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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gasparde

Singed - Can't Touch This

Gasparde Last updated on November 17, 2011
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G'day mates, welcome to my Singed Guide. So what brought you here? Possibly got raped by a Singed a few minutes ago? Seen this guy in your team, running around, doin' crazy things and still surviving? Well, that's pretty much what Singed is about. This Guide will give you the basic knowledge about how to rule with Singed and will furthermore make you an awesome pain in the *** for your opponents.

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I will try not to use that much of insider short cuts, but sometimes it will just happen.
Therefor, this should explain 'em all.

"MR"=magic resist
"AA"=auto attack
"AP"=ability power
"AD"=attack damage
"AS"=attack speed
"CC"=crowd control
"CDR"=cooldown reduction
"CCR"=crowd control reduction
"MP5"=mana per 5 seconds

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Season 2 masteries gave Singed quite a few new options.
I prefer the 0/21/9 way.
The 21 points in defense make Singed just that guy running around crazy, not dying ever. This setup grants you 5% movement speed while above 5%, muchso sexy on Singed.
That's a way less tanky Singed build, leaving you up with way more utility and dmg - but as mentioned, way more squishiness. The utility tree offers you a nice chunk of much needed gold for Singed, and the 9 offense points make your damage a little less ignorable.
I'm currently experimenting with this one. It's just a complete hybrid specc.
Granting you 4% movement while above 70% HP, granting you more dmg throughput due to 9 offense points, and granting you a nice portion of tankiness.

Singed has many possible masterie setups. Hell yea, he can even do well with 21 points in offense. Choose what ever you prefer.

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Evasion

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

The rune, the runes, the runes...
There are several ways to rune your Singed viable. The runes mentioned above are pretty much standard.
  • Quints are personal preference. I prefer the Movement Speed Quints, because Singed relies so heavily on Movement Speed. But Armor, MR and HP Quints are viable and benefit early game.
  • I go with Glyphs of Shielding to get that really much needed MR against those freakin nukers like Annie (feel free to use flat MR glyphs for early game advantage.
  • The marks are tricky for every tank. I prefer the Mpen marks, to get some more damage of with poison 'n stuff.
  • For the seals I chose Dodge seals. dodge seals combined with Nimbleness give you that extra runspeed Singed relies so hard on (feel free to take Armor seals if you didn't take Nimbleness in Defense Tree).

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Summoner Spells


There are several well-oiled picks for Singed - you should adjust them to your lane mate respectively your team.

Great Picks:
Ghost I'd never do a game with Singed without Ghost. Combined with your ultimate this is so much win. ~600 Runspeed are nothing you want to miss in any game. Great for chasing, engaging and escaping - just insta-pick it.
Teleport Singed is an amazing pusher. Your poison will cut through tons of minions in just a few seconds. What about some fast backdoor action? No problem. Singed be a very dangerous backdoorer if not attended.

Well Picks:
Exhaust is a great weapon if you want to get in front of someone running away from you. Also a nice pick if you have some melee dmg in your lane, Singed + Poppy combined with exhaust is pretty deadly.
Flash is a viable pick for every champ - no matter if used as engagement or escape skill. If you have some serious problems with engaging as Singed, take Flash - but never use it to get away from someone. Just run and still get loads of poison kills ;D
Ignite Same as Exhaust here. Take it if your laning mate has already taken Exhaust. Nice way to firstblood somebody, or just to make that deadly poison even moar deadly!

Don't get 'em...:
Promote Though promote is an insane split pushing tool... I don't recomend taking it. Besides split pushing promote seems just not to be that usefull atm.
Clarity Naaa. Although Singed has quite some mana problems at the very beginning, at approx lvl 6 with your Rod of Ages... there won't be any mana problems.
Clairvoyance Leave this summoner spell up to you supporters.
Cleanse Again, no. your ultimate is pretty much ownage in terms of cc reduction. If you need more cc reduction, get one tenacity item and you're fine. Also QSS will do the same.
Revive Simply, no.
Smite Not a jungler, play Nunu & Willump if you want to smite!!111
Heal It's just not needed. Although you're quite squishy at the beginning, your Rod of Ages makes you very tanky and that heal just won't do... anything.

