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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Talon Build Guide by fwii

Middle [Season 10] fwii's Challenger Top/Mid Lane Talon Guide

Middle [Season 10] fwii's Challenger Top/Mid Lane Talon Guide

Updated on September 27, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author fwii Build Guide By fwii 175 7 126,901 Views 6 Comments
175 7 126,901 Views 6 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author fwii Talon Build Guide By fwii Updated on September 27, 2020
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Legend: Tenacity
Coup de Grace

Taste of Blood
Ravenous Hunter

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

[Season 10] fwii's Challenger Top/Mid Lane Talon Guide

By fwii
Summoner Spells
Flash can be utilize with Talon's Noxian Diplomacy(Q) to initiate from a distance of 975 range [Flash=400, Q=575]. This technique should always be use if a guaranteed kill is in sight as it offers little consequences thereafter because Talon has other escape options readily available to him from the abilities: Assassin's Path(E) and Shadow Assault(R)

For a secondary usage with Noxian Diplomacy(Q), Flash can put Talon in range for a Critical burst and follow up Auto-Attack which can catch the opponent off guard and hinder their reaction. Flash can also be used for a long range escape in conjunction with Talon's Assassin's Path(E) and Shadow Assault(R). In a situation where you are unable to reach a wall for escape, Flash will offer a faster blink towards a safer passage; hence, you should always flash towards a usable wall. It is very difficult to chase Talon once he Assassin's Path(E) through the first wall as there are many other walls following. Also, note that Flash does not cancel your stealth while in Shadow Assault(R) so you can escape in any direction undetected.
Ignite: Ignite is a powerful summoner spell for Talon because of two main reasons. First, the damage can stack with Talon's passive: Blade's End which can deal immense tick damage after the initial burst. The extra damage will offer a kill secure in many situations. Next, the grievous wound from Ignite reduces healing from all source by 40% so champions with innate regeneration in their kit are less likely to survive Talon's burst damage.

Conqueror is the most optimal Keystone you can run with this build. It offers damage and sustain throughout the game with great scaling for the late game. Most Bruiser & Tank Matchups become much more manageable with this Keystone as opposed to Electrocute because you no longer need to solely rely on burst damage to win the 1v1. Talon’s kit can fully stack Conqueror with any combo, gaining Bonus AD for your passive: Blade's End for massive damage at the end of your combo. It is great for the Top Lane because the lane is extended, giving more time to stack it during a skirmish. When Conqueror is fully stacked, you can stay in fights longer for more sustain damage because you will gain healing and is relatively tanky with your items: . It is the perfect Keystone for Bruiser Talon.
Triumph offers healing when successfully killing an enemy Champion. It provides a safety net when tower diving for kills during laning phase or a roam; once you get the kill, the healing is enough to keep you alive in most situations. It is also extremely clutch in team fights when you are close to death but the healing allows you to do more damage and potentially get more kills and clean up a fight.
Legend: Tenacity is extremely consistent and useful during the Mid Game and Late Game team fights. It’s fairly easy to stack; usually completed by the 18 minutes mark. Together with Mercury's Treads, you will negate 50% durations of all Crowd Control, which is crucial against heavy CC teams as it will allow you to continue do damage without too much downtime.
Coup de Grace offers a bit more damage during a combo. It’s fairly easy for Talon to activate this rune due to the nature of his bursty kit. An 8% increase in damage can help secure a kill on a low health target.
Taste of Blood offers a lot of healing during the laning phase. You can poke with Rake and heal as well. Combined with Corrupting Potion, you can stay in lane for a very long time against poke heavy matchups. This gives you more time to farm before your first recall for a bigger purchase.
Ravenous Hunter is the strongest rune you can use with this build. The healing is extremely powerful as it activates on the damage dealt by your abilities: and Blade's End up to 14% at 5 stacks. Talon naturally deals a lot of damage throughout each fight so the healing you can get by the end of the game easily reaches over 5,000HP -- That is more than all the other healing runes combined. The Bruiser Talon build is designed to have long fights with sustaining damage and multiple rounds of ability usage and passive activation; therefore, Ravenous Hunter can generate substantial amounts of healing each fight.
Diamond Get the double Adaptive for AD.
Shield Get the Armor against AD Matchups.
Circle Get the Magic Resist against AP Matchups.
Conqueror vs Electrocute
Conqueror Build


