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Shyvana Build Guide by real-lifedovahkin

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League of Legends Build Guide Author real-lifedovahkin

Shyvana Top - The real dragonborn.

real-lifedovahkin Last updated on October 30, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Sup, I've been playing Shyvana Toplane as my main now for several hundred games and tried dozens of different builds. A few weeks ago, shortly after the Tri-force buff, I finally found THE item build, that works by far the best for me. I did not find any Shyvana build on Mobafire, that is really similar to my Atk-speed/on-hit/off-tank/can't run away from me build, so I decided to upload my own Shyvana toplane guide ;). So yeah, that's that and lets get right into it.

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Pros / Cons


    • Underestimated – most players underestimate how strong the dragon actually is!
    • Easy farming/pushing:
    o you can farm with well with
Flame Breath if you are in a hard matchup (e.g.Kennen)
o easy farming under the tower with Twin Bite (atk-timer reset)
o Immense push speed with Burnout.
• High mobility – Burnout lets you chase down enemies and escape ganks effectively.
• Naturally beefy with Dragonborn Dragon's Descent.
• Can out-trade most champs: early-, mid-, and lategame.
• Does mainly magic damage (with Burnout, her Flame Breath and Dragon's Descent.), countering armor stacking.
• She’s a fkin DRAGON.


• No hard CC (that pathetic pull on her ult doesn't count)
• Can be easily poked out of lane
• She has quite a few "unwinnable" lanes (except when your lane opponent is a complete ******) like Jayce/Kennen... I must add though, that I did win such lanes several times with the right jungle pressure.

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For my marks, I chose 9 x greater mark of hybrid penetration. I personally really like greater mark of hybrid penetration, as Shyvana does loads of Magic damage (she probably deals more Magic then Physical Damage), with Burnout (scales with ad, but does Magic damage = pure awesomeness), Flame Breath and Dragon's Descent. Therefore Mark of Hybrid Penetration are a good thing to pick up. Also, your Wit's End and Sunfire Cape deal magic damage, synergizing with the hybrid pen runes.

Well, for my seals I pick up Greater Seal of Armor.... pretty standard for any toplaner, not much to say.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist, once again pretty standard, if you take Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist or Greater Glyph of Magic Resist is up to you, I prefer the Greater Glyph of Magic Resist as runes in my opinion are there to give a lanes an early game advantage.

For my Quints I prefer taking AD, as you need AD somewhere from your runes, otherwise you will have a hard time farming, especially under your turret. Not mentioning the missing DPS in an early fight. Sometimes I like to take Movement speed Quints against ranged match ups toplane.

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For my Masteries i took a typical 21/9/0 Off-tank build. In the offensive tree, i took 1 point in Summoner's Wrath as the 5 bonus ad and ap when ignite is down is pretty damn strong for only on point in the masteries. I then take 4 points in Fury , as ATK speed is definitely the BEST stat to get on Shyvanna. It just benefits you in SO MANY ways. It reduces the cool down of your Q (1 second less CD for every AA), it gives you a longer uptime of your W (well its capped, but if you activate it to get close to a target you'll need some AS to get the maximum out of it), it increases the DMG of your E (Your E applies a mark on the enemy dealing % of their max HP with every hit! More Atk speed = more hits = more procs!) and last but not least it decreases the CD of your ult and increases the time IN the dragon form (hits during dragon form also give you fury). With an ATK speed of like 1.5, your ult will be up for 50 seconds instead of 35 seconds with 0.7 Atk speed (well you would need to AA during the entire duration to achieve this result, but the entire build is based upon sticking on your enemy with phage speed buff, FM slow, Botrk slow + speed buff and Furor upgrades on boots). The two points in Sorcery for CDR are just my personal preference, as I like that Q up as often as possible for my tri-force proc. The rest is pretty mainstream.

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So Yeah, now comes the part where I explain my item choices.

Starter Items
This is probably my favourite Start against most match ups. It gives some nice Bonus Hp and health Regen, along with damage reduction of income AA. Together with the HP pot, it gives me nice sustain in lane, while also making good early trades and 1v1 death fights possible (early game most toplaner's are heavily AA reliant).

x5 OR sight ward x5 ... They are both good starters against lanes where you are all like "I can't do sh*t against them and I'll just farm under my turret", like e.g. against Kennen. I wouldn't recommend this start though against lanes where you WANT to fight.

