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Sion Build Guide by NoxianBlood

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Sion Guide

By NoxianBlood | Updated on March 29, 2020
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Runes: Top Against CC

1 2 3 4 5
Grasp of the Undying
Shield Bash

Legend: Tenacity
Coup de Grace

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
Top Lane
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Champion Build Guide

Sion Guide

By NoxianBlood
Hello and welcome to my Sion Guide, I let you know that I have 1 million points on Sion, so I kind of have an idea of how Sion works, his weaknesses, his strengths, so I would say I'm an experienced Sion player, what I'm going to show you is a guide about how strong Sion can become if you scale his Hp with Hp scaling items, making you become unstoppable behemoth. If you find that my guide isn't accurate don't get disappointed, cause everything I wrote is based on my league experience with Sion, so this guide might not be helpful to players that are not very familiar with the champion.
Pros Back to Top
+ Very Tanky mid to late game
+ Can Turn Teamfights with a single ult
+ Can survive laning phase if played safe enough
+ Scales very well with hp scaling items
+ Can be played as Support and still do well
+ Pairs well with other CC champions
+ Very mobile with Deadman plate
+ Unstoppable if snowballing
Cons Back to Top
- Can lose an entire team fight by missing ult
- Doesn't do so well against a sustain champion
- All of his abilities can be dodged
- Heavily team reliant
- Hard to master
- Requires to have a lot of patience when behind
- Passive can mostly be ignored
- Can't stop Nexus backdoors by himself
Starting Items Top Back to Top
1. Corrupting Potion, take this with the sustained runes, the second rune page with warp tonic, it will help you stay healthy in the laning phase and escape ganks much easier thanks to the warp tonic, don't overuse it in lane try to trade carefully cause you will not be so tanky as other starting items.

2. Doran's shield, this is a very good starting item for Sion, take it with the first rune page the one with tenacity, you can trade well with it and also get some health back from being attacked, doubled against a ranged enemy also good ve poking matchup but I found it better for tough short trades, the extra 80 health might help you survive.
Boots Back to Top
1. Mercury Treads, so you get these types of boots mostly for the CC, if you get these just for magic resist it won't make a big difference, and combined with legend of tenacity and when Sterak procs you will have a ton of crowd control resistance, take this for champions like Teemo Top, Amumu Jungle, Mid Malphite, ADC Ashe, Support like Alistar to reduce his E stun.

2. Ninja Tabi, take this if the enemy has no form of hard CC, so in other words, auto type of champion, it will block 12% of their basic attack, that's a big deal just make sure that they are an auto-based champion, like Yasuo mid, Draven bot, Jax Jungle, Top Quinn, and a poking support like Senna.
Scaling Hp Items Back to Top
1. Titanic Hydra scales with Sion's Hp so his basic attack will extra physical damage from your current bonus health, and the active will deal a ton with surprising burst damage that scales with your Hp, so the more health you stack the more damage you will deal.

2. Sterak had a feeling that Sion shield isn't thick enough? so you want to have a bigger shield that scales with your Hp, which means the more hp the bigger the shield is.

3.Sunfire Cape, Now that this item got a good buff we are putting this item to the hp scaling list, after immobilizing a champion you deal bonus magic damage with your stun spell with the bonus of max health your enemy with how much bonus health you have, so pretty much a good item to pick now

4. Warmog regen passive scales with your hp so means the more Hp you have the faster you will regen.

5.Iron Locket Solari. want to have another big shield for yourself? that scales with your hp, and you will even protect your allies with it, for some seconds, useful for ults like Karthus.

the only thing about this build that is quite expensive and to work very well all of these items need to be bought so you can make use of them.

just keep in mind that all of these items scale with HP so the more HP you get there more you are upgrading all of these items.
Alternate Tanky Build Back to Top
If sometimes you need immediate armor and magic resist as first items this is the build you need to get.

1. Deadman plate, position in this game is very important, and the Deadman plate provides that, Deadman provides that slow with the auto to help you land a full Q, and you will be surprised that you can easily escape with Deadman Plate when you see fights that are not in your favor.

2. Visage, is good also against AD teams, that extra regen you get after being attacked will give you enough survivability to resist poke damage, and if you have healer support you will get extra heal by him/her.

3.Sunfire Cape, Now that this item got a good buff we are putting this item to the hp scaling list, after immobilizing a champion you deal bonus magic damage with your stun spell with the bonus of max health your enemy with how much bonus health you have, so pretty much a good item to pick now

4.Thornmail, a good combo with Sunfire cape if you are one of the Sunfire cape users, but overall reduces the healing and you can easily kill an ADC if you are both fighting each other, just that he mustn't be fed if he's behind you can pretty much auto him/her to death.

5. Warmog I get this item for last cause usually staying healthy late game will make a big difference like when you survive a big fight at their inhibitor and got low and then attacking more and get your health back and pressure them again when you are full health.

(issues) this is quite a standard tanky build nothing too special about it

(helpfulness) with the early tankiness thanks to Deadman plate and Visage with boots you can pretty much finish games with only those two items, very roaming potential, I've got rewarded for roaming king so many times thanks to the speed of Deadman Plate and you can head up back to lane very fast which means more XP and farm.
Support Items Back to Top
1. Pauldrons of white rock, well this is far the best of all 3 support items for Sion it has some damage and health and executing minions for that extra 15 health if its a cannon minion remember to save some execution stacks for the cannon minion. You can put it the 5th slot

2. Knight's vow is probably the first item you will build, it gives that healing for Sion that comes from your adc's damage, and protects your ADC redirecting the damage they get to you, peeling harder for them and that extra armor and movement speed to position your self better with your abilities when you see your ADC getting damaged use shield so damage will go on the shield and you will still heal if your ADC is attacking while the shield is on.

