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Gwen Build Guide by PK Noob

Top Snip Through Them! Top Gwen Guide!

Top Snip Through Them! Top Gwen Guide!

Updated on February 11, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author PK Noob Build Guide By PK Noob 35 5 51,325 Views 27 Comments
35 5 51,325 Views 27 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author PK Noob Gwen Build Guide By PK Noob Updated on February 11, 2022
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Runes: Meta Runes

1 2 3 4
Presence of Mind
Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand

Bone Plating

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+8 Magic Resist


1 2 3 4
LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

Snip Through Them! Top Gwen Guide!

By PK Noob
Hello and thanks for picking this totally legit guide! I am a one trick Gwen in gold and have the one of the highest mastery points on her. Ever since she came out, I've been learning her in and out! This guide will explain runes, items, summoner spells, match-ups, and much more! Don’t hesitate to ask questions, I’m guaranteed that I’ll get back to you in a day or two and give you an answer! I'm always willing to hear everyone's opinions. Again, thank you for deciding the pick this totally legit guide!

I suck at BBCoding so don't expect to see too much fancy stuff! Once again, enjoy the guide!
Positive Things Gwen
- Great at duels and team fights
- Extremely flexible build
- Can 1v9 games when played correctly
- Strong early and even stronger late game
- Short cooldowns, true damage, and built in lifesteal
- Can comeback from bad starts, laning phase, etc. easily
- Has a lot of mobility and can dash over short walls
- Has decent engage and disengage
- A strong overall champion that has few weakness that can be fixed

- Plays around her Ultimate and W to win team fights or/and duels
- Extremely small mana pool to work with
- Hard to master and play effectively without the proper knowledge
- Vulnerable to burst trades and will usually only win all-ins
- Weak to champions that have high mobility or/and burst

Why Gwen Is A Great Team Fighter and Duelist

Gwen has an above average amount of mobility with a dash that’s on an extremely short cooldown. This helps her position correctly in fights which is extremely important to winning a fight. When positioning effectively, she can hit multiple targets with her Q and Ultimate that slows which can change the outcome of a fight drastically. Gwen’s W also forces a fight against you and the enemy frontline for a couple seconds. The backline cannot affect Gwen at all unless they are in her W area. If the backline doesn’t respect her and tries to walk into her W, she can immediately swap targets to the backline then one-shot them with her abilities. The backline has to respect Gwen while she’s in her W and will have to wait 5 seconds until it wears off. Remember that Gwen shreds tanks, and in these 5 seconds, that’s enough time to at least kill one frontline champion with your team for free. Gwen is nearly impossible to duel. If she plays the fight out perfectly, you’ll never be able to 1v1 her unless you're fed. If you’re a melee champion, you’re basically just a free kill because Gwen will easily be able to land the middle of her Q’s which will heal her 5 to 10% of her health in a second and take a huge chunk of health off you. Against ranged champions or mages, she’ll easily be able to burst you if she closes the gap. She has multiple tools to close the gap between herself and the enemy. Remember that you can’t affect her at all in her W which will either let her back away for free or engage you easily because the only thing you can do is run from there.

How Flexible Gwen’s Build Is

Gwen can abuse almost all the items and runes in the game. One example is that she can build Manamune. Gwen is an AP champion and Manamune is typically for AD champions, but when it's upgraded to Muramana, she can easily apply Muramana’s effect with her E. This also completely overrides her small mana pool weakness which is an even greater reason to build it. She can also build defensive items like Spirit Visage which will make her passive healing even stronger and on top of that, it gives her more health to make her harder to kill, ability haste that will increase your DPS, and 40 MR which is useful for AP champions. Although it’s not recommended, you can build AD items on her which may reduce the amount of plays you can do because you won’t do much damage with your abilities, but on the other hand, other plays open up because she won’t be as reliant on things like her Ultimate. With runes, you can set up to be a tank, assassin, or her Riot intended build as an AP carry. She works so well with almost all the runes, she can use Omnistone and abuse it to its fullest!

