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Trundle Build Guide by Der Bestimmer

Top [Season 12] Trundle Lane & Jungle Guide - by Der Bestimmer

Top [Season 12] Trundle Lane & Jungle Guide - by Der Bestimmer

Updated on October 23, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Der Bestimmer Build Guide By Der Bestimmer 9,449 Views 0 Comments
9,449 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Der Bestimmer Trundle Build Guide By Der Bestimmer Updated on October 23, 2022
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Trundle
    Trundle Lane Builds
  • LoL Champion: Trundle
    Trundle Jungle Builds

Runes: [D] LT + Resolve 1

1 2
Lethal Tempo
Presence of Mind
Legend: Bloodline
Last Stand


+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4 5 6
Flash + Smite
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

[Season 12] Trundle Lane & Jungle Guide - by Der Bestimmer

By Der Bestimmer

Hello everyone!

This is my Season 12 Guide on Trundle Top and Jungle.
I focus mainly on Builds and Runes to show Synergyies between them.
Let me know if you need clarification on certain things!

Trundle is a strong Juggernaut, that works especially well against tanky Targets and Divers, because of his HP and Resistances Shred as well as AD Debuff.
He is a Raid Boss Juggernaut Champion, this means he is strong in the Zone he controls with his Frozen Domain and Pillar. He is simple to learn and rewarding to play when mastered. You should not pick him into very hard matchups though, because if he can't stick to Champions or they can evade his damage he loses a lot of his Sustain and Trading Power.

I use the "Dueling = D" Philosophy for Builds and Runes in this Guide.

Trundle is mainly a Counter Champion into certain Melee Matchups (see Threats above). His Keystone Rune for the biggest Part is Lethal Tempo.
Although being a rather immobile Raid Boss Junggernau he has a little bit of wiggle Room to vary his Build for more Moblity:
  • Maxing W first
  • Taking Inspiration / Sorcery Runes to improve his Moblity and Sticking Power.

For an Overview of the Champion have a look at this official Spotlight:

A quick little Guide by LoL Fit:

For a more extensive Guide watch this Video by Daveyx3:

You can follow me on Twitter, Reddit and Youtube for regular Content Updates!

General Abbreviations
General Abbrevations:
- [J] = Jungle Specific
- [L] = Lane specific
-- if none of them is used, Builds / Items / Runes are useable for both Positions
- CQ = Conqueror
- FF = Fleet Footwork
- PTA = Press the Attack
- PR = Phase Rush
- LT = Lethal Tempo
- D = Dueling Build
- TD = Takedown Build
- MS = Movement Speed
- LS = Lifesteal
- AD = Attack Damage
- AS = Attack Speed
- AP = Ability Power
- HP = Health Points
- AR = Armor
- MR = Magical Restistance
- Res = Resistances
- AdD = Adaptive Damage
- AA = Auto Attack
- AoE = Area of Effect
- DoT = Damage over Time
General Resources


Abilities and Combos


Have a look at Trundle's Abilities:

  • P: King's Tribute
    Very nice Sustain in Lane and Jungle. Taking down Enemy Champions in Teamfights, together with Triumph and W is extremely strong. So if you are low HP, rather go for a safe Takedown than for the highest Priority Target to sustain yourself first, before reengaging.

  • Q: Chomp
    His Q Ability gives him A Slow, AD and an Auto Attack Reset. Use it as your primary Trade Tool. The Enemy will lose AD, so you are favored in trades with AD Champions.
    Q cannot be Canceled, once the Anmation starts. If e.g. Leona stuns you while biting Caitlyn, the bite will still go through once the Animation started on Caitlyn's Champion Model.
    When clearing the Jungle, bite the big Monsters and spread your Jungle Item Burn on the Small ones with an AA every 4 sec.

  • W: Frozen Domain
    Do not use your W too early in fights! Wait until the enemy team commits to a Position for a Teamfight / Skirmish. Think about Illaoi Tentacles! - you are Strong in your own Zone!
    For Jungle Clears you want to first Q into AA Reset, then drop your W for your 2nd Auto.

