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League of Legends Build Guide Author SmileYouDied


SmileYouDied Last updated on January 3, 2014
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Your Role As A Soldier ...

Your role as the tankies little guys in League Of Legends is to take some DMG in. In the end of each game you should always check who took the most DMG, and this should always be you.
Your aim is really to save your team mates and don't worry you will get the best price for a LOL player, ONE MORE WIN ! For me the most important is to take care of mid lane and your buffs. Playing Amumu is a luck, Amumu is often ban for his CC but not often taken too because he is easy to counter jungle, what I often do is ask my mid to look after me a lot because we can get some kills when the other jungler tries to counter us, what I often do if someone counter me (like Lee Sin or Shaco) I just check if they took my red; if yes I finish it (for it to re-spawn later) then I go and jungle normally and paying extra care to get my red before he even thinks about it. Your next blue schould not be yours, I know you need mana but your mid too and you need to learn to not spam your abilities. Then once you gave one kill to your mid go top and trie to get a kill, if it is warded or your gank failed then just let your team mate farm and deny your enemy's farm by standing in the back of the enemy minions. Then come back mid and tries for a second kill then go help bot like you did in top. This would be my regular go to in a normal game. More detailed info BELOW

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His Abilities

His Passive:

Cursed touch could be called a "debuff", because it cancels or reduces a champions skills. Cursed touch is used when you auto-attack an enemy his reduces his magic resistance by 15/20/25.

His "Q":

Bandage Toss is your "Q", Amumu sends a bandage that will stick to the enemy it touch and Amumu will pull himself to the enemy touched (I would strongly recommend you put this spell in smart cast mode). Your "Q" also deal a bit of DMG (AP) 80/130/180/230/280.

His "W":

Despair is a toggle ability (once you active it you have to re-click on it to deactivate it). Despair is Amumu's crying ability, so Amumu begins to cry when you toggle it on and it deals DMG (AP) 12 / 16 / 20 / 24 on all nearby enemies or creeps.

His "E":

Tantrum is a passive and active ability at the same time (an ability you don't need to do something for it to work and an ability (often a skill shot) where you need to click on it for it to work). Tantrum's passive is that Amumu take reduced physical (DMG from auto-attacks) and abilities. Tantrum's active when you activate it is Amumu's rage, his get mad and scratch on all nearby enemies dealing DMG (AP) 75 / 100 / 125 / 150 / 175.

His "R":

Curse of the Sad Mummy is probably one of the most feared ultimate abilities. Curse of the Sad Mummy is an active ability (once you cast it it actives and then it is on cool-down). Amumu entangles all enemies in range and stun them for 2 seconds and DMG (AP) them 150 / 250 / 350.

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Your Items


You will first start with a Hunter's Machete and 5 Health Potion like every jungle player, most of them at least. The Hunter's Machete will provide you with: Passive: Increase damage dealt to monsters by 10%. It will also deal 10 bonus magic damage to NEUTRAL monsters (not minions). And grant 5 health on hit versus monsters (including minions). And the Health Potion will restore 150 health over 15 seconds after have used it.

First Back:

For your first back you should back with the money to be able to buy Boots of Speed and a Spirit Stone. The Boots of Speed will be used later to upgrade them into Sorcerer's Shoes, Boots of Speed will also provide you with 25 additional movement speed. The Spirit Stone will be upgraded into a Spirit of the Ancient Golem, but for the moment it provides you with: 14 Health Regeneration, 7 Mana Regeneration. Passive: Damage dealt to monsters increased by 20% (upgrade of the "Hunter's Machete"). It will also deal 10 bonus magic damage to NEUTRAL monsters (not minions). And grant 5 health on hit versus monsters (including minions).

Second Back:

You will finish your Spirit of the Ancient Golem and you might have enough money to finish your Sorcerer's Shoes (I am always able to buy both at the same time). The Spirit of the Ancient Golem will give you 350 health, 10% cooldown reduction, 7 mana regeneration, and 14 health regeneration. It also deals 30% more damage to monsters, and reduces the duration of slows, stuns, ... by 35%. It will give you more money on killing monster or having kills as well. The Sorcerer's Shoes has 15 magic penetration, and 45 movement speed.

End Build:

My usual end build consists of the Spirit of the Ancient Golem, the Sunfire Cape which gives you 45 armor, 450 health and has a passive which deals 40 magic damage to enemies in a range of 400. You will also have a Locket of the Iron Solari if your support has not build it already, it will give you 20 armor, 10 cooldown reduction, 300 health, his unique aura provides nearby allies with 20 magic resistance and +10 health regeneration, his active shield yourself and nearby allied champions for 5 seconds, absorbing up to 50 (+10 per level) damage (it has a 60 second cooldown). You will also have the Abyssal Mask which provides you with 70 Ability Power, 45 Magic Resistance and has a unique aura which reduces the magic resistance of nearby enemy champions by 20 (in a range of 700). You will also have the Frozen Heart which provides you with 95 armor, 20 cooldown reduction, 400 mana and has a passive which reduces the attack speed of nearby enemies by 20% (it has a range of 1000 range). Your last item will be the Enchantment: Homeguard for your Sorcerer's Shoes, whenever you are at fountain, you instantly gain full health and mana, and gain a 200% movement speed boost that decays over 8 seconds but the bonus movement speed is lost upon entering combat.

