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Twisted Fate Build Guide by BlueMoon01

AP Carry [S6] Blue's Guide to Throwing Cards (Games?)

By BlueMoon01 | Updated on May 7, 2016

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  • LoL Champion: Twisted Fate
    Wasted Cards
  • LoL Champion: Twisted Fate
    Hybrid AS TF


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Hello and this is my Twisted Fate guide on MobaFire.
Any support is appreciated and I welcome constructive criticsm and suggestions about the guide.
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Pros & Cons

+ Fun to play
+ Long poke range
+ Built-in teleport
+ Strong pusher
+ Point-n'-click Stun

- Hard to master
- Squishy
- Lack of mobility / Relies on self-positioning
- Require fast decision making
- Prone to ganks often for pressuring lanes

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Summoner Spell

Flashes / Teleports a distance away
Take this 101% of the time because Twisted Fate had no escape tool. Flash is great for catching people off with a Gold Card

Teleport your champion to a turret / minions after a brief channel
Teleport with Destiny paired up makes Twisted Fate like a god. Use it to escape, gank, defend turrets, anything ! Its a very good spell and can set up a lot of counterganks or even turn a fight to your team's favor by teleporting in

Deal true damage to an enemy champion over few seconds
More offensive spell. Ignite helps you to win lane or trades and even secure some kills. This is a great spell but I prefer playing passive + farming lane in the early. Get this if you want to win the lane easier or they have champions that are heal-reliant

Gives your champion a slight burst of speed for few seconds
Taking movement speed runes and Ghost makes you really fast and allows you to position yourself

Shields your champion for awhile
Use it to negate damage or against champion who can burst you easily since Twisted Fate is squishy

Heals your champion and give a slight movement speed boost
Useful to help allies during clutch times and sometimes even make you survives from last tick of Ignite, Heal can never go wrong. I take this over Ghost because I need extra survivability and the boost of movement speed is greater than Ghost allowing you to catchup enemies faster in a shorter duration
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Abilities + Tips

Loaded Dice: This is a great passive that gives you extra gold every cs you killed. This passive helps you into late game and allow you to have more gold even when they have same cs as you.

Wild Cards: Max this first because it helps us to push the lane and unlike many skillshots and pokes, this spell will pass through minions, and even do damage as multiple targets are passed. This disallows opponents from blocking the cards with their waves.

Pick A Card: The 3-in-1 spell that consists of Red Card , Yellow Card and Blue Card
  • Blue Card deals most damage and refunds mana back to you.
  • Red Card deals damage and slows all enemies around the target
    ( Frostfire Gauntlet v2 )
  • Yellow Card deals the least damage but stuns the enemies. It has pretty low CD too.

Stacked Deck: Gives passive attack speed and active that helps you in your last hit and also during trades sometimes. Add this at level 3 and leave it until you have no points to distribute on.

Destiny: One of the best ultimates in the game. Use it to reveal enemies, help allies in skirmishes, gank with a jungler, you name it ! This is like Teleport but with lower cast range and lower channeling. Ganking a lane with a jungler mostly secures a kill and if your turret ever get pushed down when you are ganking a lane, simply Teleport to your lane to defend it back. (If u take Teleport of course.)

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Build Path

-> -> -> ->

My favourite build as we rush Luden's Tempest that will provide us for the sweet fast clear with a single Red Card and Wild Cards then buys a Lich Bane that will increase our damage output on Pick A Card and make us deal more damage to turrets with the passive. If the enemy have a lot of mages, or you are facing problems against enemy laners, feel free to get Abyssal Mask before Luden's Tempest or Lich Bane, or just buy it after both of them and get Void Staff to deal more damage to those stupid tanks stacking MR and finish it off with Rylai's Crystal Scepter that will increase your health alongside the soft CC it gives in teamfights