  • E: Pillar of Ice
    He has a strong CC Ability in his E, since it has a Slow, A Knockup and creates impassable terrain. You can use it to block paths, peel for teammates, stop channels and even imprison the Scuttle Crab :) !
    For an Example of E Usage look HERE.

  • R: Subjugate
    Your Ult gives you HP Sustain as well as Resistances. It Shreds your Target's HP and Resistance for it.
    So you should always Consider if you want to use your Ult on a Squishy Target to burst it down (Takedown Rune Pages below!) or if you go for an elongated fight and profit more from using it on a Tanky Target to gain more Regen / Stats.
    Do not use your Ult on a Squishy and Mobile Target that will just escape, unless you rly need to get a fed Carry out of the fight and away from your team.


  • The Foundation of all Combos: The Animation Cancel

    An Auto Attack consists of 3 Parts:

    Wind Up
    Attack Hit
    Wind down

    - NOW, if you just right click or Attack Move onto an Opponent, even if you reach him and start hitting, your Champion will go through all Phases of the Auto Attack.

    - BUT - as you can see - the Wind Down does nothing for us. It has no Damage!
    It is wasting Time.
    How can we use this time better? ... YES - by moving in between Attacks or using an Auto Attack Resert / an Ability.

    - So - to correctly Kite as a Ranged Champion or Stick as a Melee Champion you input a Movement Command right after your Attack hits the opponent (that means your Hand, Hammer, Sword smacks the Enemy etc. or, in case of Ranged Champs - your Projectile leaves your Weapone - )
    - and therefore deny the Wind down its time!

    - I would advise you to turn on Damage Numbers in League, so you get a Visual Feedback when your Attack has dealt its Damage.
    Click here for a Screenshot of the needed Option.

    For a practical Example of Kiting for Ranged and Animation Canceling have a look at this Video by SkillCapped:

    This Video shows Kiting for Ranged Champs. Dota 2 Content by PlayerAssist, but still viable:

    This Video by remotenightowl shows how to Stick as Melee Champion:

  • Your standard Trade Combo:

    • Run onto an Enemy
    • AA + Q Reset
      - As soon as the AA hits, cancel the Wind down Animation by pressing Q. You do not have to click the target again. You can however hit 2 different Enemies by Clicking another Target right before pressing Q.
    • Against a Melee Target you would then drop your W if you can trade.
    • For a Video about this Mechanic look HERE.
  • Your Stick Combo vs. Ranged:

    • Block a Ranged Enemy with E and close up to him.
    • Now Q, drop W into an AA
    • Q again for ongoing Slow
  • Your Ult Animation Cancel Combo

    • Run onto an Enemy
    • Press R on him.
    • Immediatley Press W and hit one AA AA
    • After the Attack hits use Q to Animation Cancel like above.
  • A quick Overview over Trundle's Combos can be found HERE on Mobalytics!

  • For further Insights into Ability Usage - Great Mechanics Guide by King Nidhogg:

You can download my premade Rune-Book File for LoL Rune Changer HERE.
To import the Item Sets after you downloaded them:
- Go to the extracted LoL Rune Changer Folder - be Sure the App is closed!
- Backup your old "RuneChangerRuneBook.dat"
- Paste my Rune Book File you downloaded above into the Rune Changer Folder
- Start the App again - my Runes are now available.
- Click on the Plus Signs right to the rune Pages to import them into your LoL Client
- for more information about LoL Rune Changer look at their Wiki

Rune Philosophy:

As explained in the Intro Chapter Trundle goes by Dueling Setups with his Rune Pages:

General Runes Advise:

- Lethal Tempo for Dueling.
- Grasp of the Undying for Dueling / HP Scaling / Sustain in Lane. Take it with Sunderer Builds against Tanks in Lane
- Press the Attack for Takedowns on Low HP targets or Takedowns

