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Sivir Build Guide by Extise

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Extise

Sivir - God's Boomerang

Extise Last updated on October 29, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi, Extise here, you might not here of me but I hope you will like my 2nd Guide featuring Sivir, The Battle Mistress.

First I want to say a few things for the begin. I want to tell you that i'm quite new in this Guide-making so please dont down-vote it without an serious argument. I'm very sad that Sivir is so underrated and so underplayed, but the only things to say to this is that she is on the of the most overpowered carries in the late-game and still very useful. Ok let's get started.

[IMPORTANT POINT:Notice that I will keep it fresh and update it time by time to keep it "good" and useful for you as reader]

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Who is Sivir? / Sivir's History

The beautiful and deadly champion known as Sivir has been a favorite of League summoners for close to a decade. A soldier-for-hire outside of the Fields of Justice, she is the embodiment of a highly successful mercenary on modern day Runeterra. Sivir has little interest in the ''cribbage sheets'' - as she calls them - of League influence bartering. Instead, she is motivated by material wealth and riches, and she is paid handsomely for her services. Sivir is one of the wealthiest individuals found anywhere on Valoran. Sivir owns multiple residences in a number of different city-states, as well as ownership stakes in a number of businesses all across Valoran. Her detractors, either envious of her success or acrimonious of her flexible morality, have begun to use Sivir as a symbol of what is wrong with the mercenary nature of the League. Sivir dismisses her critics, saying that while her personal code of ethics is less ruthless than her competitors, ''Everyone has a price.''

Sivir has earned many titles and accolades throughout her illustrious career, but the one she held until recently was ''Battle Mistress of Noxus''. Now she is simply known as ''The Battle Mistress'' after breaking her contract with the Noxian High Command. Sivir dared to object to the Noxian war against the peaceful island state of Ionia, though less about the morality of the issue than the planning behind it; her predictions of a bloody stalemate came true when the Ionians held off the relentless assaults of the Noxians. Claiming that the Noxian High Command had lost its direction, she left Noxus and made her services available to the Institute of War. The Noxian High Command has sent a number of contracted assassins to deal with its rogue mercenary, but none have delivered her or survived.

''Time and time again, Sivir proves that she has earned the right to call herself 'The Battle Mistress'.''

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Pros / Cons


+Good animation for farming well.

+Spell Shield can rescue you hardly, and is very nice to make CC-effects unable like Monsoon.

+Very useful in Teamfights, especially espacing/chasing with On the Hunt.

+Epic Hypercarry for late-game.


-Very Mana-Hungry.

-A bit weak early-game.

-(Like almost every carry)Very Squishy.

-You need aim if you play against people who can dodge.

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The Items I chose are very common as carry and the most useful in my opinion but there are many other useful items you can buy.

Other Common Builds:
This Build is favorable against massive CC and AP Enemies.

The following build is favorable against hard Ad-enemies and Ad-offtanks.

The following build is a bit troll-like :D, you can use it if it's a secure win and want to buy some uncommon items, which might be not bad!

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Summoner Spells

The chosen spells are in my opinion the best 'cause with sivir you have an enough weak early game, so you need a bit more Damage. Heal is the most overused spell for carries after Ignite . But I think heal is very bad because it actually rescues very rare, the better Rescue-Spell would be Cleanse since it cancels a CC-Effect. Now I will show you some spells which are common,uncommon and Bad.

Common Spells:

Very useful, since you do more damage, and reducing the health regeneration of the enemy.

Is quite nice 'cause the Barrier is countering Ignite but you still can take Ignite or Cleanse.

Heals you and rescues you sometimes, but if the enemy ignited you before it usually won't rescue you.

Flash is very nice ,especially for the squishy Carry-Role. You can engage instantly or disengage.

Like already said, my opinion to Cleanse is that it rescues you more than Heal , and combined with your Spell Shield
you can sustain so easily.

Exhaust is very underrated and very rare taken. But I think it's quite nice in the fights, to exhaust your enemy-carry.

Teleport can help you engaging/disengaging fast. You can port yourself to farm so you didn't waste time with went back.

Uncommon Spells

Well Ghost isn't very good in my opinion it may makes you faster but if someone's slow you, example with Red Buff or/+ with Lee Sin's Cripple, it's useless.

Though Sivir is Mana-Hungry it's very weak, especially because it can't replace one of the other chosen/common Spells.

Bad Spells:

I almost wanted to called it "Troll Spells" :D . Anyway... Promote pushes a lane and might be good with supporter, no matter it can't replace any other spell and is even troll-like with carry.

Since the Update revive got one of the worst spells in LoL it only revives you at your base and has a ridiculous cooldown.

Well, that's a carry-guide and not a Jungler-Guide, so it's a nonsense.

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How to play?

That's a pic which shows you where you are safe and where not. And a very important thing is that many of low-elo players and even some silver-elo players are thinking that farming/last hitting is not necessary, but it's actually the most important with carry. Every 15 Minions are like 1 kill, so it's very very important to buy new items and getting gold. If you can't last-hit then look stream's of carry-player or just try to practice with just wait till they are almost about to die. Here is a link of a good carry but she's not very often online but i'll try to find more good carry-player.

Then try to harass your enemies with spamming your Q, and start a Teamfight with your Ulti (With your passive it's a deadly combo for your enemies). Try to press your Spell Shield in the right second, It can rescue you! Try to do your W when there are only and much enemies cause otherwise it can hit minions/monsters/etc. too, which don't means that it would be bad then, but it would be better if it would only hit Enemies and at best, much enemies :)

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Change Log

Saturday,24th November: Wrote Guide

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I really want to thank you for reading my Guide. Please vote it up if you thought it helped you a bit or even +Rep. I will keep it up and updating it time by time. If you have any screens of playing Sivir with this Guide please send it to me! I really appreciate reading, voting or even +Rep my guide. That's it, I hope u liked my guide, and have fun destroying your enemies with Sivir, 'The Blade Mistress'