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Garen Build Guide by Helgasst

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Helgasst

S4 Ranked freak Garen.

Helgasst Last updated on February 23, 2014
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I just wanted to introduce my guide and myself!!:)

First of all, this build is still under construction! Rate and comment if you want, and tell me what's missing from this build!:) And read the whole guide not just the build please!

Hi! My name is SoFcknPro. I'm playing in the EUwest servers. I am from Hungary and I like to make guides on MobaFire! This will be my third guide, my first one is a Blitzcrank build, my second build is Sivir build I've made this guide because Garen is my favourite solo AD champ. This build has been precessed to the Damage done, and the Health points. I think this is the Best way to play Garen, I hope you will like my build, bye!:)

You would really help me out with a single like:) Here ~~~:)

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Hi guys! I've just started to streaming, so if you wanna see how i play this champ, using my build, just PM me, and ill stream it for you guys!:) My stream channel

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Who is Garen

Who is Garen?

Garen is a very good solo AD champ, i think its almost the best, in my opinion, you can eliminate enemy carries easily but you will need Skill for it. The best thing about Garen is his Demacian Justice, you can kill, low HP enemies, and the most improtant, when you start casting Demacian Justice, and the enemy flashes away, lol who cares? Your casting won't stop, and you are going to kill the enemy after the flash, and he will die behind the wall, where he flashed so on. Op. The second is his Decisive Strike, and the awesome Silence and Movement Speed bonus.

So that's why I really love Garen, and a really good thing, you can start with practising him at low level, because its not costs 6300IP, or 3150IP. Just only 450IP!

And here is a Pentakill from Garen!

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My ranked stats with this guide!:)

Lot of you just couldn't believe that my build can work in ranked games. So I decided to play a match and I put it in here to show you guys, my guide is extremely viable. And yes I've started with Doran's Shield ;).

Here's another match against Elise, who were pretty OP at early game, thanks to my jungler, we could outplay her after all. I used the anti ap carry build in this match, I bought Ninja Tabi because they had a pretty fed, (6-0 early game) Draven. Thanks to my Demacian Justice I could easily focus him out in team fights!:)

In this match I played MID Garen agains Akali, I didn't want to play mid Garen, but unfortunately my team troll picked another solo top champ, and I had to go mid, anyway it was an awesome game, and my team was awesome too, so win won it after all!:)

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A moment of silence please. Patch 3.03

It seems a lot of you guys have been owning with this guide, so riot had to nerf Garen. But not a single problem, they can break his bones, but not his epicness!;)

  • Perseverance
    • Heal amount reduced to 0.4% of maximum Health per second from 0.5%
  • Decisive Strike
    • Fixed a bug where the cast time was faster than intended
  • Courage
    • Passive adjusted to now increase bonus Armor and Magic Resist (from items, runes or masteries) by 20% instead of total Armor and Magic Resist by 20%
  • Demacian Justice
    • Fixed a bug where the cast time was faster than intended
  • Warmog's Armor
    • Passive Health Regen reduced to 1% of maximum Health per 5 seconds from 1.5%

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Pros / Cons



+ Awesome tank
+ No mana
+ Movement speed bonus ability
+ Bonus tenacity
+ Bonus armour and magic resist
+ Silencer ability



- Bit expensive build
- Have to practice a bit
- Need good farming
- Can be countered
- No Crowd Control
- Too awesome

Guide Top



Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Lethality

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

This is the my own version of Rune sequence. I'll explain why I picked these kind of runes.

Greater Mark of Armor PenetrationMARKSGreater Mark of Armor Penetration

I picked these marks, because I think armor penetration is very important in top lane, because most of the solo champs are a bit tough, and they have bigger boost of armor then other champs. And you have to penetrate it trough if you want to deal some damage. Way better than the Greater Mark of Attack Damage ones, but you are going to need extra damage with penetration, so I picked a couple of them.


I recommend you the Greater Mark of Armor Penetrationx6, because I think the Armor Penetration is a very good thing at early game, or even at middle game. Of course in late game it won't be a huge difference with or without the penetration marks, but it will help you a little bit there too.


You can also choose, because this is an AD champion, and all of the AD need Attack Damage, so if you want you can choose Greater Mark of Attack Damagex6 if you are more familiar with the more AD. But in this build we are going to use x3 of them.


I pick always tanky runes for Garen, because its very good if you want a bit protection against the enemy champ.


So I think if you want to do something at early game, for the the early 1v1, protection against the enemy minions, when you have to take the minion wave aggro. So I just only can say, take these and it will be good :) Greater Seal of Armorx9.


You can take of course Greater Seal of Scaling Armorx9 ones, but its not the best choose for the early game, and in the late game you wont need that little more Armor bonus what you will get from the /level ones.


For glyphs, I love to take tanky ones again, because I love to know I am in safety, but you wont need the high magical protection in early game, but you will need more in late game because of the strong AP carries.


So as I said the best way if you want to protect yourself if you choose Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resistx9 you will have a lot of magic resist at middle game, so you can kill AP carries easier.