Surge Not sure how to deal with surge at the moment. Giving you a temporary dmg boost of like 20 dmg per second for your poison sounds nice... but I don't guess this will be the reason a kill was scored. Still testing this one... but I don't think it's worth it.

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Usually I start straight off with Boots of Speed + Health Potion (sometimes 2 Health & 1 Mana). Occasionally I see myself going for Sapphire Crystal & 2 Health Potion, if I know I'll dominate my lane opponent. Be aware that you are WAY more squishy without those Boots first.

The first goal is to get Rod of Ages asap - it's to Singed what beer is to ants... EVERYTHING!
So start off with Catalyst the Protector at your first B, upgraded to Rod of Ages and followed by updating your Boots into:


At this point you have to analyze what to do next.
Are you able to get a second Rod of Ages pre 25th minute? FREAKIN GET ANOTHER ONE!
Are your enemies AD heavy? Go for a Frozen Heart
Are your enemies AP heavy? Go for a Force of Nature
Are your totally melting faces and do you already have a 20-0-20 Ratio after 10 Minutes? Hell yea, go for a Mejai's Soulstealer+ Rabadon's Deathcap comp and melt 'em away!

Against a well-balanced team my build ends usually like this:
Boots of Swiftness+ Rod of Ages+ Rod of Ages+ Frozen Heart+ Force of Nature+ Banshee's Veil
Sometimes this second RoA is changed with a Guardian Angel, a Quicksilver Sash, or even a Warmog's Armor. Those last 4 Items really depend on your opponents.

I just pointed on a few items worth buying with Singed, but Singed, of course, likes almost every tank item out there. But some just simply synergize better with him.

Randuin's Omen Very useful items for AD heavy teams, mostly because it's often forgotten activated part. Activated while you dive through the enemies lines, they will deal WAY less damage.
Aegis of the Legion This item is often built by your supporters ( Janna, Sona...) or tanky junglers ( Amumu, Nunu & Willump...). IF they don't do so, don't fear to build it yourself. But never ever delay your core build for this one - and don't think about getting this item if you're always dead in fights.
Thornmail Again, a nice item for an AD heavy team. But restrict it to those cases where a Tryndamere or a Master Yi one hits through your team.
Zhonya's Hourglass Nice item if you decide to go a little bit more tanky dps instead of full tank. Best combined with items like Rabadon's Deathcapor abyssal scpteror Mejai's Soulstealer (just if pwnage deluxe!).

Why I don't like Items like Rylai's Crystal Scepter or Frozen Mallet:

U haz great runspeed, right?
U haz poizon doin' great damag if u chased, right?
U haz [[mega adhesive] if ur opponent decides 2 give chase u, right?
Still didn't get it? You want your enemies to chase you as long as possible. You're running around like wild and your enemy is slowed down to 320 speed. How likely is it that he still chases you with Poison + slow up? Leave those items to damage chars. You want to be just a littl bit faster as your opponents, so they never reach you, and you can run in front of them for ever. Passive slows are more than contra productive (thats why Randuin's Omen isn't in my standart build, respectively why I get it that late, that chasing down isn't anymore needed).

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Passive: Empowered Bulwark
Increases Singed's health by .25 for each mana point he has.

Explanation: Here's what makes Singed such an extremely well tank. For every 4 mana you get one HP, so you gain double benefit of tanky mana Items like Frozen Heart and of course your loved Rod of Ages (which gives you 786 HP instead of 630!) Thanks to this passive you will have high HP amounts already in early game due to double benefit items like Sapphire Crystal. Later on items like Banshee's Veil are still double benefits.

Q: Poison Trail
Toggle: Singed lays a poisonous trail which deals 22 / 34 / 46 / 58 / 70 (+30% of ability power) magic damage per second.