Gives Bonus AD/Healing
Late Game Scaling
Strong against Melee
Strong Bruiser Items
1v9 Potential
Better Survivability


Less Burst Damage
Medium Speed for 10 Stacks
Weaker Early Game
Less Roams
Electrocute Build


High Burst Damage
Strong Early/Mid Game
Strong Quick Trades
More Roams


Poor Late Game Scaling
Weak Lethality Items
Weak Against Bruisers/Tank
Requires Early Kills
Skill Analysis
Blade's End
Talon’s Passive is his bread and butter damage tool. It is activated when you Auto Attack a target that has 3 wound stacks from your abilities. It does an insane amount of tick damage with a 200% Bonus AD scaling. Every combo is designed to activate the passive damage and it has no cooldown so you can apply it multiple times on the same target or apply it on multiple targets during a fight as long as they have 3 wound stacks. Furthermore, it also applies to Jungle Monsters so it's great for counter jungling while roaming or splitting.
Noxian Diplomacy
Talon's (Q) offers marginal burst damage and healing on killing blows. This ability can be used to initiate or end a combo and is Talon's best gap-close skill. It can be cast at 575 Range for the base damage or 170 Range for a guaranteed critical burst of 1.5x damage; furthermore, it is an Auto Attack reset and provides a stack of wound. It's also great for sustaining in lane as it heals and refunds 50% of the cooldown if a minion is killed by it (even if the minion dies before the animation finish and Talon doesn't get the killing blow, he will receive health regen). The Cooldown goes down to 6 seconds at max rank, allowing you to potentially use it twice in a long skirmish. This skill can travel a distance of 975 Range if cast along with Flash so use it to secure a kill whenever possible. This ability should be skilled at level 2 and maxed First by level 9.
Talon's (W) is a 2 hits ability that provides 2 stacks of wound if both hits land. This ability is the core of all of Talon's Combos and lane pressure. Combined with Tiamat, Talon can clear the wave instantly and gains priority for roams faster than most Champions. The 1st hit is extremely easy to land but deals less damage and the 2nd hit does more damage and slows the target for 1 second but requires proper spacing and timing to land; hence, it is not reliable in some situations. Ranking up this ability increases the Mana cost so it should be skilled at level 1 and maxed second by level 13.
Assassin's Path
Talon's (E) does not offer any damage or any interaction with most enemy champions. Instead, by forgoing damage, this ability provides the best utility in the game in my opinion. Without this ability, Talon cannot roam efficiently or from any surprise angles. This ability makes Talon's movement impossible to predict and allows him free reign of the map to assassinate anyone. There is a base cooldown of 160 seconds for each wall after usage and decrease to 60 seconds at Rank 5 and a short cooldown of 2 seconds when jumping from wall to wall; the cooldown can be reduce by Cooldown Reduction. This ability should be skilled last as it doesn't provide any damage.
Shadow Assault
Talon's Ultimate can hit twice, one outgoing and another when the blades converge, which offers two stacks of wound for his passive: Blade's End but Talon's combo only require one stack from the Ultimate because the first hit is instant but there's a 0.75 seconds delay on the second hit so the opponent can escape before you get the second stack. Shadow Assault is a very versatile ability that allows Talon to initiate or escape; furthermore, the low innate cooldown combined with 40% Cooldown Reduction from items will reduce the cooldown to 36 seconds at level 16. This is arguably what makes Talon an adept assassin in the late game. This skill should be level up whenever possible at level 6, Level 11, and Level 16.
Skill Orders


Optimal Skill Order: (First 3 Levels)

Level 1 - (W) Rake
Level 2 - (Q) Noxian Diplomacy
Level 3 - (E) Assassin's Path

This skill order offers Talon the most versatility in terms of damage and escape. Generally, enemy Junglers will gank you post level 3 (3:00 minutes). Assassin's Path Should always be skilled when the lane is pushed past the halfway mark which occurs naturally due to Talon's oppressive nature in the lane. With the acquisition of Assassin's Path at level 3, it makes it very difficult for the enemy to complete a gank as you also have Flash for extra mobility.

Maximum Damage

Maximum Damage Skill Order: (First 3 Levels)

Level 1 - (W) Rake
Level 2 - (Q) Noxian Diplomacy
Level 3 - (W) Rake

This will offer Talon the maximum amount of damage. The situation in which this setup should be used is when the lane if pushing against you past the halfway point or if the enemy Jungler is unlikely to gank. However, do not use this setup to push the minion wave; it makes Talon very vulnerable to ganks.