How Does Gwen 1v9 Games

Gwen’s passive heals her for a certain amount of damage she does to champions and will do percentage damage depending on the target’s max health. Her healing has no cap and will heal a certain amount on every champion she hits. If she hits 5 people with her Ultimate, she’ll get a huge burst heal equivalent to a Soraka or Yuumi heal. She is also a great split pusher and can take towers almost as fast as a fed Jax. Again, Gwen is a great team fighter and duelist because of the way she abuses her W and passive. The enemy team will have to send two or more of their teammates there and this opens up huge game winning opportunities for your team like baron. When they do send some of their team or sometimes the whole team to you, there are four different things that can happen. To 1v9 games, having the right champion is part of it, but making the right decisions is what allows you to 1v9.

One, you simply just back off and create pressure. This can possibly lead into dragons, barons, and sometimes towers if your team really knows how to play off your pressure.

Two, you get completely ignored, get free gold and sometimes a turret or two. This will rarely happen, but if this happens, it means the enemy team is fighting over an objective. Make sure you either ping your teammates off to give it up or get to the fight by teleporting or walking there. If you don’t ping your teammates or help them, this can backfire on you. The enemy team will get more objectives than you, your team will be kind of tilted at you, and you're going to make it a bit harder for yourself because your team will be put behind.

The third thing that can happen is you stay and bring someone from their team or possibly the whole team. When they arrive, you outplay them and kill them. Best case scenario, you kill the entire team and get a pentakill montage. Either way, you get some bonus gold and can take towers or an objective like dragon or baron.

The last thing that can happen is that you bring someone from the team but die. There is always the chance of this happening. Ping and tell your teammates to set something up before you're going to fight. This way, your team can follow up on your death by taking an objective and get out without losing much.

Remember when you split push, take notes of the power of your own team and what you can gain or lose if you die. An example is you wouldn’t want to try and fight the whole team 50 minutes in the game. First off, everyone will most likely have full builds, so that's risky enough already. Second, if you die, you’ll be off the map for more than a minute. That can lose the game for you. Otherwise, always try and split push as Gwen. You’ll get an XP lead, gold lead, and put pressure on the enemy team that can lead to game winning plays.

How Gwen Comes Back From Bad Starts And How To Fix Some Of Her Core Weaknesses!
If you die in lane more than twice in a row, just completely give up lane. You're behind and the only thing you can do is play off your enemy’s mistakes. If you die 2+ in a row against your laner pre-6, just farm until you get your Ultimate. Around the time you get your Ultimate should be around the time you at least have one of your mythic components. If this is true, engage and all-in the enemy top laner on the very next mistake they make. Look for these small mistakes that will allow you to win fights. Look for things like the enemy laner using one or more of their abilities. An example of this is Teemo using a blinding dart on a cannon minion or Garen using his Q to reset his auto attack to CS. If you kill the enemy laner, you’ll be back in the game. If you died 2+ in a row after level 6, you're going to want to sit back and wait for your mythic power spike. You should be able to duel almost everyone with your mythic and ultimate if you play the fight out correctly. However, there are some times you do not want to engage. Times you don’t want to engage is when the enemy laner is 2 levels up on you. The base stats from levels shouldn’t be underestimated and really make a difference in a game. Another time you don’t want to engage is if you’ll lose the fight regardless. This one just comes with experience and you’ll know what fights you’ll be able to win and lose. Some examples of a losing fight is going against a fed Singed because he can run circles around you, literally.

Some of Gwen’s minor weaknesses can be fixed simply and easily! The two main weaknesses Gwen has that can be fixed are her small mana pool and being vulnerable to high mobility/burst champions. I’m guaranteed that every single Gwen has died or missed out on a good play because they had no mana. This is why Presence of Mind is useful. This allows you to poke the enemy top laner with your Q's repeatedly without having to worry about losing too much mana. The other main weakness Gwen has is closing the gap with champions that have extremely high mobility. Before the game starts, you want to look at the matchup and ask yourself a specific question. Would Ghost benefit you more than the summoner spell you have right now? Come to a conclusion if there are more than 3 slippery, fast, and/or champions that have high mobility. If that's the case, take Ghost so you can chase and burst. If you're going against an enemy team that has tons of slows like Nasus, Ashe, or champions that can abuse Rylai’s, you can even take Swiftness Boots if the slows are affecting you that much. If you're taking Ghost, the enemy team comp is most likely squishy, so you should also build a Hextech Rocketbelt for the burst, dash, and 30% MS you get towards enemy champions. You can also build things like Cosmic Drive or Dead Man’s Plate for even more MS. With all the MS you can get, it's extremely easy to chase and burst those slippery targets.
Basic Things To Know About Gwen

Gwen is an AP Brawler that has the potential to 1v5 and carry the game. Mid to Late game, (assuming she's even with everyone) she relies on her Ultimate to win fights, without it, she is vulnerable and easy to burst. Gwen early game is fairly strong and can 1v1 and can even 1v2 certain matchups and if she plays the fight correctly. How she can 1v2 is because of her passive. Gwen's passive heals 70% of the damage she does with the center of her Q and Ultimate damage. Gwen deals true damage, percentage damage, and AP damage. The more enemies she hits with her moves is the more she will heal, but there's also the chance of her getting overpowered by them so its a double-edged sword for her.