Cost 13mana per second
Range 20

Explanation: Awww... this cloud... can't count how many times I lol'ed so hard 'cause of this little purple nothing.
This cloud is your bread and butter. I promise, you will grin so hard everytime an enemy is stupid enough to run 10 seconds blind behind you, just because he thinks he'd be able to kill you. It's not rare I get out of the laning phase with ~10 Kills in a normal game just because sub pro Jax's chases me till the end of time and dies without even one hit of mine. Beside this fact this is your main farming skill. Just activate Q run a loop around the minion, draw some nice picture and watch them die. Last hitting? Whoooot? Your cloud will do so. But keep in mind - what's your best farm skill is the death of every carry in your lane. If you're to overeager or your lane partner is to bad in last hitting he will have a ******* hard time earning gold.
Oh, and... NEVER FORGET DO DEACTIVATE THAT DAMN STUFF! This will drain you so incredibly fast at lower levels. Amumu is mana intensive? Singed is worse. Roughly with your first Rod of Ages and Glacial Shroud (build into Frozen Heart later) it's getting better, and in late game, don't care, but till then, watch your mana bro...

W: Mega Adhesive
Singed throws a vial of mega adhesive on the ground causing all enemies who touch it to be slowed by 35 / 45 / 55 / 65 / 75% for 5 seconds.

Cooldown 14seconds
Cost 80 / 90 / 100 / 110 / 120mana
Range 1000

Explanation: Not only it looks deliciously as cherry, it's reeeaaaally awesome. Although it's area of effect isn't that great, at rank 5 75% slow is HUGE. And with HUGE I mean HUGE! Throw it in front of someone, run in front of him, activate q, and just stay in front of him - gg. Also a nice chasing spell if this nasty bad positioned carry tries to get in a better spot, just W and your team will pick him up easily.

E: Fling
Singed flings an enemy over his shoulder, dealing 100 / 150 / 200 / 250 / 300 (+100% of ability power) magic damage and slowing the enemy when they land.

Cooldown 11.5seconds
Cost 100 / 110 / 120 / 130 / 140mana
Range 100

Explanation: That's your signature move. Not 'cause of it's damage, just because of it's lulz'nes. Just get near someone and throw him into your team/ into turret range/ over a wall/ away from a low health team mate/ to canada. It's up to your phantasy and skill if you carry your team with this spell or fail terribly. Can't count how many times I saw Singed's throwing some Xin Zhao close to low HP Caitlyn that just luckily bounced away... Please use it wisely and frustrate your enemies, not your mates.
KNOW: This spell can interrupt deadly spells like Warwick or Nunu & Willump ultimate! This has saved my mates arses sooooo many times ;D

R: Insanity Potion
Singed drinks a potent brew of chemicals, granting him a flat increase to his combat stats: ability power, armor, magic resistance, movement speed, health regeneration per 5, mana regeneration per 5, and crowd control reduction (10 / 20 / 30 %) for 25 seconds.

Cooldown 120seconds
Cost 150mana
Range 20

Explanation: Singed's ultimate is what makes him even more tanky as his already nice passive does. Activated, this skill increases just everything. You get hurt? THROW ULT! Armor + MR + Cooldown Reduction will fix everything. You want to hurt? THROW ULT! Ability Power makes your poison hurt even moar for 25 seconds and movement speed let's you stay in front of your enemy for all day - also your Fling at rank 5 will hit for like ~500 with ult up. But ever keep in mind. Using your ult for defensive purpose > using your ult for offensive purpose. U haz Mejai w/ 20 stack incl Rabadon and see a 1v2?! Ult up, engage, get out of fight with 80% Hp and 2 moar killz!

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Start off with one Point in Fling and punish all those who are stupid enough to get close to your turret.
Beside of this Fling is not needed because of it's dmg, just the effect counts, so one rank is enough.
After this max out your deadly fart Poison Trail next. It's your source of damage, it's your way to farm, it's what kills those pro players who chase over the half map.
Next max your Mega Adhesive, at rank 5 it's with 75% the strongest slow ingame.
And of course, 1 point to your R whenever possible, it's your lifesaver.
At last, max out Fling.