You can take every kind of offensive bonuses if you don't need magic resist, it depends on your requirements. So you can take Greater Glyph of Attack Damage for AD, Greater Glyph of Critical Chance for Crit chance, Greater Glyph of Critical Damage for more Crit damage and for last Greater Glyph of Attack Speed for the bonus Attack Speed!


The Quintessences are the best boosts for your champion, so that's why I like to take Armor penetration quintessences, and an AD bonus one.


I like to take two of Greater Mark of Armor Penetrationx2 for the more Penetration what is a great boost for early game, and one of Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage for a little AD bonus.


You can use every kind of psychical attack ones, just like AD, or Crit chance/damage ones.

Guide Top

Summoner Spells

I will explain my own Summoner Spell choice, then I explain the viable spells. I wont explain the wrong Summoner Spell choices, because its obvious, what I didn't mention, is a wrong choice!

Good Summoner Spells

ii ii Flash is the best escaping summoner spell for Garen! You can Flash trough walls, Flash simply to get away, or just Flash for chase an enemy! ii ii

ii ii Ignite is also, an awesome summoner spell, the best is, you can use Ignite to reduce the Healing done, by -50%! You can use it, when your opponent HP is down, and you want to disable his Heal, or when he run away with low HP you can put ignite on him, to finish the kill! ii ii

Viable Summoner Spells

ii ii Heal is a great spell for AD champs. When you are fighting with someone, you can use Heal to survive a 1v1 situation. You can also use Heal in team fights, to help out your team mates. Or just simply, when you or a mate survives but he has ignite on him, you can save his life by using Heal. ii ii

Is a very good choose for an escape/chase summoner spell for Garen! You will have lot of movement speed, but if you chase someone, the unit collision will be there to stop you! That's why I think its a good summoner spell for Garen than Flash! ii

ii ii You can use Exhaust too, if you like it more, and want to counter the enemy champs with it. I recommend you to use masteries to increase the awesomeness of your Exhaust. ii ii

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Item Sequences

I will explain you several item sequences, I will start with the main sequence, first with the core items, then the luxury items, and finally I will explain some of the viable item sequences!

Main Sequnce

Item Sequence

Sunfire Cape

Warmog's Armor

Atma's Impaler

The Black Cleaver

Maw of Malmortius

My main sequence is a full Health and Damage focused build.


ii ii

Doran's Shield

Doran's Shield gives you a very nice amount of armour, health and health regen.. And his passive is also kick-***, because at level 1-4, the enemy champ can only harras you with they auto attack, and the passive from Doran's Shield, and the bonus armour from it, makes you unstoppable at early game. And also the Hp reg. Bonus and with your Perseverance its awesome. Buy Doran's Shield at starting, or if you are not going well:)
ii ii

ii ii

The Black Cleaver

Currently the The Black Cleaver is a ridiculously awesome item in season 3. Why? Because compared to Last Whisper it has more AD then Last Whisper, you can stack its passive bonus, and it gives your Armor penetration passively! You will have awesome Cool-down Reduction what is awesome for your very strong abilities. You can get a very nice amount of AD and HP, what is a very good advantage for Garen. So in my opinion its a very awesomely made item!
ii ii

ii ii

Sunfire cape

Of course Sunfire Cape is the best for Garen. It gives you Health, Armor, and passively burns the enemy units near you. What is OP if you combine it with your Judgment.
ii ii

ii ii

Warmog's Armor

Warmog's is a very OP for Garen once again. Its passive with Garen's passive is unbeatable. You are going to have breath taking HP regeneration. It gives you massive amount of HP what will build you more tanky, and it gives more AD if you have Atma's Impaler.
ii ii


The luxury items helps your late game, and gives you a huge bonus against the enemy. Protection against the fed ones, and more damage against the tanks.

ii ii

Atma's Impaler

Just simply kick-*** for Garen. When you have your core items, you are going to have huge AD bonus, armour and crit chance/color] as well. This is a very nice item, and its not even that expensive. You are going to love it. :)
ii ii

ii ii

Guardian Angel

Guardian angel is an awesome defensive item for late game, for example when they focusing you out, you will re-spawn after death. And it gives you some sort of armour and magic resist, what also awesome for more protection! So this is a perfect item if you want to protect yourself.
ii ii


You can chose from three kind of boots, depends on what you want, but from this three, two is recommended.

ii ii

Ninja Tabi

Great boots for Garen, it reduces the damage taken from every auto attack, and also gives you a nice amount of Armor. Cheap. Strong. Good.
ii ii

ii ii

Boots of Swiftness

You can use this boots too, if you think Garen hasn't got too much movement speed, even if he has his Decisive Strike. You can buy it, but you wont have anything bonus from it, just the movement speed.
ii ii

ii ii

Mercury's Treads

Nice boots for increased magic resist, and bonus tenacity. Good choice against AP champs.
ii ii


ii ii

Infinity Edge

This is an also nice, and Viable item for Garen, why? Because your Decisive Strike and also your Judgment can crit on your enemies. And with Infinity Edge, you are going to have a increased Crit damage, what means, you will receive more bonus damage after your crits, then only 200%.
ii ii

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Skill Explanation and Sequence


Perseverance(passive): This is a very good passive if you compare it to others, like Twisted Fate's passive, its regenerates your HP if you are not being hit by enemy champions, or giant minions/monsters. The good thing is, its regenerates your HP from its percentage, what is not very good in low level, but its awesome in middle, or late game, when you already stacked some HP:)

Tips and Tricks
  • Perseverance If your passive is online, you are regenerating your HP very fast, like when you just popped a Health potion.
  • You can use Perseverance when you are at low HP and you do not want to recall, just stay in a bush, close to the minions to get experience, and you will get your HP back!

