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Amumu Build Guide by Offended Cheese

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Offended Cheese

[S6 In-depth] Amumu, AP Jungle GOD [Patch 6.12]

Offended Cheese Last updated on June 20, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Threats to Amumu with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Cho'Gath He can't do anything against you mid/late game. Get Liandry's Torment and you'll be able to melt him. He can't burst you unless he's very ahead and your behind.
Fizz He can't burst you down, make sure he's stunned before ulting if your ulting him as he can dodge your ult with his Playful/Trickster (E). You can burst him down and kill him quite easily.
Nunu He is tanky, get Liandry's Torment and you'll be able to kill him. When he ults, you ult or Q to interrupt it so it doesn't fully charge up. He doesn't do any damage but applies a decent amount of cc and his Q is very good for doing objectives such as baron, dragon and the new Rift Herald. He'll probably do the Rift Herald a lot, place wards there so you can counter him and kill him and maybe steal the Rift Herald. He doesn't do any damage unless he is ahead. Shouldn't be a problem.
Sejuani She's tanky, get Liandry's Torment against her. Make sure you aren't hit by her ult in team fights and you can counter engage onto them if the enemy team decide to jump onto your team after she ults.
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Hello!!! I've been playing League of Legends since the end of Season 3. I am currently platinum and I'm hoping to achieve diamond by the end of season 6. I started playing Amumu in season 4 and stopped until mid-way season 5 where I wanted to go AP Amumu but at the same time wanted to be tanky. This lead me to create this build and after having many games with this build I decided to create a guide on it to share how fun and strong it is.

Feel free to leave any questions or advice. This is my very first guide! I hope you enjoy it! Many thanks to jhoijhoi for the guide help.

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Pros / Cons

+ Can soak up a lot of the damage as a tank.
+ Can burst down squishy champions and melt tanks.
+ Ult is game changing.
+ Good clear speed.
+ Isn't dependent on his ult to gank.
Amumu is very strong mid and late game because of his scaling damage with this build and his amazing addition to team fights. With this build if Amumu maanges to land his Q onto the enemy adc while the enemy team are grouped together then Amumu can assassinate the adc and stun the entire enemy team. This practically wins the team fights. He shines in team fighting. He is one of the best team fighters in the game.

+ Can be kited very easily.
+ Weak early game.
+ Item dependent.
+ No escapes.
Although Amumu can shine in team fights, it's sometimes hard to position and you have no escapes. If your ganked in your own jungle by someone like Shaco, Lee Sin or Nidalee then your only escape is flash. So your early game can be easily ruined by the enemy jungler. If this happens then your mid and late game is delayed and your presence on the map means nothing because your weak. Therefore you can lose objectives such as dragon, etc. You must be very careful early game in order to snowball into a monster. In most cases dying once isn't a problem however try to avoid dying early game as this can be a huge disadvantage when you're playing Amumu.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is ideal for team fights. You can flash to re-position yourself. After you Bandage Toss you can Flash in the middle of the enemy team to land your Curse of the Sad Mummy on whole team. Also, Flash helps you get away in sticky situations and you can use it to catch up to people.

Smite is 100% needed for jungle to help clear and to secure objectives such as Dragon and Baron .

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  • Greater Seal of Armor and Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist : We're taking flat amrmor because jungle monsters deal AD damage. Armor helps us take less damage early game and obviously be more tanky. Since jungle monsters deal AD damage we take scaling magic resistance glyphs because we don't need them early game. Since we don't need magic resistance early game unlike we need armor, we're going to take scaling because it gives us more magic resistance when we reach mid/late game.

  • Greater Mark of Magic Penetration: When I published this, I recommended Greater Mark of Attack Speed because as of patch Patch 5.23 some jungle monsters have their magic resistance reduced to 0 or less which means we don't need magic penetration in our jungle. Although you might not be clearing as fast with magic penetration runes, you're ganks will be a lot more effective because you will do more damage. Especially early game. Getting 1-2 ganks off early game will help you snowball easier. At the moment, I recommend taking Greater Mark of Magic Penetration.