- Last Stand for Dueling / extended Trades or against CC / heavy Kiting to deal more Damage on Impact after losing HP - should be used with Damage Mitigation (Shields / Enemy Damage Reduction like Force of Nature) / Regen / Tenacity in that Case.)
- Coup de Grace against Squishy Teams.
- Legend: Alacrity for more DPS in Rune Pages
- Legend: Bloodline / Taste of Blood - Scaling Sustain in Combat. Bot work with Revitalize and W to increase their HP Return.
- Eyeball Collection / Zombie Ward - Damage Scaling for Mid and Late Game. You need to get Takedowns though, so it is a bit of a Risk / Reward Calculation with those Runes
- Legend: Tenacity / Unflinching for Anti CC / Anti Kite
- Second Wind against Poke / Sustained Damage - although this is mainly a Lane Rune, with Trundle and his W it becomes also a Jungle Option for Melee Trading. Since it is a Regen Effect it will not synergize with Revitalize
- Bone Plating against Burst Combos
- Revitalize Good Spirit Visage / W Synergy. Revitalize Improves Heals (Passive, Ultimate), LS and Shields.
Revitalize will not work with Regen Effects and Vamp!
- Overgrowth / Conditioning for Late Game Scaling - good with Titanic Hydra, Demolish, Sunfire Aegis
- Demolish + Overgrowth for Split pushing [L] - good with Triforce / Hullbreaker / Sterak's
- Nimbus Cloak + Celerity / Waterwalking [J] / Magical Footwear / Approach Velocity / Relentless Hunter for Mobility and Sticking Power
- Ultimate Hunter [L] for Ultimate CDR
- Cosmic Insight - Summoner Spell and more Uptime for Item Passives like BorK / Sunderer

Item Philosophy

These are the main Items for the Dueling Path.

Divine Sunderer

Sunderer is your main Dueling Mythic against beefy Melee Opponents. It provides great HP Shred and Sustain over all Phases of the Game. It Synergizes well with PTA, Revitalize and any Increase in Physical or Magical Damage through its Penetration Passive. On Trundle it Scales well into your W. It also gives you good Damage against Large and Epic Monsters. It will not give you AS though.

Trinity Force

Trinity Force is your high DPS Mythic. It Scales up your AS, AD and Movement Speed, making you a threatening Force against Squishier Targets.
Trundle is a great Sheen User overall because of his low Q Cooldown.
In Lane you can get Triforce for Split Push and 1v1 Dueling together with Hullbreaker, BorK, Sterak's and Demolish. Since the Triforce Passive also stacks on Towers, you will melt Towers in Mid to Late Game.
Trinity Force has great Synergy with Sterak's Gage since Triforce gives you Base-AD, from which Sterak's pulls its Bonus-AD Increse!

Frostfire Gauntlet

Frostfire Gauntlet is your main Tank Item for Dueling. Together with your Q and E Slow you stick very well even to slippery Targets. It is mainly built in Lane.
It gives you Tank Stats, HP Scaling and CC. It works well into Titanic Hydra.
You can get Essence Reaver alongside Frostfire in Lane to compensate for not having a Sheed Mythic and some Mana Sustain.

Sunfire Aegis

Sunfire Aegis is your second Tank Item for Dueling / Teamfighting.
It gives you Tank Stats, HP Scaled AoE Damage and Tenacity.
On Trundle it is bought for the On-Hit Effect, since you will apply it extremely fast together with BorK, W and Lethal Tempo.


Very good Item for Dueling against strong Sustain Champions. Only your Pillar CC will trigger the 40% Grievous Wounds though. Another Armor Item will benefit the Return Damage a lot. Divine Sunderer with its MPen will also synergize with Thornmail.
If you need Heal Reduction against Casters like Aatrox, that can chose not to AA you, aggressive Items like Mortal Reminder or Chempunk Chainsword can be an option although they are rather nieche on Trundle.

