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Diana Build Guide by Daers

Middle [Season 11] Diana Mid Runes/Builds/Matchups/Guide [UPDATING]

Middle [Season 11] Diana Mid Runes/Builds/Matchups/Guide [UPDATING]

Updated on June 23, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Daers Build Guide By Daers 186 6 326,875 Views 6 Comments
186 6 326,875 Views 6 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Daers Diana Build Guide By Daers Updated on June 23, 2021
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Runes: Burst Diana

1 2 3 4 5 6
Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter

Presence of Mind
Coup de Grace

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+8 Magic Resist


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Diana, Scorn of the Moon

Diana is one of the easiest to play AP hard carry champs you can pick up for your roster. Her kit and rune options allow you to have superb gap closing, extreme burst, and sustained damage in one champion; which allow her to pick between becoming a bruiser, AP assassin, or most recently a tank. A champion that can adapt to your playstyle.
What is the best rune page?

While all of the rune pages have their unique benefits in specific matchups and against certain team comps, the rune page that I've had the most success with as of patch 11.12 is Electrocute. The insane burst you can get from it can really get you snowballing and can get you back in the game well with a good shutdown. However, this does not mean that the other rune options are no good. Electrocute generally works the best against a squishy team, but will not shine as much playing against a team made up of bruisers and tanks. Conqueror can help you better in that case. Grasp of the Undying can be taken in the top lane and can fill the role of a tank your team might be lacking. Phase Rush works for burst damage like Electrocute, but it helps fit a different playstyle for Burst Diana.
Rune Options
Diana has many different rune pages she can go for, and they're not limited by the ones shared in this guide. She has the adaptability to be able to use these rune pages and much more, but I have found the most success with these.


MAIN RUNE SET: Conqueror

Conqueror is probably my all-time favorite rune page for Diana. You build bruiser. It allows her to go in, use her full combo to proc Conqueror quickly and be able to sustain herself in long fights. The more omnivamp you obtain for this rune page, the better her sustain will be in fights. Make sure to build Riftmaker when you have Conqueror since it synergizes better than Night Harvester would with this rune.

Triumph/ Presence of Mind

Both are great options. In season 10, I would have taken Triumph 100% of the time. It allows you to turn around 1v2s from jungle ganks, or to hold out for that extra second you need to turn around a team fight. However, with the mana changes in items in season 11 and the Presence of Mind buffs, I find myself taking it more than Triumph now. While both are definitely viable if you don't have a rune for mana you will be extremely mana hungry most of the game. So if you don't take Presence of Mind here, you will have to make up for it with Manaflow Band in a second tree.

Legend: Alacrity/ Legend: Tenacity

This pick is matchup dependent. If you feel like roots, stuns, and slows will get in your way too much in the match, take Legend: Tenacity. If that's not the case, you will take Legend: Alacrity whenever you can. As it stacks it allows Diana to melt enemy champions faster by stacking Moonsilver Blade more often and taking down turrets at lightning speeds for your split push. Attack speed is very important for Diana.

Coup de Grace

Coup de Grace is the way to go with Diana. It gives you that small extra push you need to finish off low health enemies.


You want to take Resolve as a second tree when your enemy laner is poke-heavy. Bone Plating gives you the extra cover to keep up your cs in lane while not getting pushed out entirely, as long as you're able to play it smart. Shield Bash gives you even better trades in lane since it procs every time Pale Cascade is up. It will give you more resistance to their attacks and extra damage for Moonsilver Blade and your basic attacks.

SECOND TREE: Domination

Taking Domination as a second tree will let you heal more during sustained fights. Sudden Impact will give you more magic penetration when you engage, and Ravenous Hunter will give you omnivamp, which applies extra healing in your extended fights.


MAIN RUNE SET: Electrocute

Eletrocute helps Diana become a great assassin and gives you the extra damage in lane trades that will end up making most of them beneficial to you. Paired with Hextech Alternator early and later on Night Harvester, most people will not be able to expect your damage.

