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Shaco Build Guide by patkaro

Assassin [Season 6] How AD Shaco should be played!

Assassin [Season 6] How AD Shaco should be played!

Updated on June 5, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author patkaro Build Guide By patkaro 5,009 Views 1 Comments
5,009 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author patkaro Shaco Build Guide By patkaro Updated on June 5, 2016
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LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Hello people. I am patkaro a.k.a ShacoOnCracko, a quite experienced Shaco player at gold elo. And this is my first ever guide here. I'm going to make this a short quick guide and as I have free time I will add more and more information until this becomes an extensive guide. But since my free time is limited I decided to make a quckie. For now.
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Pros / Cons


+ Alot of dmg
+ Can confuse enemies
+ Pretty difficult to catch
+ Great Allarounder
+ Snowballs hard



- Squishy early game
- Hard to master
- Really item reliant
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As for the masteries we go Thunderlord's Decree for the extra burst dmg and generally the cunning tree is very good for Shaco. Otherwise it is completely ok to go Strength of the Ages Because you are quite squishy and that 300 hp really helps you.
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No exuse not to take Smite
is great on Shaco as it gives great because of the killing potential it gives you

is a really good option for as it provides alot of splitpush power because having Exhaust up means you can 1v1 everyone on the map, thus making the enemy team send 2 people making it a 3v4.
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Greater Mark of Attack Damage and Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist are pretty self-explanatory, we get Greater Seal of Scaling Health instead of Greater Seal of Armor ones because armor penetration is now easily accsessable, last whisper reduces only bonus armor and hp makes us pretty tanky too. As for why we get Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed quints instead of AD is because I find that attack speed ones really improve your dps more then raw AD.
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It's pretty obvious that you should start with a Hunter's Machete. On first back you wanna get either a Tiamat or the combination of Stalker's Blade Hunter's Potion Boots, Most of the time I choose the trio but if you plan on farming the jungle a bit more Tiamat is most likely the better option. In both scenarios it's good to build a Serrated Dirk as the armor pen and ad lead to a really good powerspike. As for later items you generally want to get item's that give you good damage and make you a bit harder to kill. Combined with theese items you should be durable enough to blow someone up and still get away with it.
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As Shaco most people have little to no farm as they are too busy sitting in a bush doing nothing. That's pretty wrong. Even though you want to gank alot, try moving to the jungle inbetween ganks and when there are no avaiable ones. It might sound super obvious but 90% of the Shaco's I see do this silly stuff so I had to point it out.
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Shaco is a really high risk extremly high reward champion. Which doesn't mean he is OP. The main reasons for this are that he is extremly hard to fully master, meaning to get good you have to play a damn ton, the other main reason I feel is because the meta right now is dominated by tanks and Shaco is really squishy. If executed him well you can win super fast, but it can always go wrong and end up falling apart. Overall as Shaco you have to abuse his early to late-midgame superpower to end the oponents fast, because you fall off a bit in the lategame(this being said you can still tear any non-full tank champion to shreds).
League of Legends Build Guide Author patkaro
patkaro Shaco Guide
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[Season 6] How AD Shaco should be played!

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