Cheese Skill Order: (First 3 Levels)

Level 1 - (W) Rake
Level 2 - (Q) Noxian Diplomacy
Level 3 - (Q) Noxian Diplomacy

This should be the skill order to secure a kill at level 3. If Talon is able to get an opponent low but not force a recall, there is a potential for a Flash and Noxian Diplomacy combo kill secure. Combined with Ignite, it can potentially catch your opponent off guard if they are already low health. This setup is very risky if a kill is not obtained as you will be gank without Flash or Assassin's Path for escape.

*⚔️ = Auto Attack
True Combo

This is Talon's most efficient combo in many situations. The combined damage will allow Talon to assassinate any squishy champions and escape quickly with the remaining Movement Speed provided by Shadow Assault and Assassin's Path for wall jump.
Trade Combo

This combo provides significant damage but not necessarily enough to secure a kill. It is implemented for effectively trading in lane. By completing this combo, it gives you a huge health advantage at the start of a 1v1.
Leap Combo
⚔️ ⚔️

Only utilize this combo if you are confident that you can withstand the return damage from your opponent. This combo is ideal when you're very far ahead of your opponent. In which case they will be forced to retreat without returning any damage.
Stealth Combo
OR ⚔️

If the opponent has skill shot crowd control, this combo is meant to dodge them before initiating. Take note that this combo is very inconsistent as it potentially loses out on two damage components:

1. Outgoing damage of Shadow Assault if used too far from opponent
2. Returning Damage from Rake if opponent flees
Instant Combo

This is Talon's quickest combo and really difficult for the opponent to reactively Flash away from. The performance level of this combo needs to be precise but is very easy to learn. Here is the step to follow when performing this combo:

1. Land the first hit of Rake
2. Use Noxian Diplomacy the moment you throw out your Rake
3. During the animation of Noxian Diplomacy use Shadow Assault in mid-air to apply the third wound stack.
4. As soon as Noxian Diplomacy finish, apply an Auto Attack to activate Blade's End to finish the combo.
Item Evaluations
Tiamat is very efficient as a component item. It offers AD, Health Regen, and high Wave Clear. This item allows Talon to instantly clear the wave long with Rake to set up priorities for roams. It also offers a Conqueror stack with the Active hit and extra AoE damage throughout each team fights. It should be built as a 1st component item every game and upgrade to Titanic Hydra as a 6th item.
Duskblade of Draktharr is your strongest early game item. It provides: AD, CDR, Lethality, and Bonus Damage. It is very effective against squishy champions due to the offensive benefits it offers. The UNIQUE Passive also slows the target, guaranteeing your Auto Attack and applies extra damage. This item is extremely optimal for Assassins; it should be built as a 1st item every game.
Black Cleaver is an exceedingly efficient item for its price. It offers AD, Health, CDR, and Armor Reduction. It makes Talon much stronger and tankier – able to survive longer in team fights and securing kills. The UNIQUE Passive gives extra Movement Speed that helps chasing and escaping. This item scales really well into the late game and synergizes with Talon’s kit; it should be built as a 2nd item.
Sterak's Gage is the perfect Bruiser item for team fights. It gives HP, AD, and a massive Shield. It synergizes extremely well with Black Cleaver Edge of Night Titanic Hydra, increasing the bonus HP Shield. The extra 30% Tenacity along with Mercury's Treads Legend: Tenacity will nullify all Crowd Control. This item makes Talon nearly invincible in team fights—allowing for more time to do damage; it should be built as a 3rd or 4th item.
Death's Dance is a very niche item that offers immense sustain and healing. It also gives AD, Armor, MR and CDR. Furthermore, it makes Talon impossible to be killed by burst damage in team fights. Synergizing with Black Cleaver Sterak's Gage will make Talon a high DPS Tank that heals infinitely. The healing combined with Conqueror Ravenous Hunter will keep Talon above half health throughout the team fight. This item is expensive but very effective; it should be built as 4th or 5th item.
Mortal Reminder is excellent against a Tanky Team Composition. It gives AD, Healing Reduction, and Armor Penetration. The Grevious Wounds is easily applied to multiple targets in team fights due to Talon’s heavy AoE abilities Rake Shadow Assault. It is a strong item for the late game where the enemy team have bought some Armor items; it should be as a 3rd or 5th item.
Edge of Night is a situational item that has high value against heavy Burst or Crown Control. It gives AD, HP, Lethality, and Spell Shield. This item will negate the first Spell when entering a team fight, giving you time to set up a combo without getting CC – it can fully counter some champions that requires their first spell to set up their damage like: , etc. It should be built as a 3rd item or not at all.
Guardian Angel is a situational item that offers protection against a single death. It has AD, Armor, and Revive. This item has the most value when protecting a 700 Gold bounty – not allowing the enemy to cash in your bounty and potentially come back into the game. It should be built in situations where you’re extremely fed and with a high bounty, usually as a 3rd item.
Mercury's Treads is excellent against heavy AP or CC Team Compositions. It gives MR and Tenacity. This item can be built early for mobility and resistance against Magic Damage.
Ninja Tabi is highly efficient against heavy AD Team Compositions. It gives Amor and damage reduction against Auto Attacks. This item can be built early for mobility and resistance against AD damage.
Why I Play Talon?