This starter is more a tactical pick up against lane where you want to avoid skillshots e.g. against Nida, or for lanes where you know you'll just farm e.g. Cho'Gath.

sight ward This starter I would only recommend against lanes where you really need early game dominance, like against Akali, who'll just stomp you if you give her enough quality time early game.

First Back
When I back for the first time, I love to pick up a vampiric sceptre and some . This is, as with my vampiric sceptre, I will be able to trade with my lane opponent and then heal up on the next creep wave. The boots are also awesome, as when I start trading with my lane opponent and he notices "Sh*t his max rank Burnout really chunks me", it'll be too late for him and he'll die crying.

Early Game
Next i will try to rush a and a . With this build, I have some nice bonus Ad for more damage, Life-steal for more sustain, some HP and some more AD for easy trades. As well, those are the first two ingredients for my "nice try, but you can't run from a dragon" build, which additionally to being effective is also amazingly funny to play. With those two items, I can farm in lane totally chilled and wait for my opponent to blow his Cooldowns on creeps, then I'll just activate my ult and fly towards him. He then will try to run, as he can't trade with me with his Cool-downs gone, but even if he flashes, my phage speed boost + my Cutlass slow and my W will make sure I'll quickly catch up with him/her, which will mostly lead to a kill. This build is also extremely good against hard disengage champions like teemo, Kennen and Jayce, which are a real "pain in the as*".

Mid Game
For Mid-Game, I then tend to rush a blade of the ruined kind, which gives you an immense damage spike and more CC to chase down kills and annoying little teemo's. The will give you TONS OF DAMAGE, for your up to then max rank Twin Bite with a approx. 5.7 sec CD. As the CD of Twin Bite is reduced by 1 sec for each auto attack (with Blade of the Ruined King and Trinity Force you'll have approx. 1.2 atk speed) making the CD of Twin Bite Approx. 2.5 seconds, making the Trinity Force active proc almost 100% effective. The fact that your Twin Bite in Dragon's Descent is an AOE spell and your Trinity Force proc hits all enemies infron of you, makes it even more worth to pick up ASAP. Also the bonus Movement speed coming from the Zeal in the Trinity Force makes chasing down little even easier :)

My Favourite endgame build! :D (in most cases)
This is the build I always want to get. Obviously its not always possible, as sometimes my team desperately needs a meat-wall shyvanna or sometimes I'm matched up against a full ap team :O. But if the circumstances are right then I'll always go for this fantastic build :P The cool thing about this build, is that the build synergizes with itself and with shyvana's skill set. As already mentioned before, ATK speed is by far the best stat on shyvanna due to its multiple advantages. Well most of my items give atk speed ( ). In a team fight, shyvanna wants to jump into the enemy backline and wants to kill the squishes in the back. To do this, she must be able to stick onto the back line. The Enchantment: Furor , Trinity Force, Frozen Mallet and the Blade of the Ruined King active lets me stick on the back line and devour them. Also, for me to get the full potential of my high attack speed (lower CD on Twin Bite, etc.. I must actually attack enemy champions which won't work out, if I can't stick to them and get kited. If I jump into the back line, I also don't want to get oneshotted, which is why i go for some HP and resist ( Sunfire Cape , Trinity Force , Frozen Mallet and Wit's End) giving me some beefy 3545 HP together with 176 armour and 180 mr in dragon form. So this is the reasoning of my favourite endgame Shyvanna build (AKA Atk-speed/on-hit/off-tank/can't run away from me build).

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Skill Sequence

Gives you bonus Armor/MR scaling with LVL, bonus is doubled in ULT.

The next attack strikes twice, second attack does more dog the more the ability is levelled. Both attack apply on-hit effects. Each AA reduces its CD by one second. More Atk speed = less CD.

Makes a Ring of fire (no pun intended) around you, dealing damage to all that is brave enough to stand in your way. The ring of fire gains 1 sec duration for each time you attack, up to 4 bonus seconds.

you spit fire and deal damage to everything in a line. This fire, which Shyvana spat, creates wounds of the enemies and Shyvana hits into them, dealing bonus damage on each hit (% HP) (that's at least how I interpret the skill).

Shyvana reveals her true form (a dragon, for all people wondering) and jumps forwards pulling all enemy champion in her path with her. Shyvana gains bonus armour and MR in dragon form. The ability has no CD, but uses Shyvanas only resource pool (fury). Shyvanna gains 0,666/1.333/2 fury each second depending on ult level. She additionally gains 2 fury for each auto (more attack speed = shorter CD). In ult form, Shyvana loses 5 fury each second and returns to her human form at 0 fury. She still gains 2 fury for each auto in ult form though, meaning more attack speed = more time in ult.