Sudden Impact/ Taste of Blood

I always take Sudden Impact over Taste of Blood, since I would rather have the extra magic pen each time you use Lunar Rush in all-ins rather than the periodic healing from an ability with Taste of Blood. They are both acceptable options though.
Summoner Spells
Summoner Spells
You always take Flash on Diana. It's her only form of escape when getting caught out overextending or in a good gank from the enemy. Ideally you will use it more aggressively, for example when catching up to someone to get in Lunar Rush range.
My favorite summoner on Diana, but this is up to different playstyles. Teleport allows for team plays and to catch enemies in other lanes off guard. You can also use it to get back to lane, when you want to avoid the enemy from taking plates or to avoid losing CS to turret.
Ignite is another viable summoner spell, it allows for a more aggressive lane. I usually take it when facing a lane with healing or Conqueror such as Yasuo, Yone, and Vladimir



Crescent Strike allows Diana to wave clear while poking the enemy laner at the same time, but it can be hard to use when you're not trying to push the wave. There's a general rule of thumb with Diana. Since Crescent Strike arches counter-clockwise, you want to position yourself so that the wave is on Diana's right side to catch all the minions when you want to hard push. Alternatively, you line up with the wave when you don't want to hard push to avoid hitting all the minions. Remember, the best use of Crescent Strike is to get CS while poking the enemy laner at the same time. It will save the most mana, and hopefully, allow an all-in the moment you hit level 6 to kill the enemy with Moonfall.

Your passive, Moonsilver Blade is another thing to be aware of. Since it turns your autos into an AOE attack that applies AP damage, so it's good to save it for the casters after you hit them with Crescent Strike for an almost instant clear from the mid-game onwards.

Don't be afraid to use Pale Cascade for CS when farming under turret, or when you want to clear a wave quickly to go help out at the river. However, keep in mind that you do not want to go in for a fight when Pale Cascade is on cooldown.


You do not want to fight levels 1-2 in most scenarios, they'll probably end up in your loss. At most, if you're forced, try to land an Electrocute proc (if you're playing burst Diana) and back off immediately in these levels. DPS Diana can take on more fights levels 1-2, but it's still a safer bet to back off and safely CS until level 3 to use Lunar Rush. Due to this disadvantage, you want to let yourself get pushed closer to your turret so that you can catch them at a good spot once you hit your level 3 power spike.

Getting level 3 against an immobile champion is mortal for them. As long as they don't have hard cc, or if they have it on cooldown, it is very likely that you can kill them or force them out of lane until they recall. When you do force them out of the wave, you will want to hard push it into the enemy turret to avoid them from recalling or force them to miss CS while you recall and then teleport back to lane. If it's successful, you will hopefully be back in the lane with a second Doran's Ring and extreme pressure on the enemy laner. Do not let him recall comfortably, if they're low hp just keep using Crescent Strike on them to avoid the recall even if it means you take one turret shot; as long as you're healthy. Heads up, there is no need to play the lane this aggressively every game at level 3 or in the game at all. There are other ways to play the lane, and you don't want to play the same way against all your matchups. Safely farming and waiting for a jungle gank is also good, remember all you want is to get a kill or two to snowball into your mid-game well.


If you find yourself against something like a Talon, do not try to counter roam another lane or follow him to his gank. He will outrun you, get there before you, and the fight will be over before you even get there and you will have wasted time running around the jungle. You want to stick to your lane and get turret plating. Diana gets turrets really fast thanks to Moonsilver Blade and the attack speed boost you get from using your abilities. By the time Talon gets back to his lane, you will have probably taken 1 or 2 plates and be ahead of him in CS. If he keeps roaming, you keep punishing him like that and you will eventually have taken turret before he has even gotten to yours. The same applies to champions that want to roam, or if you see a player that tends to roam too much.

