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Kha'Zix Build Guide by Volex

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Volex

[S3] Redefining Kha'Zix : by Volex (After Buff/Nerf)

Volex Last updated on July 6, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Offense: 9

Honor Guard

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Utility: 21

Welcome to my Guide
Hello and welcome to my Kha'Zix guide, an In-Depth guide to Mid Lane Kha'Zix. He is a high mobility assassin and I most often play him in the Middle lane. He has great damage, but very very mana hungry. The Brutalizer in my opinion is the most effective item on Kha'Zix, it really helps him out with his damage if the enemy stacks armor, and shredding the enemy is what Kha'Zix does.

About the Author

My name, is Volexbolex™ (pronounced volabola, the EX is a short A sound - ign: SoundVox) Im a Silver V player making my way up the ranked ladder. I've been in the league for about 2 years now playing normals with my friends and just rescently strarted to play ranked. My best position is Mid, followed by Top, Jungle, ADC, and Support. I love playing Assassin type champions, I have a very fast pace play style and I love the feeling of being unseen, going in and destroying someone, then coming out untouched. Favorite and best champions would be
Diana, Katarina, Kha'Zix, Talon etc… And I make these guides for you.


+ He's an Assassin
+ Takes out ADC easily
+ Snowballs hard
+ Crazy single target damage
+ Them Leap resets

KhaZix's Strengths

A very hard snowballing champion, if you can survive until level 6 you can seriously do anything you wish. He has great damage, super annoying poke, and 2 amazing gap closers. You only need a few items to start recking people, he can clean up team fights in a very short time and he can jump around the map like a mad man


- Squishy early game
- No reliable CC
- Not too strong till 6
- Nasty voicing
- Requires good positioning

KhaZix's Weaknesses

KhaZix can be pretty squishy in his early levels so you got to play safe and wait till you get level 6 for your first evolution (best choice for your first evolve is your Void Spike). Once you do, then you can start playing super aggressive, just get a ward or two to know where the jungler is and feel free to do whatever

If you don't know what items to start with against your lane, Boots of Speed and 3x Health Potions is a good start against champions that have skill shots and can poke super hard. In any case this will be the optimal start

Rejuvenation Bead, 1x sight ward, 4x and 2x , has been working pretty well for me as it gives you plenty of sustain to keep farming, and the Rejuvenation Bead builds into your which is another good advantage

For me, the elixir & 3x start is a little bit iffy. I used to build it every game for Kha'Zix before the price went up. It's a very risky start as it builds into nothing but it brings high reward if you get a kill or 2 with it

Is THE most important item on Kha'Zix as his Void Spike ability has a very high mana cost at max level, and early on it's very annoying to constantly run out of mana (NO LONGER NEEDED)

Very good for early game sustain which will give you 10% lifesteal and 10 extra AD this is also a must have on Kha'Zix as it will allow you to outlast your opponent

You should always grab an early brutalizer for shredding some of the enemy's armor if your opponent is someone like Shen or Renekton who will build Sunfire as a first item ( REPLACEMENT FOR FIRST ITEM )

Always rush this item unless you are losing your lane against an AP in which case build hexdrinker. It gives a great deal of damage and life steal and should be on any AD assassin

For me, this is a mid-late game item. It gives a whopping 75+ AD, some extra life steal and a very useful AOE passive. A good item for farming and it gives you more DPS in team fights (NOW NECESSARY ITEM)

Another mid-late game item that will allow you to shred through as much armor from the enemy team as possible. Giving you 40 AD and 35% Armor Penetration, a very well rounded item



My personal favorite for my defensive item, giving 1,000 HP and lots of HP Regen, a very well rounded item for a well rounded build, allowing you to tank more damage and stay in battle longer


Good amount of armor and health, a great item for team fights (giving you that 40 magic damage burn). When the enemy team has mostly AD I will buy this item in place of warmog's


A very well balanced late game item, it'll give you a good amount of armor and magic resist and an OP revive which you can use to clean up or get out depending on the situation



These are the boots that I like most, giving you 15% CDR and combined with the masteries in this guide it will total up to 24% CDR when you buy these, IMO best boots for KhaZix


Great boots against a team with a lot of CC or magic damage like Taric Twisted Fate Jax etc. Second best boots in my opinion but it all depends on the situation at hand


If you can't win your lane and are really struggling to get kills, just buy these boots and roam around the map ganking other lanes and letting them carry you to victory


Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage
Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
I like these on Kha'Zix because when you go mid, usually the enemy is going to be an AP caster, so it will block some of their spell damage.
Greater Seal of Armor
Necessary on any AD bruiser or assassin, it will reduce the damage from champion and minion auto attacks and gives you more defense for late game.
greater mark of armor penetration
Armor Penetration marks are great for any AD champion, these will allow you to build straight Attack Damage for a while until the enemy starts building tons of armor,
Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage
Attack Damage Quints are, in my opinion, the best choice, so...yeah.


For masteries I've recently tried taking 9/0/21 and it has been working extremely well for me, I take Summoner's Wrath for the extra damage when Ignite is off CD, then 3 points in Sorcery for 3% CDR, then take 4 points in Deadliness to get 8% armor penetration from Weapon Expertise . In the utility tree I take 3 point in Wanderer , Meditation and Expanded Mind for the extra movement speed for chasing and dodging skill shots and the extra mana and mana regen for the very much need of it on Kha'Zix. Taking the 1 point in Summoner's Insight along with Mastermind will make Flash a 255 second CD as opposed to 300 seconds. I take the extra life steal/spell vamp from Vampirism and I take Runic Affinity for more time on the blue buff when you get it. I then take 3 points in Intelligence and top it off with the 3% move speed from Nimble

Ignites a non-friendly unit (except for enemy minion), dealing (50 + 20 × level) true damage over time to a single target and reduces the health regeneration and the healing effects received by 50%.
A very classic spell for any laner, helps when full engaging if you cant get the last 10 hp from the enemy and I usually take this spell whenever playing Talon.