Against hard carry AD:

When an AD champion is very fed on the other team I suggest you build a Thornmail or a Frozen Heart or a Randuin's Omen. They will all provide you with a lot of armor. The Thornmail 100 armor, the Frozen Heart 95 armor, 20 cooldown reduction, and 400 mana. The Randuin's Omen with 70 armor and 500 health.

Against hard carry AP:

When an AP champion is very fed on the other team I suggest you build a Spirit Visage or a Abyssal Mask or a Locket of the Iron Solari. They will all provide you with a lot of magic resist. The Spirit Visage 20 cooldown reduction, 400 health, 20 health regeneration, and 55 magic resistance, the Abyssal Mask 70 ability power, 45 magic resistance, the Locket of the Iron Solari 20 armor, 10 cooldown reduction, 300 health.

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Pros and Cons


~ Good CC (crowd control) with his Bandage Toss and his Curse of the Sad Mummy
~ Game changing ult
~ Can be build AP and be very successful and be build TANK and be successful as well
~ Very fast clearing time
~ Amazing ganks with his Bandage Toss and his Curse of the Sad Mummy
~ Has an escape with his Bandage Toss, he can Bandage Toss to monsters and escape easely
~ You will get a fair amount of kills at the end of the game, and nearly no deaths


~ People get made very easely if you miss your Bandage Toss or your Curse of the Sad Mummy
~ Huge cooldown on your Curse of the Sad Mummy
~ Very mana reliant at the start of the game
~ His skins are not amazing
~ He is often ban at low ELO ranked games or draft pick games
~ You are very useless if your team deals no damage
~ He can be very slow

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Your first thing to do in a game is get to lvl 4 as fast as you can and go gangking and for this you need to jungle first. You will always begin at your blue

(if you get invaded this will be explained in the next Chapter) once you took your blue go for
your red

(if not invaded and taken) then go for the wraith

and for the golems

, and lastely run to your wolves

and by now you should be lvl 4. My second go to root is all the same apart that from the golem I go top or mid where I wait a bit next to the laner to get to lvl 4 with minions or by waiting in the ganking bush you will use to gank you should be able to get some XP from there and get lvl 4 as well. One you are lvl 4 gank then don't forget to ward dragon as soon as the enemy team is able to go for it and continue warding it (if the support do so it is even better). Give your second blue to your mid and get your red, don't forget to farm and to get some towers down if you can. Don't forget to go for the dragon and nashor when possible. I would not solo dragon if I were you (too risky). All these are the basic tips I can give you to jungle and farm at your best.

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Counter Jungle

The best way to have a good jungle is by banning the champions that could counter jungle you, kill you and steal your buffs before you get to them.

Here are the bans I would suggest, the champions that killed me a lot in my jungle and made my jungle very hard:
Picks & Bans
Your Team
Enemy Team

Shaco is very strong against you, his boxes Jack In The Box will make your jungle a nightmare. My best tip for you is just to ignore him, go check your red, if it is taken then go away and keep on jungling, if it is not taken then ward it and wait and see when it can be a good time to take it. The worst thing to do is to die. If you don't see him around then make sure to do your red in the bush next to it, do the same for blue if you prefer starting red (I don't advise you to start red, but it I advise you to start red if you have Shaco , Lee Sin or Shyvana against you who could run strait to your red after their blue (because some Lee Sin players (like me) prefer to start blue so that they can run straight to the enemy's red.)).

Just do the same against Lee Sin and Shyvana , beware these 3 champions are very fast and have a lot of mobility spells, like Lee Sin's Q Sonic Wave or Shyvana's W Burnout or Shaco's Q Deceive.

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Ganking is the easy part with Amumu, all you need to do is make your "A". If you fail your A your gank is most likely to turn bad or to fail. You need to know who you are going against, for me it is very easy to gank because I know each champions ability and I am sure that if you read this guide it is because you already know all the champions abilities. Once you made your a you can ult (r) or just try to deal as much DMG as possible to help your team mate get the kill. A really important thing with Amumu i snot to take the kills, you can take some like when I soloed Caitlyn last game (that was amazing)(those kills are your to take). But don't get mad if your team KS, just answer them GJ and they will say thank you automatically (if they have been raised like you and I).