Talon - Roaming Assassin
Melee, Assassin, Top Laner, Mid Laner, Jungler
Damage: High
Defense: Medium
Mobility: High
Specialty: Roaming

Main Reasons:
    1.Talon has been a very stable champion for me, allowing me to obtain Top 50 Challenger every Season.

    2.He also has very few bad matchups in the Top lane and very effective against Tanks or Bruisers.

    3.Roaming with Talon feels very proactive as it feels like I'm always doing something and winning games in the process. It is a refreshing feeling when playing League of Legends.

    4. Moreover, Talon can choose to split push or team fights. Both strategies are highly effective in winning games.

    5. Talon feels very fluid and fun to play due to his aggressive kit which provides high burst damage and caters to my play-style.

    6. I feel very confident when I play Talon and always manage to carry some games that seem unwinnable.

    7. Talon does not rely on Jungle ganks or teammates. He is usually the one that kills important targets and let your team have an easier time cleaning up any team fights.

    8. He makes the enemy team feel immense pressure throughout the game so they are more likely to make mistakes.

    9. He is very hard to gank or chase due to his high mobility.

    10. Gameplay wise, Talon has high kill pressure in lane and great wave clear.
Early Game

Game Start:

When game starts, buy Long Sword Corrupting Potion Doran's Blade depending on matchups.
Level up Rake or Noxian Diplomacy depending on matchups
Protect your Junger's buff or invade with your team depending on your team's composition.
Leash for your Jungler if you’re playing Top Lane

Laning Phase: (Level 1-3)

Utilize the brushes if Top Lane to avoid poke or harass from range champions. By abusing brush control, it allows you to land Rake easier as the enemy has less time to react if they can't see it coming.
At level 1, try poke with Rake when the enemy walks up for farm; however, don’t push the lane before the 2nd wave arrives so you can get level 2 for a trade.
At level 2, always look for a Trade Combo if you have the same or higher health than your opponent. You will guarantee to win the trade.
At level 3 (post 3:00 minutes) get Assassin's Path to avoid a potential gank. However, if the lane is pushed towards you, skill Rake instead.

First Recall:

The ideal time to recall is after a kill at level 2 or level 3 then push in the wave to recall.
Purchase Tiamat if possible or two Long Sword and a Control Ward to prevent future ganks so you can keep snowballing.
When returning to lane post level 3, make sure to use Assassin's Path to jump as many walls as possible.

Stagnant Lane: (Post level 5)

After level 5, you will realize that it becomes increasingly difficult to kill your opponent because they are either a Tank Champion or starting to play really safe.
Do not expend too much time in lane at this point and look to roam mid or bottom after level 6.

Second Recall:

After Tiamat and Boots, purchase a Serrated Dirk and build towards Duskblade of Draktharr. These items will give you the best possible early game damage.

