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Shen Build Guide by Dykalons Inc

Shen Flippin Ninja

By Dykalons Inc | Updated on August 2, 2011

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  • LoL Champion: Shen
  • LoL Champion: Shen


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


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Shen Eye of Twilight

Shen is a ninja who can play heavy damage or maybe a really strong tank who can take care of many enemys at the same time. Hes goal is too taunt the enemys and save allys from the enemys with his ultimate skill. He may also help allys to survive and heal them with his first ability. I give some Tips here to show how you can play shen really awesome. But the most important thing for shen is to get the Frozen Mallet as fast as possible. Oh i almost forgot if you would like this Guide Go and check out Hellbams Incs Guides too because hes my friend. Sorry i almost forgot that shen have energy that make it quite easier to use abilitys. Here is some Rules about Shen.

1. If you are needed in armor or magic resist get this Chain Vest and Negatron Cloak

2. Maybe my build is not that good so get other items can be good maybe some ability power so then get Ap items. Like Rylai's Crystal Scepter.

3. And Try get A lot of Health for a lot tanky damage.
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Passive Ability Ki Strike

Ki Strike is a helpful ability. Every 8 seconds Ki strike is avaiable it deal damage to the target and it gains more damage that more health you have so getting much health can turn into really heavy damage. Also when attacking Ki strikes cooldown decrease with 2 seconds.
I use this Ability really much for maximal Damage even for a Tank.
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Ability 1 Vorpal Blade

Vorpal Blade is easy skill to use tap a Vorpal Blade on the enemy and i is stuck on it for a while as long the blade is on the enemy you and ally heal yourselfs when attack the enemy so this ability do very helpful to support allys make really much help to survive so its good to fight all the time as long as your careful. Becasue this skill cost a lot of Energy i don't use it Very often just when my Freinds needs Help.
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Ability 2 Feint

Feint is a powerful shield who blocks some damage and powers up with ability power so getting a ability power item make this skill very helpful. Feint make good as tank skill so try use it very often in Teambattles And it make good with Rabadon's Deathcap For a really heavy shield. This shield Make good Blocks from attacks like Jax Leap Strike Or Maybe Karthus Ultimate Requiem.
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Ability 3 Shadow Dash

This Is Shens Main Ability Shadow Dash is powerful dash who Taunts the enemy and if it hits a champion he regen 50 Energy. This ability is Extremly helpful when battling enemys
so he make very well with tank item and taunt enemys near a turret for extra Damage is really useful. This skill is also really helpful to escape to pass through walls an save yourself. This skill Is good casue after ur ulti you can Directly Dash on the enemy. For good Taunt and damage.
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Ultimate Ability Stand United

Stand United is a really good Support ability who have saved many lives when im playing as Shen so its also a great escape tool but now what it does. Ok this skill you pcik a ally on the map and gives him a shield and teleport to taht ally so you can help him if the shield get destroy before he get there he wont be teleported to that location. So this skill gives a shield who blocks a lot of damage u can also do it on allys to save yourself too.
This is also Very very helpful just to get in lane fast for getting kills with your allys But never waste on someone With full health just get to lane if someone have just a little Health thats good Is it i Know.
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Doran's Shield

The Best item to start with for Shen because u get 120 health, 10 Armor and 8 health regen. So this is very useful for him casue Health,Armor And Hp Regen.
And i Use this item to make good defense but i exchange it later in the game. So thats make
Doran's Shield A Really helpful item when start at lvl 1 until getting around lvl 12 then it make a little bad.
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Mercury Treads And Boots Of Swiftness

Ok in the Tank build u get the great Mercury's Treads for Tank Shen And Boots of Swiftness Is good for Ninja AD Shen. You can pick which one you want but i mostly prefer Mercury's Treads for Magic resist And Tenacity.
In The AD build i prefer the Boots of Swiftness for soem Movement speed for easier escapes and chases.
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Randuin's Omen

Randuin's Omen is a very good defensive item who gives a lot of Health,Armor And Health Regen. This item is A Extremly helpful in team battles cause when you activate it makes and explsoin who slows the Movement and Attack speed with 35% for 2 seconds. I dont use the Activate Ability very often but in team abttles its very helpful.
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Sunfire Cape

This A good item who gives 450 Health And 45 Armor + The Unique Passive Who makes that enemys whos close deal 35 magic damage per second that kae kinda good but not that much its just quite good. To Deal damage in a team fight and its good when you close and Chasing somone with like 10 health left and they lose health per second. I Recommend This Item a Lot.
Sunfire Aegis is good when battling Tanks so get this Item really Early make good late game.
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Warmog's Armor

Warmog's Armor Is the best Health item in whole League Of Legends it will give you 920 Health and if u kill a lot of minions u can get up to 1370 Health this is very helful when trying to survive for really high health points. Try get this item in Tank and Ad build for maximal Survival change i like too use thsi item really much cause Shen gets really OP in his Attack build with the Atma's Impaler For really mcuh Armor.
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Force Of Nature

