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Singed Build Guide by EvilDice

Singed - AP Chemistry (Tank)

Singed - AP Chemistry (Tank)

Updated on November 28, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author EvilDice Build Guide By EvilDice 616 68 2,093,960 Views 343 Comments
616 68 2,093,960 Views 343 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author EvilDice Singed Build Guide By EvilDice Updated on November 28, 2011
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So I heard you like poison. Well, you came to the right place! Most likely you've come to this build because in recent games you have seen a singed wreck and you want to do the same. Surprisingly, singed is not as easy as he looks. However I can assure you, he is so damn fun! For the most part, what you are going to need is practice, however I hope by reading this guide and trying out my build, you will achieve godmode singed much faster than other noobs. Or maybe you are a vet singed player looking out to try a new build. Well, here it is!

I should be updating the guide with more strategy if it gets good reception, so stay tuned!

My ranked stats with Singed (1700 ELO)

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Change Log

2/8/11 - Updated to fit the new mobafire chapter theme.
2/21/11 - Added new DV/Trollvote section.
3/8/11 - First major update! Added Runes and Masteries sections, as well as a section about why I disagree with Rylai's. Some notes on why RoA is so sexy have been added as well. Will be looking into a Warmog's as a lategame item due to some things I have realized about armor/MR.
3/25/11 - Replays!
3/29/11 - Masteries changed due to feedback in the comments.
4/12/11 - What did the last patch do for Singed? Well, you can find out by heading over to the new section! Masteries have also been changed due to this change and I am now investigating whether or not Randuin's Omen is still worth it.
6/25/11 - Major revamp. Runes, Masteries, Summoner Spells, Skill Order, Items, and Playstyle have all been changed. Please make yourself familiar with these changes and read the new Solo Top section! I am now expirimenting with Shurelya's reverie. I am still perfecting this new build so expect a couple more updates :)
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Let me start by saying that runes are COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY personal preference. Here I am going to give you my set and some alternative runes you may want to try out. Build for your playstyle!

My Set (recommended):

Greater Seal of Vitality

Magic pen reds because anything besides magic pen or armor pen in this slot is a waste. Singed is more magic damage. Health per level yellows because the health bonus is going to make you close to completely unkillable late game. Shielding glyphs are honestly the only ones I would consider as you are going to take a lot of magic damage and the scaling on these into lategame is very nice. Move speed quints are so you can be a total pain in the *** to deal with early game.


This is going to aid in your early game which is relatively weak.

If you want to go for a stronger early game, this is a good choice for you.

Dodge seals are good on pretty much every champion and singed is no exception.
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9/21/0 seems like the way to go on singed after the mastery rework. The defense tree is extremely beneficial to offtank champions and the extra spell pen will ensure that that poison is hurting into late game.
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Passive: Empowered Bulwark - Increases Singed's health by .25 for each mana point he has.
It's nice to have, however it doesn't make or break singed so don't mana stack or anything. You aren't ryze!

Q: Poison Trail - Toggle: Singed lays a poisonous trail which deals 22 / 34 / 46 / 58 / 70 (+30% of ability power) magic damage per second.
What enemies hate you for: a giant cloud of poison in their face. Really all there is to this ability is to make sure you keep that purple cloud in the enemy's face as much as possible. This means for the most part you are going to want to run in front of them. The perfect time to let them have it is right after you Fling. This is also a very nice ability for farming minions, however you want to be careful to not do it too much early game as he does have mana troubles early. And, if you want to be cocky and think you can stay alive, you can run close enough to the enemy while they are chasing you and lol as they get poisoned to death.