If their roam wasn't successful and you see them walking back up to the mid lane, hopefully with some missing hp, you can wait for them in the river bush and catch them off guard. If you have level 6 it will most probably be a kill.


Be ready to help out your jungler in scuttle fights and to back him up on invades. If you see that he's going up to secure scuttle, you hover over that side of the lane ready to back him up in case a scuttle fight breaks out. You go help him as long as the mid lane prio is at least equal. If you're getting pushed in, make sure you notify your jungler that you will be on a delay to help him in a fight. If you see the enemy jungler ganking bot, for example, while your jungler is on the top side, hard push your wave to allow a safer invade top side for your jungle and hover him to go to his help if needed.


Look to safely poke them with Crescent Strike and avoid lengthy trades, or any trades at all if you can. Just keep poking while farming as best as you can and wait for a jungle gank to help you out. It is important to not fall behind by dying and missing XP, since it can be hard for Diana to get back into the game without kills.


Avoid 1v1 fights, unless you're playing burst Diana and you find a half health adc you can take down in one combo. Look to side push and get solo XP, but keep your eyes on the map to not get collapsed on. If you have vision of the entire enemy team and they're far away enough, split push for a turret. But if any enemy champion goes missing, assume they're coming for you and back off.


Diana excels at split pushing thanks to her kit. She can melt down turrets from using abilities that grant her attack speed and her passive that lets you apply AP damage to turrets on every third AA. If someone that isn't a Fiora or a tank comes to match you, you can full combo them with Q-E-AA-W-AA-R-AA-E as long as they're squishy. If someone less squishy comes up, you can wait for them in a bush to push the wave back and then engage on them and chase them back to their turret. Save Moonfall for the moment they get close to their turret to pull them back out and don't use Lunar Rush without moonlight applied unless they flash. After getting a kill, you will probably be able to get a turret while the enemy team tries to rotate to match you. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE VISION IN THE JUNGLE. You want to ward bushes getting to the lane you're split pushing in. You do not want to get collapsed on from having no vision of the enemy team.

Quick Lane Trade




AA (Passive)


This quick trade can be done in the lane when there is an enemy minion wave present. You want to AA minions twice before engaging to have your Moonsilver Blade ready to proc with one auto. You use Crescent Strike to damage the enemy and apply moonlight on them, to use Lunar Rush to close the gap and have its cooldown reset. After using Moonsilver Blade on the enemy champion, you can use Lunar Rush to head back to the enemy minion wave to disengage.







Your basic all-in when you see an enemy champion low enough for a kill. Be mindful about the moment in which you use your second Lunar Rush if the enemy has Flash or an ability that can widen the gap. Hold Moonfall for the last moment possible to burst that final amount of damage need or to avoid them from going under turret range. Use your basic attacks as much as you can.

Extended fights


Wait for Crescent Strike CD


Loop until necessary


Use this when you're fighting the tanks. You will most likely be doing this with Conqueror rather than Electrocute. If you miss Crescent Strike at any point, do not use Lunar Rush unless you're dealing the final amount of damage since it will send Lunar Rush into a long cooldown. Keep using your basic attacks whenever you can.

Flash Ulti



Use Flash immediately after casting Moonfall. This can be used to catch an enemy off guard, or to cast an insane Moonfall in a team fight.
Diana Mythic Options
Probably my favorite mythic on Diana right now. Night Harvester works great with Electrocute

Riftmaker is a great option. I use it exclusively with Conqueror for extra healing.

I personally don't like Hextech Rocketbelt too much this patch, since it lacks waveclear but it's still a viable option if you like it. Works with Phase Rush and Electrocute the best.

Use Sunfire Aegis only when you're taking Grasp of the Undying. Currently works great on tank Diana.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Daers
Daers Diana Guide
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[Season 11] Diana Mid Runes/Builds/Matchups/Guide [UPDATING]

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