Laning Phase: (Level 5-9)

At this point, you should consider destroying the Tower as soon as possible to end the laning phase. Ending the laning phase will allow Talon to roam and dominate other lanes. It's perfect if your Jungler is in your lane to help you; however, if you are unable to efficiently take the tower, do not worry. There are plenty of optimal options available to Talon.
Start roaming repeatedly and return to lane to farm quickly afterward. This will create immense map pressure and force your opponents to make mistakes in which your team can capitalize upon.
Do not roam for too long if the tower is still alive. Always watch the minion wave and return to lane to farm it.
*IMPORTANT* When roaming, make sure to Assassin's Path to jump walls to avoid enemies' vision and make your ganks less predictable.
Mid Game

Mid Game: (Level 9+)

Ideal items entering into the Mid Game: Tiamat Duskblade of Draktharr Ninja Tabi Mercury's Treads
You will need a decent amount of damage entering the mid game in order to fully optimize Talon's roam pressure.
Mid game is mainly objective focus rather than laning. Hence, it requires a lot of experience and game knowledge but once you master the following strategy, you will become a Talon specialist.

Dragons: 1st priority

Dragon Soul is a win condition in any game. Whichever team gets the Dragon Soul usually wins the game; hence, it is the best objective to get in the Mid Game.
All Dragons are great for Talon so always be prepared to contest the Dragon.
Talon's Passive: Blade's End works on Dragons; hence, Talon is extremely adept in taking dragons and he can even solo it without any problem.
    🔥Fire Drake: It offers bonus AD and burst damage—The best Dragon to help with the snowballing.

    💧Ocean Drake: It offers health regen and healing—Excellent for sustaining while split pushing or team fights.

    🗻Mountain Drake: It offers bonus resistance and shield—Great for making Talon a bit more Tanky .

    ☁Cloud Drake: It offers Ultimate CDR and Movement Speed—Clutch for chasing and escape.

Towers: 2nd Priority

Focus on getting low health towers by roaming and assassinating the enemy laner in Mid or Bot lane.
Try to kill all of the Outer Towers from each lane before transitioning to inner turrets.
Before you roam, always ping 5-10 seconds ahead of time so your teammate can set up the gank.
Take paths that are less likely to be seen by wards by hopping through walls.

Rift Herald: 3rd Priority

Try to use the 1st Rift Herald before 14:00 minutes mark to get free gold from Turret Plates.
The ideal lane to summon Rift Herald is Mid lane; however, there are implications where
side lanes are better due to less defenders.
Rift Herald guarantees at least one tower if used correctly. Two towers is also likely.
Try to apply Rift Herald after winning a team fight for a massive push.
Rift Herald can be combined to push with Baron buff; however, this scenario is rare so just use it early to get towers for map advantage.
Late Game

Late Game: (Level 16+)

Ideal items entering into the Late Game: Tiamat Duskblade of Draktharr Ninja Tabi Mercury's Treads Black Cleaver Sterak's Gage
Talon's Late Game effectiveness depends on the amounts of squishy enemy champions (Ideally 1 or 2)
In the Late Game Team fights, it's essential to flank the enemy back-line by jumping walls with Assassin's Path
There are 2 effective strategies to play the Late Game depending on your team composition and gold advantage.

Team Fights: 1st Strategy

Talon is designed to assassinate the back line of the enemy team during team fights; hence, it is your responsibility to kill the ADC or Mid laner.
Always gauge your damage output throughout the game so you have a better idea of who's the ideal target to kill during team fights.
Always flank the backline by staying out of vision. Do not engage a team fight when the enemy has vision of you.
Buy Control Ward to help clear vision.

Split Push: 2nd Strategy

Split pushing requires your team to have a team composition with good wave clear.
Split when you want to prolong the game because you're behind or pressure your opponent to defend when you’re ahead.
Take enemy jungle camps during a split to further increase your income and deny the enemy Jungler.
When you are ahead, split push by clearing the minion wave and transition back to your team for possible flanks.
Split Pushing is very viable if there are no major objectives like Dragon and Baron on the map.
Do Not split against an enemy team with Baron buff, you cannot out push the enemy team in any given situation.
*Target Selection*

-Playing Talon and effectively killing your target requires precise target selection.
-The general rule of thumb is to always go for the squishy carries.
-There is a system of Target Selection that I came up with that is fairly efficient. Basically, you assign a point value to your target depending on the items they build. The higher the point value, the least likely you will be able to kill them.
Scoring System:
Armor = 1 Point
Health = 1 Point
Combo = 2 Points
Piece = 0.5 Point
Piece = 0.5 Point