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Team Fights

Amumu in team fight is like a monster, you come in people are scared. The best you can do to help your team out is by stunning their full team at the right time, sorry I can't explain this to you this has to be achieved by playing; playing; playing; ... Eventually you can assure to win every team fight and every game when you team up with a Oriana or Fiddlestick; Leona (all this will be explained in Chapter 5 (Team Comp)). If you manage the enemy team to focus you (which is very hard to do cause you are a tank and they are unlikely going to focus the tank, my best tip for you dough to make them focus you is by running in their full team low health normally it will always work because everyone wants kills!). For your ult, use it at the very beginning (keep in mind that your team should be backing you up with DMG when you engage) or keep it for the worst moment in the team fight (for your team to flee or to take the advantage). If you arrive late in a team fight try and do your best to place your ult on as much people as you can, your team only count on you for your ult and you tankiness so be there to do what you are best at. If a team fight go wrong (missed your ult (can happen) or just not enough DMG) just flee with your A it is very important for you to A to jungle creeps to flee as best as you can, what I personally do (when I fail my ult) I first A to a jungle creep then walk a bit and finally flash.

Here the Amumu is right in the middle of the other team and all his team is following him, this is an example of the perfect scenario.

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Warding The Map

Warding is probably the most important thing in League Of Legends.

This is where you and your team should sight ward.

~ Yellow: To protect your buffs
~ Blue: Good map warding, prevent ganks
~ Red: To guard Dragon and Baron
~ Orange: If you want to counter jungle

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Best Picks With Amumu

Top lane:

§ Fiora - For Blade Waltz
§ Gangplank - For Cannon Barrage
§ Jarvan IV IV - For Cataclysm
§ Kennen - For Electrical Surge and Slicing Maelstrom
§ Malphite - For Brutal Strikes and Ground Slam and Unstoppable Force
§ Pantheon - For Grand Skyfall (HARD)
§ Riven - For all her melee spells
§ Rumble - For The Equalizer
§ Sejuani - For Glacial Prison
§ Wukong - For Cyclone
§ Zac - For all his melee spells

Mid lane:

§ Anivia - For all her area damage spells
§ Brand - For all his area damage spells
§ Fiddlesticks - For Crowstorm
§ Galio - For Resolute Smite and Idol of Durand
§ Karthus - For all his area damage spells
§ Katarina - For Sinister Steel and Death Lotus
§ Lissandra - For all her area damage spells
§ Morgana - For Tormented Soil and Soul Shackles
§ Orianna - For all her area damage spells
§ Veigar - For Dark Matter
§ Xerath - For all his area damage spells
§ Ziggs - For Mega Inferno Bomb


§ Lucian - For Ardent Blaze and The Culling
§ Miss Fortune - For Double Up and Make it Rain and Bullet Time
§ Varus - For Hail of Arrows and Chain of Corruption (fit well with Chain of Corruption to prevent fails)


§ Leona - For Solar Flare
§ Nunu - For Absolute Zero (can also be played top)
§ Sona - For Crescendo
§ Thresh - For The Box (my favorite for incredible CC (enemies cannot move anymore when The Box is placed over Curse of the Sad Mummy))
§ Zilean - For Time Bomb
§ Zyra - For Deadly Bloom and Rampant Growth and Stranglethorns (can also be played mid)

My Dream Team Composition:

Guide Top


Amumu's Counters:

Amumu is Strong Against:

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Champions Similar To Amumu

Here I am going to list you all the champions that I like and I feel similar to Amumu

He is very strong as a tank, has an escape tool ( Powerball). He is a very fun champion to play. You will have little number of deaths due to your tanky items and escape tool. I will make a build on Rammus as well to help you.

He is not a jungler but I feel he is very similar to Amumu and he is the only support I play. His Death Sentence is very similar to Amumu's Bandage Toss. Thresh is a tank as well and you will have more deaths than with Amumu and Rammus. But you will have fun saving others with your Dark Passage and making blind Death Sentence.

I know, you'r like WTF. Varus is the only ADC I like to play and has a lot of skilled shot. I feel his Piercing Arrow and Chain of Corruption are similar to Amumu's Bandage Toss and Curse of the Sad Mummy.

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Amumu Summary

Amumu is a very fun champion to play, I hope you will have a lot of fun playing him. No worries you will get kills in team fights, I very rarely get negative scores playing Amumu. I like skill shots, so I really like Amumu's Bandage Toss as I like Thresh's Death Sentence. Amumu can change team fights with his Curse of the Sad Mummy, although your ganks are not very usefull if you don't have your Curse of the Sad Mummy you can still make a gank happen with your Bandage Toss. Overall he is a cute champion, and very fun to play with.

Hope you have a lot of fun playing him, and hope this guide helped you understand him in detail.

See you on the fields of justice Summoner.



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