Randuin's Omen

Very good Item for Dueling against Hypercarries / Crit Users. You reduce their Damage on you through the Passive as well as the Active and it gives you another Slow on Top for more Sticking Power.
Try not to stack your Slows though since they will not Stack! Use them in Sequence as much as possible!

Frozen Heart

Great Teamfight Choice against several Enemy Autoattackers. It is cheap, gives you Mana Sustain and great Tank Stats plus an AS Debuff around you. Good addition to Thornmail to scale its Return Damage.
You want to buy some HP Items with it to make best Use of its Damage Reduction Passive.

Spirit Visage

A great Item Choice on Trundle - it will Synergize with your Passive and Ult HP Steal in addition to what you get from your W already. It will boost any Shields and Healing Sources you get and interacts with Revitalize. It will also boost Regeneration and Vamp Effects as well as Lifesteal.
It will not make you more mobile though!

Force of Nature

A great Item for Mobility. Gives you MS when getting hit by Magic Damage or CC, something that will happen to Trundle a lot. Each instance stacks up the Passive. At 6 Stacks Magic Damage also gets reduced by 25% on you. If you get kited a lot, this item will beat Spirit Visage even on Trundle.
Wit's End is kind of the Alternative here. It gives you better Dueling and good Sticking Power, but your Approach to the Target will be slower.
It is also a Consideration when stacking HP is bad - against Vayne / Gnar etc.

Dead Man's Plate

Another Item for Mobility. Since Trundle is mainly a Duelist and not a Freight Train Juggernaut like Voli, but a Raid Boss, it is situational though. It will not give you Dueling Stats like Randuin's or Thornmail once you reach your target.

The Impact Damage Scales with Base AD, so you can't enhance it directly other than with levels and Triforce, but you can work in Runes like Cheap Shot or general Auto Attack Enhancements like Sheen.
Try to dodge CC with its MS to not lose Momentum Stacks.


  • Mercury Treads

    These are your Anti CC Option. You will not need them when taking Sunfire Aegis + 1 of the Tenacity Runes Legend: Tenacity or Unflinching.

  • Boots of Swiftness

    They are great if the Enemy Team has mostly Slows to kite you or are very mobile with MS Buffs or Dashes. Swifties will give you the most Speed in a very reliable Manner.
    Remember, that they will reduce the Amount of Slow you receive (meaning you are not slowed down as much), while Treads above will reduce the Duration of the Slow.

  • Plated Steelcaps

    They are great against all Sorts of Autoattackers, Ranged and Melee. They will also reduce the Damage Monsters deal to you.
    Because the Reduction is fixed at 12% they will stay valuable throughout the game. Together with Randuins / Frozen Heart you can cut off a huge portion of a Hypercarries damage potential on you.
    Remember, that they don't work on Tower Shots though!

You can download my premade Build Files for the LoL Client HERE.
To import the Item Sets after you downloaded them:
- Go to your Collection
- Click on Items
- Click on the Downward Arrow Button called "Import Item Sets" left of the Search
- Select my Build File on your Hard-Drive Location and click OK.
- The Build is now available in your Client and In-Game

Build Philosophy:

Table of Contents:
  1. General Hints
  2. Sunderer Builds
  3. Triforce Builds
  4. Frostfire Builds
  5. Sunfire Builds

General Hints:

Starting Items:
- Doran's Shield with Second Wind against Poke Lanes / Ranged
- Doran's Blade for Melee Trades with Revitalize / Bone Plating against Combos.
- Take Red Smite against Close Range Burst and Melee Damage Dealers. Take Blue Smite against Ranged or for Nimbus Cloak Synergy.

Early Items:
- normally you want to get Brown Boots and Sheen for Trading / Tiamat for Farming first off, then go into the other Items of your Build.

- Boots in all Builds are situational.
- Be aware, that Boots of Swiftness and Unflinching decrease the Amount of Slow you receive, while Tenacity reduces the Duration of Slows.

Anti Heal:
- get Bramble + Steelcaps against Enemies that Autoattack you a lot, get Executioner's against Enemies that avoid you / use Abilities / you want to all in.
Be aware, that the Thornmail Return Damage feeds into Omnivamp!

