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Darius Build Guide by AyeeeLmaooo

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AyeeeLmaooo

Slam Slam SLAM!

AyeeeLmaooo Last updated on February 16, 2016
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The First Dunk


The 2nd Dunk

Ability Sequence

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The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter
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Ferocity: 18

Dangerous Game

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Tough Skin
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Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 12

Threats to Darius with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Pantheon Way too easy.
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Pros / Cons

-Destroy the other person in lane easily
-Powerful early game
-Snowball lanes
-Can peel for carries late game
-Easy Pentakill once you Dunk one person
-Easy to play
-Falls off late game
-Not the best carry
-Difficult to master
-Low mobility
-Will get camped

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This will be my very first mobafire build. I picked Darius because he is little to no skilled champion who is very easy to use. Honestly I feel like most champions are no skilled anyways, but I picked Darius because I used him in when I began playing league and learn the game through Darius. At this time Darius was very easy to use since Decimate was instant, and his pull was broken, because you pull people even when they flash out.

Basic Darius logic is destroy early game, snowball other lanes and wait for that victory screen.

Since Darius falls off late game, I like to build a Black Cleaver and Titanic Hydra first so I can do as much damage as possible early, and go tank through mid and late game so I can peels for late game carries.

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These are very basic runes for Darius. Most build may ask for armour penetration with marks, but since Darius already has 25% armour penetration and naturally builds a Black Cleaver, it is not very necessary to bring anymore armour penetration.

Seal of Armour is the most common rune for seals in general because everyone needs a little tank in them. Among all other Seal runes, it's either Seal of Armour or Seal of Scaling Armour, but as Darius you will fall off late game so you will the armour now.

Seal of Magic Resist is likely to be the best for Darius instead of Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist because he needs his early game to be as strong as possible

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I like to pick Fervor of Battle for Darius because most of his attacks in a long run would be basic attacks, and it is better to use that rather than Thunderlord's Decree or Deathfire Touch because with Darius, you want to deal as much damage and since your passive will make you always in the trade off in the end, if you manage to get 5 stacks, your damage will be faster to kill them. The reason I don't focus on tank masteries is because Darius can end the game very fast just by destroying top lane and mid lane.

Personally I do not like Thunderlord's Decree on Darius. With my experience as Darius I usually kill the enmy champion or they retreat and recall back to base. I can never use Thunderlord's Decree to its maximum potential.

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The Black Cleaver
Normal item for the dunkmaster because basic attack gives movement speed over 2 seconds which would be very useful since Darius has low mobility. This item gives Darius a decent amount of health and damage. The cool down reduction from this item goes nicely since Decimate heals for % of missing life giving extra sustain. Not only it allows his other skills like Apprehend to be used during a fight. Lastly of this item is the armour reduction which goes very nicely for Darius, especially the target he is fighting because it allows him and his team kill them faster (if they are AD champions) allowing Darius to dunk them.
Dead Man's Plate
Very important for Darius when starting a battle with Darius. This item will help him get to his opponents or allies quicker considering he is the tank in the team fight. Also this item gives a decent amount of health and armour for Darius which will likely to be enough.
Sterak's Gage
A very valuable item to Darius because this will save his life in team fights, or create his hit box larger allowing him to peel for enemy teammates in the frontline. Not only that, this gives Darius a good amount of health and some extra damage while at it, because who does like to do a little more damage?
Titanic Hydra
Giving a decent amount of health and damage, this item will add up with the rest of his items because most of this build is about building health. The more health Darius has, the more damage he will deal which is great. The cone shape from basic attacks will help him deal damage around enemies, and since he will use Apprehend to pull everyone around him, it will deal damage to everybody, much like Decimate. Not only that, this will help build up The Black Cleaver onto every enemy champion, allowing the AD champions deal a little more damage.
Spirit Visage
Like most of Darius's item, it gives a good amount of health. Darius will also give a good amount of magic resist and increases his healing by 10%. This will make his Decimate very useful of the extreme sustain he will gain from the battle. Last thing is the cool down reduction from this item allowing his skills to be used more often.
Boots of Swiftness
Personally, I would always pick this item considering it gives the most movement speed among all boots other than mobility, but Boots of Mobility gives the big movement speed when not in combat, so this would the best choice. It also reduces the slowing by a small percentage allowing him not be as easily be kited.
Warmog's Armor
This item gives the most health among all items which will give a large bonus to Titanic Hydra. Not only that, this gives Darius a huge boost in regenerative health when finishing a battle if you manage to live during battles. You will most likely live if you win the teamfight which allows you go regenerate to full health and tank towers if you are not the only one alive.

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Team Work

Bad news on this part because late game is going to hit you hard. When focusing on team fights, you need to peel anyone who is dealing a lot of damage to your late game carry. Once you accomplished that you can get your pentakill by slamming down anyone who is low and "q" the rest of the team, and then it is dunk city.

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Summoner Spells

Choosing the summoner spell has always been tricky to me. I always as my self the same question Ignite or Teleport. My choice relates to which keystone mastery you would like to prefer. Whenever I am running Deathfire Touch , I would bring Teleport because the other top laner is either going to throw in the towel or feed you because of the amount of DOT you give them. I once brought down Garen to over 100 health, but I had maximum bleeding stacks and Deathfire touch on him and it already killed him.I was amazed how much life he had life and the DOT that was set on him. The bleeding stacks gave about 20x5= 100 DOT damage over a few seconds and Deathfire touch had about half of what the bleeding stacks gave off. During that game I brought Teleport and had reach to level 6. I teleported down to bottom lane and got another double kill. But I like to run Fervor of Battle because I like running down to mid lane and help the mid lane gank with the jungler at bot lane while I take care of top lane and mid lane since I already win against both champions.

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How to Pentakill

I've gotten only two pentakills on Darius (sadly) after playing him over 6 months. The first time was a few months before his rework and a couple of weeks after his re-work. I've gotten so many Quadrakills right after that and not a single pentakill afterwards. Sorry for the personal story but here is how to pentakill with him.

This can only occur during teamfight or when you use Teleport down to bottom lane but here is how I got the second one. During a teamfight takedown anyone who jumps on your AD Carry. If you manage to dunk on the person that jumped on your AD Carry, flash or walk into all four of the enemy champions and use Decimate. This will give maximum bleeding stacks on all champions. After this, it just Slam Slam SLAM! and boom goes the dynamite, there is the pentakill.