  • Greater Quintessence of Ability Power: It allows us to get extra ability power which is a big advantage as we have the extra damage early game and can clear the jungle faster and easier. Also our ganks are better because of our extra damage.

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First of all, one thing that people make a mistake in is going Resolve as Amumu. You don't need extra healing, or bigger shields, or health from Strength of the Ages. Why? Because going full tank will mean that you can pretty much just be ignored in team fights because you won't do damage. You don't scale with health so why go full tank? Makes no sense, right? So we will put 18 points into Cunning for the damage. Thunderlord's Decree is the best mastery at the moment because it allows players to burst down enemy champions and it's the only other viable mastery than Deathfire Touch which Thunderlord's Decree beats by miles at the moment. As I've explained above, Resolve isn't viable on Amumu jungle so we put 12 points into Ferocity for the extra damage.

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Skill Sequence

Usually, Q is better if your going to gank a lot however if you get behind and you need to farm in your jungle, it'll reduce your clear time dramatically and will make coming back into the game a lot harder and slower. To be safe, you want to max E first.

If they don't have tanks then you should max Q after your E like this:
> > >
If they have a couple of tanks then you would like to max W after your E because W does percentage of enemy's maximum health. This allows you to melt down tanks. Take this sequence:
> > >

However you can decide to risk it and max Q first. Then you should follow these skill sequences.
If they don't have a couple tanks:
> > >
If they have a couple of tanks:
> > >

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We're taking Stalker's Blade because it's so useful when your ganking. You can smite the enemy to slow them down and catch up with them. Not only does it slow them but it helps you position yourself a lot better in general. It's a click-slow, you can land it through minions and you can't miss.

Take Cinderhulk when you want to be more tanky. This would be when you have a lot of carries in your games such as Leblanc or when your team doesn't have tanks. Cinderhulk is a viable option but I personally prefer taking Runic Echoes because your 1v1 potential is a lot more and you do more damage with Runic Echoes.

You can take Runic Echoes when you want to go extra bursty. This does come at a price because your not as tanky as you would be with Cinderhulk but you can truly one shot ADC's like an Annie. I usually take this when I have a lot of tanks in my team but you can take it either way. Whichever you prefer (Cinderhulk or Runic Echoes).


Take this against enemies with a lot of crowd control.

Take this against an enemy team with a couple of autoattack champions such as Udyr, Xin Zhao, Vayne etc.

You can get sorcerer's shoes if you think that you need more magic penetration.

You can get Ionian Boots of Lucidity, these are actually quite good because they lower your cooldown for your ult which means you can ult more frequently and your flash cooldown is reduced by 10% which is very good because you can Bandage Toss, Flash, and then Ult to ult the entire enemy team.


This item solves our mana problems, it gives us a lot of ability power, and a lot of health. What more can you want??? The only downside is that you have to wait 10 minutes for it to charge. Other than that, it's simply perfect.

Rylai's is a beast of an item. Combined with our Despair it makes enemies escaping from us extremely hard and it gives us even more crowd control. Enemies simply cannot escape from you when you have Rylai's unless they flash or dash away. Your permanently slowing enemies around you. You must build it on Amumu..

Take this if your against tanks. This item will absolutely melt tanks. Get this when your against someone like Shen, Sion, Malphite, etc.

Get this when your against a self-healing champion or if you're against a Soraka. This works extremely well against champions like Mundo, Vladimir, Volibear and obviously Soraka.

If you need more burst then you should go for Rabadon's Deathcap. Not only is Rabadon's Deathcap the item with the most AP in the game (120 AP) but it also gives you bonus AP equal to 35% of your total AP>

Take this item if your against enemies who have built magic resist to counter you.

Build this against teams who can burst you down easily after you engage. After you engage, and use all of your abilities, you can use Zhonya to give time for your team to catch up and clean up the fight.

Getting this along with Cinderhulk makes you really tanky. Get this instead of Zhonya if your not getting busrted down in teamfights. It will allow you to slow people even more which means that your team can follow up faster. It also helps you to not be kited as easily if you manage to proc the item.