Gwen's Moves
(These are Gwen's Abilities according to the League of Legends Wiki and for in-depth look in her abilities click the link here.

Passive ( Thousand Cuts) - "INNATE: Gwen's basic attacks, the center of Snip Snip!, and Needlework Needlework deal bonus magic damage equal to 1% (+ 0.8% per 100 AP) of the target's maximum health."

Q ( Snip Snip!) - "ACTIVE: Gwen snips at least twice with her scissors in a cone in the target direction over the cast time, dealing magic damage per snip to all enemies within the area, with the final snip dealing increased damage. The center of each snip deals true damage instead and applies Thousand Cuts."

W ( Hallowed Mist) - "ACTIVE: Gwen summons the Hallowed Mist around her, lasting for 5 seconds or until she leaves the area. Hallowed Mist can be recast once after 0.5 seconds for the duration, and does so automatically if Gwen attempts to leave the area."

E ( Skip 'n Slash) - "ACTIVE: Snip Snip! dashes to the target location, and afterwards she gains 10 (+ 15% AP) bonus magic damage on-hit on her basic attacks, Attack speed bonus attack speed and Range 100 bonus attack range for 4 seconds."

"Gwen's first basic attack within the duration refunds 50% of Skip 'n Slash's Cooldown reduction cooldown."

R (Needlework) - "ACTIVE: Gwen can activate Needlework up to 3 times, launching needles in the target direction with each cast. Each needle deals magic damage and applies Thousand Cuts to enemies it passes through, in addition to Slow slowing them for 1.5 seconds. For each individual target, needle hits beyond the first Slow by a reduced amount."

"Within 6 seconds after the first cast, Gwen needs to hit a basic attack or Snip Snip! to unlock the second cast. After using the second cast, the duration is refreshed and she may repeat the aforementioned requirement to unlock the third cast. Each subsequent cast increases the number of needles launched by 2."

Semi-Aggressive "smart and safe!"

Always learn E first, if the enemy laner doesn't respect you and walks up for CS, dash in and auto them down with your E. (Don't do this on champions like Urgot, Jax, or Quinn though!) This typically will put them around half health or even lower. This ensures that you hit level two first and get lane priority. Slow push the first two waves and immediately crash the cannon wave as fast as possible. This will allow you to cheat a recall and you'll be able to buy boots, a Mana Tear, or a Tome. You'll get back to the wave near your tower or in the middle of the lane depending on how fast the enemy laner pushed the wave. Regardless, you'll be able to freeze the wave then, force the enemy laner to only sit back which only gets passive experience or they will recall and TP if they have it. Even if you get back to lane against the champion and they somehow have full HP (Garen Passive, spamming corrupting potions, etc.) you still have an item lead which will automatically win you any fights if they try to break the freeze. From here, just keep freezing. If you end up killing the enemy top laner or forcing them to recall, crash the wave if you think you can or just recall with him while the wave is frozen. Once you get your Ultimate things really become hard for the enemy top laner. Once you get your Ultimate, you can start to kill the enemy top laner (if you have already, your Ultimate will just make things easier). While freezing the wave, you can use your Ultimate to engage and burst the enemy top laner. If they get away, you can crash the wave and take some turret plating. Play patient and repeat this until your laning phase is over.

AGGRESSIVE "high risk, high rewards!" (Typically only works in low-elo because people don't know how to punish this playstyle.)
Remember to take TP and Ignite!

First Step:
Again, learn E first and do the same first steps you would do in semi-aggressive. You should try to poke the enemy laner so low while staying healthy so that you can dive them under the tower once you crash the wave. If you can’t dive them, proceed to the enemy red or blue buff to ambush the enemy jungler unless they started top-side. If you kill the enemy top laner and you’re still pretty healthy, you can still look to invade the enemy jungle. Even if they did start top side, it's smart to drop a ward or two so you and your team can see the enemy jungler’s location if they walk over the ward. After crashing the wave and doing everything you can possibly do, get in a safe position and recall. The main reason to try and get an early kill is so you can get a lead.