Decisive strike(Q): This is a very nice ability, you gain movement speed, and your next attack will silence, and deal bonus damage from your base AD.

I usually maximize Decisive Strike secondly, after Judgment

Tips and Tricks
  • You can escape from ganks!
  • You can get out from slow effects, when you activate it.
  • You can make them to not to cast any abilities for a couple of seconds, so you can escape or finish them off, because of silence they won't be able to Flash.

Courage(W): This ability, gives you 20% more MR and Armour, and when you activate it, you will recive less damage, and you can reduce the duration of CC effects on yourself.
I usually maximize it last.

Tips and Tricks
  • Combined with Judgment, and Decisive Strike, you can burst the enemy, and you won't suffer too much damage, when they want to trade back.
  • Use it when you know the enemy will stun, or snare you.!
  • Use it in fights when they are focusing you, so you can reduce the damage you get.

Judgment: You can activate Judgment, till the ability is on, you won't be able to auto attack, nor using your Decisive Strike, but you will do damage every one second, to each enemy standing near you. If you want to stop it, you can deactivate Judgment by pressing E again.

Usually I maximize it first, but I take Decisive Strike at lvl 1.

Tips and Tricks
  • You can combine Decisive Strike and Judgment, you will have more movement speed, so you can chase, and destroy your enemies.
  • You can farm a whole lane easily, without losing any last hits.
  • You can deal insane damage in team fights to all of your enemies.

Demacian justice: This is your ultimate, it deals magic damage, BUT it deals more, if the enemy have less HP. For example, it deals +1 magic damage, if the enemy have -3.5 HP. Use it to execute your enemies.

I add points on Demacian Justice whenever I can.

Tips and Tricks
  • If the enemy Flashes away, while you already started to cast your ultimate, it won't stop with casting, the enemy is going to die after his flash.
  • Focus down important enemy champs with it, like AD and AP carries!

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Laning and farming

This is a very important thing for every champion. The farming. You have to learn first that how much damage you deal in each level. You have to last hit the minions to revive gold. And you shouldn't auto attack them, because if you push your lane, you could be ganked, and for every steps you're far from your turret, decrease your surviving chance, so beware with pushing!

Harassing with Garen is very simple, you have to focus on the early game, you have to be aggressive, and you have to farm well. When you reach level 2, you can start harassing your opponent. Start with Decisive Strike, hit him with it. When he is silenced, he is forced to escape from you, because he can't protect himself with anything. When he turns around, activate Judgment and start chasing him with it. This is a very good route for harassing enemies.

When you have Courage, activate it when he starts fighting with you, or when you chased him down with Judgment, and you want to get back your lane. He might turn back and start chasing you, you have to activate Courage, for the damage reduction, and for the bonus tenacity, because he might stun, or slow you when you try to escape.

Only tower dive your enemy, when you are already level 6. Because tower diving your enemy with low level, and without your ultimate, it might be deadly. But when you have your ultimate, you can easily do it, chase him down, activate Courage when the tower starts hitting you, and finish off your kill with Demacian Justice.

When you have enough gold you should go home, because stacking your gold is a very bad idea. You can get back your lane very fast, by using your Decisive Strike to increase your movement speed.

Guide Top


Team fights are the most important parts in the game. You have to do two things, to be successful in team fights.

FIRST! You have to focus very well. You have to focus the fed enemy champs. But mainly, you have to focus the AP and the AD carries. Beat 'em up, and you are going to have a good time. Secure the kills with Demacian Justice, and don't worry if you steal a kill or something, in the match, its more important to kill the enemy carries, than who get the kills. After you killed the carries, now you can focus on the other enemy champs, take 'em out too, and that's all. Easy win.

SECOND! When the enemy have anti-carries, like Zed, or Rengar. You HAVE to protect your precious ones first, your AD and AP carries. Do not leave them alone when they are in dangerous. Its more important for the team, to protect them, than kill one enemy champ, because if they will die, you are gonna be the LAST damage source for your team. The more we are, the harder we can hit them!:)

Guide Top

Thank you!

Thank you for reading my guide, I hope you liked it, please leave a +1 and a comment, it would really help me out.

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Hall of fame!

I am waiting for players, who used my guide in matches, and they want to share with me, and you they and mine builds awesomeness. If you have nice stats, do not wait to send it to me!:)

Here is some nice stats from Jetilux!:)

And another nice matches come from Albo1125!:)