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Early Game

Solo Lane

Play it safe. Start of with Boots of Speed+3 Health Potion. Ranged harrassers will drive you nuts. A Caitlyn in your lane will totally rape you, in this case, just hug your turret. Any melee in your lane will curse you. Just deny him any gain of gold with your Poison Trail and don't let him get anything. Play aggressive, Fling him into your poison cloud if he's careless, but for god's sake keep in mind that you're almost as squishy as Annie till you hit lvl 6. Your main focus in early game is to last hit, farm as well as possible and rush your Rod of Ages it's just essential for you. If you get the chance on a kill, call for a gank, fling your victim into position, slow him, poison him and watch your ganker end it. Even if Singed is able to kill EVERYTHING, keep in mind that you're a tank, your damage dealers need the money. You embed the way for your mates to score the kill.

Duo Lane

Get some nasty Poppy, Xin Zhao or Caitlyn with you in a lane and just melt faces. Drive enemies insane, score firstblood and dominate the whole game until they realize that they need 4 man to deal with you two. I show this with an example Poppy, 'cause my mate and I play this comp very often. We usually start off with me choosing Fling and him choosing his dmging Q spell. We rush into the second brush and wait till someone comes carelessly close to the brush. Fling - Exhaust - Poppy Q - Ignite and firstblood 'em down. Of course it's not always that easy. But if the enemy doesn't have Flash, he'll die, it's that easy. And after this, play it down. Keep 'em away from getting gold through spreading your cloud. Everytime it seems to work, fling, let your mate stun/ snare/ slow, poison on, Exhaust/ Ignite, stay in front of him and kill him. Play aggressive and dominate. If they turret hug play it safe. farm as effective as possible (your mate normaly needs more last hits than you), ward the river, and push minions to their turret, so they loose last hits to their turret.
Whenever possible, choose a solo lane for Singed cuz he needs much farm - but go for a duo lane with a mate if you want to pubstomp a little ;D

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Mid Game

Mid Game is the time you should already have your Rod of Ages build up and your first item ( Frozen Heart or Force of Nature in almost every case for me) should almost be finnished. Now it's your time. Teamfights approach more often and you are a, if not the biggest, key to win. Sadly Singed has no engagement skill, so don't run Leroy style in your enemies. The brushes at the river are your friends. Backstab your opponents, surprise them. Poison Trail on, Mega Adhesive in, Fling one out and let your team obliterate that poor guy you picked. If the enemy ignores you, hell ye, spread your poison as if there's no tomorrow, fling them into bad positions, slow them if they try to flee and if they really don't remark you, pop ult and destroy them. If they however focus you, pop ult, try to kite them and help your team in killing the carries as good as possible.
Mid game is your prime-time. At this time you should have ridiculously high HP, some good res and you should be annoying like hell, too. If your team can stand a tower solely without your help, try to backdoor, that's why you took Teleport ;P If your opponents are widely spread, try to pick someone out. You can deal a lot of devastation if your opponents don't know how to deal with you. Even 2v1 should be no problem for you - but that doesn't mean your immortal!

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Late Game

Late game is when Singed's power goes a bit down. That doens't mean that you insta-die, but that means that your just not anymore that annoying like you've been used to. Your Poison cloud is now without AP items barely worth mentioning, your Fling dmg, too. Enemies will most likely have some MR and your dmg goes down to zero so the only thing you can do is beeing useful. Fling like you never Fling'ed before. And place that Mega Adhesive where it really messes your enemies up. Show presence, frighten them, always do the mindgame and keep them thinking that you're still a bunch of a threat. At this moment your ultimate should mostly be used as a def spell. Your dmg is to low to be a serious threat, even with ult up... it's not worth much (what doesn't mean it's not needed!).
They only way to stay competitive at late is to go a bit on ap. So items like Zhonya's Hourglass are best to still stay tanky! Elsewise if you have another tank (out of the jungle) in your team, you could alter your build a little bit like this:
Boots of Swiftness+ Rod of Ages+ Frozen Heart+ Rabadon's Deathcap+ Abyssal Mask+ Force of Nature
This would make you quite more frightening 'cause your poison will now deal a lot more dmg, and your fling will hurt a lot more, too. But keep in mind that this is a trade for much survivability, so better don't do this if you're the only tanking player in your team.