For everyone who is like "OMG NOOB, why does he say max Twin Bite second?!? WTF UNINSTALL", it really depends who you are matched up with. If your against a tanky dude (Shen), you max Flame Breath second. If you are against a squishy dude (Zed) you max Twin Bite second. The only constant is, that you should always max Burnout first. With only one or two exceptions. The only time where you would max Flame Breath first, would be when you are against a kennen or a jayce, your lane is pretty pushed for whatever reason and you really want to farm. Then you max Flame Breath so it has a short CD and does more dmg for easier ranged farming. Then you can also use it for some nice harass.

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Lane Match-ups

So in this section I'll talk about different match-ups Shyvana might face at top, talk about them and rate the difficulty from 1-10. I'll continue to add more match-ups over time, when I feel like it or straight after facing one of them.

(3/10, if he maxes Q first) (4/10 when he maxes E first)
If you Play Shvana top and you are matched up against a Nasus, you are going to have a good time. Early game, your damage is way higher then Nasus' and when he Comes for a Siphoning Strike stack just activate Burnout and hit him a few times (be careful to not take too much minion damage). If you do this everytime he Comes to farm, he will be extremely low after his 4-5th stack and will Need to recall or he will be zoned. Both will benefit you. If you continue denying him like this, you will be able to defeat him in a 1v1 at any stage of the game (except maybe at lvl 18 40minutes in). Just make sure to kepp a ward up (his W can be deadly if his jungler Comes ganking). At Level 6, if you are constantly pushed to his Tower, you can also start Proxy farming inbetween his inner and outer turret, as Nasus is not the best at farming under his turret and he will stil miss lots of stacks. (I meantioned that the lane is harder when Nasus maxes E first, as generally more experienced Players tend to max e first due to ist higher dmg/armor reduction and Nasus "newbies" max Q first, which isnt very effective :D)

Udyr is being played more frequently recently and I encountered him a few times as Shyvana. Each of them went tiger stance so I cant judge about phoenix/hybrid udyr's. Against Tiger Stance Udyr's NEVER engage at lvl 1. His Lvl 1 double Tiger Stance DoT + Atk Speed + Bonus damage on Auto attacks is insame. You can start trading with him lvl 2-3, but never go on him while he already activated his Tiger-stance, as you wont win your trade if he gets two subsequent procs on you. After lvl 6, you should be able to win every all-in. Udyr also tends to fall off way more in the late game then Shyvana. Just Play def for the first 2-3 Levels against Udyr.

Oh Jayce... what an annoying lane... Jayce will just AA you every time oyu go for a farm, chunking you by a lot and if you want to go in, he just knock you away. In this lane, you will just try to farm safely with your e and then eventually under your Tower. If you manage to survive this lane until you get your Bilgewater Cutlass and some Boots of Speed, without getting too far behind (10-20 Cs behind Jayce is what your aiming for), this is the time the tides will turn. At this stage, you are probably pushed to your Tower: just quickly kill the wave and ult directly into jayce face. He will knock you away, but then you'll just activate your Burnout and use your Bilgewater Cutlass to catch up and you will probably be able to kill him without him reaching his Tower. After that, you will dominate your lane. If he does jump on you early game with his Q and you aren't too low, don't be scared, just hit him with Flame Breath, activate Burnout AA once and then directly Twin Bite to reset your Auto attack Animation and AA once more and you should've chunked him more then he chunked you.

This comp is faceroll for shyvanna. Just get your [flame breath] and [burnout] on him before he silences you and you win the trade 100% of the time. Don't run away when he spins, you get hit anways! attack him, you do more dmg with your w! At lvl 6, you're advantage is even bigger. Last game, I managed to kill both garen and elise when elise came to gank me (at level 6). The only thing is, when you are past early game and garen isnt 0/5, he will start to be very tanky and you wont be able to kill him in lane. Neither will he kill you. You are still stronger, hes just tanky.

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Well, thats my first guide I've ever done. If you liked it, I'd really appreciate a like and if there was something not to your content I would really urge you to comment, so I may if necessary make some changes on this guide. On my side, it was really fun creating this guide and I hope it was helpful and entertaining to read :). :)

Peace out