc is to give your team the victory in the mid-game. Ganking on other lanes is the beginning of the win.
BLANo matter your farm, no matter if your turret is being pushed, if you have the occasion to gank on other lanes (your opponent is not on his lane, one of your lane is being hardly pushed...) do it.
BLAA gank from you almost always result in a kill if you are fast enough. Avoid the Sight Wards of the enemy lane you are ganking (ask your teamates where are they).
BLAFocus on getting down one opponent with your full combo. You should kill him fast and be back on your lane soon enough to defend your turret.
BLADon't be afraid to dive, your Distortion allow you to take the turret shot for your mates before going back on a safe place by reusing the spell.
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The Mindgame

Distortion's Tricks

BLA Distortion and his Mimic gives you the opportunity to totally outplay and deceive the enemy players.
BLAMay their jungle gank you on a bad position, your Distortion and the re-use of it grants you a virtual invulnerability.
BLA Distortion's second use can be used to fool your enemies to a false direction and then come back to a safe place. It can also be used to make your enemies waste some chasing capabilities ( Flash/ Resonating Strike).
BLAIt can be also used to dodge skillshots throwed at you. An Enchanted Crystal Arrow and a quick re-use of Distortion and you can dodge it.
BLA Distortion followed by Flash allow you to re-use Distortion for a really high deceiving move (you are instantly blinking from your Flash final arrival point to your very first position).
BLAWhile in teamfights, if you get focused Distortion makes you uncatchable and make them waste time chasing you whereas your AD Carry is shredding them apart. If someone jumps on you use Distortion, if he re-jumps on you (second Slice and Dice or even a Flash) just re-use Distortion. This is a simple example but it works on any situation. If you die in more than 10 seconds it's np, they wasted too much time chasing you.

Mirror Image Luring

BLA Mirror Image is really hard to use with usefulness.
BLA Mirror Image is useless if used against an AoE opponent ( Brand, Xerath, Ahri) or in Teamfights.
BLA Mirror Image can totally deceive your opponent if used correctly.
BLAAt any given time you need to be aware that your passive will triggers. It should suprises your enemies, not you.
BLAIn any 1v1 if Mirror Image triggers, always move your clone first. Move it as you would move yourself.
BLA Mirror Image should not be used if you can get one shot or killed really fast by your opponent. Because if he kills your clone so fast that he can still kill you, the deceiving part of your clone is kinda useless.
BLAIf your enemies did not notice that your passive triggererd you can use the clone as a lure (under a turret, waiting into a bush...).
BLA Mirror Image can save your life under your/their turret.

LeBlanc Punishing

BLAYou are bloody LeBlanc, you can one shot anybody around level 9-12, tanks, bruisers, carries or supports.
BLAAs one of the highest nuke in the game, you need to act accordly to your power.
BLATheir jungler is ganking you with 3/4 of his hit points and you have all your cooldowns up. Why would you run away ? Just one shot him and avoid your opponents possible damages with your juking skills.
BLAOne of their team member is isolated from the other on the map, or may just be misspositionned in a teamfight. Your job is to take him out / shut him down.
BLAYour mobility allows you to punish any missposition of your enemies.
BLAYou have 1 hp and full mana/cooldown but are being chase down by your AP opponent. If you think you can trigger your silence before he uses one of his spell, you are virtually invulnerable to his spell for two seconds, just one shot him.
BLAThey are coming to dive you. If you realize you won't be able to run away, instead of fleeing, just use all your freaking spells on the first who dives (under Turret's focus).
BLAMake them fear. Make them panic Flash. Make them believe you don't fear anything.