Get Abyssal if you have an AP on your team who could benefit with magic penetration. This item is very good because as Amumu, your usually in the middle of the fight which means that you can give the passive to everyone in the fight. Therefore you can give all your AP team mates magic penetration. Remember not to buy Abyssal if one of your team mates has all ready got it because the passive doesn't stack.

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After you engage and blow your abilities on the enemy team it will leave the enemy squishes quite low which is perfect for Katarina. Katarina can come in, take the kills and get resets which can turn into a penta for her and a win for your team.

Kennen is very good because he can quickly come into position with Lightning Rush and then Slicing Maelstrom everyone to further stun them and deal massive amounts of damage combined with Amumu to totally dominate the team fight. One of the best combos in the game.

Morgana offers a lot of crowd control in team fights and can help the team further however it's quite hard for Morgana to come in position after Amumu engages unless the enemy team engages onto you.

Annie can clean up the fight really well. She one shots every squishy that she catches in her Tibbers. When Amumu engages before her, it allows Annie to follow up very easily and finish off the fight because everyone is entangled by Amumu's Curse of the Sad Mummy.

It can be hard for Fiddlesticks to position unnoticed to use his Crowstorm however if he is successful, the team fight is almost guaranteed to be won unless the enemy team is very ahead. This isn't the most viable option because Fiddlesticks must go top or mid because your Amumu jungle.

It's extremely easy to set this up because Orianna can simply put her Protect on you before you engage, then after you engage just press Shockwave to group up the enemy team, then use her
Dissonance to further do more damage. One of the easiest yet brutal synergies.

Zyra can offer huge amounts of damage and Amumu helps her proc her knock up from her Stranglethorns. This allows the whole team to come in a clean everything up with ease as everyone is unable to move for 2-3 seconds.

After Amumu entangles everyone, Brand can Pyroclasm to blow up a few of the enemy champions. Good combo but definitely not the best.

This combo is amazing because it allows for Ziggs to hit the entire enemy team with his Mega Inferno Bomb as Amumu can guarantee that the whole enemy team won't be able to move.

Kassadin and Amumu are really good togehtor because it gives Kassadin time to come in and burst down the enemy team. Kassadin is very mobile with his Riftwalk and can reach the enemy adc in time consideing his Riftwalk's cooldown can be 1.2 seconds with 40% cooldown reduction and Amumu entangles for 2 seconds.

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Team fights

Although 95% of the time you should be engaging in team fights you can protect also your ADC or someone else who is fed in your team. If the game happens to a point where your losing even after your engaging properly then that means that your team is very behind or that your team composition doesn't work. This means that game is probably over unless you somehow make a huge comeback.

The best way for you to engage is when you flank the enemy team which means that you surprise them. You come out of no where and hook onto the enemy ADC, kill him and then slow everyone else down for you team to catch up. This is the ideal scenario.

After successful team fights you look to securing objectives or finishing the game. If you can finish the game, then finish. If not, get baron. If Baron is taken then go for Inhibitors or Dragon.

Nexus > Baron > Inhibitor/ Dragon

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When your ganking lanes, you want to be walking behind the enemy so that it's a lot harder for them to escape. If they have flash, simply walk behind them and auto attack, then wait for them to flash away and hook them with your Bandage Toss. If your team member/s can't catch up in time because they're further away then you can Curse of the Sad Mummy to give time for your team to catch up with you if you have it. If you have red buff, most of the times you won't need to Curse of the Sad Mummy because red buff will slow them down. Also make sure that you walking up with them as your applying the red buff. If you don't know how to do this then I recommend you watch some Trick2g.

After ganking successfully you want to be looking for objectives such as Dragon and Rift Herald. If the enemy jungler is alive, near the objective, and you don't have smite then don't attempt to do the objective as it most probably will be stolen. After successfully ganking mid you can call your mid and bottom to Dragon and force it. You can do the same with Rift Herald but call your top instead of your bottom to help (obviously). If your team mates don't want to do it then just say "Okay" and leave it for later.

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Update Log

Published: December 19th, 2015

Update: April 9th, 2016
Updated the following:

  • Runes
  • Build
  • Threats