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Braum Build Guide by neonsailor

SAVE THE PORO! (Bot and Fun Guides)

SAVE THE PORO! (Bot and Fun Guides)

Updated on May 14, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author neonsailor Build Guide By neonsailor 18,804 Views 3 Comments
18,804 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author neonsailor Braum Build Guide By neonsailor Updated on May 14, 2014
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Braum
    Support - Bot
  • LoL Champion: Braum
    Team Trololol Top Lane - AD
  • LoL Champion: Braum
    No, My Name is Malphite!

Save the Poro!

Hi everyone!

This is my first guide on Mobafire. If you have any comments or suggestions, please let me know! Thanks! <3

I fell in love with Braum at the moment I saw "Trials of the Poro" and knew I had to have him.

Braum is the newest champion in the game so far. He is a naturally tanky support with great CC possibility (passive) and great defense for your ADC.

If you didn't get to see him save the poor Poro (did you see what I did there?), see the video below.
Happy reading! ^_____^

Future Additions to be Made

  • Matchups against other supports
  • Matchups against enemy ADCs
  • Synergy (or not) with ally ADCs
  • Game results
  • Best warding spots
  • Jungle Braum o.o??
  • How about Mid Braum? Huehuehue
  • Skill combos
  • Other tips/items/builds
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Summoner Spells

Standard Support Builds:

Great for chasing and escaping. Standard support spell.
Must have.

Also viable:
If I don't use Exhaust, this is 9/10 my next choice.
For CC heavy teams.

For Fun Builds:

Must have.
Heal for... well, healing. Movement buff helps to chase and escape also.
Great for offensive.
Get back to lane faster, ganking, and.. SURPRISE! (Fiddlesticks) (Oh wait, did I mention ganking?)
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Standard Support Builds:


Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush
  • As a tanky support who will (hopefully) intercept the enemy team's damage, you will need armor. Pleeeenty of armor.
  • The Scaling MR glyphs can be interchanged with Flat MR glyphs, if you so choose. The advantage of Scaling MR will be from level 9. If you decide that MR will be more important in the early game, take Flat MR.
  • Movement Speed quints are useful for dodging skillshots and chasing the enemy. (Or running away..)

For Fun Builds:


Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush


Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush
  • Marks: Damage much needed.
  • Seals: Armor much needed.
  • Glyphs: Again, the Scaling MR glyphs can be interchanged with Flat MR glyphs.
  • Quints: Health is not only good in general, but it also gives damage to your Q. AD quints will help you last hit and beat up that big ole bully.
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Standard Support Builds:

  • For the Standard Support build, most points will go into the Defense tree, due to the huge amount of damage you will have to take.

For Fun Builds:

  • For damage to build on your Q and for sustain, it is best to go with masteries heavy in the Defense tree.
  • For AA damage, it is best to go with masteries heavy in the Offense tree.
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Any Build:

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
  • This ability sequence maxs Q first. (Support)
    With any decent level-headed (or hot-headed) ADC, your passive will proc quickly.
    Therefore, you and your ADC should stay quite ahead in lane.
  • If you are going to lane solo, you will need your Q for damage and initiation.
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
  • This ability sequence maxs E first. (Support)
    In the case that you and your ADC are falling behind in lane, getting zoned, etc, max E first to reduce damage.
    Your Q will only be used to proc your passive from a distance. This will prevent you from having to rush in within range of the enemy ADC.
  • If you are laning solo, but falling behind.. you will want to max E for ranged champions, or to reduce skillshots.
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Items for Standard Support Builds

Spawn to Early Game:

This item not only gives Health, but some type of sustain in lane for you and your ADC. Once fully upgraded to face of the mountain, you will be able to grant a shield to yourself or a target ally.

You will be able to start with 3 of these. Given the above Relic Shield, these potions should last you some time.

Until you go back home and buy Stealth Ward or Sightstone, you and your ADC will only have these trinkets to watch out for enemy presence. If you can work it out with your ADC, you should be able to have the river consistently warded until you head home.

You can substitute 2 of the Health Potion for 1 of these to start with. Until you buy your Sightstone, stay stocked up on these bad boys.

targon's brace I prefer to buy these before I buy the Sightstone. Why? Not only does this give Health and Health Reg., it also works well with certain ADCs, and allows you to hold up to 3 charges. If your ADC benefits from Spoils of War, get this first.

Boots will help you catch up to the enemy to proc your passive. Also, if the other team has gone ahead and bought boots, it will benefit you to do the same. Otherwise, they just run away. :(

As a support, your main job is to have your lane and nearby areas very well warded. This way, your ADC can kill in peace! :)

Once I get my Sightstone, I always trade my Stealth Ward for Sweeping Lens since I no longer need more wards. Your ADC will now be free to ward anything they want with their Stealth Ward to their heart's content!

Mid Game:

  • By this time, you and your ADC should have a few kills under your belts.
  • The enemy team should be quite well zoned.
  • Your jungler should be able to (and should have been) focusing on getting your Mid and Top laners quite well fed.
  • YOU should be continuing to ward nearby areas and watch for enemy champions coming through.

face of the mountain You should finish this item sometime during mid game. Why? You and your ADC will begin to roam, and your ADC will need the shield sometime or later. I personally find it better to have it and not use it. If you have a pretty decent ADC, you can hold off on this item.

Depending on your ward usage, you may or may not need this item right away. The Health is always a plus.

I will 9/10 go ahead and finish these as soon as I see the enemy ADC finish his/hers. It is never bad to finish these early-mid game if the enemy bot lane has plenty of CC.

If you are doing well in lane, go ahead and get this! It will only help feed your ADC. :)

If you didn't already know, your Q builds on your Health. Warmog's Armor gives 1000 Health. Hmm.. Do we even need to think about it?

This will only help you continue to proc your passive on your poor helpless prey.. Huehuehue.. Oh, did I mention, it also gives Health and AD? Oh, did you know Health makes your Q stronger? Again.. Do we even need to think about it?

Late Game:

  • By this time, your ADC should be full.
  • If your ADC complains of being hungry still, then grab your baby bird some more grub like a good momma bird.
  • Should your other babies complain of being hungry, then STEP UP TO THE PLATE and feed your babies more grub!
  • You should still continue to ward to prevent any allies from getting caught out. (Or to catch any enemies caught out.) Do beware of baits..

zeke's herald
These are all viable items to take into consideration.
What you will need depends on your team comp, the enemy team comp, and the current situation.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author neonsailor
neonsailor Braum Guide
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SAVE THE PORO! (Bot and Fun Guides)

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