CC / Kite:
- get Quicksilver against Suppression Ults (Morde, WW...) or high CC amounts.
- Your Options against high Mobility / Kiting are:
  • Items: Frostfire, Triforce, Force of Nature, Dead Man's Plate, Randuin's Omen
  • Boots: Mercury's Treads, Boots of Swiftness
  • Runes:
    - Anti Slow / CC: Legend: Tenacity, Unflinching
    - Speed Buff: Nimbus Cloak, Celerity, Waterwalking [J]
    - Sustain: Second Wind, Revitallize (with D-Shield)
  • Spells: Blue Smite, Ghost
Build Paths:
- You can always go full Tank after your Mythic / Tiamat Item or even start Hullbreaker in [L]. In General you want to avoid dying as much as possible when ahead, while going for some more damage for Comeback Plays when behind.
Frostfire / Sunfire are safer than Triforce, because they give you Utility / Tankiness for Comebacks together with your Team when behind.
- Force of Nature / Randuin's Omen / Frozen Heart will give you the most Damage Reduction
- You want to build Blade of the Ruined King and maybe also Sterak's Gage against Enemies you go toe to toe with for Phage Passive. This is especially true in Top Lane. Phage also Synergizes very well with Triforce's Base AD Stacking!
- You want to build Death's Dance against Enemies that kite you or have strong Burst.
- Look for Synergies for Mobility / Anti Kite in Mobility oriented Builds and Sustain / De-Buff / Damage Synergies in Dueling Builds.

The Builds

  1. Sunderer Build 1/2

    - Sunderer Builds are similar to the Triforce Builds. They have strong dueling Focus. You won't get any Mobility or AS from Sunderer but HP Shred and Pen. For Runes you want to go Lethal Tempo or as an Alternative in Lane Grasp of the Undying.

    Item Build 1 [J]:

    Divine Sunderer
    Plated Steelcaps
    Titanic Hydra
    Spirit Visage
    Frozen Heart

    Item Build 2 [L]:

    Blade of the Ruined King
    Plated Steelcaps
    Divine Sunderer
    Titanic Hydra

    Alternative Items:

    See Item Section above

    Primary Runes:

    Lethal Tempo
    Legend: Bloodline Legend: Alacrity
    Last Stand

    Coup de Grace against Squishy Teams
    Legend: Tenacity against heavy CC

    Secondary Runes:

    Resolve Tree:
    Second Wind against Poke
    Bone Plating against Combo Damage
    Revitalize for more HP Reg / Lifesteal (Works great with Grasp or Bloodline)
    Conditioning + Overgrowth for Late Game Scaling
    Demolish + Overgrowth for Split Pushing [L]
    Unflinching against hard CC, Alt. for Legend: Tenacity

    Sorcery Tree:
    Nimbus Cloak + Celerity for Mobility
    Waterwalking + Celerity [J] for Jungle Mobility

    Domination Tree:
    Cheap Shot for Enhanced Damage on slowed Targets
    Zombie Ward [J], Eyeball Collection for Damage Scaling
    Relentless Hunter [J] for Map Mobility as Jungler
    Ultimate Hunter for Takedown Focus with Ult Uptime, mainly for Lane

    Inspiration Tree:
    Magical Footwear for Enhanced overall Mobility for Raoming / Sticking Power
    Approach Velocity great Synergy with any Slow you have to stick to Targets
    Cosmic Insight for Summoner Spell Uptime and Synergy with any Item Cooldowns

    Alternative Setup with Grasp Runes for Lane:

    - They are an Option for Laning against Tanks, where you can give up some DPS from LT for Sustain and Late Game Scaling.

