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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Trango Fett

Shen, not just there for his E

Trango Fett Last updated on March 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Shen, the Ultimate Ninja

Shen is the best tank in game. However, he suffers from a problem inherent in every tank; he lacks DPS late game. Even with his AoE taunt, the best tanking ability in the game, he becomes easily ignored late game. I main Shen and use the full tank builds found here on Mobafire. The builds I've used have an irritating lack of damage; his E ability remains his only useful attribute. I seek to solve this problem by building Shen to a point where he can tank, while dealing noticeable damage.

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    Good health and armor
    High Stand United and Feint shields
    Good Vorpal Blade damage
    High health regen from Vorpal Blade


    Low magic resist for a tank

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: Magic penetration is to maximize DPS.
: AP to increase Shen's effectiveness after he gets his tank items.
: Shen needs dodge to mitigate damage.
: Flat HP for the survival early game.

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Summoner Spells


: Ghost is generally good on every champion for running away or chasing.
: Exhaust is useful for getting first blood and really helps Shen gank early game.
: I don't ever use ignite, but it could be useful for early game fights.
: Teleport is used to get back to your lane quickly or teleporting to a minion to save a teammate.
: Shen is a great jungler.


: Shen can escape using Shadow Dash or Stand United if he's desperate.
: With AP, Stand United should be saving your teammates and Feint should be saving you.
: Better on another character.
: I've seen people use this in conjunction with the ult, but Shen ults into combat most of the time which leaves it unavailable should he die.
: Shen doesn't use mana .
: Shen benefits more from AP.
: Not very effective on Shen.
: Flash is generally used to run or catch up and Shadow Dash moves roughly the same distance.

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Initially a full tank Shen build seems the most viable build available, however such a build makes Shen deal negligible damage and easily ignored after he uses . The solution to this problem is simply to get enough items on him to tank and then build AP to buff his damage. Shen really only needs Mercury Treads to tank. Although this build makes you much more vulnerable and the enemy team able to focus you down, if you're the first one dying in a team fight, then you're doing something right.

Early Game

If I'm laning with someone I usually start off with a and a . Try to last hit whenever is up and harass with . Once you hit level 2, you should get first blood in the next few levels with and . The first time you blue pill you buy a and then a for the health and armor. 9/10 games you want to turn your boots into Mercury Treads because this build will have a ton of armor but a lack of magic resist. The other option would be either if the WHOLE enemy team is AD or if the enemy team has a bunch of fast movers.

Mid Game

Next, you build an for the health and defense, plus the aura benefits your allies because you'll be next to them most of the time. Turn your into . Get a for the magic resist or a if the enemy has a lot of CC. Now you want to build a starting off with the to finish off your tanking items. You can get and before you get the if you find that your health is enough to keep you alive. Build a next because Shen's abilities are spammable.

Late Game

Most of the time I just buy the three elixirs before Lich Bane because I won't have the money to straight buy it. Finish off the build a , however if you find that the enemy team is focusing you often then sell your and get instead.

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Creeping / Jungling

Shen is a great jungler because of Vorpal Blade's regen and the Feint shield.


For summoner spells I get Smite, which is a must, and Ghost for chasing/running during early game ganks. For masteries, I just move one point from Cripple to Plentiful Bounty. The rest of the build is the same, including skill sequence and end game items.

Early Game

Buy a and 5 . I start on the wolves, using and on one of the small wolves before ing the big one and finishing it off with a normal attack. After the wolves, I go to the wraiths use a as I engage. After that, I use a as I move on to the double golems and another as I engage them. By this time, should be off CD so use it on one of the golems. At this point, it's pretty risky to try to kill Red Lizard because Shen doesn't have full health from double golems and smite is on cooldown, so I try to gank one of the side lanes instead and back after the attempt. At fountain, turn the cloth armor into a and get if you have enough. Go through the wolves-wraiths-golems cycle once more and then either gank again if your allies are getting pushed or get Red Lizard, killing both small minions first, and then Blue Golem, killing both small minions first, and then ganking the closest lane.