I Got a Kill! (if you didn’t, go to the next paragraph)

Congrats! You now have a lead on the enemy top laner or jungler, and possibly even both if you were really successful! You need to try and rush Riftmaker ASAP. Get one or some of your Riftmaker components and a Control Ward if you haven’t. Go back to lane and slow push the wave while poking the enemy top laner and keeping them low. With your lead, you don’t need to be afraid of doing 1v2’s against the enemy jungler and top laner. If you play the fight out correctly, you’ll come out victorious. Place your control ward on the edge of the bush in the river and limit the enemy top laner’s vision to make him feel uncomfortable. Once you crash the wave, look for a roam mid if you can. If that isn’t available, look for a TP bot. If that’s not gonna work, go into the enemy jungle and take a camp or two then ward as you leave. You can also look at taking Rift Herald with your jungler if they are nearby. Recall and repeat until you eventually take the tower.

I Didn’t Get a Kill! (follow these instructions if you didn’t get a kill by your first back)

Buy a Tome and Control Ward then head back to lane. Try to catch the wave before it gets back to your tower and thin it to freeze it. You’re gonna want to play the semi-aggressive style until you hit level 6. Once you hit 6, start pushing the wave 24/7 and ward the edge of the bush in the river with your control ward. You need the enemy jungler to come and gank you. Gwen can win 1v2’s if you play it out right even without a lead. Stay healthy, keep the enemy top laner low and expect a gank anytime. If you die in the 1v2, it’s alright because you're not losing much. Sure they get 300 gold, but that's only a dagger or boots which isn’t enough to completely change the course of the lane. I recommend playing semi-aggressive if you die in the 1v2 to at least win against the enemy top laner. When you're starting to run low on resources or get enough gold to buy your Riftmaker or another component for it, crash the wave, recall, and go back to the paragraph you skipped.

How to Win 1v2's

The way Gwen win's 1v2's is by having superior positioning. In a 1v2, always go for the strongest or healthiest target first. Throw your first Ultimate charge or dash away from the second target so you can force a 1v1 for a couple seconds. By the time the second target arrives, you'll most likely have your 4 stacks of Q. Position correctly to hit both of the enemies with it. This heals you a ton and will take a chunk of the two enemies. From there, decide which one you can kill the fastest and get them first. You can then move on to the next target, or simply retreat. Even if you don't kill them, it decreases the enemy morale which opens up more opportunities to you. If your going against 2 enemies that are more focused on bursting you, save your Ultimate charges throughout the fight so you can heal and keep yourself alive. If your going against 2 enemies that will do more damage to you the longer the fight goes on, burst them with your Ultimate charges ASAP.

Tips and Tricks!


Use your Q before getting CC'ed. This way, your not really missing out on anything when you get CC'ed and you'll get healed most of the damage that the CC did to you. An example is when a Jax jumps in and starts his E. Right before his E goes off, use your Q so that you aren't just standing there for a second and actually doing something. This works for any kind of CC. You can save yourself from an Urgot Ultimate if you pull this off and he's low enough, which is definitely montage material.

Gwen can use her E while she's doing her Q. This can be useful when kiting someone around or poking a champion under their tower.

Remember when you use your Ultimate you can use your Q or auto attack to recharge it! You can throw your Ultimate from afar, auto the wave then throw your Ultimate and repeat!

If your looking to kill someone that's really low, no stacks of Q is better than four stacks of Q because you'll get the last snip damage faster.

When you use your E, use the 100 extra attack range to your advantage and kite champions like Tryndamere to win the trade extremely hard.

During team fights, use your W to sort of force a 1v1 or 1v2 against the frontline/s so you don't get damaged by the backline while fighting. If the backline walk up to damage you, that's a free kill.

Your E can be used to dodge skill shots and other abilities. You can also dash through small walls with her E. Use this knowledge to escape, or engage.

Try to hit as much people with your Q and Ultimate. If you reposition your abilities correctly and succeed in hitting 3 or 5 people, the healing you get will be enough to keep you alive and 1v5.

