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Shen Build Guide by OstOstMeraOst

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League of Legends Build Guide Author OstOstMeraOst

Shen - The Flipp Flopping Ninja

OstOstMeraOst Last updated on December 18, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Shen is a tanky support character.
A very fun hero to play ^^!!

This is my solo Top Sustain build for him! Hope you enyoy!

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Pros and Cons

Has one of the stronger CC spells Shadow Dash
Has an Global Ulti Stand United
Very fun to play!
Is a Ninja!

Very item dependant.
Needs Alot of farm.
Easily Kited early on.

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Marks: Greater Mark of Magic Penetration or ( Greater Mark of Health gives you a more tanky start and makes ure passive hit harder!). Greater Mark of Magic Penetration gives you more regen when farming and harassing ure enemy with Vorpal Blade.

Seals: Greater Seal of Armor or Greater Seal of Vitality -->( Greater Seal of Armor gives you more dmg mitigation early game to withstand harassment from tanky dps chars and Attack dmg assassins like Renekton, Irelia) or Talon...

Greater Seal of Vitality-->Gives you a tanky mid and late game but a weaker early game.

[Glyphs: Greater Glyph of Magic Resist or Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist ( Greater Glyph of Magic Resist gives you good resist against mages early game and Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist scales very good for late game).

Quints: Hp regen/5 Greater Quintessence of Vigor Here me out on these ones! ( These ones gives you alot of early sustain in lane). Synergizes very well with You're early Doran's Shield and makes you're regen 24/5 sec on Lvl 1. These quints compared with Greater Mark of Magic Penetration will make you regen even faster when you farm with you're Q skill Vorpal Blade).

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Skill Sequence

Stand United> Shadow Dash> Vorpal Blade> Feint

Allways put 1 Skill in Ulti Stand United when availble.

Shadow Dash over Vorpal Blade for better Support and ganks! Remember that this is a Tanky Support build so we'll make the most of his Taunt Shadow Dash over Vorpal Blade Dmg.

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Build order:

First start of with your Doran's Shield

First Trip Back to base: Get Giant's Belt and ordinary Boots of Speed + Sight Ward.

Second Trip Back to base: Finnish Your Frozen Mallet and uppgrade ure boots to Mercury's Treads or Ninja Tabi depending on the enemy team setup.
If alot of AD/Dps buy Ninja Tabi
If alot of Crowd Controll or Magic Dmg - Mercury's Treads

Then get back to your lane or help your team with Dragon or Ganks.

When you can afford then buy Aegis of the Legion to Boost your team mates Mr/Armor/and Dmg out put. It's a very underrated or under used item in low ELO, but very good for an support tank like Shen.

Dont forget to assist your team when needed with Team fights/ Ganks or dragons to secure more gold/ better advantage for Late Mid Game or Late Game. Very Important!

Last Item in the (CORE)to finnish is Guardian Angel By this time your pretty much unkillble.

Last slot are situational: If u have trouble with Dps/carries consider bying a Thornmail/ Atma's Impaler or an Force of Nature if dose mages are hitting you too hard >_<, If you need more Hp? Then switch the Doran's Shield for --> Sunfire Cape or Warmog's Armor. Remember To buy Sight Ward Vision Ward When you are laning and ward Baron allways! Wards are life savers!

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Summoner Spells

Teleport + Flash depending on prefer's. If you like Ghost more then Flash then you pick Ghost instead.

But allway's pick Teleport. Teleport gives you the chanse to Gank other lanes with your Ulti and help out your team mates without loosing to much farm in the Top lane. It also gets you back to lane faster when you go to base to buy Items.

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Shen has an great farming tool with his Q skill Vorpal Blade.

Simply q + auto attack the creeps when they have low health. It can take a a little while before you get the right technic to get all the creeps of the incomming creep waves but give it time. Practies makes perfect. Q Dmg is the best and only way Shen can
farm well without auto attacking. So learning to last hit with your Vorpal Blade quick and alot is Crucial if you want to become a good Shen player, or even a good LoL player overall.

Remember to place or replace Wards in the top bush closest to the river so you can spot ganks incomming from the enemy teams jungler or people comming from bot/mid. Its allways important to have vision over the routes the enemy can use to gank you.

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Opponents to be wary off!
Singed Runs around poisoning your inviroment, Can Fling you into his turret and slow you down with Mega Adhesive. After his 6 Insanity Potion you'll get rolled :D.

Talon Can harass you hard with Rake and Cutthroat and kill you if your not carefull.

Xin Zhao Enough Said...

Piece of Cake:
Akali Been nerfed enough for you to bully her out of lane before she's lvl 6.

Nidalee She can jump when she's lvl 6 but's about it if you harass her enough.

Nasus Pretty balanced lane, Both like the farm!

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Play Style

Well here's where the fun part starts! Your main goal as Shen is to farm/fight and destrupt the main Damage Dealer's (Ap/Ad Carry's) like Ashe Annie Vayne Brand of the opposite team with your AOE Taunt Shadow Dash Sheild your carries with your ultimate Stand United and be in the way all the time! Like a Tanky BEAST NINJA!

If you do this Right you are a great asset and you probobly bring your team to victory.

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This was my guide to The Eye of the Twilight.

If you like then pls comment! ^^
Hope you enjoyed the read!