-> -> -> ->

The Good-Guy Build, Rod of Ages will give you amazing sustain throughout the mid game and it does slow your pushing power, but its not really that impact in all cost and getting Zhonya's Hourglass is optional if you're being targeted, or just need them armor stats. Lich Bane is just a must have for any Twisted Fate and feel free to get Luden's Tempest or Rabadon's Deathcap for the boost of damage since the items you buy will mostly give around 300 AP, and getting them will drastically increase your damage. Void Staff is always the last item in case they stack MR's

-> -> -> -> ->

The 'Super-Defensive-Build'. Generally, you will be getting these if you have rough time, like seriously, rough. Especially against someone like LeBlanc / Fizz Mid, Karma / Ekko Top or someone that can lock you down with ease. This is the build you're going for, Mercury's Treads give tenacity that reduces CC durations, with MR that paired with Abyssal Mask that will lead to you able to tank magic damage more often, Zhonya's Hourglass is great too with armor and AP with that active that helps a lot in different ways. Rylai's Crystal Scepter can make you EVEN tankier. It's optional to get Rod of Ages before getting Abyssal Mask, or get it early as possible

Feel free to alter any of these build path according to situations, these are examples of my builds that I always use most of the time
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Early Game

When the lane starts, you're gonna add Pick A Card at level 1 most of the time and start with Red Card and hit the 3 range minions at the back and use it again to hit the 3 range minions at the back, when you succesfully hit twice, the 3 back minion will be low on health and start last hitting the melee minions in the front because they're low on health, then use another Red Card to kill the 3 range minions at the back, congratulation you managed to get 6/6 cs of the first wave ! We're doing this to prevent being pushed back to turret because Twisted Fate have poor farming under turrets before he added some points to his Wild Cards.

Try to harass with a (Gold Card + Stacked Deck) > Wild Cards > AA to proc Thunderlord's Decree if they ever get too close. You can Red Card to the minion nearby them too. If you feel like they're very aggressive, its high chance that enemy's jungler is approaching so take a step back after stunning them or just walk away.

Just use your summoner spells if you got ganked, getting ganked successfully will put Twisted Fate behind and he will be more weak and scales worse into the game.
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Mid Game

In the mid game, most Twisted Fate will tend to gank other lanes or set up some kills / objectives for the team.

Push the lane first with standard Red Card + Wild Cards combo. After you pushed / shoved a lane, go back into fog of war (place where they can't see you OR pretend that you're heading to a lane to gank) so that enemies will play more passive and your team able to play more aggressive.

Feel free to use Destiny to locate where they are or find out if they are doing objectives, or to even prevent their ganks to your other laners.

You have great poke and sustained damage. Example, Yellow Card + Stacked Deck + Lich Bane + Wild Cards will give an extreme damage output and wins you trade most of the time with enemies have no fighting back because they're stunned.
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Late Game

Group up with your team and secure objectives.

By this point of the game, you can one shot their ADC with a single rotation of spell, or unfortunately leave them with a little health.
You can initiate a teamfight by Destiny and teleporting inside their team and use a rotation of spell to burst their ADC and press Zhonya's Hourglass and allow your team to engage.

Your positioning is probably same as ADC, deal as much damage as possible, and taking as least amount of damage as possible.


You can split push the side lanes and let your team pressure the other lanes. If theres any fight happening you can teleport using Destiny to the teamfight and help them out, or maybe distract them with split push so that your team can secure objectives (ex. dragon & baron)
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Hey, Twisted Fate's pretty fun. If your new to Twisted Fate, try it out! I kid you not he's such an amazing champion to play around. If you don't know what to do, just follow your junglers to gank other lanes with Destiny and pushing lane with Twisted Fate isn't the hardest thing to do. Farm up as much as possible during laning and start roaming post-6.

Good luck on the Rift and make sure to tilt people for me ! ^w^
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Special Thanks & Updates

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BlueMoon01
BlueMoon01 Twisted Fate Guide

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[S6] Blue's Guide to Throwing Cards (Games?)
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