Your first Ultimate charge doesn't really do damage and should actually be used to engage. If you want to burst the enemy or enemies, use all your charges between auto attacks. If you are going against people like Yasuo, saving the ultimate charges and using them throughout the fight instead of all at once will keep you alive to kill them.

Unless you're really fed or your the only frontline, wait for your team to engage the enemy team first. This way, your not the first one to die and will put some of the enemy skills on CD.

Again, the more people your fighting is a double-edged sword for Gwen. You are able to get more healing if you hit your abilities, but if you don't play the fight right, you'll die.
Tenacity or Alacrity?

Alacrity helps Gwen to do more on-hit damage with her E and stack her Q faster. Tenacity is useful for going against heavy CC champions like Galio, Leona, or Alistar. If you think you need you'll need to tenacity to survive against these champions, use the Tenacity rune. If you don't think you need it, go Alacrity. I usually always take Tenacity even if the team isn't CC heavy. In my opinion, you don't need more attack speed so you can do your damage, you just need to stay alive to do your damage.

Should I Use Domination or Resolve For My Secondary Runes?

Bone Plating in the Resolve Tree allows you to take a damage at the start of fights, so this is useful for going against champions like Camille to tank some of her Q damage. Revitalize empowers every single shield or heal you get. This increases your passive lifesteal, Riftmaker lifesteal, and can get pretty crazy when you have supports like Yuumi, Janna, or Soraka. Taste of Blood and Ravenous Hunter are their own form of lifesteal, and give you a bit more healing than Revitalize. To decide which one to take, if you have supports that heal or can shield you often, use the Resolve tree. If you don't and are often going to be relying on yourself to keep yourself sustained in fights, use the Domination tree.

Why Pick Grasp?

Grasp is easy to proc in lane if your just looking to play safe and let the enemy laner push. Your usually also keeping 4 stacks of your Q up, so you'll be doing this and keeping Grasp up at the same time. This will make you a bit harder to bring down when you get to mid and late game.
Starting Items

(Your Main Starting Item!) - Doran's Blade goes extremely well with Gwen in laning phase. Since your abilities don't do that much damage early on, you're mainly relying on Gwen's E, Snip Snip! for DPS in fights. The 8 attack damage may not seem like much but it allows you to take almost half of your laner's health with only 4 or 5 autos. The 80 health you get is also useful for early skirmishing. 80 health is enough to take another auto attack, ability, or other sort of damage which really makes a difference. Finally, you get 2.5% Omnivamp. This will heal you a bit every auto or ability you do which makes trades even better for you.

(I WANNA FARM!!!) - Cull is pretty much for just farming in lane. Cheat a recall by slow pushing the first 2 waves then shoving the cannon wave (third wave) which allows you to recall and come back with an item advantage. You can just let the wave push and freeze it near your tower from there. Your opponent will most likely be forced to back off with your item advantage. You won't have as much brawling power as the other starting items, but this is nice for trying to hit your Mythic power spike ASAP.

(Haha Ranged Champions go brrr.) - Doran's Shield is perfect for ranged top laners or lane bullies. After a trade, you'll get increased regen and heal up which will make it harder for your laner to kill you. You want to build this for champions like Renekton who dash in and does his combo then dashes out. This will allow you to at least survive laning phase.

(What Do You Mean Wasting Mana?) - Tear of the Goddess is for doing a lot of poking with your E Skip 'n Slash + Q Snip Snip! against your lane opponent. This only base stats this gives you though is mana so you'll be a bit squishier than if you had the other starting items. You also build up 360 stacks faster by rushing this first to get the upgraded versions of Manamune and Archangel's Staff.

(I Hold My Resources In This Bottle!) - Corrupting Potion is a good item especially with the rune Time Warp Tonic. Even without the rune, this sustains your mana (which really helps Gwen!) and allows you to do short trades more often. Remember though with Time Warp Tonic you'll be able to get instant health and mana in the middle of fights which can throw your opponent off!

First Items

(Where Did All Your Health Go?) - Blasting Wand gives you a whole 40 AP. Not only that, you can upgrade this into any of your main Mythic items! If you have 850 gold, this is a perfect item to buy first. That 40 AP will make you hurt like a truck.

(Better Than Nothing...) - Amplifying Tome only gives you 20 AP which will increase your damage by a bit which makes you scarier in lane and gets you more value from your trades. You should at least have enough gold for this. You'll want to upgrade this into one of your Mythic items like Leeching Leer, Lost Chapter, or Hextech Alternator.