    Grasp of the Undying
    Second Wind / Bone Plating
    Overgrowth / Revitalize / Unflinching

    Secondary Runes:

    Presence of Mind
    Legend: Alacrity

  2. Triforce Build 1/2/3

    - They are more DPS heavy than the Sunderer Builds, especially against squishier Targets. They also scale very well into Split Pushing through the Triforce Passive, w/ Hullbreaker, Sterak's and Demolish. They work well with Ghost in Lane to run down enemies. I also added a Takedown Variant against mobile Enemies below with PTA as Keystone.

    Item Build 1 [J]:

    Trinity Force
    Plated Steelcaps
    Titanic Hydra
    Sterak's Gage
    Death's Dance
    Spirit Visage

    Item Build 2 [L]:

    Blade of the Ruined King
    Plated Steelcaps
    Trinity Force
    Titanic Hydra
    Sterak's Gage

    Alternative Items:

    See Item Section above

    Primary Runes

    - LT as above

    - PTA Takedown Build -

    - as an Alternative and an Exception to the General Duelist Focus of Trundle's Builds I include this PTA Build for more Chase / Takedown Potential
    - This Build is laid out to take out high Priority Targets or chase down low HP Targets, that would otherwise escape you through their Mobilty. It takes you closer to the Freight Train Subclass with the likes of Udyr or Voli. It is mainly for Jungling, where your Allies can benefit from PTA as well.
    - PTA is not the greatest Rune on Trundle anymore. If you face mobile and Squishy Targets though, this Rune Page still gets its merit together with W max and some mobility Items.
    - You can also take L: Tenacity and Last Stand against strong Kiting Setups or go for Conditioning / Second Wind + Unflinching Secondary.
    - Sorcery or Domination are also suitable Second Paths here with their Mobility and Damage Enhancement Runes.

    Item Build 3 [J]:

    Trinity Force
    Plated Steelcaps
    Titanic Hydra
    Dead Man's Plate
    Force of Nature
    Anathema's Chains

    Alternative Items:

    Gargoyle Stoneplate
    see Item Section above

    Primary Runes:

    Press the Attack
    Legend: Alacrity
    Coup de Grace

    Magical Footwear
    Approach Velocity

    Secondary Runes:

    Resolve Tree:
    Conditioning + Unflinching for late Game Scaling / TF Mobility

    Sorcery Tree:
    Nimbus Cloak+ Celerity

    Inspiration Tree:
    Magical Footwear, Approach Velocity

    Domination Tree:
    Cheap Shot, Zombie Ward, Eyeball Collection, Relentless Hunter

  3. Frostfire Build 1

    - This Build gives you good Chase Potential / Sticking Power. Consider Ability Order 2 for more Mobility.

    Item Build 1:

    Blade of the Ruined King
    Plated Steelcaps
    Iceborn Gauntlet
    Titanic Hydra
    Frozen Heart

    Alternative Items:

    see Item Section above

    Primary Runes:

    Lethal Tempo as above

  4. Sunfire Build 1

    - this Build goes for Tankiness / Tenacity together with on hit mixed and HP-scaled Damage, synergizing with LT and BorK

    Item Build 1:

    Sunfire Aegis
    Plated Steelcaps
    Blade of the Ruined King
    Titanic Hydra
    Warmog's Armor
    Gargoyle Stoneplate

    Alternative Items:

    see Items Section above

    Primarey Runes:

    - LT as above

General Matchup Tips:

- For specific Matchup Guides have a look at the enemy Champion's Mobalytics Page and Page for Advise.

- You can also use the LoLAlytics Matchup Stats via their Search Engine from Trundle's Main Page.
Just go to his page there and then enter your enemy champion matchup into the Search bar in the upper right corner. On the right side of the list you can click on the "vs." Matchup result.
For example against Dr. Mundo:
- Another great Resource is Solokill. It offers 1v1 Clips for all Champion Matchups.

- You can find even more Matchup Statistics Sites on my ULTIMATE Link List for League of Legends.

- It is also always a good Idea to watch some High Elo Games of the Matchup you are interested in via Youtube.
Here is a Search Example for Dr. Mundo.

Matchup Guide by TrundleTop1 with Matchups etc.