LeBlanc Getting out of Control

BLAYou are already 2/0 or even 3/0. You are getting out of control.
BLAAt that stage they have two options. Your Mid opponent can either permapush you if he can, making you less available for ganks. They can also permagank you.
BLAThese two options are a waste of time. Tell your jungler to take the XP at your middle turret if you are ganking somewhere without him. If the enemy jungler tries to camp your middle lane just keep playing highly aggressively (without getting caught by your AP opponent's CC). He will likely try to come two or three times. Your Distortion makes you avoid any gank.
BLAYou should always have the blue at that time.
BLABe everywhere.
BLAAvoid Sight Wards thanks to Distortion (by jumping through walls) and gank every lanes.
BLAAlways follow your jungler while he counter jungles. Always follow your jungler if he ganks somewhere.
BLAIf your jungler goes top and you think they will likely have a succesful gank, go bottom to maintain a high pressure of your team on all lanes.
BLAIf you pass through your mid lane, if you have the blue, unpush your lane with Distortion / Mimic.
BLANever fear to dive alone. Don't blame your teamates if they didn't follow you. You are LeBlanc, you can dive and live without the help of your teamates. They can't. If you do so, blame yourself for dieing.

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Late Game as Leblanc

BLAIf you fall under the end-game, you failed somewhere in the middle-game. As LeBlanc you want to finish the game before 40'. If you couldn't for some reason, here are some tips in order to still be really useful to your team.

Lich Bane / Deathfire Grasp - End Game Potential

BLAThese are two items that increases your potential eng-game by giving you one more way to nuke your opponent.
BLAYou need to use the full potential of these items, Deathfire Grasp to open up your combo or Lich Bane to finish it (you don't have the time to use the damage procc of it in between your combo sequence).
BLAThese two items are meant to give you one more nuking capability. Your opponents will likely build Magic Resist and especially Banshee's Veil that totally shuts you down. Having these items makes your nuke not so weak.

Get 'Em Caught

BLAYou are still bloody LeBlanc, you have really high chasing/nuking capabilities.
BLAYou should not be farming much minion waves. Prefer focusing on catching your opponents misspositioned.
BLAYour job will now be to do everything you can to take out at least one of your opponent before a teamfight occurs.
BLAWhile at Nashor/Dragon, hide in a bush and kill the first enemy who comes in your sight.
BLAWhile you carry is farming, hide in a nearby bush to kill any foolish enemy that would want to take him out.
BLAIf you notice their support is warding/unwarding, chase him down.
BLAIf a teamfight occurs and you are sitting next to it, hidden in a bush, try to one shot their support (the more likely to be one shot). Even if it's not your primary target, the support will often be more killable than their AP Carry.
BLAOf course all these advices apply to earlier in the game, but end-game you really need to focus on killing that misspositionned enemy. That's the only way you can be really useful to your team.

Banshee's Veil and Primary Targets

BLA Banshee's Veil shuts your nuking capabilities down by disabling the first spell of your combo (likely Sigil of Silence).
BLAYou need to wait until the spell shield of your target shuts down or just switch your target to someone else (likely the Support or the other Carry).
BLAIf someone wants to 1v1 you with Banshee's Veil's shield up, don't go in. Even if you disable the shield with your Ethereal Chains you will likely die. Your Ethereal Chains should have been used to control the enemy's movement, your Distortion can not be used to triggers the mark of Sigil of Silence because you need it to run away / chase in case something goes wrong and you can't open up your combo with Sigil of Silence because you would not apply your first mark, reducing your nuke by about a fourth.
BLA Banshee's Veil shuts your nuking capabilities down, end of story.
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The End

BLAThat's the end of the trip my friends. If you read this lines it would mean you've done great and you read everything. Thanks a lot.
BLAA lot of people doesn't explain (or can't explain) why they write guides. I'll tell you why I do. I really think everyone has something to teach to other people. Maybe today I taught you something about LeBlanc (or at least I expect I did) but I'm convinced tomorrow someone will teach me something I don't know.
BLASharing our own experience of this game is a really amazing thing and I'm glad, really glad, that you people like this guide. I put a lot of effort into it, I played a **** ton of games and I hope you can see it through this lines.

BLAI now tell you good bye, and I hope I'll have the pleasure to see you on the battlefield roxxing some dudes with LeBlanc !

BLAWith love.


Special Thanks

BLAI need to thanks few people who helped me achieving this guide.

- Zyv0x for his combo section in his Leblanc Guide that I improved but original idea from him
- The unexpected early positive comments and constructive criticisms, that helped me to finish this quickly
- The reader for reading the whole guide and especially this
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