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That's a small selfmade explanation to Singed's basic gameplay.
I guess I don't have to explain that much about the video, so the following will be short.

  • The first part simply shows the way of spreading Poison Trail on minion waves. Just engulf them in your fart and focus on last hitting as well as possible
  • The second part is about chasing. Ofc, that Shaco ingame (which is me on my third account) acts really dumb, but that's what you'll see hopefully many times. Thanks to your Boots 3 your probably faster than everyone else, and if there's one who wants to find out, do it like in the video. If the suddenly decide to give up and run away, turn around slow them, fling 'em back into your slow and get the kill if your able to.
  • And the last part is about the obvious gap closer problem of Singed. You don't have any, so you have to engage out of sneaky positions. Don't announce yourself comming 30 secons ago, wait inside a brush till the moment is right and till your enemy is near. Then finish him off with the combo mentioned in the video. This works exaclty that way in teamfights aswell. Position your team in the brushes at the river or in the jungle and wait for careless opponents. Fling 'em in a bad position, slow 'em for your team and get your poison up asap and for as long as possible.

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Singed is an amazing team champ, hands down. But to be honest, the higher your ELO goes, the more "useless" he gets outside teamfights. Players on a 70.000.000 ELO won't get screwed by your poisons. A SK Wickd, a HotshotGG or anyone else at high ELOs won't chase you forever and die in your fart 10 times. Trust me, this will happen the more rarely the higher you get. Also your Fling isn't that powerful anymore, because no one will be that bad to stay in your melee range the whole day long. So keep your focus on team fights the higher you get. Fling careless enemies to your team, Mega Adhesive as skilled as you can and Poison Trail & Insanity Potion through their lanes, while stayin' a bulwark of ingeniousness.

Another thing I want to mention is the Ratio of a Singed... I see so many Singed running around with their giant kill and low support statistics, swanking around like they would be god. I hate those Singed's.
A ratio of f.e. 20-1-7 tells three things:

  • You're doin' it completely wrong. Unless your team has 700 kills, you have scored way to many kills. Your Teemo needs that gold, your Orianna needs that gold, your Kog'Maw needs that gold - more urgent than you. It's kewl if you dominate and rape your opponents like there's no tomorrow, but let your mates get a piece of that pie, too ;)
  • Your mates do it srsly wrong. If you back off the enemy with 200 HP to let your Corki score the kill and he just runs away... oh my gosh... kill him instead. I've even seen some Karthus' in the mid of a team fight, which didn't score a penta kill, although seeing several enemies with low HP get back to their base - with ult rdy -.- Yield the kills to your carries, but if they're just complete ******, do it yourself.
  • Your enemies are totally nuts. A 20-1-7 ratio hasn't to mean that you did somethin' wrong, it can also demonstrate that your opponents are just dumb as hell. If they have a [[akali]g] in their lines, who's willing to chase you for 500 miles, the whole game long, just let her do so. It's not your fault that she's stupid ;D
TL;DR: YIELD YOUR CARRIES THOSE KILLS, THEY NEED 'EM MORE THAN YOU DO! A Singed with 5 Kills and a LeBlanc in his Lane with 3 supports SUCKS BALLS!

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Ending Notes

I hope this guide was of help to a lot of you out there. I want to admit that this is my first guide, so keep that in mind before you start rupturing me and downvoting me in the comments. I also want to say that I'm no english native speaker, so please excuse any sneaky typo that hid from my eyes.

Also I guess you mentioned that one word approached quite uncommonly.... Ward.
That was intended. I hate those guides with 4000 words, where 1000 words are just the word 'ward'.
I guess everyone who reads guides knows what map control and awareness are worth. So just buy wards and place them well. Don't start off with 10 Wards as some guides seem to communicate. 2 wards, one in the river brush and 1 inside one of outside brushes can make the difference between lane dominance and complete failure.

In this sense, hope you'll get some crazy stuff off with Singed now,
gg & hf & gl and what not,
Gasparde, your crazy Chemist next door

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Change Log

10-19-2011 Guided created
11-16-2011 Masteries updated