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Shen Build Guide by redhaze_2010

Tank Shen Jungle Tank/ Support Tank

By redhaze_2010 | Updated on July 7, 2020

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Early game

Early game you can start with red or blue depends. If you like more energy regeneration then go With blue, Red also works for more damage and burning effect. I personally go with red. farm till level three. Gank at lvl 3 then farm more.
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Mid game

Mid game you probably want your strength of ages fully stacked and get ready to ult who is in need. you want your cinderhulk and titanic hydra done and hopefully getting close to finishing thornmail.
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Late game

Late game You want to be pretty much done with your build, and starting to think about selling or modifying your build since you can see the situation much better. Than early or mid game, Make sure your stacks are done.
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Passive: Ki Barrier

Your passive is just a shield granted when you use an ability it scales off your max health that can be activated when you recall energy sword or using another ability cool down is not that significant, and it can be reduced by using and ability for an allied champ or attack an enemy champ with an ability. Another great thing about Ki Barrier that you can counter an ignite it or a death fire touch mastery with it, what I mean by that is to use it when the ignite is about to kill you.
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Twilight Assault/ Energy sword (Q)

your energy sword / Q is your compadre when u activate it brings the sword to your location. Then you hold it and have 3 empowered hits that do extra magic damage (Based on ap devourer stacks this) but chinderhulk is overall better for shen, wits end also stacks this, nashors tooth is worth trying. and you have 40 percent attack speed, this can activate your passive called ki barrier granting you a shield based on your max health. this also slows any enemy champ the sword passes through while you recall it.

I speak spanish btw so you can pm me or comment in either.
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Spirits Refugee (W)

Spirits Refugee is an excellent item for protecting you teamates from basic attacks from an adc, like Miss Fortune, or Kalista, It also great for protecting your teammates from a tank that would do damage with his/her basic attacks like Shyvana. It is also good for protecting your teamate from a lethal assasin especailly at low elo since most assasins like a shaco or rengar dont know how to one shot . But Remember to always have your sword next to your team and you when you are going to do this and make sure they are in the refugee circle not outside or it will be usless.

yet (Excluding me i main shaco lol hes not about one shot hes about rapid 400 basic attack dmg and 800 crit damage basic attacks, rengar is more of a one shot.
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Shadow Dash (E)

Shadow dash your E allows you to dash (free flash) torwards a location taunting any enemies and NOW JUNGLE MONSTERS IN HIS PATH!! the more enemys you taunt the more enrgy regen you get so if you taunt a whole team plus drag uget 120 energy back. plus with good cdr u can re taunt.
Another good thing is u can combo wich is use your E then almost at the end of it flash I dont reccomend doing this since it is for experinced shen players, it is better to flash then e this also works this combo can also work for escapeing. better to be safe than sorry. for getting away.
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Stand United (R)

Stand United is a one of the best ways to protect a teammate from a lethal hit, help a teammate escape or have a teammate stand near dragon or baron then steal it you know how. Just make sure that if you have Akali on your team SAVE YOUR BAE/ GIRLFRIEND Which IS AKALI!!!
It also works great with your best buddy kennen when he is ulting you can simply ult to him so he dosent dies, just make sure u do it early because bad communication could make your teammate use their Zhyona's Hourglass
and mess up the whole process this will cancel your ult. You can also use your ult for escaping. Just make sure that your enemies arent that close to you. Also make sure they dont have someone that can cancel your ult with a knock up or stun like a volibear veigar, vi etc., if damage is inflicted to you it may cancel it too it should not though. in worst case scenarios you can cancel it your self by moving.
In order to steal drag or baron with your ult simply ask a teamate to hide in a bush make sure the dragon or baron IS WARDED OR ELSE IT WILL BE VERY HARD TO STEAL BECAUSE WHEN YOU PUT A WARD THEY CAN SEE IT TILL IT DISAPPEARS FOR 5 SECONDS AND THEY WILL KNOW YOU ARE THERE.
that's the dumbest mistake I see all the time, anyways supposing the baron or drag is warded you would simply wait till baron at 2000 health or around their make then get your teamate to go in and then you flash in and TAUNT THEIR WHOLE TEAM ESPECIALLY THE JUNGLER then Smite baron then prepare to die lol, unless your lucky that your teammate is op asf.
if baron or drag isint warded then ward it and play the running game wich is flee from the guy or two that comes and chases you then do the same it is harded to do since you have more to pay attention to, the only reason you need a teamate rly is to ult to him . TELEPORTING TO THE WARD IS THE DUMBEST IDEA EVER. DONT DO IT.
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Cinderhulk: this is your main health, and its really the jungle item that goes best with shen since all his abilities scale health now. Also go with stalkers blade (blue smite) because if u smite a target you will do true damage to them with the smite and also steal some of their movement speed which will let you go faster and then be able to taunt the enemy target.
Titanic Hydra: This is your bread and butter, it does hell lots of damage and you scale DAMAGE OFF YOUR MAX HEALTH SO THE TANKIER YOU ARE THE MORE DAMAGE YOU DO! also when you use the key assigned to the item it does a special effect that double the damage off your main health you can do this every 15 seconds. It is a great way to execute enemies.