Teleports your Champion to target nearby location.
Another common spell for every position, and usually always taken, it allows you to get out of tough situations or into them, A very useful spell which should almost always be taken.

Shields your champion for 95 + (20 x level) for 2 seconds.
A great baiting spell and I will usually take it in ranked if im against a champion that I know I will get turret dived by for a defensive approach in trying not to feed and to possibly counter kill if they overextend.

After 4 seconds, it teleports your champion to target turret or friendly minion (making it invulnerable for the duration). Can be canceled.
A great tool for back dooring or extreme ganking, and I love that it gives you global presence and the enemy always has to be careful what they do because you could teleport in and totally change the game, you can also teleport to things like > Teemo mushrooms, Shaco Jack in the Boxes, Zyra plants etc...

Heal heals oneself for 75 + 15 × level and every allied unit for the same amount.
A great team spell and baiting spell but not usually used on a mid or top, But, it definitely can turn around a team fight at the most.

(Innate) When Kha'Zix is not visible to the enemy team, he gains Unseen Threat, causing his next basic attack against an enemy Champion to deal bonus magic damage and slow.

An insanely annoying harass when you evolve your Void Spike

(Passive) Marks enemies who are isolated from nearby allies.
(Active) Kha'zix attacks a target enemy, dealing bonus physical damage. If the target is isolated, the amount is increased.
Evolved Enlarged Claws: Kha'Zix deals additional damage to isolated foes equal to 12% of their missing health and increases the range of Taste Their Fear and Kha'Zix's basic attacks.

Extremely short cool down
Great damage for an ability that only costs 25 mana universally

(Active) Kha'Zix fires exploding spikes, dealing physical damage to all nearby enemies. If Kha'Zix is within the explosion radius, he is healed.
Evolved Spike Racks: Void Spikes fires three spikes in a cone and will consume Unseen Threat to slow and damage all enemies struck.

It's a stupid annoying poke tool when evolved first
Good for escaping or slowing down the enemy for a teammate to get away
The heal on it is amazing and can save your *** in many situations

Active) Kha'Zix leaps to a target area, dealing damage to nearby enemies.
Evolved Wings: Kha'Zix's leap range is increased. Kills and assists will refresh the cooldown of Leap.

Ridiculous gap closer for chasing or escaping
Evolving second gives you one of the most OP reset tools in the game

(Passive) Ranking up Void Assault allows Kha'Zix to evolve one of his abilities.
(Active) Kha'Zix stealths for 1 second, activating Unseen Threat and increasing his movement speed by 40%. Void Assault can be cast a second time within 10 seconds of the first cast.
Evolved Active Camouflage: Void Assault can be cast three times and Kha'Zix takes 40% reduced damage while in stealth.

Great for escaping or engaging in on someone
It reactivates your passive for each use, so more slowing and easier chasing

Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Easy Harass

A very simple combo starting off with cutthroat which will send you straight behind and silencing them, ready for an auto attack which you then activate Noxian Diplomacy and followed up by Rake.


For escaping in sticky situations, start off by activating Void Assault then Leap and or Flash away, if they still chase you throw back your Void Spike to slow them getting as far away as possible from the enemy team.

Full Engage

Start by going in with Leap and auto attack along with void spikes, toggle on Void Assault then use Taste Their Fear again and reactivate Void Assault, get another slowing auto attack and one more Taste Their Fear.

Strong Against

Easy peasy, Squishy as hell early game, and if you win early game he will never be a problem, your silence is instant, use yours before he uses his and you'll have no trouble
Ok, she is squishy as hell, as long as you can stay on top of her and don't get hit her E all day you can win the lane every time
Another easy lane, as long as you don't get hit by her Charm you are pretty much good to go
Pretty easy match up, just stay back until she uses her Bouncing Blades because that is where her damage is going to come from, after she uses it, go ahead and jump all over her face
Very easy to win a twisted fate lane as he is so squishy and only has his stun for an escape tool, it's very simple to dodge his Wild Cards
Super squishy, just dodge the balls and you be fine

Weak Against

Jayce can easily out damage you in any situation, along with many other champions, if you get countered just keep throwing Void Spike all day
Lock on poke and a very annoying stun, very hard to outrun and he has very crazy burst, all around a hard counter to Kha'Zix
He's seriously overpowered. Too much AD for all the defense he gets, very hard to beat with Kha'Zix
He's way too strong, rediculous HP regen and all lock-ons.
Having a shield, she will easily be able to block alot of your damage and can easily cancel your Leap with her Moonfall, but this match up is one that truly depends on skill and knowledge of the game
Ryze will counter you as he is ranged, large burst, and a good root which will hold down your Leap so he can burst you down further



And this concludes my Kha'Zix guide, I worked really hard on it and I am very proud of it so leaving a like is very appreciated. I finally figured out how to make a custom table of contents so I hope you guys (and girls) like it :D. ENJOIIIII! If you have any questions or suggestions for this build, ask it and Ill respond!