This Is The Best health regen item in the game it is very good on Mordekaiser And Dr. Mundo So why not try it on shen and it make big help versus Ap champs Like Annie And Veigar Cause it give Really much Magic resist,Health regen and even some Movement Speed.
The Force of Nature Is one of the best item u can choose try get this on of the last but its really helpful so try not think Shen Is puny with this Item. If you are Not battling Ap champs u can get Thornmail Instead for Armor.
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Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel Is one of the bets items in the game for defensive stats. From this Item you get Armor and Magic resist And its Unique Passive who makes taht if u die u revive with 750 health and 350 mana so this Item is the really awesome if u try to survive a Team battle and Escaping. This Extremly needed in his Tank Build. I don't use it in my AD build but if you want it in the AD buld u can use it.
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Frozen Mallet

Frozen Mallet Is the best item in the AD build casue it gives Damage and Health + Unique Passive that is a change to slow tahe target per attack. I Try get it as fast as you can for the AD Shen build without this item AD Shen isn't Complete. ummm... not more to Talk about its a good item thats all.
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Atma's Impaler

Extremly Helpful thanks to the Greater Mark of Health And Greater Quintessence of Health who makes really good Health for the Awesome Passive on Atma's Impaler That makes 2% all your health turns into Armor + It gives you Armor And Critical Chance. Thats make this item very good with Warmog's Armor And Frozen Mallet. Thats was the Last item u could tell about so use it in AD build or you will be not so good.
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U should get Marks like Greater Mark of Health if you play Tank and Greater Mark Of Desolation when you need damage for your AD build I use this Marks cause Armor pen is extremly useful when battling other tanks and Health when you are battling heavy damagers.
My Seals is the Greater Seal of Armor In Tank build or Greater Seal of Health
You can use both this in Damage build too. For Glyphs i get Greater Glyph of Magic Resist in both of my builds Cause Magic resist is very helpful in Tank and damage build. Quintessences is the Best rune you get so i get Greater Quintessence of Health In the Tank build cause Health is always helpful but u can also get Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage For as much damage as possible So getting Attack Damage is very helpful when playing the attack build.
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Summoner Spells

For me can Shen Use a lot of spells Here is some of them

Heal Is Kind of Helpful and i use it on my Tank build but some maybe think this is a Noob spell but i use it quite often.

Exhaust Very useful if u do it on enemys u can easier kill enemys and land your Shadow Dash easier i Recommend this skill really much.

Cleanse Is Very helpful to escape slows and stuns try use this if your battling Nunu & Willump A smart trick is to Cleanse the slow and then Shadow Dash away ^^

Ghost An good getaway Spell but can be kind of good but u can use other abilitys that is more helpful.

Flash The Best getaway spell.

Clarity Don't take it. Why? Idk
Oh i know Shen doesn't have mana!!!!

Fortify Really good to save your team when they are pushing your base.

Teleport Nice Spell who makes you get to lane really fast if you need to but seriously it is better Spells

Ignite Really good for finish enemys but its ore helpful for AD Shen then Tank.
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I pick a lot of Defensive Masteries cause Shen is Tanky and that makes him complete and i pcik some Armor pen in the Masteries in Offense too caus eyou need a lot of damage if your playing damaging AD Shen So try at least get some Masteries in Defense but getting some Utility is very helpful too. When having Tank shen get at least some points un Veteran Scars.
Also you can get the Offense Mastery points in Sunder who gives him good Armor Pen that helps really much in His AD build.
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Skill Sequence

I Max Shadow Dash first cause i like to get a quite long taunt and and i wnat it to cost as low energy cost as possible.

I Max Feint Second because i need the defense buff for block attacks like Katarina's
Shunpo and Nunu & Willump's Ice Blast As said before.

And i make Vorpal Blade full maxed last because i dont need so much healing and damage with it i jsut need some healing for allys.

And Of course the Ultimate Stand United When i can because its Freaking Awesome!!!
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Try Farm as any champion u can just last hit minions with Vorpal Blade and heal yourself its nothing special about his Farming so not much to tell but try get the lizard buff for good damage. For me Shen can fram really good my ast hit with Ki Strike so simple farming like last hit early make good in late game for much gold casue his items is quite Expensive. But Farming is not so important for Shen.
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Team Play

Shen is one of the best Tanks who can play good in Team battles soem what like Cho'Gath So getting a lot of Health makes him a Powerful Tank as i said before. Shen Is Extremly Helpful in Team battles cause he can Taunt and save with his Ultimate so thats why i Recommend Him in Team battles by 8/10 Cause his not Perfect (No champion is Perfect]
So i Recommend Him A lot if you really need a Tank.
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That was it Thats my Guide Of Shen Eye Of Twilight I will send out more of my Guides Every Thuesday And My Next on u wnat me to do Leave a comment so maybe can i do a guide about that Champion Oh I Almost Forgot Check out Hellbams Inc Guides Hes Newest Guide is out About Malzahar. If U dont Leave a comment about my guide by a Champion i may do a Guide about I just make someone i like.
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