Thornmail/Banshees Veil: This depends if your enemy is ad or ap if they tend to more ap and only have one ad which is adc then get banshee's first then thronmail, or vice versa.

Both of these items are really good thorn-mail is excellent against squishy assassin that use basic attacks to kill someone like a shaco. its also a great amount of armor, and it the reason its good against ADC and assassin that use basic attacks is because it returns 25% of the damage they inflict on you plus a little bit more based on you armor. Banshees is great as well because it gives a decent amount of health plus it blocks a fatal enemy ability so lets say a brand ult it will block 500 of the magic damage of that cool down is very long tho around a 1 min and 20 sec cool down.

Maw of malimortus/Randuins omen: this is a must get unless enemy is all ad it give great attack damage a decent amount of magic resist and and some armor pen plus upon being below 300 health grants a shield that blocks 300 magic damage and gives u 10% lifesteal extra attack damage for ten seconds.
Randuins omen is great as well against high crit strike enemies since it reduces the damage taken from crit strikes by 10 percent, another thing is that it has a key assigned item that when activate slows enemies around you for 5 seconds a great way while in the middle of a fight to keep enemies away from you or when chasing a great but expensive combo where you can get the whole team again while they run, in order to do that you need to smite one target flash e and then randuins if your team is followed with you can literally have a second chance to ace. That is the ultimate comb, but in realty randuin is only good vs high crit people like adcs and a yasuo.

Wits end/Warmogs: Wits end is a great item, it gives attack speed plus some magic resist so when you q you can make sure you get ur 3 hits with this item, but the best about it is that it stacks with your q on magic damage when you activate your q and it passives are that it steals up to 25 magic resist from enemy champions ( 5 magic resist per stack you gain stacks by hitting enemy champs.) you do 40 extra magic damage every basic attack. THIS CAN ALLOW YOU TO DO 200 MAGIC DAMAGE BASIC ATTACK WITH YOUR Q AND THEN THE REST OF YOUR MAGIC DAMAGE SO THREE HITS OF YOUR Q DO LIKE 400 DAMAGE IMAGINE YOUR LAST Q HIT WITH HITTING TITANIC HYDRA LIKE 800 DAMAGE!!!!! DAMN!!
Warmogs is great to since it gives you tankiness as hell and regens alot of health after 8 seconds of not takeing damage.

Those are your core items for tankiness and some damage they vary and depend on you enemies if they are ap ad or mixed.

here come other optional items that you could think of getting depending on your situation.

The Bloodthirster: is a really good ad carry item but only build if you have the following cinderhulk,titanic hydra, thornmail, randuins, this item really only applies when enemy team is full ad. The blood thirster overheals you with basic attacks and life steal, and stores extra lifesteal in a small shield.

Frozen mallet: another item to build if enemy is all ad and you need extra health, if enemies are really fast you can slow them down with this since your basic attacks do a little bit more damage and slow them down by 30%
Blade of the Ruined king: another great item to get gives extra attack speed and some lifesteal also does extra damage based how much enemy health is missing, and has a key you can assign as an active that does spell vamp cooldown is 1 minute.

Frozen heart: great item against high attack speed enemy also gives a good amount of armor and some cooldown reduction, its passive that it reduces enemies attack speed by 15 percent withing the range of 1000m.

Dead mans plate: Last but not least is dead mans plate, which is a another good item it gives movement speed stacks, a decent amount of armor and health personally its not my favorite but it will make you do even more damage. You get your stacks by simply moving at 100 stacks you get a little bonus and your next basic attack does double the damage (1 stack =2 damage) also at 100 stacks your next basic attack slows them by 50%. , which IS GREAT BECAUSE IF YOU ADD THAT TO THE COMBO YOU CAN GETS AROUND 400 MAGIC DAMAGE PLUS 1000 DAMAGE WHICH LIKE ALMOST A ONESHOT!!!
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Team Work

You are the ultimate tank, here is the thing in team fights try and wait for their tank to engage first and beat him up, if it is a tank that can immobilize your team like a malphite then you have to gank first. Also try to get your support if it is a tank to be front line not because your not tanky but because when you taunt try to kill the adc on the spot you have a deadly combo with your q and titanic hydra plus wits end you can literally one shot the adc if you hit him with the right combo which would be e>q>hit adc>w

then make sure you team follows up with you.
another thing you can do is that if you are experinced, and if the enemy team is pushing your tower or if they are tower hugging their tower you can flash behind their whole team and e them to get them out of their tower or bring them to yours. It is risky but if you preform it right you can ace and take a tower without having to push or you can save a tower like that.
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Pros / Cons

Super Tanky
Damage scales off of max health the tankier you are the more damage you do
Super Hard to kill late game
Great CC


you can change your cons by getting runes but up to you.
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VS Champ

You get it pretty good vs adc and mage also some assasin, tanks arent rly a problem either since most tanks dont do dmg only people that are broken like xin can really destroy you.
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Check out this guide/ Message me for anything

Check This guys guide out its really good for in depth explaniation he also has a little diffrent build suggestions.

Also guys pm me if you need anything else I will respond back thank you please vote(:
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