(Wait Didn't We Already Do This One?) - Tear of the Goddess should only be bought after you build your first mythic component. You should always aim to build this item during the early phase of laning because this is where you'll usually get the most stacks from the fastest way. The faster you get your stacks is the faster you can get the upgraded versions of Manamune and Archangel's Staff.

(Dang Those Are Some Sick Shoes!) - Boots is an item anyone should build except Cassiopeia. Since you have a lot of mobility with your E, you don't need to rush it. Like Tear of the Goddess, look to build this after your first mythic component.

(Snowball Bigger Than Nunu and Willump!) - Dark Seal is for getting more than just 300 gold (or less) from the opposing team. If you find yourself 2/0 or KDA like that you can build a Dark Seal to snowball and end the game faster with your lead. Once you build it or if you build it into a Mejai's Soulstealer you'll get more AP and some extra MS at 10 stacks which increases your roaming power.

Top Three Mythics For Gwen

(Oh You Have Health?) - Riftmaker makes you nearly impossible to kill in a duel. The sustain you get is crazy from Riftmaker and the longer the fight goes on is the more damage you'll do especially against brawlers and/or tanks. You're adding more true damage onto true damage.

(No Escape) - Hextech Rocketbelt allows you to chase down slippery opponents like Draven, Ezreal, or any other high mobility champions. This makes you squishy but allows you to burst their whole team instantly when played correctly.

(CC) - Everfrost gives you a free CC to follow up with Q, Ultimate, and/or just locking your opponent down! This is a useful tool for dueling or taking one champion out of the fight.
How to Win Matchups In-Depth!

This will explain common top lane matchups and how to win them. First will be a summary of why Gwen counters the champion or why the champion counters Gwen. Second, I will go over level 1, 2, 3, and 6.Third, I will also explain the best Mythic item for the match-up and explain how it's the best for that match-up. Fourth, I’ll give one unique thing about what the champion may do and how to counter it. Lastly, I’ll give some recommended items to build for the match-up. Feel free to comment or PM me for other match-ups if they aren’t included! It can range from a normal top laner to a support Soraka! I will do it and give you the match-up info!

Gwen counters Darius because she has the mobility to dodge his Q and the ability to chase him down. During the laning phase, wait for him to use his Q or let him engage. If he uses his Q and misses it, dash in then trade for your entire E time. If he grabs you with his E then follows up with a Q, dash towards him so he hits the inside of his Q then trade with your entire E time. In teamfights, kill him ASAP or he will end up killing your entire team with his ultimate. His 5 passive stacks will spread to everyone else as soon as he kills someone with his Ultimate which won’t end good for you and your team. Do not underestimate him even if he’s 0/10. Him hitting one Q is enough for you to lose the fight. When you're dueling him or fighting him, burst him with your Ultimate and keep the fight short. Darius’s passive stacks fast and if he gets 5 stacks on you, you’ll be greeted with a gray screen.
When to Engage in Lane VS Darius (Assuming You’re Even With Him)

(Level 1) - Never engage Darius level 1! He auto you to death easily and if he even starts W you won’t have a chance at winning.
(Level 2) - You will win duels as long as you dodge his Q with your E. Either wait until he uses his E or walk up to him and E to dodge his Q. You’ll win level 2 hard especially if he’s still level 1 if you can dodge his Q!
(Level 3) - You’ll basically win any fights until 6 as long as you dodge his Q! I cannot say this enough! Getting hit by one Q will heal him, do a ton of damage to you, and allow him to win the duel! Play smart and engage correctly by saving your E or wait until he misses or wastes his Q on the minion wave.
(Level 6) - Engaging him is risky and you should just farm against him from 6. Wait for him to get antsy and make a play then dodge his Q then engage him with your Ultimate. Don’t stall the fight and finish him off quickly because his passive will stack fast!
(Mythic) - This is Gwen’s most powerful power spikes! Riftmaker, Everfrost, etc. you’ll win any duel if you play her perfectly! Again, wait until he uses his Q or walk up to him then dodge his Q with your E. His Q is usually up when your E comes up again so you can easily dodge his win condition of the duel. Riftmaker is recommended for Darius because the lifesteal you get from Riftmaker is good for Darius.
(Ghost Darius) - Darius usually takes Ghost because the mobility he gets helps him position his Q’s easily. If he uses Ghost in a fight, dash and kite away from him because he will slowly stack his passive then run circles around you as you bleed out. The trade will be even or worth for him if you try fighting him with Ghost if you don’t have the damage. You can start engaging him when he uses Ghost if you have your Mythic and Ultimate. This will allow you to kill or chase him off.
(Good Items VS. Darius) You can build Cosmic Drive to get more MS to make it harder for Darius while making it easier for you to chase and dodge his abilities. You can also build Dead Man’s Plate which will give you extra MS, defense, and slow Darius when you auto him when Dead Man’s Plate is stacked. Build grievous wounds against Darius to give you an easier time bursting him.