W: Mega Adhesive - Singed throws a vial of mega adhesive on the ground causing all enemies who touch it to be slowed by 35 / 45 / 55 / 65 / 75% for 5 seconds.
Don't quote me on this, but I think at level 5 this may be the strongest slow in the game. Regardless it's great and just one level of it compliments singed so much. You will notice the delay on the adhesive when throwing it so aim ahead accordingly. There are 3 major uses for the slow.
a) To slow the enemy so you can catch them and Fling them.
b) To slow the enemy who has already been flinged so you can continue to give them a good drink, as well as allow your teammates to hit them.
c) To save team mates/yourself from chasing enemies

E: Fling - Singed flings an enemy over his shoulder, dealing 100 / 150 / 200 / 250 / 300 (+100% of ability power) magic damage and slowing the enemy when they land.
OK, I lied. THIS is what enemies hate you for. Fling is the reason singed is a viable tank, and you are going to need to learn to use it.
First off, and this mainly applies early, you want to disguise your Fling. Don't just E+click the enemy and hope you catch them, you will get kited and loled at. No, do something such as attacking autoattacking the minions or baiting their melee champion to autoattack you as you run away (then you turn and fling them).
Secondly, make sure who you fling is appropriate. Don't fling their 4000 hp mundo with a sunfire cape. Try to get their melee carry. If you can't or they have none, then you can venture farther back and get a ranged champion. You control the teamfight. Make sure who you fling is who you want your team to focus down and kill. Taking tanks is ok, however you'd better be sure that they are going to die FAST or it's a mistake.
Finally, you want to protect! This is pretty obvious, but you are the tank and as the tank you want to make sure your carries don't die. If they are getting attacked or chased, make sure you fling the assailant away.

Ultimate: Insanity Potion - Singed drinks a potent brew of chemicals, granting him 35 / 50 / 65 enhanced damage, attack speed %, ability power, armor, movement speed, and regeneration per 5 for 25 seconds.
When the time is right, take a sip of your insanity potion and let 'er rip. Add ghost to the mix(no pun intended) and you are going scary fast. Use it for ganking, escaping, and initiating for maximum effect, however if it is off cooldown and it is you alone at an enemies tower go ahead and pop it, it's actually very good for tower killing.
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Ahh, we have arrived to items. Singed is a flexible tank who can build to counter almost anything. However, I'm sure you've seen this before, it's the cookie cutter singed build and that's simply because it's the best.


I get boots 3 pot 90% of the time. They are going to help you a ton early game to get off those valuable flings to annoy the **** out of your opponent.

Catalyst the Protector

Catalyst will about solve your mana problems as you now work towards a:

A Rod of Ages is to singed what a Rylai's is to vlad, a Sheen is to poppy, and a Deathfire Grasp is to veigar. Everything synergizes just so well. A fully stacked RoA gives 80 AP, 991 health, and 725 mana (adds 231 health from passive). This means that, unless your Q key gets stuck, you will never go oom, do some decent damage, and be tanky as hell. I get this in pretty much every game, whether I am winning or losing, because it is just too damn good on singed.

Your boots choice is going to depend on their team and your personal playstyle. If you are feeling like being aggressive and annoying against your lane opponent, buy the swiftness boots. However, if their team has some heavy cc, you should grab mercs.

Well here ends the cookie cutter singed build. I've maybe seen 1 or 2 singed players who did not start the game like this and needless to say, they failed. Don't fail.


While you don't have to build this right after your RoA, this is the final core item on singed that you should build at some point in the game. It is going to provide you with a huge amount of MR and health regen that synergizes with your ult, as well as more move speed. At this point, you are just impossible to catch and run away from.

Mix, Swirl, Mix

Now our build is going to branch out as all good tank builds do. We will need to adapt to the other team and see what their team comp is, as well as who on their team is getting fed. So, for each item you buy, you will have a choice! Think of these rounds as tiers. For example, if for tier 1 I go the MR route, for tier 2 if I decide to get some armor, get the Randuin's Omen instead for most instances. You CAN buy from the same tier! They are not forks in the road! Higher tier = better item. I know this may be a bit confusing, but I felt this was the best way to portray my build.