Ideal Targets:
  1. ADC is prioritized because they cannot afford to buy Tank items so their point value is usually 0 or 1 point. They also possess high damage so getting rid of them is very crucial.
  2. Mid is secondary because they can usually build Health core items so their point value is usually 1 or 2 points. They also have high burst damage to start the fight so killing them before they can cast their spell will usually win you the fight.
  3. Bruiser Top is second or third because they are moderately difficult to kill but it is still doable depending on your lead. Their point value is usually 1-3 points.
  4. Jungle is third or fourth depending on their build. Most junglers go tank but occasionally you get assassin or bruiser junglers that have slightly lower point value between 1-3 points.
  5. Support is third or fourth because they can only build support items which have low point value but their kit provide them with good sustain. Hence their point value is usually 1 or 3. In addition, prioritizing the support is usually a bad idea because they do not have much contribution to damage in team fights.
  6. Tank Top is the most difficult to kill because their build is designed fully on Tank items. Their point value is usually 4-7. Thus, it is advised to avoid them as much as possible because they require too much effort to kill.
1 + 2 + 0.5 + 0.5 = 4 Points
Analyzing Loading Screen
It is extremely important to analyze the loading screen for information before each game starts. Rather than sitting there and waiting, you can already start planning on how to win the game. It allows you to have a broader view on your own team and enemy’s team composition; moreover, enhances your decision making while in game. There are specific things to look out for in each loading screen:

1.Check Your Win Condition

Who on your team will carry the game? Do you have a Hyper Carry ADC or a Scaling Mage? There’s at least one Win Condition each game but you can have multiple Win Condition as well.
Do you have a strong Jungler to win Early Game or Late Game? Objective heavy or skirmish heavy?

2.Check Your Lane Matchup

What’s your starting item?
Is it a winnable matchup or do you just farm?
  • Some matchups with high Threat levels are unwinnable like Sett Darius Renekton so you should just farm and out-scale them later.

3.Analyze Enemy’s Team Composition

What is their Win Condition? Play to shut down their win condition or avoid it from happening.
  • If they have a strong Early Game Jungler, ward up and don’t get ganked.
  • If they have a Late Game Jungler, try to punish them early by skirmishing and invading.
  • If they have a Hyper Carry ADC, make sure you assassinate them in team fights.

What Boots should you build?
  • If they have a lot of magic damage or CC then build Mercury's Treads first.
  • If they have a lot of AD damage or Auto Attackers then build Ninja Tabi.

Preemptively gathering this information each game will enhance your decision making and keep your gameplays more consistent. You will be mentally alert and have a clearer vision on how to win games before the game even starts. This is a high-level technique that requires a lot of game knowledge, but starting early and building a good habit will help you improve much faster than simply playing the game.
Loading Screen Example
🗡️AD Damage*
✨AP Damage*
👑Win Condition*

Enemy Team

🛡️Late Game Scaling Tank 🗡️Early Game Skirmish Jungler ✨Late Game Scaling Assassin 🗡️Early game Burst ADC 🛡️Engage and Tank Support
◉Strong engage for late game team fights. Early game just farm against him ◉Strong early skirmish. Ward up and avoid his ganks. 👑Insane scaling at level 16, punish him early and stop him from farming. 👑Really strong laner with burst damage. Avoid him and farm. ◉Extremely Tanky and heavy CC. Avoid her engages

Your Team

🗡️Early-Late Game Assassin 🛡️Early-Late Game Objective Jungler ✨Mid-Late Game Control Mage 🗡️Late Game Scaling ADC ✨Peel Support
👑Strong roaming assassin. Can instantly one-shot an enemy carry if fed. ◉Excellent at securing objectives and tanky in team fights. ◉Strong AoE abilities that can chunk enemy's HP bar before a team fight. 👑Extremely strong with 3 items. Can hard carry if well protected. ◉Annoying peel that can easily negate enemy engages
About Me

Real Life:
-I'm a graduate from UCSD.
-My Major is Economics and Minor is Accounting.
-I enjoy watching anime when I'm not playing League of legends. Currently watching One Piece.
-League of Legends is the game that I mainly play at this moment.

League of Legends:
-My IGN is "fwii" and S9 Challenger 1000LP.
-I've been playing League of Legends since season 1 and still currently playing it in season 10.
-I prefer to play Top lane but also do decently well in Mid or Jungle.
-My main champion is Talon and my secondary is Tryndamere


-I've started streaming again recently and hope to become a daily streamer.
-Appreciate all those who've followed me and thank you ahead of time to those who will follow in the future.

League of Legends Champions:

Teamfight Tactics Guide