The only reason Teemo counters Gwen is because of his blind (Q). You have three ways to beat him, either somehow burst him before he uses his Q (which most likely won’t happen), survive long enough so you can kill him after his blind wears off (which also most likely won’t happen), or W his blind (Q) so you can kill him. If you laning against him, I recommend taking Ghost and Ignite. Ghost will allow you to chase Teemo down when he tries to run away and Ignite just gives you more kill pressure. You should look to kill Teemo so that when he blinds you in duels or teamfights, he won’t be able to do much to you with a lead. You can take TP over ignite, which would be the best for roaming and getting a lead instead of depending on getting a lead from him.
When To Engage In Lane VS Teemo

(Level 1) - Wait for Teemo to auto the wave. If the minion gets poisoned, that means he started E, if it doesn’t, he most likely started off with his Q. If he starts his E, you can kill him if he gets cocky and overextends a bit. Regardless, you should let Teemo slow push. Farm the melee minions and play for level 2.
(Level 2) - Most Gwen’s will usually give up lane prio for Teemo because you can’t out trade him and he can just run away with his W. However, since you took Ghost (You took Ghost, right?) you can easily turn a short trade into an all-in fight. If you didn’t take Ghost, you’re going to have to wait until level 6 so you can get your Ultimate to slow Teemo and chase him down. As soon as you hit 2, learn Q immediately and stack it fully. Engage Teemo as soon as you can 4 stacks and use your Ghost and E to get to him when he walks up for CS. Use your Q as soon as you get blinded. Your Q will last just as long as Teemo’s level 1 Q. After his blind wears off, just auto him down to death from there.
(Level 3) - You can position your W to CS safely against Teemo. He won’t be able to do anything and if he gets cocky then walks up, you can kill him easily by using your Q when he blinds you. Also if your CSing and time your W right when Teemo Q’s you to poke, you’ll negate the Q which will give you a window of opportunity to kill Teemo.
(Level 6) - Once you get your Ultimate, everything becomes easier. You can either W his Q can just Q throughout his Q. Keep in mind that Teemo’s maxed Q will blind for about 2.5 seconds which is a lot of time in a fight. Use your Ultimate to slow Teemo and finish him off.
(Mythic) - I highly recommend you build Everfrost against Teemo unless everyone else is brawlers and tanks. Everfrost will help lock down Teemo so you might not need to use your Ultimate to kill him. Again, bait or outplay his Q which can lead into a free kill with Everfrost. Using your Ultimate is overkill in most situations but if you do end up needing it, throw your needles at Teemo and auto attack the wave to get your Ultimate charge again then repeat.
(Surviving Late Game Teemo) - If you don’t outplay his Q, you're pretty screwed. Teemo will end up killing you in his blind duration. If you can’t W his Q, the only way to survive is burst him faster than he can burst you. As soon as you see him, throw your Ultimate as soon as possible, kite away to the nearest attackable thing (the wave, jungle monster, etc.), throw your second Ultimate charge, then rush in towards Teemo. Start auto attacking Teemo and once it blinds you, use your Q which will recharge your Ultimate. The third Ultimate charge should kill him from there because Teemo is a squishy champion.
(Good Items VS. Teemo) - Banshee’s Veil is perfect for Teemo. You get a spell shield that can block his Q or mushroom (R). You’ll get some AP defense and AP which works well with Gwen so you don’t have to worry about your team flaming you. You can also build Spirit Visage which will give you some health to make you beefier, AP defense, but more importantly it will increase the healing you get from your passive. Spirit Visage should be built for AP brawlers while Banshee’s is good for AP Assassins or mages.
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