Here you need to decide which enemy damage output is more of a threat at the moment OR which damage form they have more of. For example, if I see a fed Veigar but their Xin and Pantheon are having mediocre games, I'm going to get that Banshee's Veil. If all three are doing about the same, I'll grab a Randuin's Omen as there are more AD champs than AP.

In my opinion, Randuin's Omen is the best armor item in the game as it's high armor, health, and active will never be a waste of money. It is better that a Sunfire Cape for what it offers in my opinion because of it's active, however if you prefer the sunfire, substitute it here. Banshee's Veil is a fantastic choice for magic resist, and it is especially great if they have a fed spellcaster or a strong initiator, or just strong cc in general.


In tier 2 we have three choices. If you want to continue with magic resist, you will be buying a Guardian Angel here. If not, and we elect to go with more armor, it's time for a Frozen Heart. The attack speed reduction will significantly hurt any attack speed stackers and will make it harder on straight up AD champions. It also will slightly benifit your passive.

The reverie is still an item that I haven't tested extensively, however, stacking too much armor and magic resist make them less cost efficient, and since the reverie offers another awesome active and a health boost, it seems in theory like a perfect item on singed. Use this with caution, however I'm pretty sure this is gonna be core soon.

Here lies the end of most paths. Only buy one of these items in very rare circumstances in which you are stacking everything in either armor or MR. Thornmail will turn you into a complete shell in which AD champions would be foolish to try to penetrate. Most of the time, however, you are going to want to grab a Guardian Angel now instead of a Thornmail. Abyssal Scepter is the next best item in terms of MR, plus your abilities get a nice boost and your casters get some more magic pen.
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Solo Top

Solo top is now my new favorite way to play singed, and is the only way you see him played by pro gamers. I would actually now recommend against taking bottom lane, as top is definitely the way to go.

As singed top, you want to have an aggressive playstyle. Early on, just run right up to the enemy and fling him. With your move speed quints and boots of speed, it's very unlikely they can avoid this. Be aggressive early, and stay aggressive for the entire duration of your top solo lane(which should be until you take the tower down). What you want to do is poison the caster minions(make sure you last hit them!) so you push the lane quickly. Just use one quick puff of the poison to conserve your mana well. The reason you want to push your lane is to deny your opponent minion kills, since the tower will be stealing last hits. Since you are so incredibly hard to kill, the only way the other team will be able to stop you is from ganks, so make sure to grab a couple wards every time you go back to base.

You want to be aggressive for the duration of your stay solo top, throwing down Mega Adhesive whenever you get the chance for a Fling. If your jungler decides to gank top, go ahead and pop your ult and feel free to tower dive if your jungler has enough damage. Remember, your goal is to push, push, push!

Also, please don't use teleport for getting back into your lane. Save it for a key fight that breaks out at dragon or other lanes, so you can tp there and quickly give your team a numbers advantage for those fights. Teleport allows you to push top all day, keeping your opponent there with you, and then force a quick numbers advantage in fights.
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Early Game
Make sure you have a laning partner who is either a good pusher or can put out some good damage. What you want to do is play smart and last hit. When you get the chance you are going to Fling an enemy back and use Poison Trail so you and your team mate can either do some serious harassment or get the kill. If your enemies are smart, however, it will be tough to do this, so capitalize on any chance you get. Some tips on disguising your fling are in the Abilities section. You can also Fling enemies into turret fire if you're lucky, so if you get a couple overzealous enemies take advantage of that. Please read the solo top section on what I feel is a more viable way to play singed.

Mid Game
Split push, split push, and split push some more. That is what you should be doing for the majority of the game as Singed. It's going to give you a lot of farm to make you unkillable, as well as force the enemy team to make important decisions on how to stop you and how to fight. Remember, you have teleport! When a crucial teamfight begins, teleport to the nearest ward or minion and let your presence be known! You own both side lanes. Ward the map and push the **** out of those lanes till you can't push no more.