3. Mikael Crubicle, this item makes Sion as Support more useful, if you notice they pick an enemy Ashe, rush this item first, you will see that just the presence of this item in your inventory Ashe will never ult if she knows that you have it, also stay behind ADC while Crubicle is still on cause you can't use it if you are stunned. once you use it at the right time stand in front and peel, it will cleanse every stun root, impairment, and give slow immunity for 2 seconds, and when you cleanse someone after being stunned they will get a short burst of movement speed, notice the heal and shield power that will increase your Guardian shield and Healing for the next item redemption.

4. Redemption this item use it wisely in team fights to turn around a game by healing like 500 hp to all of your teammates thanks to heal and shield power, can be used to kill low hp players but some will notice and dodge if they are not slowed or stunned, nice placements can be during objective taking like baron or drake or defending a turret or attacking one.

5. Shurelya's reverie, good health item and the extra bonus speed can give your allies a chance to survive bad positioning, or chase low hp players, don't use it while they are slowed it won't increase their speed, that's crubicle's job.

(issues) these items to be effective need to be built all of them I know they are going to be a lot of buttons to press, but just position them in your most comfortable spot, they should be only 3 buttons to press, knight vow you can put it to 6th slot and use it once.

(Helpfulness) these items all give enough cooldown to reach 45% making it very good for you as support as you spam those stuns and slows for them, if you feel like locket is missing, you can add it instead of Reverie, 35% cd is still good amount, and the extra shield from locket might turn a game.
Against AD Team Back to Top
1. Iceborn Gauntlet, So this item is pretty good for Sion, you will deal extra damage each sheen proc, and also slow the enemy so you can stick to them, and that early 20% cooldown reduction can really make a difference while trading,

2. Frozen Heart, Very good against physical damage, just lacks health, but you will soon get hp when you farm, the 15% attack speed reduction can really make a difference to those auto-based champions, combine it with the gauntlet and you have already 45% cooldown reduction this early with cosmic sight, trades will be easier after this the benefit of the armor will make your shield harder to break and with more cooldown reduction you can spam the shield more to protect your self in fights.

3. Randuin's Omen, so this is the part where you get some health, a good amount of armor, and with the critical damage reduction will make you tankier against crit champions, the slow will make good use of escape and also impossible for enemies to dodge your Q knock up.

4. Thornmail, using this item combined with other armor items will make healing based champions life harder, Passive doesn't stack with Omen but against ad-team need to stack as high armor as you can.

5. Gargoyle's Stoneplate, this item gives 80 armor if near 3 champions, so you going to get a ton of armor, and the health you need for the lack of base hp of this item

(Issues) Yes, you going to be very tanky but you will lack health so you will need to work harder on farming and getting assists and kills, late game you gonna get about 3200 hp, not the best hp you want to have, also this build path will not work against true damage max health damage-based champions, you will die so quick against mages, and also champions like Vayne, It also lacks execution damage, if you feel like you are you doing no damage buy instead of Omen, Thornmail, and Gargoyle, for Sterak, Titanic and Deadman Plate.

(Helpfulness) This build path will give you 45% cooldown reduction and a lot of resistance about 500 armor so you can easily 1 vs 3 ad champions and survive all they put against you, you will be hard as Malphite, but your shield will also be part of your mitigation, and you will able to spam that shield to mitigate most of the damage and peel hard for your carry. 1 vs 1 Trades against any ad champion will be easier than you think, Black Cleaver might reduce the armor to a percentage but it won't totally go low.
Runes Top Back to Top
1. Grasp, work very well with Sion, you deal magic damage current to your max health and get a juicy 5 hp back and heal too, so more hp more damage and heal.
2. Bash shield, so it gives new shield amount and deals damage currently to your max health so more hp the more damage.
3. Conditioning, Helps you to stay alive in burst situations
3b.Second Wind Helps you resist more poke damage in case if they are just wounding you slowly and regenerates your health current to your missing health, so means the more hp the stronger the regen
4. Overgrowth very good rune for Sion you can stay in a lane doing nothing and you are still stacking up hp, and the bonus after a certain amount gives you an extra percentage perfect to synergize with your abilities.
5.Tenacity, just for that extra resistance of CC so you can position yourself better in fights.
5b.Boots of lucidity, you will save gold for boots and have that extra speed to reach up ranged enemies.
6. Coup de grace, with this you can one-shot low health opponent combining with the titanic Hydra,
6b.Warp Tonic, against a ranged enemy you will need the sustain from corrupting potion to survive the laning phase and that extra speed to reach them.
Runes Support Back to Top
1. Guardian, with this shield that scales current to your health, will protect your ADC more and haste them to safety, so the more hp the bigger shield.
2. Font of Life, so you will heal your ADC with a percentage of your max health, so the more hp the more healing
3. Conditioning, Helps you to stay alive in burst situations
4. Overgrowth very good rune for Sion you can stay in a lane doing nothing and you are still stacking up hp, and the bonus after a certain amount gives you an extra percentage perfect to synergize with your abilities.
5. Boots of lucidity, you will save gold for boots and have that extra speed to reach up ranged enemies.
6. Cosmic Insight this rune is very important for support role you get item cd summoner spell cd and also increases your cap to 45% so you can protect your ADC more often.
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