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Shyvana Build Guide by Crisis

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Crisis

Shyvana - Dragonborn - FUS RO DAH

Crisis Last updated on January 21, 2012
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One of the best dances in the game after Ezreal's dance of course

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Shyvana - The Half Dragon

Half-Dragons are the forbidden scions of humans and shape-shifting dragons. There have been few in the world, as they are typically hunted down by their draconian relatives. The scarce and reclusive dragons left on Runeterra find it disgusting to mix their blood with the frivolous and violent lesser races. However, there are those who become fascinated with humans, such as Shyvana's father. It was to Prince Jarvan IV IV's surprise when his hunt led him to a legendary young half-dragon. She wept over the dead, mutilated corpse of her father, murdered for her existence. Something in Jarvan IV was moved by Shyvana's plight. Together they plotted revenge against the mighty dragon resposible. The assault cost the Demacian Prince many men, and nearly his life, but ultimately Shyvana and he prevailed.

The experience changed the both of them. Shyvana lost her place in the world, left alone to be hunted by those dragons who discovered her existence. Because of what he'd seen, [Jarvan lost his taste for the hunt and wished to return home as protector of his people. Jarvan IV IV, as Crown Prince of Demacia, offered Shyvana a place as a noble warrior in the ranks of the elite guard. Out of gratitude and necessity, she accepted. Since their return to Demacia, Shyvana has proven herself to be a fierce and powerful soldier. She blends her fiery draconian blood with her adopted principles of justice. She revels in the power she now feels in the human world and there are few who do not quake before her in combat. However, by and large there remains only one place for glorious battle. When Jarvan IV joined the League of Legends, it wasn't long before Shyvana answered the call as well.

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Shyvanaa is an excellent champion if you want to be tanky yet deal Tons of Damage
This is due to her ultimate passive Dragon's Descent

She is a versatile champion that is probably one of the best if not the best Off-Tank in LoL

Well it was just an ordinary day of LoLing when I decided to try Shyvana
I was amazed at how much damage she done when I only had Madred's Razor and Boots of Speed
So I kept trying different builds and now I'm posting up the builds consider the best for Shyvana if you're deciding to play Her.

There are 4 Builds to choose from Build 1 is for an AD and AP team (Jungle)
Build 2 is for a heavy AD team (Jungle)
Build 3 is for Heavy AP (Jungle)
And build 4 is Lane With Core Items

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Pros / Cons


Great Mobility With/Without Burnout

Auto Attack Timer Reset with Twin Dragon Bite and Hits Twice

Built In Flash with Dragon's Descent

Tanky without items due to Dragon's Descent

Doesn't use Mana / Fury doesn't run out

Strong AoE damage output with every single ability in Dragon Form


Only has Dragon's Descent To escape needs to be full fury though

No Hard CC (Stuns,Snares etc)

Weak till Level 6 can be taken out pretty easily

Picked on by Ranged Ashe Tristana Kog'Maw

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For Runes I Take :

Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed
This is because every one of Shyvana abilities benefit from auto attacks, so why not get some attack speed? It would also help in the Jungle

Greater Mark of Desolation
Since Shyvana is great at taking out squishies, i don't suppose getting some armour penetration would hurt, so you can hit that Teemo even harder!

Greater Seal of Defense Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
These runes synergize with Dragon's Descent and give you increased armour and magic resist
Together you get over 100 armour and about 74 magic resist at level 18 with no items.
Which is just awesome #_#

Other runes that you may choose :

Greater Quintessence of Desolation

Greater Mark of Attack Speed

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I take Summoner's Resolve for the improved Smite
As well as Tough Skin Indomitable and Bladed Armor for reduced damage for Jungle
I take Durability and Veteran's Scars for increased hp
Also taking Honor Guard with Swiftness both giving me movement speed
Good Hands It may not sound like much, but it can mean the difference between saving a turret/ally or getting a kill
Summoner's Insight For improved Flash
And last but not least Runic Affinity for increased buff durations


Again i have 21 points in defense for the extra armour, with 9 in offense taking Summoner's Wrath for improved Exhaust
Brute Force for Extra Damage
Alacrity for More attackspeed
Weapon Expertise for the Increased Armour Penetration

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Vampiric Scepter This is what I usually start with.

Cloth Armor Health Potion
Feel free to start with these just as good as the scepter

Madred's Razor After jungling/ganking this should be your very next item to purchase.
Boots of Speed Get these after Madred's if you tend to gank alot.

Wriggle's Lantern If you don't gank a lot get these instead since its only 150g

Mecury's Treads These boots are great for Shyvana because she has no escaping abilities apart from Dragon's Descent which she can't rely on all the time

Wit's End This is a very good item, it increases your attack speed and you gain magic resist per hit, what more could you want?

Sunfire Cape Another great item, Synegizes well with Burnout, Gives you hp and armour

Trinity Force Gives you little bit of everything, Movement & Attack Speed, Health & Mana
Some attack damage and ability power, and a 25% chance to slow your enemy with every hit.

Your last two items should be situational, depending on the other team is what you build.

Heavy AD

You could trade out Mercury's Treads For Ninja Tabi
Thornmail Is a great item for a Heavy AD Team
Randuin's Omen Is good for the Unique Active And Passive aswell as the extra armour and Health
Frozen Mallet Switching out your TriForce for this is optional if you need the hp get this [/colour]

Heavy AP

Force of Nature Best item against AP casters hands down.
Warmogs Armor Huge amount of HP, not even Leblanc can burst you down now!
Banshee's Veil Another great item blocks all spells especially dat Karthus ult


Or Maybe they have Xin Zhao Master Yi Karthus Akali and you don't know which build to choose?
Don't Worry that's where all the runes and masteries and Dragon's Descent come in
All those should already make you tanky but it wouldn't hurt to build some MR and Armor
Guardian Angel This item lets you revive and gives you MR and Armor!
With this Guardian Angel Sunfire Cape and Mercury's Treads you have 241 armour 174 magic resist #_#

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You should always try to get the solo top lane, since Shyvana isn't too good until level 6. Try to farm to the best of your capabilities but don't be aggressive because you could take a significant amount of damage or get ganked. Only try to last hit if you push the lane up too far you are more prone to ganks then your opponent. If you can, try to keep the minions on your side of the map.

You always want to keep these places warded if you are solo top or bottom

In Mid Game you want to be farming as much as you can for your Sunfire Cape
this item is a must it's just too great to not buy with Shyvana

Late Game - By now you should have atleast a Mercury's Treads Wit's End and Sunfire Cape Perhaps even Trinity Force depending on how well you are doing (I presume its good since you are following this guide ;D)

Around this time a lot of Team Fights are going off and try to stay with your team.
You should not be initiating with Dragon's Descent well at least I wouldn't O.o
Once a team fight starts after your tank as gone in such as Alistar
Jump right onto their carries and shred them apart eg. Ashe Vayne Teemo
Repeat over, and over until Victory Screen Pops Up

Tips And Tricks

Before going into Dragon Mode try using Burnout
since it leaves a trail behind you, you can make a Corki Valkyrie

If you can kill someone without using Dragon, try not use it since you may need it to escape.

Don't fly into team fights with Dragon's Descent it'll only get you killed

Try not get get kited too much