Late Game
Here comes the time where singed will begin to.. well, not die. Teamfights are now common and you should always be with your team. When you catch an enemy out of position you will want to slow and Fling them into their death. Most of the time, however, this won't be the case, and unless you have another champion better fit to it, you are going to have to initiate.

Initiating as singed is very difficult and he is not great at it. If you are going to initiate make sure your team is ready for it and try to find a good position where you don't have to run a super far distance. You basically want to come in unseen for as long as possible, so you want to come in from the side. The brushes at mid are great spots usually, but in other positions try to find a good position to come in from the side so you can get that important Fling off. Make sure both your summoner spells and your ult are up. You pop Insanity Potion and Ghost now and run at their closest squishy from whatever position you have chosen. Throw down Mega Adhesive (unless they have a flash) on them and pull the victim back. If they have a flash you want to wait for where they go before you throw down the slow.

Now either the enemy team is running for their lives by now or starting to fight.
If it's the former, take chase and try to Fling another enemy back.

If it's the latter, You basically now want to be as annoying as possible to cause the enemies to attack you. Fling and Mega Adhesive both have relatively low cooldowns so make use of them whenever you can. Hopefully at the end of this your team will come out victorious and you will proceed to mow over some turrets and win the game!

An alternative to initiating with your team in this phase is to just continue to split push, which is also a viable option.
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Why I don't like Rylai's

Rylai's Crystal Scepter is an item I see many singed players build. Of course having your Q slow is extremely appealing and I understand why people will want that, but let me just mention a few things about this item.

1. The item is very expensive and too out of the way for a champion I feel is a tank.

2. You do most of your damage from Poison Trail when you are getting chased! If your enemies are getting slowed with a purple cloud in their face... Are they likely to continue to chase you? Come on.. Give them some hope.

3. The AP it gives you does not significantly boost your damage output. Your abilities will definitely hit harder, there's no denying that, however RoA should give you all the damage you need to be a threat, without sacrificing your tankiness. Besides, because of point two, you may end up doing less damage!

4. The health is nice, but you'd be better off buying another tank item.
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Skill Sequence

Poison is maxed first for very speedy farming, and since it is your main damage source. Next is your powerful slow, since it is one of the strongest slows in the game at level 5. Fling is pretty much only used for the "fling" aspect of it, so wait on skilling that till you have to.
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Summoner Spells

What I use:

I don't see myself using any other summoner spells than these two. I think they are the two perfect spells for singed.

- Combined with your ult you will be uncatchable/unable to be outrun. They have amazing synergy and it's great for chasing/running/initiating.

- Since Singed is such an amazing split pusher, why not make him better? Bam. Teleport. Now you can split push all day and all night, and be ready for the teamfight whenever it happens. Teleport is pretty friggin' necessary on singed if you want to maximize his potential as a pain in the *** for the enemy team. Please, make sure you don't waste your teleport on something silly like getting back to your lane faster. It has a long cooldown and it is very important that you use it properly.

What you can use:

- Singed is locked down alot by CC when initiated and I find I get exhausted more as singed than any other champion. Cleanse will mean 2x as many flings and 2x as many escapes.

- I would only get this if nobody else on your team has it and the other team has someone like tryndamere or yi. I just feel that ghost does everything you need so much better than exhaust and you would only want it to blind their carry.

- Flash fits in this category for any champion, it's just too good of a summoner spell.

- Heal is fine for any tank, however I wouldn't take it over the two spells above.

- Singed does struggle with mana early game but late game it's a waste. If you want to support casters on your team it's a decent pick.

- Always nice for someone on the team to have fortify.

What I don't Recommend:

- Buy wards. Let supports get this.

- I just don't like this spell.

- You aren't a jungler or a buff stealer, leave that to others on the team.

- Troll.
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Here I am going to archive some good games I have with singed so you can see my playstyle.

Replay 1 - This ranked game wasn't my best play (especially the first death), however the game is pretty epic so I wanted to share it with you guys. Hadn't played singed in a while so I think I did ok :P
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