- Google Docs Guide

Learn about Trundle's Weaknesses in this Mobalytics Guide:

Top Lane Basics

Top Lane Guide

  • The best Introduction to Basic League Concepts I know is made by Phroxzon from UNSWLOLSOC (the makers of the original Leaguecraft 101).
    If you want to learn League in the most efficient way, check out his great Content HERE.

  • Trundle Top Guide by Mobalytics: LINK

  • For general Jungle Guides / Macro have a look at my own Youtube Jungle Playlist and Youtube Macro Playlist!

For a more detailed overview, have a look at these Toplane Guides by DaveyX3:

Trundle Top Guide by TrundleTop1:

He also has a written Version on Google Docs!
Also have a look at his MOBAFire Guide

Jungle Basics

Jungle Guide

  • Trundle Jungle Guide with Clear by Mobalytics: LINK

  • Trundle Jungle Guide with Clear by LINK

  • For general Jungle Guides / Macro have a look at my own Youtube Jungle Playlist and Youtube Macro Playlist!

    Trundle Jungle Guide by Adamoose:

    Two Guides by Virkayu:

    Jungle Masterclass by Prizum:

    2 Trundle Jungle Coachings by Arfreezy:

    The Jungle Clear


    • Most of the time you want to do a 3 Camp Clear as shown on You then want to go for a Gank / Invade during the Time until Scuttle Spawns.

    • Also do my Ward Swap Trick in the beginning to get Sweeper rdy for LvL 3 Ganks.

      Video from my Youtube Channel on how to do it:

    • Always try to spot the Enemy Jungler's Starting Point from paying attention to which Enemy Lane is late to Lane after their Leash.

      For a Guide about Basic Tracking watch this Video by ProGuides:

    • While you clear, train yourself to always move the camera to your closest lane while moving from one Camp to the other (in your downtime so to say).

    • In General, look at the Minimap every 10 seconds. You can use a Metronome at 6 bpm for that. Look here for an Online Version: LINK.

      For a little Guide about Map awareness, have a look at this Video from my Youtube Channel:

    • Whenever you are not behind, get a Pink Ward on every Back to protect your Jungle / Lanes. You also want to get Sweeper early on for ganking / Clearing Enemy Vision in your Jungle. Only swap back to Trinket Wards if your Team gets very behind and you need the Vision Protection.

    • Practice to always do "Cross Map Actions" - Whenever you spot the Enemy Jungler doing something on the other side of the map condition yourself to do sth too.
      Invade his Camps, Gank, get Tower / Herald / Drake etc.

    • Important Clear Mechanics Guides by Phylaris:
      • To not lose Aggro while kiting to those Brushes have a look at Phylaris' Jungle Monster Patience Guide:

      • For optimal Camp Kiting for time and HP efficiency study these Phylaris Guides:

      • Standard Kiting:

      • Advanced Kiting:

    Trundle's Clears

    • 3 Camp Clear Video by TestTheLimit:

    • Full Clear Video by Phylaris:

      • For the sake of completeness I also include a Full Clear Video by Phylaris in case you need it and because he shows you optimal ways to clear and kite / drag camps.
        As a Variation of this Clear you can also try a 5 Camp Clear, skipping Blue to be almost full HP after Gromp for Scuttle Fights.

    • General Lesson on Season 12 3-Camp Clear Routes by Virkayu.

      - 3 Camp Clears enable Counter Ganks against Ganking Junglers for earlier Map Presence and Counter Ganking or Invades against Farming Junglers especially.


That's it for now folks!

Thank you for reading my guide and I hope you got something out of it.

If you want sth added to the guide, let me know too! I will see what I can do :).

Also, have a look at my other Content:

MOBAFire Guides:

Tutorials and Collections:

You can also follow me on Twitter, Reddit and Youtube!

Have a great Time in the rift!!!

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Der Bestimmer
Der Bestimmer Trundle Guide
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[Season 12] Trundle Lane & Jungle Guide - by Der Bestimmer

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